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on June 10, 2013
Wedon's satire of the horror genre and its archetypes, cliche's, and tropes, hits it on the head and is a fun romp through almost every horror genre. The book nails it, but with a smidge more detail in places. Its nothing that'll change your world view, but is definitely a fun four hour read. Give it a shot.
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on April 28, 2012
this novelization is based on the screenplay for the movie, so it contains some lines that were cut from the final edit of the film. that makes it even more fun. it's really well-done, giving me insights into the characters and what they are thinking. and like the movie, it's a whole lot of fun. crazy crazy ride. i wouldn't want to read this before seeing the film though, unless i was sure i couldn't see it for a long time. but after seeing the film, reading this just brings it all back, fleshes it out even more, makes the joy ride of cabin in the woods last just that much longer. yay. the only thing i don't love is that the print is TINY TINY TINY, so it's hard to read without magnifying glasses. but that means there are a lot of words in the book and that's a good thing. more words means the fun lasts that much longer.

i want joss whedon to read it for an audio book! i would love love love to listen to joss' voice reading this as i go to sleep at night. :-)
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on June 26, 2013
This review courtesy of topoftheheapreviews(dot)com

Movie Tie-ins have to do two things. One, they have to keep the reader interested with more than just the plot, and Two, they have to add something that the movie or game counterparts are unable to portray, so does New York Times bestselling author, Tim Lebbon do a good job of this?

I started to read this book BEFORE watching the movie. I had always been interested in it, but just never had the time to sit and watch. So this review is going to be based on what I've read, and then we'll do a compare and contrast.

Tim Lebbon does a good job of setting up the characters here. Each character is very stereotypical of other horror movies, which is fine. The point of this is to kind of poke fun and play into previous horror stereotypes. You get a feel for each person in the first 25 pages or so. You know exactly the role they are going to play, from the jock to the stoner to the introverted female.

The action is well written, the blood and gore are well written, and the comedy (yes, there is a lot of comedy) is well done. The way the comedy is interwoven in the book is really kind of a stark contrast to the horrors that are going on when the characters enter in the cabin that they are going to vacation in. It balances out the chills very well.

You can tell that this book was a movie first. While you get some insight and internal monologues with the characters, you get the very obvious feeling that it's there to just try and make the characters more endearing to the reader. The problem comes in during the gory action sequences. You can't really get good pacing with the action when the characters are having a dialogue with themselves.

When compared to the movie, there isn't much added except the extra inner monologues and characterizations. The interactions between characters are scene for scene spot on. The descriptions of the locations seen in the movie are also done very well. The images you should get in your head when reading are pretty much how they'll look in the movie. Tim Lebbon does a fantastic job of moving the screen to the page and giving you all the thrills and chills and comedy the movie gives you. When I went back and watched the movie, while I knew what was going to happen, it was fantastic to see the images that Tim Lebbon drew for me brought to life in their original form.

The Bottom Line: Novelizations are tough to do. You have to add something more than the movie can provide. However, based on the way this movie was done, and the homage it pays to horror movies, the novel isn't not going to come across as well as the movie. There is just something about the way Joss Whedon does things that makes his vision more suitable for the big (or small) screen. That's not to say Tim Lebbon doesn't do a good job. The book is not without it's merit. However, I've seen better work from Tim Lebbon when he's left on his own. He can truly create some terrifying work, this one just wasn't it. The movie is definitely better than the book. This is not a knock on Tim Lebbon though. His job was to give the reader the movie experience while providing you insights into the characters that the movie couldn't provide. He did that very well, and the book was quite enjoyable.

If you don't have time to invest in the movie, the book does a wonderful job of providing you with exactly what you need though.
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on February 16, 2016
This started out very slowly and honestly at first I was a bit confused about what was going on. Than at about the middle of the book, when I was considering putting it down it got good. Things started making sense. Towards the end I was rooting for both the antagonists and protagonists equally. The author makes you want both sides to "win" and in a way they do. I would highly recommend reading this book, once you get your teeth sunk in firmly you won't want to let it go.
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on July 19, 2012
This is one weird story but a good one. It makes you want to see the film too.I have collected horror for about 30 years and this is right up there.
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on June 9, 2012
I purchased this book in paperback with the hope it would shed some more light on the characters' thoughts that we wouldn't otherwise see in the movie as well as contain some extra lines of dialogue or even some deleted scenes. The result is a book that closely follows the screenplay of the film with some extra dialogue here and there that doesn't add up to much. This is basically like reading the screenplay in novel form and there are no surprises nor anything really worth discovering if you've already seen the movie. The insight into the characters' minds isn't particularly interesting and half the time I found myself growing bored with this book. If you've already seen the movie, there really isn't anything worthy of mention here, nothing new to excite you or make you sympathize with the characters more. What you get is page after page of predictable thoughts with descriptive action that follows the events of the film.

But what really put me off were the typos. I expect typos when I purchase a Kindle version, but I have never seen so many errors in an actual paperback before. There were numerous spelling and grammatical errors before I even got 150 pages into the book.

Example: "Then maybe it's something else," she said, pointing at his joint with one hand and taking a sup of beer with the other.

Another example: But he was a guy who, with the aid of mind-enhancing drugs, understood himself completely. And there weren't may people who could say that.

Another: He wondered what saw teeth would feel like when it was tugged murderously across his throat.

Can you spot the spelling and grammar errors?

In short, due to these typos and the overall lack of tension, I gave up reading on page 149 after reading those last two typos.
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on June 4, 2013
Good and funny book,much less scarier than the movie. Interesting but has a lot of bad words. It also is a little confusing,but you will understand it at the end.
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on April 18, 2012
This book is absolutely fantastic. it's just like the movie, but on pages. My favorite movie is now my favorite book.
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on May 19, 2013
Several great plot twists, enjoyable read! If you like horror, suspense, sci-fi - this story has it all! Great plot!
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on October 10, 2012
This was a fast read. Cannot wait to see the movie.
It is a very interesting concept in horror movies!
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