Customer Reviews: The Bionic Woman (Classic) Season 1
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on July 21, 2010
Ever since the advent of digital video discs consumers and fans of classic television shows have been hoping and demanding to see "The Bionic Woman" on DVD. The series that starred Lindsay Wagner and made her into a household name was released in Europe on Region 2 dics, but the North American marketplace was virtually ignored due to ownership issues. Now, this wonderful and innovative series about a woman who possesses bionics and works undercover for the OSI while being a school teacher by day, comes to DVD on October 19, 2010. I for one am a very happy boy! I grew up watching Lindsay Wagner fight the bad guys and would watch with anxiety week after week to see what adventures the bionic woman would get herself embroiled in.

"The Bionic Woman" got her start on a two-part "Six Million Dollar Man". At the end of the second episode Jamie Sommers actually died. Overnight ABC was inundated with letters demanding Jamie live and be given her own series. Fred Silverman, president of the network and keen on seeing potential Nielsen ratings, especially those of a young demographic, caved in and Jamie Sommers was brought back to life and given her own weekly show, sometimes garnering higher ratings than that of Lee Major's series ("The Bionic Woman" finished at #5 in the 1975-1976 Nielsen Ratings).

"The Bionic Woman" was pure comic book fluff with a strong, intelligent woman as the lead, but the series would have been a bomb if not for the excellent acting chomps of Lindsay Wagner. Wagner was very likeable in her portrayal which explains why any girl watching "The Bionic Woman" during its original run wanted to be her and the boys wanted to marry her. Lindsay Wagner even won an Emmy for Outstanding Performance by a Lead Actress in a Drama Series in 1977. This was no small feat as Lindsay's competition that year was Angie Dickinson for "Police Woman", Kate Jackson ("Charlie's Angels"), Sada Thompson ("Family"), and Michael Learned for "The Waltons".

This oustanding four disc DVD box set will feature all 13 season one episodes that began airing in January, 1976 (the show was a midseason replacement) along with a slew of bonus features. The bonuses include a brand new featurette with Lindsay Wagner being interviewed called "Bionic Beginnings", audio commentary from Kenneth Johnson who created and directed the series, a gag reel (this is not to be missed as the bloopers are hilarious and Lindsay proves she has a tongue like a sailor!), and photo gallery. To make things even more appealing this set will feature two crossover episodes from "The Six Million Dollar Man" that showed how Jamie Sommers came to be. These episodes are entitled "The Bionic Woman-Part 1" (aired March 16, 1975) and "Part 2" (March 23, 1975), "The Return of The Bionic Woman-Part 1" (September 14, 1975) and "Part 2" (September 21, 1975)".

Important to note too is that it has been long thought by fans and critics of "The Bionic Woman" that the episode entitled "Welcome Home Jamie Part 1" was first aired on ABC as a "Six Million Dollar Man" episode. The truth is that is not the case. Recently in October, 2010 research consultants from Timelife who are bringing the entire "Six Million Dollar Man" series to DVD have discovered that "Welcome Home Jamie Part 1" was indeed the first ever "Bionic Woman" episode to be telecast on network television. It was long thought that particular episode was telecast as a "Six Million Dollar Man".


Here is a list of "The Bionic Woman-Season 1" episodes along with their airdates:

1. "Welcome Home Jamie-Part 1", January 11, 1976
2. "Welcome Home Jamie-Part 2", January 21, 1976
3. "Angel of Mercy", January 28, 1976
4. "A Thing of the Past", February 18, 1976
5. "Claws", February 25, 1976
6. "The Deadly Missiles", March 3, 1976
7. "Bionic Beauty", March 17, 1976
8. "Jamie's Mother, March 24, 1976
9. "Winning Is Everything", April 7, 1976
10. "Canyon of Death, April 14, 1976
11. "Fly Jamie", May 5, 1976
12. "The Jailing of Jamie", May 12, 1976
13. "Mirror Image", May 19, 1976
14. "The Ghosthunter", May 26, 1976
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on June 14, 2004
I remember being 8 or 9 years old, and loving the Six Million Dollar Man which came on Sunday nights. I could not miss an episode. Then I remember the Bionic Woman which came on Wednesday nights, and I could not get enough of it either. I dont know why the UK and other parts of Europe has all these classic episodes of SMDM and the Bionic Woman on dvd and the US does not. So I beg Universal to relaese the Bionic Woman on dvd, all seasons, and also the SMDM. These shows are just to good. Some people may call them cheezy or whatever, but thats assuming that everything today is the only things that really matter in tv and fashion and whatever. Sure these shows were in the 70's, thats when I watched them originally. I love them today as I did yesterday. They still have the charm and magic they had back in the day. Im waiting for all the seasons to come out. These shows are just great. Classic stuff....
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on July 24, 2004
Finally Universal is releasing the bionic woman on dvd it should be out by Christmas keep checking anyway there was only 3 seasons of the bionic woman so hopefully all will be released by the end of next year.Here is the season 1 episodes that will be on the dvd.

