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on August 27, 2003
It's strange to see a "Greatest Hits" collection from a band that, in the eyes of many die-hard fans, seems to be the furthest thing from a "radio" or "hit singles" band. Many deadheads criticize "Skeletons In The Closet: The Best Of The Grateful Dead" for similar reasons. Similarly, fans of both bands viciously collect and trade concert bootlegs, and hardly any of these shows consist of more than one or two songs from the band's repsective compilation album.
Never the less, The Black Crowes had a successful string of singles and Mtv videos, especially during the time of their first two albums. And having been around for over 10 years, it seems like some sort of compilation album was due. As with any band's Greatest Hits compilation, this one is obviously not designed for the fan who already owns all the band's albums, but rather for the casual fan: the one who always liked what they heard from The Black Crowes on the radio or Mtv, but just never got around to buying anything from them.
So with this in mind, the CD does a very good job. The songs have been remastered, and the CD sounds consistantly good in sound quality. The liner notes show their whole album and single discography. The most well-known songs from the band come from their first two albums, and they're graciously represented here in tracks 1-8. The first 4 tracks also represent the first 4 Black Crowes videos, all of which got very fair airplay on Mtv and VH-1.
Though with the next 4 tracks, it seems a little strange that "Sting Me" was included while "Sometimes Salvation" was omitted. "Sting Me" was released as a single, but unlike "Sometimes Salvation" a video was never made for this song. I would think that not many casual fans have heard "Sting Me". Similarly, it seems that other singles from the band (particularly "Hotel Illnes", "Highhead Blues") should have ended up on this compilation in place of other songs that didn't get nearly as much airplay. Then again, maybe these are still obscure songs in the mind of the casual fan.
My only other complaint is that this compilation came out before the live albums with Jimmy Page, and the most recent studio album "Lions". As I write this review, the Black Crowes have since taken a declared sabbatical, and are not sure when they plan on reuniting to make more albums. So since the band is now broken up (again, at least for a long while), this CD is a few tracks short of being a truly all-encompassing album. Of course, nobody really knew this was going to happen in 1999.
I still highly recommend this album to anybody who's liked the Black Crowes but just never bought any of their CDs. I've bought it as a gift for friends in this position, and they've thoroughly enjoyed it. Great, well-written rock songs from a great band.
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on April 22, 2009
While being completely misunderstood by rock music fans and casually dismissed by critics, The Black Crowes managed to produce some high-quality rock n' roll in the 1990s. Sure, they heavily borrow their inspiration from The Rolling Stones and Faces-era Rod Stewart (not to mention Humble Pie, James Brown, Aretha Franklin and Otis Redding); but while band founders (and brothers) Chris and Rich Robinson may not be as talented as their legendary idols, when it comes to paying tribute in rock to the southern black (and white) blues/soul/country artists that influenced Jagger and Stewart, the Georgia-based Black Crowes usually more accurately and reverently hit the nail on the head, and without all of that British sarcasm. So, say what you will about The Black Crowes, but I like this band!

The Black Crowes - Greatest Hits 1990-1999: A Tribute to a Work in Progress (2000) features sixteen digitally remastered songs in chronological order, most of which even casual fans will recognize from AOR radio; the rocking Jealous Again, the sorrowful She Talks To Angels, the soulful Remedy, the gospel-tinged Thorn In My Pride, their energetic hit cover of the Otis Redding classic Hard To Handle, and more.

This compilation is a worthwhile venture for casual fans or for the Black Crowes faithful who want remastered versions of these songs or need to fill gaps of missing songs in their BC collections. The song selection here is solid, and this high-energy and soulful rock n' roll can really get you up and shakin' what you've got. The Black Crowes may never be the world's greatest rock n' roll band, but it's not for the lack of effort. These guys always put 110% into every song!

I will not forgive you
Nor will I accept the blame
I will see you on Good Friday
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on July 16, 2000
If you are a fan of old time rock 'n' roll, or southern rock, or blues rock then this cd is for you. That is, if you don't already own a substantial part of the Black Crowes catalog. As with all other "best of" albums that don't feature any new or previously unreleased material, this is an album for fans looking to get into the Black Crowes that own none or very few of their albums. It's not for the fan who already has everything, except, of course, to complete your collection. No one can argue with the excellent music on here (Jealous Again, She Talks To Angels, Remedy, Go Faster, etc.), but it's useless if you already own the songs. For people just getting into the band however (like me) it is a must-buy.
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on July 18, 2000
I want to disagree with the previous review that complains about not having any live or unreleased tracks on this Greatest Hits album. I think the Black Crowes honor their fans by NOT making them shell out full price to get a couple of new songs along with a bunch they already own. I just wish this was a more common practice.
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VINE VOICEon September 4, 2000
Nirvana and "Smells Like Teen Spirit" received all credit in late 1991 for rinsing five years of "Poison"-ous teenyboppers, plastic rappers and costumed criminals off the charts. But the Black Crowes' "Jealous Again," released a year earlier, re-opened the floodgates for blues-based, classic-honed hard rock for adults.

