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on December 8, 2005
I've got disappointing news for Daniel Cano: Reliance on categorization is a tool of the undereducated. Ironic that this "education" you've claimed is one which falls far short of many more intelligent listeners.

A more sophisticated approach than "categorization and condemnation" is to break each band down until you hear and understand how their unique combination of styles fits together. To prove my example, what would you think of someone who lumped all "heavy metal" together, and distinuished good old "rock and roll" from that "screaming and loud noise that all sounds the same". As fans of heavy metal we know that they haven't listened enough to discern a difference. Its like self-centered white kids thinking that all black or asian people look the same(or vice versa).

As for Underoath, I think that they have accomplished finding a niche in the area of metal which I really don't have other bands. And its an appealing niche to me. I think this band probably does fit the emocore moniker, but I don't listen to most of the bands that are classified as such and can't say that they are standard "emocore". All I know is that they're heavy and light at the same time, that the emotion really flows through in a way that doesn't seem whiny despite the reputation, and the songs must be well written to stay in my head (a welcome stay - unlike that damn Price is Right theme that won't go away).

I should mention that the singer on this album is not as appealing to me as their new singer. I don't like how he stays in the same high pitched range, but they still have good background vocals and its not enough to really damage them. You can look at it as a more raw and hard edged sound too - something in the vein of Poison the Well's opposite of december being great despite the improvement in vocals of the new album (if you can agree with that in the first place).

So as most reasonable reviews should end, you must hear for yourself. I think most open minded metal fans would like them, I know I do.
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on January 11, 2005
The changing of times is much different from they're only chasing safety and thier first two albums as well.

Losing thier touch with a more metal sound and combining odd yet a intersting sound from keyboards. Althought i liked very much Cries of the past as well Act of depression, thier debut album with solid state is in fact a very good approach to a new music direction.Thier lyrics are more to the means of emo as many believe but still in many songs have a positive message.

The songs are more catchy to fans, there isn't much i can find wrong with this album except two things.Thier now former lead singer dallas taylor does a very good job on vocal's but has a very bored scream it seems. Second upon listening to it i believe they could have done a better production job, dallas's voice is most of the time ran over by the instruments but you learn to love it anyways.

The songs are well played i must say. My favorite song on the entire cd is alone in december. If you listen to the song just once you become taken. you get a taste of some samples of the old style with songs like a message for adrienne and angel below as well never meant to break your heart. Which i might add have very nice breakdown's included in them.

I recommend this cd to anyone who has never heard underoath i would start with this album instead of they're only chasing safey which has a very pop emo sound to it but still pretty good.
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on February 27, 2005
Great hardcore cd. A lot different than their new cd, which isn't bad either. And to clear the air, underOATH IS a christian band. I recently saw them in concert for the Taste of Chaos tour. They made it very clear to everyone of their christian beliefs.
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on June 11, 2003
I wasnt too sure about them at first, i downloaded a few songs, then saw them live and that pushed me to hear more. Once i gave the CD a chance it blew me away. Bands with a keyboardist arent really that great (to me) but they pull it off. The vocals sound great, from the screaming to the clean vocals. I definitly suggest you pick this one up.
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on March 2, 2005
i found these guys by looking up badns on this sight. I was looking for a cd to buy at best buy( yes i said best buy). Whos buys hardcore cd's at best buy right? well anyway, i saw this cd on cdnow/amazon so i listened to the clips and i loved it. i read that some dude doesnt think that underoath is a christian band because they write songs about girls. ME being christian as well, i really think that you should have had soe facts straight b4 writing that review. Just because your christian doesnt mean you need to write all your songs about god. get your story straight.
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on February 12, 2006
Forget about the Taking Back Sunday comparisons on this album. Forget about pop-sensibility and what everyone calls a `definitive screamo' sound. The newest album from Underoath, They're Only Chasing Safety, may fall into that category but if you've ever heard this disc, you know it has more in common with Zao than The Used with much less melodic singing than some of the newer Zao material.

So what is this album? The Changing of Times is more in the vain of the traditional Christian post-hardcore sound; just much more brutal. The single off the album, ""When the Sun Sleeps"" is the only track with an easy to grasp hook. The rest of this disc will appeal to fans of a post-hardcore sound that doesn't compromise. The keyboards add a great texture to the songs but never come fully to the forefront savefor ""Angel Below,"" which uses a cheesy synth sound that I could do without but is turned into such a bad ass brooding riff that I instantly forgive them for doing it. The album overall should find a lot of the same fans as the early Bleeding Through albums but less spastic. The album is focused on riffs and building momentum through screams and the underlying keyboards.

There aren't many songs that use the layered screaming/clean vocals that have begun to make the genre turn stale but the ones that do, such as the title track, do it perfectly and with precision. Keeping in mind the time period in when this disc was released, there weren't many bands trying to do what Underoath became a pioneer of. Though this disc sees Underoath leave their death metal influenced EP days behind, it sees them embrace a melodic, albeit not that much more melodic, side of the post-hardcore genre that we would better know as screamo a year or two later. Recommended for fans of early post-hardcore!

For Fans of: Zao, From Autumn to Ashes, Bleeding Through
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on November 26, 2005
This is a good album. It's screaming combined with emo, combined with some other weird stuff (track 5??) with good instrumentation. The lyrics are lacking a little bit in my opinion, particularly "A Message for Adrienne," which sounds like a poem written by a seventh grader. However, these are subtleties. My only serious complaint is the vocalist, Dallas Taylor. I absolutely cannot stand his vocals on this CD... you can't understand anything he says, his scream sounds like a cat yawning, and he sounds like he's miserable while he's screaming. If you want to hear some good vocals, buy their new album on which Spencer Chamberlain has replaced Dallas Taylor, and where the drummer gets to sing a lot more. On the whole, not a bad album but I would highly recommend their new album, "They're Only Chasing Safety," instead of this one.
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on October 17, 2004
This cd is just... awesome. The music is somewhat chaotic, yet beautiful. It's genious, yet so obvious. This cd doesn't have even near as much black metal as Cries of the past or Act of depression, but it has a little bit here and there. It's heavily focused on very emotional hardcore. There's softer songs such as The changing of times and when the sun sleeps, and harder songs such as Angel Below and A message for Adrienne. There are some generally complex guitar parts, but not to the point where you're more or less lost in the music. Again, the singer conveys his lyrics through his screaming beautifully, and really isn't a terrible singer. Buy this cd if you like Fear Before the March of Flames, older Underoath, The Bled, 18 Visions, Poison the Well, etc.
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on February 26, 2014
This is the album that introduced me comfortably into the metal genre. Although this has some very poppy elements to it, it's still heavy on death metal influence and it was a perfect introduction into the harder genres. Eventually, I went on to found my own melodic death metal band. I have this album to thank for many of the amazing experiences that I've had in my life.
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on August 29, 2015
Deepest Underoath album ever released. Overlooked and forgotten, even by most Underoath fans, this truly is a masterpiece. Comparing the lyrics from "The Changing of Times" to any newer releases, even the best-selling "They're Only Chasing Safety" you can hear, no, "feel" the impact ex-vocalist, Dallas Taylor had on the music. The pain, the suffering, and sorrow that is felt from the screams and spoken word parts. It may not be the most radio-friendly songs but this album feels, simply put; real and just full of emotions that this band is no longer able to put into their music. What's saddest; the songs on this album or knowing they will never release anything as powerful as "The Changing of Times"?
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