Customer Reviews: The Bitten (Vampire Huntress Legends)
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on February 5, 2005
L.A. Banks has taken THE BITTEN, the fourth book in the Vampire

Huntress series, to another level. A vampire civil war was averted,

but a master vampire stole one of the keys - the living blood of

Christ which opened one of the gates of Hell, causing a fluctuation

in the balance between Light and Dark, affecting Damali Richards,

the vampire huntress. The added horror is that the stolen key can be

used to open the sixth seal as foretold in the book of Revelations.

This would unlock all of the gates of Hell; the sun would turn to

ashes, and the universe would be in perpetual darkness. The need for

a day walker from the union between the vampire huntress and a master

vampire would no longer exist. The owner of the key and the seal

could decide the outcome of the Final War, `the Armageddon'.

Damali and Carlos Rivera, the Council-level master vampire, are ready

to pursue the contradiction of kinetic emotions that flows between

them. Since reaching her twenty-first birthday, Damali is immune

to attacks of vampirism, but that was before the key was stolen.

Carlos is shocked when in the throes of passion, Damali unleashes

the fangs of a master vampire and feeds from him. A tormented Carlos

knows something major has gone wrong. His Damali, the vampire

huntress, is turning. Damali and Carlos' lives become an oxymoron;

she travels the world of darkness as a vampire, and Carlos crosses

prayer lines to plead for her safety. Their love creates a situation

which could prove to be as ill-timed and as deadly as the stolen key.

Desperate to find the key, Carlos masterminds a plan to prevent

further disaster. He elicits the help of Damali's team, and begins

his mission, but at what cost? A confrontation in Hell with the

vampire Council, Damali's death, or his own destruction? Theory and

real world circumstance always produce different results.

L.A. Banks has crested another realm to her writing, as she unleashes

a battle, between the topside master vampires, so intense it alters

the stasis between good versus evil. With the skill of a veteran, Ms.

Banks takes this horrific storyline and evolves it into a classic love

story without losing the power or the intrigue of the world of darkness.

In awe at the depth of this story, and the intensity with which Ms.

Banks approaches this series, I anxiously await book five. THE BITTEN

is not for the faint of spirit; it will cater to those who love to

embrace the forbidden. At one point I was tempted to lower my collar

and offer my neck. Kudos to L.A. Banks for another masterful link in

this arduous chain. Outstanding!

Reviewed by aNN

of The RAWSISTAZ™ Reviewers
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VINE VOICEon January 23, 2005
This is the best out of the Vampire Huntress Legend series so far. Damali proves that she is a force not to be played with in this book. This book picks up where the last book, "The Hunted" left off, with Damali and Carlos on vacation for 30 days. But Carlos soon discovers that something is wrong with Damali and brings her home early. Once her family discovers what's wrong with her, their first instict is to try and kill Carlos. Once cooler heads prevail they have to work with the priests to find a way to restore the Neteru to her former state.

Meanwhile, Carlos goes to hell and discovers that an important key has been stolen. This key is one of seven and the most important of them all. If it is ever reunited with it's matching seal it can bring about an armagadeon that is fortold in Revelations. It will vanish the sun and allow vampires to walk in the day. The key was discovered by scientist who were playing with forces they knew nothing about. Well, one of the last 4 master vampires left found out about their discovery and crossed Carlos' territory boarders in order to steal the key, which was hidden somewhere in Carlos' territory. So, Carlos has to once again tap dance for the council to get them to back off long enough to find out which master vampire stole the key, recover it, figure out a way to protect his precious Neteru, and save the world.

I loved this book! Chapter 17 will get your head sprung! It was a great read and as usual, L.A. Banks gives us a look into the next book in this series, which is titled "The Forbidden".
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VINE VOICEon June 18, 2005
The sexy and dangerous Carlos Rivera is back in this vampiric thriller--and stronger than ever. Now a council level vamp, he is summoned to Hell to address an immediate crisis; one of the topside master vamps has stolen one of the seven keys--the living blood of Christ. Coupled with the sixth seal, Armageddon begins--as foretold in the book of Revelations--and the one who possesses them both can decide the outcome of the final conflict. Council wants possession of the key--after all, ultimate power of the Dark should belong to them. And of course, the Light wants the key also--to ward off the final conflict and to swing the balance of power back to the Light. Worse yet, Rivera's love Damali--also a Neteru, the vampire huntress--has possibly received one bite too many from her dark lover and is now dropping fang. Carlos promises Council that he will find the key for them...and of course, deliver the esteemed "package," Damali. To do so, Rivera must best all four very old, topside master vamps. He has also bargained with the Light to assist them in finding the same. But Rivera's love for Damali may be his undoing...transcends Heaven and Hell....and rather than risk her life and soul, he would rather deliver the world to the Dark side.....

With plenty of action, politics, and sultry drama, L.A. Banks delivers another winner as the saga continues...the struggle between good and evil, Light and Dark...and all readers will be rooting for the love between Damali and Carlos to prevail above all.

