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VINE VOICEon April 25, 2002
I'm not an Ace of Base fan, and in fact found many of their hits from "The Sign" to be annoying. I'm not sure why I picked up this CD, but I was pleasantly surprised. It really represents the best of catchy pop. The singles (Beautiful Life, Lucky Love) weren't as big as the singles off "The Sign," so this CD was unfairly overlooked at the time. However, some of the songs are just as strong and should have been bigger. "Lucky Love" in particular is a maddingly catchy song and a highlight of the CD. I also really like some of the other up-tempo dance songs, like "Beautiful Life" and "Never Gonna Say I'm Sorry." Plus, their are several beautiful ballads, especially "Angel Eyes," which has an unusual guitar effect on it. The music really is much more varied than you might expect. All of the songs were written by members of the group and they comment on writing each song and what it means to them, which is a nice touch. Overall, it's the kind of CD in my collection that I don't often think of playing, but whenever I do, the songs get stuck in my brain for days afterwards.
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on May 3, 2003
It's an unwritten rule in pop music- if your first album becomes a massive success, your next records will more than likely toss you into the "Where Are They Now?" category. When Ace of Base's second album, 1995's "The Bridge" only went platinum after a few months of its release (compared to the nine platinum certifications "The Sign" had recieved a year and a half earlier), the Swedish dance-pop quartet, made up of siblings Jonas, Jenny and Malin Berggren and friend Ulf Ekberg, that were written off as a flash-in-the-pan act fell into that status. Tragic, because "The Bridge" is one of the finest pop albums of the decade. A true depth lays beneath the candy-coated beats, and their knack for catchy melodies is unwavering on tracks like "Beautiful Life", "Never Gonna Say I'm Sorry", and "My Deja Vu". Any assumptions that their songs were weak Euro-disco compositions are dispelled on beautiful pieces like "Ravine" (which chronicles singer Jenny's emotional turmoil after she and her parents were held at knife-point in their home shortly after Ace of Base became international sensations) and Malin's seductive "Whispers In Blindness".
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on December 25, 1998
The second American Ace of Base album, "The Bridge" is DESTINED to become a classic. Though overshadowed by the success of their American debut album "The Sign", which went an amazing 23 times platinum, "The Bridge" offers a more mature sound and better lyrics. 15 tracks on the American version, and SEVENTEEN on the European versions, allow for fans of all types of music to enjoy this album, a change from their earlier eurodance sound.
The major track on the album is "Beautiful Life"; the critics gave rave reviews for this song, and with GOOD reason. The song mixes dance music with gospel choir, and what's more... it sounds GREAT! Fans of all types of music may like this song.
The second single off the album is "Lucky Love", a softer sound for Ace of Base, very surprising for a group formerly known as the kings and queens of dance music, and not quite successful, as the lyrics don't make much sense.
Then it's back to dance music again with the third single, "Never Gonna Say I'm Sorry", an inspirational song about being true to oneself. Also well-written, and it's simply irrisistable. One finds oneself humming along.
But it's not just the singles which shine on this album; the b-side tracks "Just N Image", "You and I", "My Deja Vu", "Wave Wet Sand", and "Angel Eyes" are among the true jewels of this album, hidden on the back side. And, three years after its release, one of "The Bridge's" little-known tracks, "Angel Eyes" is just now being released (in January of 1998). It's about time. These songs have lingered in obscurity for far too long.
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on April 15, 2001
I am going to start this review off by saying that Ace of Base is NOT a pop band. They have always broken away from doing what was popular and fun, and actually did what they wanted to do. It really makes me sad to see Ace of Base compared to Real McCoy, La Bouche, and Haddaway, because they have managed to make great music with true meaning behind the lyrics, while Real McCoy has a song without any meaning "Runaway and save your life", what does this lyric really mean?
Anyway, Here is a brief Description of each song:
(1) Beautiful Life - A fun poppy song with great melodies, and a great blend of gospel soul along with a fun keyboard sound.
(2) Never Gonna Say I'm Sorry - A Wonderful song with a positive meaning behind it which says "Never be sorry for who you are, because you are unique."
(3) Lucky Love - Possibly the only song with bad lyrics on the album, It is fun and makes you want to dance.
(4) Edge of Heaven - If this song doesn't make you see Ace of Base in a new perspective, I don't know what will, it is a very smooth ballad, and possibly one of the most "one of a kind" songs on the album.
(5) Strange Ways - A fun dance song with a great back-beat, and fun keyboard sounds such as the middle east.
(6) Ravine - A slower moving song with moving lyrics that drag you right into the singer's world and really makes your mind work while listening to the song, the song is about rediscovering yourself.
(7) Perfect World - A Fun dance song, yet slower moving than most dance songs. It's message is similar to "Happy Nation" from the first album.
(8) Angel Eyes - This is One of the first love songs by Ace of Base. Most people think of Ace of Base, and they get the wrong message, that Ace of Base is just a band who makes immature pop but it is not true, just listen to the song, and you will see for yourself.
(9) My Deja Vu - Possibly the most Annoying song on the album, it has a great mood, a wonderful sound to it, but the lyrics just don't work with the sound of the song.
(10) Wave wet sand - A slow moving song about trust. It is truthful, and very mature.
(11) You and I - A faster moving dance song. This song is not available on the U.S. version of the album, which is quite a shame, because on the Euro version, it is the ultimate climax of the album.
(12) Que Sera - A slow song, similar to a lot of the other song on the album. This song is about reality, resembles, Blooming 18.
(13) Just ~n~ Image - A dance song, quickly moving, but a more, how you say, "Dramatic" sound to it with darker backbeats than the rest of the songs.
