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on May 1, 2009
Five star reviews? Are we reading the same book??? Ms. Monroe seems to be falling off the wagon. Her last two books, She had it coming and Deliver us from evil were slow but they were at least completable. I just could not get through this one. A party scene stretched for 10 chapters, a bunch of irrelevant characters and no real plot. I hope she isn't turning into an Eric Jerome Dickey. I was once a huge fan of his but I haven't read any of his work since he's been on that gangster/hit man romance kick. Get this book from the library.
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on March 13, 2009
Teri Stewart is a beautiful, intelligent, and tough as nail record company executive. Teri works long and exhausting hours giving her job 110%; leaving no time for a personal life.

Harrison Starr is a handsome, charming, and very popular D.J. who wants Teri, but doesn't want to play second fiddle to her career. Since he cant seem to have her he instead fills his time with every beautiful woman he runs into, but none of them can fill his need for the real thing.

Teri and Harrison continue to run into each other at various parties in their celebrity circle and at each occassion they fight their obvious attraction. In addition to fighting their attraction, Teri is fighting a past flings advances and Harrison is fighting his jealousy of seeing Teri in another man's company.

At some point, Teri and Harrison decide to throw caution to the wind and give it another try but outside forces are working hard at pulling them apart.

The Company We Keep is just a great read. I love that Teri is a strong woman that won't compromise her beliefs. The Company We Keep is one book that I'll definitely read again.

Reviewed by: Robyn Morris, Black Butterfly Review
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on March 24, 2009
Being a fan for years awaiting book after book from her, I was very disappointed and couldn't even finish the book. This very boring for what Mary Monroe usually does...
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on March 13, 2009
Mary Monroe is one of my favorite authors. This book is good, but not the
page turner I've been accustomed to.
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on July 8, 2013
but for some reason the page keeps disappearing, all my words disappear and i have to write them all over again. Then it asks me to put in 20 more words??? I have done this over and over again and now I am tired of it and will not waste any more time on it. I think your problem is too many windows popping up. I have enjoyed all of these books but I am not going to spend all night trying to figure this out. I have spent more time on this than I want to.************************************************************************************************************************************************
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on July 15, 2009
I am not even half way through and I felt like the relationship between Teri and Nicole reminded me of two high school girls. Their conversations are somewhat adolescent. I have read and enjoyed several books by Mary Monroe and was deeply disappointed in this one. In the chapters that I've read I truly don't understand where Teri is coming from and Nicole is being written so juvenile that it wouldn't make sense for this relationship to endure for over 20 years without her maturing. Maybe someone else can explain what I'm missing. I was raised to be proud of my accomplishments and so are my parents and family members; I'm not understanding the grandparents believing you are miserable if you're not married; doesn't ring true and what's so sad is Teri is buying into it, if she wants a man or a fling have one but stop complaining! Nicole should be written wiser because of the hardships she's had to endure in her personal life. The "white boss" is a stereotype since he's scared of a confident black woman. And I don't know what to say about Harrison except sometimes there is a reason why a person should remain your ex-lover; sometimes you should just reminisce and move on. And maybe it's just me but I could do without oogling over stuff, ie, Jaguar, DNKY or other material things. I like nice stuff as much as the next but it's not that impressive since there are store that sell designer clothing like Ross, TJ Maxx and Burlington Coat Factory. And anybody can lease any kind of car they like; we've all seen the commercials. I'd be happier if the story was better.
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on July 26, 2009
I have come to love and repespect Ms. Monroe for her writings. When I am reading them, I find myself transported into her thoughts, I can visualize the characters and what they are doing as I read along, a gift most writers are simply lacking "now a days". But this novel, makes me question her motives for this publication: A. Did she need a check in a hurry; and B. Was she pressured to produce just anything? This is something I would expect from a novice on their first time out; not someone whose talents has transcended boundries. First off, I purchase Ms. Monroe's books because I enjoy reading and re-reading at my own leisure, several I have read again and again. And two have "grown feet" I might add, causing me to replace them. I hope with this novel she has coming out Aug 25, she brings back (oh, I don't want to sound like a Disney commerical) the magic and the joy (oops, too late) that I and many readers like myself have come to enjoy over the years. "The Company We Keep" is a decent enough read, not enough to encourage me to pass this along to others. Its storyline, plot, and summary are too predictable, and its sounds as if its trying to hard, something a talent like hers never have to strive for. I hope she finds her "muse" soon and return to what she does best.
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on October 24, 2014
I liked the main characters. Maybe there were too many characters. Some parts of the book were mundane and wasted time. It could have focused more on the main characters relationship with one another. BUT it was a good read. I liked "The Family That Lies" by this author much more though.
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on December 15, 2012
Mary Monroe is a talented, gifted writer. I don't know what happen with this book. Which is surprising because all of her other novels are on point. This book had too many irrelevant, boring characters in and out. Which made it hard to keep up with. I refused to finish this book because I felt like I was getting no where. There's a party in this book that lasts for about 10 chapters (no lie). Hopefully her next work won't be disappointing.
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on April 17, 2013
I read about 25% and very little had happened! The book was slow, boring, and I struggled to get as far as I did. More action, less unnecessary descriptions!!! As I read the other reviews I see that others agree.
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