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on November 4, 2014
One of the most underrated movies of all time. Lots of laughs in this black comedy and amazing performances by the two lead males. Great directing by Stiller. Personally and as of now, I think this is his best.
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on December 20, 2013
Thanx to Jim Carrey's funny guy professionalism this flick can raise some interests from funny audiences. I 1st thought the movie was strange and scary when i was a kid. But now? I don't consider it to be THAT scary but still strange. I mean it's scary to know that YOU know a spychotic man (even though u don't have any idea about it at 1st) doing whatever it takes and i mean WHATEVER I TAKES to be a friend and if u don't agree to an alliance with him and only him or else he'll become like a plague or something and haunt u, even in your dreams, lol. It's spooky. That's probably worst than a stalker=) ...I give this flick 3 stars be cause Jim DID kinda saved the movie especially when he battled mathew on a medieval times 'play for fun' fight.
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on August 27, 2006
The Cable Guy is a better film than it pretends to be. It's important to remember that it was made before Carrey began to show its dramatic side in excellent films like The Truman Show, Man On The Moon and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. The Cable Guy was thrown into the pile of low-brow oddball comedies he was famous for like Ace Ventura and Dumb & Dumber. As such, it just wasn't funny enough; and it was way too dark to appeal to Carrey's young and comedy loving films. I can certainly say that at the age of 12, it sure didn't appeal to me. That's because The Cable Guy's biggest problem is that it's not quite sure what kind of film it's supposed to be; it wobbles from oddball comedy to psychological thriller, never really achieving focus in any one genre, never really being realized enough to be able to consider it a genre-transcending, solitary creation.

Still - The Cable Guy has its many merits, and it's an interesting enough creation to be worth the watch. And it's certainly not a comedy for kids. In fact it's a much more intelligent film, one that deals with the destructive effect television may or may not have had on many of the post-TV era children, but more importantly than that it deals with loneliness, insanity and exploitation. And Carrey's performance - laden though it is with his trademark physical humor, perfectly fit for the role - is good and dark enough to hit that. The Cable Guy is one of Carrey's most fascinating characters, and he's as dark and distressed as he is pathetic and laughable; the entire film in fact is much darker and more disturbing as may be apparent in first sight. A supporting cast filled with familiar comedians and frat-packers - Jack Black, Owen Wilson, George Segal, Andy Dick, Jeneane Garofalo, David Cross - doesn't help in detaching the film from its crippling `comedy' label. Still, they all get the job done; in fact, Mathew Broderick, who plays straight man for Carrey, is probably the most forgettable actor in the film - which is probably for the best, because he plays the ultimate everyman loser, and he too does what he has to do.