(14) Experience Pearls - A love song written by Jenny. It is very mature and never gets old, you will love this one.
(15) Whispers in Blindness - The third song on the album written by Malin. While none of the songs by Malin are alike, this one is unique as well, this is the new sound of a love ballad, it is mid-tempo, and keeps up at a good speed.
(16) Blooming 18 - The most realistic of all the songs, I think that this was a good idea of the record compagny to put this song on as the last one, because it is such a mystery, and it really makes you wonder how Ace of Base are going to top it off. This song is basically a reality slap in the face.
All in all, this is the best Ace of Base album to date, it is true, and the sound is pure. Even though Ace of Base aren't very popular anymore, it doesn't effect the sounds, I believe that the less popular you are, the more "true" you are, because in that case you still know who you are, and Ace of Base definitely have no problem with their identity.
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on November 26, 2000
Ace Of Base seem to be a very misunderstood band. Constantly written off as having just a simple watered down reggae sound with weak singers and synth effects, they actually produced some of the best music of the 90s. They compose all the lyrics and music to their songs and even produce some of it themselves. How many groups can say that? Certainly not the boy band clones and Britney-type singers of today. And yet it seems to be all right to like those, but disdain anyone with real talent. Yeah, that makes sense.
With the Bridge, people seem to have been wanting an exact copy of the sign. When that didn't happen, they couldn't understand it. But it is only natural that a band would grow and change and therefore come up with a more mature sound. I, for one, think it's better than the first. You see, the key to Ace of Base's genius is that their best songs are album tracks that don't get released as singles. The only way to hear them is to buy the record. So toss out your NSync CDS and take a listen to what quality pop sounds like for a change.
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on July 12, 2000
This CD was really worth the wait. I was impressed with The Sign, but more so when I discovered that The Bridge displayed a lot more talent and range. Ace of Base isn't just a dance-mix group, but can handle acoustics and ballads beautifully as well. The vocals seem much improved, too, over their first CD and many of the songs feature engrossing harmonies.
Particularly noteworthy is the acoustic "Lucky Love", which didn't get the airplay it deserved as a radio release (especially in light of how terrible the top 40 hits generally were in 1996). "Angel Eyes" is a wonderful song with brief hints of Enya influence, and the rest come in a wide range that should please anyone who enjoyed the first album.
Although I was a tad disappointed that there weren't too many songs that reminded me of The Sign (the CD, not the single), it's just as nice to see Ace of Base performing more than just one type of song here. If you liked the first one, don't pass this one up.
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on January 5, 2000
I have already written a review for this album- I'm the "music fan" from Saugus, CA, but I felt the original one didn't express the album well. Anyway, The Bridge is the greatest album I have ever heard. The best songs are (deep breath)- "Beautiful Life", "Never Gonna Say I'm Sorry", "Lucky Love", "Edge of Heaven", "Strange Ways", "Ravine", "Perfect World", "My Deja Vu", "Wave Wet Sand", "Que Sera", "Just N Image", and "Experience Pearls". The very best song is "Whispers In Blindness". Linn outdid herself with this sexy ballad that reminds me of early evenings on the Ventura Beach. This album is an amazing work of art from each and every member of Ace of Base. I LOVE YOU GUYS! ACE OF BASE- #1 FOREVER!
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on December 21, 2000
When Ace of Base first became known, it was rumoured around that they were Abba clones. Because they are a pop group...2 girls, 2 guys, and from Sweden, people automatically labelled them. But of course they are not Abba clones despite that. What they are, is a terrific pop group in their own right, with great songs and dance beats. And they have proved themselves beyond doubt. They are not only great performers, but also great songwriters too, penning all of the songs on this album. And since their first album, which, by the way, was also terrific, this album shows a more mature Ace of Base. And that's good...no-one can stay the same without becoming boring. Included also, is a 24 page booklet with lyrics, loads of photos and a little story on each song on how it was conceived. Makes for an interesting read.
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on July 25, 2004
I bought this CD in the middle of 7th grade back in 1996 because I absolutely loved Beautiful Life and I liked several other songs too in sound but didn't really appreciate them the way I do now that music in general has reached an all time low. The other day I pulled this CD out for old times sake and I discovered how beautiful and deep it really is, and I've come to the conclusion that Ace of Base proved themselves to be real musicians and not just another europop group(although I enjoyed the europop craze in the 90's)
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on April 21, 2004
I admit I really hated Ace of Base when they first came out with "The Sign". I hated the songs that I heard on the radio. Funny how things change after the first album. The second I heard "Beautiful Life", I just found myself blown away. The song was a lot more catchier than anything from "The Sign". Plus it had a dancier beat. So I found myself getting "The Bridge" as a present for one Christmas. Much to my surprise, I loved the album. The lyrics are ridiculously cheesy and silly but the melodies and beats are too irresistable to resist. I found myself hopelessly addicted to songs like "Lucky Love" (loved the acoustic version much more than the radio version). Being a huge ABBA fan that I am, "The Bridge" reminded me some of my favorite ABBA songs. They all have that infectious hook that made me love ABBA's music to begin with. I had to take off one star because of the silly lyrics like "Blooming 18" and "Just 'N' Image" but this is pop music, it is expected to be silly and stupid. Although the ballads are good, I find myself preferring the more uptempo songs. My personal favorite songs (other than "Beautiful Life") are "My Deja Vu", "Lucky Love", and "Strange Ways". It is too bad that the American public didn't like "The Bridge" as much as I did. The music definitely deserved to have been heard on the airwaves.
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