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on May 19, 2005
The Bitten was the first book I read in, "A Vampire Huntress Legend Series". It was a true page turner! L. A. Banks truely knows how to make a scene come alive off the pages! I couldn't put the book down! You can't help but become vested in each of the main characters outlined in her story. The characters are well developed and exhibit heroic attributes. Also, the plot and sub-plots are logically written.

In my opinion, L. A. Banks is a word guru and I love the way her characters drop wisdom on the reader. I highly recommend "The Bitten" to anyone whose looking for a book that is action packed, sensually satisfying, and thoroughly entertaining!

I can't wait to read the next book in this series!
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VINE VOICEon February 22, 2005
Regardless of the sometimes belief stretching antics of vampires, Banks has done it again! But you can't say that she hasn't taken the vampire lore and made it her own. What I love about this series is how it is truly set in a world of good vs. evil as opposed to the usual snarky, witty dialogue and action of other vampire series'. Damali Richards is the new, badder and black Buffy, Carlos Rivera is the new, sexier and more powerful Angel, whilst the Guardians and the Covenant are a badder Scooby Gang.

The Bitten started off with a bang, twisting our conceptions about Damali's role in the big game, as well as Carlos' role. The group fractured and split, but in the end, became a stronger, more loyal team.

Banks ups the ante on the mythology, action and the sex in this book, and doesn't hold back on the religion part of it--which I appreciate.

And standing in the middle of everything in this series is one thing: Love. Banks uses this powerful emotion as the salvation for this world, and I love it. If there is one series that is a must read for any vampire fiction lover, L.A. Banks' Vampire Huntress series is it.
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on May 12, 2005
There are not enough stars to rate The Hunted. Never have I read such an engrossing vampire tale. Damali & Carlos are pure electricty. They set me aflame straight from the pages. My heart raced; my palms got all sweaty...I loved it. The Guardians & the Clerics are completely righteous. L.A. Banks 4th installment is just as exemplary as the 1st 3 books. Her writing draws you in, get you hooked, & leaves begging for more like a junkie on the street. VHL series fans will hover around bookstores, book marks in hand awaiting the arrival of the next installment fix. I read this book in less than 7 days & I had the bloodshot eyes to prove it.

L.A's Urban vampire tale finally includes people of color in substantial charater roles & incorporated unity of nations & ethinicities, spirituality, sensuality, sexuality, romance, danger, horror & superb back porch griot storytelling unequalled by anyone. Bravo Ms. Banks. Ann Rice & the others in the genre that I've read ain't got nothing on you.

Reading The Bitten as well as the other books in the VHL series is like reading movie. All the VHL books are a must read even if you are not into horror or vampire tales. Oprah, put these books on your list. they will scare into the light.
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on March 5, 2013
This book contains one of the biggest twists in Damali's life. I love it so much. She's still so devoted to family & her job, but this gets in the way so bad. You see the devotion & love of all the characters here.
And the packaging was neat, before I basically ripped it to shreds to get to my new book.
Delivery was right on time!
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on May 30, 2011
I have read all of the Vampire Huntress books and this is one of my favorites. I bought the books now I have to buy them again on my kindle. This book shows Damali and Carlos's love through the hard times. Although she has a responsibility to the world she tsill loves this man with all her heart. This book is an unconventional love that I have not seen in any other vampire book I have read. She loved him before he was a vampire and she still loves him after. He protected her before he was a vampire and he still protects her after. The best part of the book is the scene on the yacht and the scenes in the castle. This was my first vampire series and even though I have read others I always go back to Carlos and Damali. I actually read this book in a day.
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on February 15, 2005
This is a great urban vampire huntress series. I started with the 3rd book and was hooked. The writing gave me background on the characters..I didn't feel as if I had missed something by not starting from the begining. Theres romance, sex, lust, the battle between good and evil. I highly reccomend it
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on May 23, 2006
LA Banks brings the heat again bringing back the characters from her beloved Minion book which started the series that we know as the Vampire Huntress Legend. Damali has been compromised while Carlos attempts to remain true to her and all that she stands for.

Damali Richards is known as the Millennium Neteru but is in love with a man of the dark side she will do everything to be by his side even if it means turn into what he is to continue loving him the way they love each other but not before she shows his type who she is really and what she really can do. Damali never thought she would see herself flux as hard as she did but when she finds herself surround by dark energy and having to do what it takes to survive Damali throws all precautions to the wind and takes in all that she knows to make her power plays and to remind everyone of what the Rivera's mean and what they stand for.

Carlos Rivera has loved Damali all of his adulthood and even decided that if necessary he would give her up to allow her to live a normal life but when things begin to take form he finds himself sitting between a rock and a hard place with decisions needing to be made and choices having to be dealt with he is willing to do everything to allow her to continue her safe journey and to do what she does and that's protect the living world. Carlos isn't sure what to do with Damali she is a force to reckon for but he will do everything within his willpower to keep her safe and to maintain his power to allow him to be what is he is but he knows he is willing to risk it all to keep Damali safe.

Carlos and Damali go on the adventure of their lives as they do everything necessary to protect their family and those who have become important but will it be enough to save everyone and to make sure everyone makes it to where they are suppose to go and where they are suppose to be. Continue to keep reading The Vampire Huntress Series as LA Banks brings the flavor that only Damali and Carlos could present.
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