1)Welcome Home Jamie Part 1

2)Welcome Home Jamie Part 2

3)Angel Of Mercy

4)A Thing Of The Past


6)The Deadly Missles

7)Bionic Beauty

8)Jamie's Mother

9)Winning Is Everything

10)Canyon Of Death

11)Fly Jamie

12)The Jailing Of Jamie

13)Mirror Image

14)The Ghosthunter

I don't know if the pilot will be included as the bonus but I hope it will.I hope there will be bonuses on this set.I'm hoping Universal will now release other favorites of mine such as Emergency,The Six Million Dollar Man and the Incredible Hulk.I will deafinly pick up the bionic woman when it streets.
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on November 27, 2010
I noticed a lot of these reviews are actually for the old region 2 box sets, or even just talking about the series in general, not the new 2010 North American release, so I hope this is helpful for people actually looking to buy, you know, the actual product on the page:

This is an excellently packaged DVD box set which not ONLY includes the full first season of "The Bionic Woman" starring Lindsay Wagner, it ALSO includes the five episodes of the "Six Million Dollar Man" which introduce the character. I hope I don't need to tell you how wonderful the series itself is--sure, some of the premises are a little cheesy, but Jaime Sommers is a relatable, likeable character as fun to watch in dialogue as she is in action scenes, and stories run the gamut from more series espionage tales (rescuing trapped ambassadors in a guerrilla-filled South American jungle) to lighter hearted adventures (Jaime's undercover operations at a beauty pageant), all of which are entertaining. An example of some of the best action TV of the 70s. The special effects are corny compared to now but certainly good use of the SFX technology of the time (and much of the commentary reveals some of the neat tricks they used to pull off bionic stunts in the days before CGI).

There is commentary by head writer and producer Kenneth Johnson on several episodes, all of which is extremely informative on both the action on the episodes as well as providing information on actors and other fascinating "behind the scenes" footage. A few others writers provide commentary as well. The extras also include a roughly half-hour interview documentary featuring Lindsay Wagner, Richard Anderson, and other stars and creators of the series, that is well edited and very informative.

Video and sound quality are as good as you can hope to get on remastered versions of stuff that was originally recorded on cheap film in the 70s. While there are occasional blips or fuzziness, that's only to be expected--I go away from watching this certain that the restorers did absolutely the best job they could to make the video as clean as possible under the circumstances.

It's a fun, heart-lifting series, ideal for people ages 7 to 107, put together in an excellent DVD presentation. I can't wait for Seasons 2 and 3.
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on May 8, 2007
In 1976 I was eight years old and living in a small New Hampshire town. A group of us kids played street hockey, kick the can and everything else after school. I was as enthusiastic (if not nearly as athletically gifted) a player as any, but I always took off in time for my favorite TV shows. I loved three female-driven crime shows: Charlie's Angels, Wonder Woman and The Bionic Woman, and I took a lot of ribbing about running away from my games with the guys to drool over a bunch of girls on TV. I didn't care, and I didn't miss a single episode if I could possibly help it.

As they've slowly been released on DVD, I've been gobbling up these classic dramas. Somehow, though, two out of three don't look the same anymore. Charlie's Angels is campy, while Wonder Woman no longer seems nearly as sweet as she once did, now that I'm old enough to understand how emotionally limited and unavailable she really was. The sad fact is that most female superheroes simply conformed to the male model, even when (as Lynda Carter has claimed in a book about all things Wonder Woman) they were trying to be real. All these shows fulfilled the goal of showing young boys that girls could be cool, too. But only one stands the test of time. Just one warms the heart even a quarter century later: THE BIONIC WOMAN.