It only occurred to me after re-watching it that The Cable Guy has very much in common with a more recent film that also deals with maddening loneliness and longing for human companionship - One Hour Photo starring Robin Williams. Like that film, The Cable Guy never really reaches the full of its potential, and has a story that's unbalanced and unstructured, and so remains an unsatisfying experience; but like One Hour Photo, The Cable Guy has a stellar enough lead performance and enough good points to be worth the watch. In fact, it's much easier to appreciate it now with a decade's hindsight, now that we've seen a lot more range from Jim Carrey. The film certainly has its moments of brilliance; the Sam Sweet side-plot (with a good and minor cameo from director Ben Stiller) and its conclusion is a wonderful touch, that compliments the ending and its point, and Jim Carrey's karaoke scene - beyond the obvious chuckles you may get from his lisping and catatonic singing - is also a disturbing one, and one shouldn't overlook the choice of a song (Jefferson Airplane's `Somebody To Love'). The Cable Guy is not as good as it might have been but it's a daring creation, certainly the most daring one for Stiller as a director. Not exactly one for the ages but a unique and interesting film that's worth the watch.
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on May 30, 2000
Prior to the hugely successful "Liar Liar", Jim Carrey made the darkly funny "Cable Guy". It was a big disappointment at the box office and most critics dismissed it, but I think it's one of Carrey's best films.
Mathew Broderick stars opposite Carrey as Steve. As the movie opens Steve's just broken up with his girlfriend and is moving into a new apartment.
Carrey plays the title character, a lisping psycho who worms his way into Steve's life after installing his cable. Carrey doesn't have any friends, just "preferred customers", and he's soon all over Steve (who is somewhat vulnerable), terrorizing his friends, and finally taking over his life.
What I like about "Cable Guy" is that, unlike previous Carrey vehicles, this one has some ideas. In a flashback we learn that TV is a poor substitute for loving parents when we see Carrey's mother trotting off to a bar, leaving the young kid alone with the television, which mom refers to as the "babysitter". There's a nice little message about the dehumanizing effects of TV and what a friend of mine calls "second-hand living".
At the same time, the movie is a comedy and I enjoyed trying to catch all the obscure references Carrey's constantly making to old TV shows. In one terrific scene, at a "Medieval Times" restaurant, the pair play out a battle that references a specific scene in a "Star Trek" episode, that even goes so far as to include the same background music. And if you know that, you're probably watching far too much TV.
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on December 2, 2013
My dvd was horribly scratched because I have worn out this classic over the years..... still funny and relevant! Very quotable still ( a must for any staple in my film collection). I started transferring over to blu-ray and was pleased to find that this was available.
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on September 10, 2005
I really enjoyed this movie, even though it is not your typical comedy. Much of the humor is peculiar and off the wall. Actually, "The Cable Guy" is more of a black-comedy, with several serious themes. The storyline apparently isn't for everyone, judging by the mostly negative reviews it got from the professional movie critics. Jim Carrey is amazing as the hyperactive, overly aggressive "Cable Guy", and Matt Broderick does a good job portraying the harassed victim.
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on February 4, 2013
Finally! I've waited a long time for this movie to really come out on disc format. This sure beats the standard DVD release, which I'm sure was copied from VHS. For the first time ever, I've got to see the special features exclusively for this Blu-ray release, and enjoyed them. I really got a kick out of the deleted scenes and the outtakes. They probably should've left some of that stuff in the movie. But I still enjoyed it all.
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on July 11, 2015
I have always enjoyed this movie. I bought it because my husband had never seen it but they had been talking about it at work as one guy he worked with did a spot on impression of the part where Jim carrey presses his nipple to the window in the jail. And he had to see it after that.
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on March 19, 2005
I've been a fan of Jim Carrey for many years. Honestly I was initially embarrassed when this movie first came out, because the clips and previews I'd seen of it portrayed a lispy, under-bitten, very dorky Carrey in a movie I wasn't quite sure what the heck was going on with it. However, after recently viewing the movie with a critical eye and more open mind, that embarrassment has declined.

Overall I find this film to be 'laugh-out-loud-abley' humorous with a unique, interesting plot. The humor in this film, to me, was saturated in the subtle. The 'over the top' scenes involving the Cable Guy (basketball, Medieval restaurant battle, karaoke, mustached C.G.) at times went on too long, and were too slapstick for me. But Carrey and Broderick's facial work/expressions in key scenes (Steven signing the Cable Guy's forms when they first meet, the spider creeping across the Cable Guy's face) were hilarious. Broderick does an excellent job with his deadpan, unenthused attitude toward Carrey's outrageous, clever demeanor. It is an unusual casting in my opinion first off, but it does actually work as the movie progresses.

Additionally unusual was the tone. It tried to be dark and creepy at times, but all the humor inter-spliced made the film kind of confusing as to what it was trying to pull off.

The acting was pretty well done by all involved. Not only was Carrey humorous, but he seemed to nail his character very well. There were a lot of subtle expressions and spoken words that was consistent with the character throughout - a man raised poorly only by cable programs, who had little human socialization skills, desperate for a friend, and will stop at nothing to get one. Again, with the exception of a few scenes, subtlety was Carrey's strong point here, which was surprising from how I expected him to act. With Broderick, again, his placid expressions and demeanor was a great opposite to Carrey.

Ben Stiller did a good job with a lot of the humor involved in his directing. The scenes with himself in it were random and good. Jack Black did a nice job playing Steven's suspicious and quirky friend. Another very funny scene was Eric Roberts' cameo - see it to believe it! So, even though the 'darker' side to this film clashed strangely with its humorous side, it's worth watching for the subtle yet hilarious humor, decent character development, and the memorable smaller characters.
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on August 16, 2014
i am a huge jim carrey fan and i saw this at the show and it was dark humor and diffrent from the mask and ace venturea but it was still good and at the time it had a future star in the film jack black and it had who can forget jim singing jefferson airplane it was bad but funny . i am glad it out on blu ray and thanks amazon and mack north i just wanted on blu ray
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