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on June 11, 2008
I held back for a very long time before coming back to rate this book. I have bought perhaps more than 10 copies of this book from Amazon. The first application was with a 70 year old lady. She weighed 49 kg before we started the program. She did the 42 days without food, and most of the juice was bottled as she was the first case, and we did not have the juice ingredients at first. Her tumor did shrink, turn dark, and produced an awful dying smell. I know this because one of her tumors was exterior, and observable. Pictures were taken of the tumor, and its progress. At the end of the program the lady weighed about 42 kg or slightly less. Her tumors returned when she was eating avocado daily. There is a lesson here that was only obvious later, but here is the lesson: The 42 days is not enough. Also a total fast is too much, especially for an already thin person. Even if the tumors go away, and die, the liver needs about 1.5 years to renew. No one can stay on the Breuss treatment that long (I don't think). Also, the experience of Dr. Max Gerson is far more substantial. His treatment is far more encompassing, and more a long term treatment that can be followed.

I then tried the treatment myself for 21 days. I lost so much muscle which made me worry. That is why I did not continue for the full 42 days. I lost about ½ kg per day. That was welcome. It helped me stick to a vegetarian diet after that. A problem in this book is that this particular printing does not mention that you can drink water. Some of the patients that tried this diet dried out. There is another print of the Bruess Cancer Cure from Australia with Hilde Hemmes which does say one needs to drink a specific amount of water each day. It was easy to follow the program. I really did want to eat other food, but I was not hungry for it. Dr. Breuss said the juice contained everything a person needed. I may believe that, just because a couple of sips of the juice were able to keep me satiated for a very long time. After a few sips 15 minutes apart I was able to stop drinking for the morning, or the afternoon.

The second patient followed this program for the full 42 days. He was a man with prostate cancer spread to the bones. He loved the program. He felt it was so suitable for him, and wished he could have stayed on it for longer. In other words he was not anxious to going back to food. His cancer may have improved while on the program. He loved all the weight he lost, and how much better he felt. After ending the Breuss treatment he did go to M. D. Anderson in Houston and his cancer was still there, though it had not increased, and appeared to have decreased slightly. He then went on the Gerson Therapy. In August he will have completed 6 months, and can have his body scanned again. He is doing very well, looks very healthy. He does not like all the enemas of the Gerson Therapy which make him feel like a stranger in his own home. Specifically he feels separated from the rest of the family. He was at the BNC in Mexico (Gerson Hospital) for 3 weeks.

The Third patient was a lady who "dried out" on the program. She also started to resent the juice, and could not continue to drink it. One of her tumors did disappear as I was told by her family. She did not complete the 42 days, and she did not survive either. This brings me to another problem with the Bruess treatment which is that there was no one to ask questions. The guy who invented it is dead. Hilde Hemmes in Australia appears to have adopted the program, and is able to answer some questions. She also sells the herbs, and juices for the program. I did continue to think the Breuss cure could work because of all the people I read about that claim to have been cured. This lady had cancer of the breast which had returned after the treatment with chemo. I think the Breuss Cancer cure can work for someone who just got cancer, and did not undergo chemotherapy, and is not too thin, and too ill. It may even work for others. This case; however, was not very encouraging. I think the Gerson Therapy would have been right for this patient, although everyone has a set time when they are to die, and we do our best while they are alive because we don't know that set time.

The Fourth patient was a young man again with cancer that returned after chemo. He was not the type that spoke much, and did not give me much feedback. I tried to include lots of water in his program after we found out that it was allowed on the program. I also tried to incorporate some enemas in the program. That is helpful. I think the Breuss Treatment weakened this person. Perhaps such a strong fast was not suited for his condition. There is no fast on the Gerson Therapy, and I think in this mans case it is would have been the best. I have tried to call him once, or twice; however, I did not get an answer. I don't know if he lived.