That track starts this greatest hits CD, as straightforward and unpretentious as the Crowes' music has been the last 10 years. Their best known tunes (the snarling "Remedy," the original, power-packed cover of Otis Redding's "Hard To Handle," the Rod Stewart swagger of "Good Friday" and "Thorn In My Pride") are presented chronologically, telling the group's story from smash beginnings to occassional meanderings (the earnest but less successful tracks from 1994's "Amorica" and 1996's "Three Snakes And One Charm") to triumphant return with 1998's "By Your Side" and the slamming "Kickin' My Heart Around."

Vocalist Chris Robinson, his brother, p!artner and occasional foil Rich, and the assorted musicians and producers who've cooped with the Crowes extend a blues-rock tradition reaching back 35 years, from the Yardbirds to Free to Humble Pie (Chris wears his Pie influences on his shirtsleeve - literally) to Faces to Foghat. They energize and refresh classic rock ingredients, a fact not lost on genre giant, Jimmy Page. (His LP and tour with the Crowes invigorated his career.)

"A Tribute To A Work In Progress..." is a hits collection with integrity, and one of the better such albums recently released. It's recommended for those owning the group's catalogue; essential for everyone else.
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on August 19, 2004
Just got a new car with a sweet stereo system so I went and bought a new CD to celebrate. I have been thinking about picking up some Black Crowes. I haven't listened to them since my days of cassettes. I was very dissappointed to find that the music sounded very flat, almost mono. There are a few songs with some texture but I know these songs sound better, even on the radio. I truly recommend buying some Black Crowes, but this disc sounds like your playing a bad copy of good music.
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on May 1, 2003
What a breath of fresh air the Crowes were in 1990, with the release of "Shake Your Moneymaker." If you remember 1990, Roxette, Wilson Phillips, and the twin travesty of MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice ruled the charts. Along came the Crowes to put a little bluesy soul in the mix, and since their debut was so needed, it sold a heap. Their second album was also a masterpiece, but for the average rock fan, they seemed to disappear after 1992. This greatest hits CD is a good place to fill in the holes for the average rock fan. You'll find that they had nothing but quality albums for the remainder of the 90's. One thing you can say about the Crowes, they never "doctored" up their music to reach a wider rock audience. Tracks 9 and 10 from their most forgotten album "Amorica" are a couple of my favorites on this CD, but every song is a stone cold groove. Even with most greatest hits CD's, I find myself programming just the songs I like and skipping the rest, but this one just plays from 1-16 with no button pushing (except to raise the volume!). "Blackberry" was 1000 times better than any Stones song from the 90's and you just about can't find a better CD to crank in your car. If the Crowes are truly no more, then this CD shows just what a loss it is for those of us who like our rock raw and dirty.
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on March 7, 2002
This is the first CD by the Black Crowes that I ever brought and it's EXCELLENT! It's got my favorite songs that I've heard over the years on the radio and then some. I'm just sorry I didn't buy it sooner. I can't decide what song is my favorite. Between "Jealous Again," "She Talks To Angels," "Hard To Handle, and "Remedy" it's impossible to choose. You just have to listen to it over and over again. Chris Robinson's voice is mesmerizing especially in songs like "Thorn In My Pride" and "Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye." If you're a Black Crowes fan get this and play it LOUD since there's really no other way to listen to it.
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on January 17, 2002
Is rare to find a greatest hits collection like this in the market. There are no alternate takes, remixes or unreleased tracks. What you have here are all the hits that the Black Crowes have released in their carreer. It covers all the albums with the exception of their latest (and probably their last Lions).
In a way, the decition to release this album resembles the Black Crowes music: Straight in your face rock and roll. In fact, this band is the most rock and roll band in the market today. In an era when grunge, hip hop, trash, rap metal, etc is what sells, The Black Crowes sticked to what they believed and delivered some of the most true and intense blues infected classic rock and roll ever.
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VINE VOICEon September 30, 2004
If you willing to go to the expense, the original cds might be copied a little hotter. I'm a fan, but not an uncritical one, and there are tunes I always skip on the original cds. No skipping needed here: the best by the best. If you don't like the Black Crowes, you don't like rock.
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