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on March 14, 2013
My wife and I are a pair of aging boomers, but we loved The Brass Teapot. Full disclosure: It is probably aimed at 20 and 30 somethings, but we were taken by the charm of the story and the authentic renderings by Juno Temple and Michael Angarro -- guess we are young at heart after all. That said, the film deals with some pretty deep philosophical material, yet never seemed to take itself too seriously. Saw it over a week ago, and it is still a rich source of conversation around our house. Lots of fascinating back story to analyze -- can't wait for the sequel! This movie will become a cult classic for a generation. Wonderful film!
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on June 2, 2013
Judging by the trailers of The Brass Teapot, I didn't expect much from the movie, and it seemed like another cliché and Hollywood version of funny; however after watching it today, I have to admit it has its moments, and it can satisfy different audiences. If you just want to watch something fun and easy-to-digest and you enjoy simple jokes and humors, this movie delivers that with adequate acting and appealing story. If you need something deeper from the movies you watch, you still are going to find some hidden meanings behind simple humor and sarcasms, but you have to look harder. All and all, it is worth one time watching.
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The 411:

I had no expectations about this movie and since getting Amazon Fire TV with Prime I thought I would give it a chance and if it sucked change it. It didn't suck!

Alice and John are a young couple who are NOT living the good life. They struggle, Alice can't find work. John is not good at his job. They are behind on rent and get harassed by their annoying landlord, a guy they both went to school with.

While out for a drive they are involved in a car accident. Somehow they both walk away and while John discusses the accident with the law enforcement, Alice takes off to check out a brass tea pot she spotted from across the street.

For some reason Alice needs this pot so badly she steals it. One day she finds out the power of the pot and this is where the movie gets good.

The movie takes the direction of personal morals! How far will they go? What will they do next? How will they handle the repercussions?

It was truly a great movie; funny, dramatic and smart. Juno Temple has become one of my favorite actresses. Michael Argarano was likeable and sweet as John. I was also thrilled to see one of my favorite Gilmore Girls, Alexis Bledel who plays Alice's very beautiful, rich friend.

Great movie that may not be on your radar. I never heard of it until it was on Amazon Prime and I am happy to pass it on.
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on August 11, 2015
The "Brass Teapot" was an entertaining, funny, witty movie. The acting was
pretty good. The script was good, and to some degree kept you guessing what
was going to happen next. Lastly, this movie was pretty damn funny at times.
Consistently funny is a tall order for any movie, and by that I was impressed.
While this isn't the best movie out there, I think it's worth watching, and had me
rolling at times. If you want to just relax and be entertained for two hours, I
recommend this film. 4 Stars for the Brass Teapot.
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on January 11, 2015
I really liked this film a lot. Its a fun dark comedy/love story with some neat dark fairy tale and mythology themes. The only reason I give it four stars instead of five is that the way in which they get the magical brass teapot is really weak. I can't help but think the writers couldn't have done it better. Pretty lame. Otherwise, I really love this little film.
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on August 11, 2014
How far will we go for money? Pretty far, as this little morality tale shows. A penniless young couple finds a teapot that dispenses cash, the more pain the two subject themselves to. As might be expected, events tumble out of control before long, but not until we see just how much money corrupts. The root of all evil? Indeed.
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on August 13, 2015
Fairly outlandish story on the surface, but it poses the question of what would you do in the face of great temptation. If the situation is complicated by need (as well as greed) and it seems as if no one will be hurt by your participation, at what point do you recognize your actions have crossed over that line, having arrived there by small degrees? One might reasonably apply the same questions to addiction, gambling, cheating on a loved one, etc. The movie's storyline initially feels like a lark, but yields much more food for thought upon reflection.
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on November 25, 2015
what a kooky movie but I really like it,she steals a teapot & took it home and money wise not having very good time she's looking for a job & her hubby looses his crappy job so she's home & hurt herself & finds there's money in the teapot & w/o saying much to ruin the movie they work hard getting that teapot to pay them as they look more & more way's,a great cast & wish these 2 would make other movies kinda like this one it was well written & acted a 2 thumbs up.
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on May 1, 2015
Sorry, I didn't care for the characters or the movie and didn't find it funny. Well, I liked them at first, but that quickly changed. Ninety percent of it is watching what was a nice happy loving couple descend into greed and (spoiler?) injure themselves and each other in order to get the teapot to produce money. The longer they do this the worse the injuries in order to keep the teapot producing and eventually move on to hurting others, (emotional injuries work as well as physical), so they can reap the financial benefits. Where's the funny in that? They somehow manage to use all the loot they get, blowing every cent as soon as they get it, to obtain all the luxuries of life with no questions asked. (Try depositing a $5,000 check into your bank account. The bank will hold it to be sure it's on the up and up.) I didn't enjoy watching this sweet woman degenerate into greed at any cost while her hapless husband goes along for the ride agreeing to whatever she wants. When it started off, I thought I would enjoy this, but it was like listening to someone tell the same joke over and over again but saying the punch line louder with each telling expecting me to laugh louder. I know it's just a movie. It's a fantasy. It's not supposed to be realistic. It just didn't contain that shred of 'what if' believability that I needed to enjoy it.
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on September 7, 2015
What a strange movie the Brass Teapot is! It's about a girl (Juno Temple) who stumbles upon a mysterious lady at an antique shop, and after a brief conversation Juno decides to steal the teapot. She doesn't know it at the time, but when she comes home and starts messing around with it, she eventually realizes it has the ability to create money whenever she feels pain. Any kind of pain apparently- a small pinch to the arm, a hard punch against the side of the face, or emotional pain.

I was totally anticipating that Juno would sneak smack her boyfriend across the face in surprising fashion the moment he opens the front door as he's coming home from work since he can't initially find Juno anywhere (the boyfriend played by Michael Angarano who I mistook for the guy from the OC, Benjamin McKenzie).

Maybe it's just me but Juno and her boyfriend look way younger than they really are. Almost like 15 year old kids. And yet, they're living together and functioning as a normal couple with typical relationship and work/money problems. It seemed a bit awkward to me but who knows, perhaps I'm just growing into an old prune.

Anyway, as you can guess, Juno and her boyfriend basically hurt themselves the entire movie as a way to keep pumping out more money. They even make a decision they're going to stop when they reach 1 million dollars but it doesn't work. They give into greediness and continue making money appear anyway. There's also a Chinese guy who's aware of the teapot's magic and plays a part.

Overall, well to be honest there's a lot of physical abuse between Juno and Michael's characters, and we don't want this movie sending the wrong message to kids that spousal abuse is okay regardless of the reason, but hey perhaps I'm reading into this too much, I don't know! Kids probably know that punching people won't make money appear. Well then again they might think punching equals taking money. Again, reading into it too much. Anyway the Brass Teapot is hilarious but mildly offensive to some.
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