Originally a simple spin-off of The Six Million Dollar Man - a show about a man brought back to life after a horrible accident and endowed with artificial body parts to replace those he lost courtesy of the shadowy OSI (Office of Scientific Intelligence), then recruited by them as a spy - The Bionic Woman would seem a lame example of TV producers sticking with what they know works if it premiered today. But in the Seventies I wasn't that cynical yet; I had a crush on Lindsay Wagner before I was physically capable because she was sweet, even to the bad guys! Though the OSI only sent her after the very worst evildoers, this former tennis pro-turned superspy kept both feet on the ground even when jumping thirty feet in the air, handling her assignments with grace, humor and a level of understanding for EVERYBODY'S feelings that only having once been an ordinary mortal could have engendered. When a mad scientist threatens the very world with destruction ("Doomsday Is Tomorrow" from Season Two) she speaks to him softly and sits him down gently as his heart gives out. Another monster holds the world hostage to his ability to control the weather; Jamie risks her life entering his doomed complex to talk him out of killing himself by staying in there, threatening only to carry him out if he refuses. Another whole episode of Season Two ("Once A Thief") is about how Jamie bucks the OSI and the cops to keep a lifelong (petty) thief out of prison, even though he discovers her bionic secret, carjacks her and blackmails her into helping him rob a bank.

I can't remember a single episode where Jamie failed to put others' personal needs and feelings above her own, nor was there ever one in which she just totally went off on somebody for all they'd put her through. Unlike the case with so many crime shows today, which try to add emotional complexity by simply ratcheting up the anger factor, you always come away from Bionic Woman remembering what's REALLY important, having had lots of fun and being willing to let go of stereotypes of all kinds -- often not even consciously knowing why. The reason is simple: Jamie Sommers used her brains more than her brawn, stayed on task until the end, remained one hundred percent loyal to her friends and colleagues and still managed to balance their needs against those of the very enemies she was sent out to vanquish. Though she holds the fate of the world in her hands most of the time, the bionic woman never overdoes anything, and never gets burned out or pushed over to the Dark Side. Viewing her super powers as simple tools available to make her life and those of her friends and loved ones better, The Bionic Woman gets my hands-down vote for the greatest superhero of all time. When deadly supercomputer ALEX 7000 ("Doomsday Is Tomorrow") asks what her unusual prostheses are made of, Jamie replies simply: "Sugar and spice." That's as good a description of this entire series as any. Make sure to go out and grab all three seasons of this fantastic program the very MINUTE Universal releases them over here. You'll be glad you did!
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on August 2, 2010
Universal Studios really kicked themselves in the behind (HARD ) and I will tell all of you how. I have all three seasons of " The Bionic Woman ", starring Lindsay Wagner, as of last year. The error that Universal Studios did to themselves is that they decided to release " The Bionic Woman ", only to the United Kingdom , Australia, and Germany. I fortunately purchased a multi-region DVD player years before I came to realize Universal Studios ever released " TBW " on DVD in other parts of the world. I discovered all this when I traveled to New York and I met someone there and they mentioned they purchased all thier DVD's from other countries, also they are much cheaper. I decided to be curious and it payed off, Universal Studios released all of the original ABC, Bionic Woman, starring Lindsay Wagner on DVD in the United Kingdom, Australia and finally Germany. I purchased all three DVD's, but the beauty of my purchases each of the DVD's, season 1 at the cost of only $ 10.00 plus S/H only $5.00, season 2 $10.00 S/H the same and season 3 $10.00, S/H the same, from R&B records....inner London...the total cost of all three including S/H charges $45.00, now Universal Studios have decided to release " TBW ", here in the United States for much more than they cost in other parts of the country...if I may be allowed to say I am extremely happy all you fans will have the opportunity to finally purchase this DVD, as I am very happy to have themalthough Universal Studios were infact very foolish (for the lack of a better word ) so my message to all you fans who may have a multi-region DVD player, look at United Kingdom, Aust, and Germ, you may find it much cheaper as I did.
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VINE VOICEon March 9, 2011
Writer Kenneth Johnson was assigned to create a girlfriend for "The Six Million Dollar Man" Steve Austin (Lee Majors) and then, just as suddenly, kill her off. Obviously, the talent and allure of Lindsay Wagner as Jaimie Sommers proved too strong. After receiving tons of letters from upset fans, ABC Network reversed its initial decision and ordered Johnson to bring Jaimie back to life immediately. Only in TV Land could Jaimie be brought back to life after being placed in "suspended animation." Soon, ABC had a Bionic franchaise. By January, 1976, Jaimie had her own series. Wanting to repay the U.S. government for her miraculous Bionic rebuild, Jaimie is anxious to go to work for OSI: the Office of Scientific Investigation." After getting a "cover job" as a school teacher at the Ventura Air Force Base, Jaimie moves in to a small house owned by Steve Austin's adoptive parents (Martha Scott and Ford Rainey). There were several cross-over episodes between "Man" and "Woman"; as well as actors Richard Anderson and Martin E. Brooks doing double-duty as Oscar Goldman and Dr. Rudy Welles on both series. One burning question remains: With the OSI sending Jaimie on so many top secret missions, how did she ever find time to grade her students' classroom assignments?
Lindsay Wagner herself was the key to "The Bionic Woman's" success. Wagner's performance is all the more extraordinary considering how outlandish the storylines are. The series holds up amazingly well, while the weekly plots do not. Yet, Lindsay brings a central warmth, believeability, and intelligence to Jaimie that somehow makes the entire series work. Lindsay/Jaimie is the perfect combination of beauty, bionics, and, most importantly, brains. The best Season One episode episode, "Mirror Image" has Lindsay playing two roles. In addition to Jaimie, she also portrays Lisa Galloway, a Southern woman (recruited by an evil doctor and associates, of course) who undergoes plastic surgery to become an (almost) exact double of Jaimie. With Jaimie on vacation and too quickly presumed dead, Lisa takes her place and attempts to kill OSI boss Oscar Goldman. I already have "Bionic Woman: Season 2" on Pre-order. Lisa Galloway returns in the Season 2 two part story "Deadly Ringer." Season 2 also features Jaimie's classic battle with the evil Fembots. I can't wait!
Just put logic aside, and enjoy "The Bionic Woman" for what it always was: good escapist sci-fi/fantasy, occasionally campy, fun.
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on October 11, 2010
I managed to find a copy of this DVD set a whole nine days ahead of the release date. The store in which I found it shall remain nameless but I was thrilled. This show never looked better as it does on DVD. The transfer is very well done. You will notice details very vividly including a few pimples on the forehead of a male guest star. The extras are nice too as the Bionic special feature includes new interviews with star Lindsay Wagner, Richard Anderson, Martin E. Brooks, and even little Robbie Rist who comments that Lindsay was really hot. Who would disagree? The gag real was a hoot but it is clearly from an old video tape with some wrinkles in it and the profanities are "beeped" out as some of the stars flub their lines. I happen to own a longer version of the gag reel so it's too bad they didn't include more of them but what is there is fun to watch.
The box is kind of cheaply made, with the cover inside being a reproduction of the outside box, holding the four discs, with two of the discs covering the upper half of the other discs. The inside box is thin and may not hold up a long time unless gentle use is given to it. I was disappointed that "Wecome Home, Jaime" part one is the last episode on disc one, the bonus episodes disc with episodes from "The Six Million Dollar Man", and that "Welcome Home, Jaime" part two is on disc two at the beginning but that is a minor thing really since the picture looks great. It just would have been nice to have had parts one and two on the same disc but again, the picture quality is excellent. And isn't that really the whole idea, to FINALLY own this great series on DVD? Most fans will not be disappointed. I know I wasn't.
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on August 5, 2013
This so captured my imagination as a kid, and still does! The characters are so rich and care about each other so deeply that we are proud to welcome them into our hearts and homes.