The Fifth also felt very well on the Breuss treatment. Right after coming off the program he had a feast which was not correct, it was too quick a return to regular food. Also, as mentioned earlier, 42 days is not long enough for the liver to renew, and I don't see how it can permanently keep cancer away. All the juices were made fresh for him from organic vegetables. We had even by then grown our own organic black radish in the Natureland farms in Kuwait. All but the very first patient used fresh organic juice, and followed the program to the T. I used to prepare the juice fresh daily using a NorWalk juicer (the best you may be able to buy), and delivered the juice with the teas daily to the patients. This patient went to Houston for a check-up, his tumors will still progressing at the time he went (He had not followed the Breuss treatment with any specific anti cancer diet, and did not go immediately to Houston). He was given medication which he did not take. The medication cost $3500 for 100 tablets. He took it for only three days so the doctor could see if his body would accept it. Then he told the doctor he did not want to start chemo until his family arrived to help him. Actually, he turned around and went to Mexico to follow the Gerson Therapy. He was being treated for free, and would have lost that treatment if he was going to follow the Gerson Therapy. That's why he tried the medication for three days. But then stopped it, did not take the chemo, and went to Mexico. His whole view changed there. Instead of a gloomy sick place that he hated at MD Anderson in Houston, he was very happy at the BNC where he was tended to with a very strict treatment that began immediately. After the three weeks were over he returned to MD Anderson, they checked his tumors again, and things were in control. The doctor was so pleased with his condition, and that the cancer had not progressed that he said okay you do the medication only, and no need for chemo, and we'll see you in six months. The doctor did not know that his medication was not even taken, and that the improvement came after the application of the Gerson Therapy not their medication.

So overall, and after much time studying and trying treatments for cancer. I highly recommend the Gerson Therapy, and not really the Breuss Cure. All patients who are still living have been started on the Gerson Therapy and are doing well. I have very quick improvement for weak patients with this treatment, and highly recommend it.

One 25 year old girl was given up on. She was about to die, not eating, drinking, and bedfast. She was told about the Gerson Therapy by the fifth patient above, and then immediately when there. When she arrived they did not think she would make it; however, she did respond to the treatment, started eating, drinking, and even walking again. On June 23 she arrives in Kuwait to continue her treatment at home for 1.5 years. Things look good for her now : )

So do the Gerson Therapy, it works. Everyone that works at their hospital is a medical doctor. They have 60 years experience in treating cancer. NEVER do chemo. I would like to know if this helps you decide what you want to do, and if it helps save your life. Please do send me an e-mail, and let me know.
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on January 18, 2001
I enjoyed reading this book and its potential benefits. I did not have cancer (to my knowledge) but had a few other health challenges. I did the fast in the fall of 2000 with a big help from the bottled "Biotta - Breuss Vegetable Juice" and Sage Tea (I could not find the ingredients for the other tea mentioned in the book). It was tough for the first 2 days, then no problem. I had energy to burn, slept very soundly and the health challenges went away. I have not so much as had a cold or flu since then. I intend to go on this cleansing fast every fall - when there is little fresh fruit and vegetables around.
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on January 24, 2002
Very easy for reading and understanding,furthermore I know a woman who lived 6 years instead 1 month (per doctors assumption)after using the therapy.Who ever wants to get better, not only from cancer but all kind of illnesses I recomend from the bottom of my heart.There is herbal store in Ventura, Ca under the name Ema's herbs and they can provide all necessary herbs for therapy.Try it, nothing to lose but illness.
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on June 14, 2008
I did 38 days on Breuss when I was studying for my exams and had more oportunity to stay at home. It is better to stay in privacy especially in the beginning when the body produces strong odours. I did Breuss to cleanse my body and not for treatment.
I agree with other who state that it has to be strictly followed and that it is for strong people only. Therefore I had not encountered many people whom I could recommend the Breuss procedure. Too often people do not want to take a full responsibility for their life and health. It is more comfortable to lean to classic medicine and feel like a victim. And following through Breuss is exactly that: it requires a strong effort and will power.
I had used the ready made juice.
Some tips:
I had problems in the beginning with hypotension. I then took supplements of coenzyme Q and it helped dramatically.
Enemas are a must.
Take your time for it.
Do not be expected when a sort of psychological cleaning occurs. You will have odd thoughts, ruminate things etc.
To conclude: I am MS surgeon but if I were challenged with one of these illneses the first thing I would do is a 42 days Breuss, to give my body a chance to do it itself. Good luck to all that plan to do it. I recomment it.
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on September 10, 2007
There is no margin for error with this system, you must follow it to the letter, to the detail, to every precise instruction and ingredient or you will not find success.

You also need extreme mental willpower to endure it for 42 days, but the shining thought should be that it is worth it to save your life.