Lindsay Wagner was the perfect choice to play bionic woman Jamie Sommers. She has this sweetness and sensitivity that belies her bionic superpowers. And that's the point: A bionic woman, despite her strength, even in an era of women's lib, can still be a WOMAN, retain her femininity, if she so chooses!
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on May 8, 2014
Jaime Summers (Lindsey Wagner) stars as the female answer to Steve Austin's (Lee Majors') The 6 Million $ Man. Special features include a talk with the actress and the people who played Oscar Goldman, Dr, Rudy Wells (as of 2010 they were still kicking) and numerous behind the scenes talents. If you own both T6M$M and TBW you'll have several episode repeats from crossovers. A bit hard to follow at times, particularly the romance between Jaime and Kelly Woods (Farrah Fawcett-Majors, not to be confused with the bad girl she played in an earlier episode). It gets a bit convoluted and perhaps the documentary included might shed some light. But one minute his world is shattering over Jamie's death, then surprise return and memory loss and the next he's panting over Kelly. Though the episode with Kelly follows The Return Of Big Foot with Lindsey Wagner guest starring with memory intact. Perhaps there was a bionic snake, wolf or pig in our bionic man. Nevertheless this follows Jaime's story which is a tamer, ore feminine version of T6M$M. I remember the love of this show, the devastation we experienced when Jaime died and the rejoicing her miraculous recovery. So it was no surprise to learn that is why they did a spin-off! It is subtitled in English for the deaf and includes the aforementioned documentary.
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