My mother was diagnosed with terminal Ovarian cancer and she cleansed it from her system, completely healed from following this program to the letter.

The drug companies wants you to buy their expensive drugs to deal with cancer, they are a sickness industry (with the doctors being their salesmen) that thrive on profit, not a wellness industry. I recommend this program with all my heart.
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on January 25, 2012
I own this specific book (The Breuss Cancer Cure, offered on Amazon)in English, and I also own the Serbian translation of the original book (which was written in German). The original name of the book is "Krebs, Leukemie und andere scheinbar unheilbare Krankeiten mit naturlichen Mitteln heilbar" and the Serbian version has the more or less literally translated title "Cancer, Leukemia and other seemingly incurable illnesses curable in a natural way".

The most important thing I noticed is that in the Serbian translation daily enemas are highlighted as being of utmost importance, and yet in this English version enemas are only mentioned on the side, in case of a prolonged constipation. The Serbian translation says that daily (and multiple!) enemas are crucial to the success of the therapy and that without them a person could die from internal poisoning because the therapy will release toxins that have been tucked away in different parts of the body. For something that important you'd expect it to be included in the book in big red letters, not omitted, and yet, as you can read in many reviews here, one of the main things that people find wrong with the "Breuss Cancer Cure" is that there are no daily enemas to help the cleansing process.

I don't know which translation is correct, I don't speak German in order to check, but someone who does should definitely check out the latest German edition that came out while Breuss was alive and see what this is about - is this English version of the book a deliberate attempt of discrediting the therapy, is it simply a bad translation of someone who didn't care but wanted to make everything seem easier and nicer so it would sell better (starting with the title) or if maybe the Serbian translation is incorrect in a good way. All I know is that people who are pointing out that this could be dangerous or, at least, ineffective without daily enemas are correct, but they shouldn't take it for granted that this specific book is the real Breuss therapy until they check the German original.
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on September 23, 1999
Exellent book . Very cheap to bay herbs and vegetables . Have to be followed 100% . There is no room for error . What could I say more : Save my life from terminal , primery , very advenced liver cancer . No orthodox medical treatments .Have to read making of taes and juices many times .I read it at least 20 times . It would not succed whit parties and dinners . Good luck .
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on March 19, 2016
I cannot say enough about Breuss Cancer Cure. Years ago my uncle got diagnosed with cancer. He was pretty late into it and only had about 6 months to live. They sent him home and he started Breuss Cancer Cure and he ended up gaining the weight back, getting healthy again and living 9 years. He died of a heart attack not cancer. I was young back then, maybe in high school and did not pay much attention to it while it was happening, but recently my brother was diagnosed with cancer and they gave him 3 options; radiation pills, chemotherapy, or try herbal medicines on your own. So, he tried the Bruess Cancer Cure first. He was to return for more blood work and another biopsy in six months. He did the Bruess Cancer Cure with the vegetable juice and the tea's as per the book. He followed it to the 'letter' for the full 41 days. He was weak from not eating and his co-workers picked up his slack especially need the end of the 41 days. He finally made it and went in for the blood work. The blood work came back and there was no change in the blood work. We were all pretty disappointed. But, when he went in for the biopsy it was totally gone. No trace of cancer. Now he is eating healthier and is cancer free. That was enough for me to buy a 21 day supply. Figure I will do the 21 day version to to help clean my system out from all the crap we are eating these days. Hope this review was helpful and it is totally a true story.
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on June 7, 1999
Logical and reasonable way to deal with cancer or concern of cancer. Affordable and realistic. Non-capitalistic. Rudolf Breuss has something here - and the world should know about it. Worth trying, even if one's cancer has been put into remission with another treatment. I personally have a terminal cancer - Lymphoma - have given up on standard treatments that not only didn't keep cancer in remission but played havoc to entire body, and so have decided after reading part of his book so far that I will do his treatment as soon as I have finished with an alternative treatment I'm currently involved with.
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on October 13, 2002
Breuss was a man of integrity and inspiration. His theory is sound. However the theory is not as easy to put into practice as it at first appears, First, you have to want to get better. That's not straightforward and requires physical, psychic and emotional work. Then there is the prospect of no social interaction over food for six weeks. That's not something most people have ever experienced in a lifetime. Thirdly the lack of mastication needs to be addressed, to me someone needs to come up with something between Breuss (best) and Gerson (good), that would be five star +!.
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