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The Complete Studio Recordings
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Although they never achieved the fame in the U.S. that they did in the U.K., Roxy Music remained an influential band with their art-rock/glam-rock approach. The band's first five studio albums are seminal while their last three studio albums range from decent to exceptional. This handsome boxed set collects the band's eight studio albums in handsome, thick, glossy gatefold mini-LP sleeves along with two CDs of the band's various b-sides, singles and various remixes. Although this set is missing previously unreleased tracks or outtakes, there are a number of releases on the last two CD set that make their debut in digital form for the first time.

Although fans may argue over the merit of various releases (was the band better with or without Eno? Did Eddie Jobson's musical sophistication as a keyboard and violin player expand the band's musical sound), these are all worthwhile picking up for fans in this new remastering which goes back to the original analog sources. Reportedly these are "flat" transfers that represent the sound of the mastertapes more accurately than any other release and while I can't attest to how these compare to the master tapes, these are probably the BEST representation of how the band sounded.

These releases sound exceptionally good--they are not brick walled, not peak limited, compressed nor has there been any attempt to fatten up the bass sound or the introduction of any strange EQ choices. The albums are presented as intended (and, in the case of "Manifesto" features the original album line up--the original CD release included the single version of "Angel Eyes" and a different take of "Dance Away" that were substituted for the original tracks) IMHO these best the UK original E.G. releases as well as the Warner/Reprise CD reissues AND Bob Ludwig's remasters from 1999. The sound is warm and analog-like (which is ironic in our digital age given these albums were produced without ever thinking about how they would sound digitally). The transfers are top notch throughout. What we get here is as close to the original sound as the band intended for these releases. The labels feature the original album cover graphics on the CD labels.

Is this set perfect? For fans who want a booklet detailing the recording of the various albums along with lyrics and details on the mastering of this edition the answer would be no. Also, the original release was to include DVD higher resolution releases of ALL the band's albums and b-sides. This was scaled back to this set here and, while those things are missed, as mentioned these are the ultimate redbook CD editons of the albums.

Fans looking for accurate reproductions of the LP sleeves including the inner lining should be aware that these are ALL gatefold sleeves (only the first three were released on LP in gatefold sleeves)and the inner sleeves are color coordinated to the release but blank ("Country Life", "Flesh + Blood" and "Avalon" all included the original lyrics for each release on the inner sleeve something not reproduced here). The gatefolds do have outtake photos from the cover sessions included on the inside (some of which appeared on the boxed set Thrill of It All).

The CD of outtakes, b-sides and remixes include the following tracks (collecting everything that the band released during their lifetime--The version of "India" included on "The Thrill of It All" on the fourth disc is not a unique mix but the album version and is not included here as a result):

Virginia Plain 3:00 (This was not on the original LP release in the UK but a stand alone single)
The Numberer 3:42
Pyjamarama [Island Mix] 3:03
Pyjamarama [Polydor Mix] 2:54
The Pride and the Pain 4:16
Do the Strand [USA 7" Mix] 3:23
Hula Kula 2:39
Your Application's Failed 4:45
The Thrill of It All [Edit] 4:22
The Thrill of It All[USA 7" Mix] 3:25
Love Is the Drug [USA 7" Mix] 3:00
Sultanesque 5:26
Both Ends Burning [7" Mix] 4:01
For Your Pleasure 5:04 (live version b-side to "Both Ends Burning" single)
Trash 2 3:11
Dance Away [7" Version] 3:50 (This version was the original mix on the US release and differs slightly with a different mix)
Dance Away [Canadian Extended 12" Mix] 6:31
Angel Eyes [7" Version] 2:53 (This is the single version which eventually replaced the album version in the UK)
Angel Eyes [12" Version] 6:38

Oh Yeah [7" Version] 4:15
Manifesto [Remake] 4:02
South Downs 5:24 (The version on the Thrill of It All CD was mastered in error in reverse)
Lover 4:29
Jealous Guy 6:12
To Turn You On [1981 B-Side Version] 4:13 (This version features a slightly different and earlier mix of the song)
More Than This [7" Version] 4:35
Avalon [7" Version] 4:16 (This version features a different mix on the vocals that was previously only available on the original single)
Always Unkowing 5:21
Take a Chance with Me [7" Version) 3:40
Take a Chance with Me [USA 7" Mix] 2:47
The Main Thing [12" Single Version]7:44
The Main Thing [Remix]

This is an exceptional set and collects all the albums, singles, single mixes, b-sides and remixes issued during the band's career. The mastering is exceptional as is the packaging except for the issue of no booklet, no lyrics.

Fans will find this set to be essential as the releases are flat transfers of the original master tapes and is recommended.
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on September 13, 2012
Not much to add except I believe the term used for this set would be unmastered instead of remastered, as they took out whatever was added, leaving you with what it should have sounded like "Back in the day". If asked, I would say this is the closest you can get to the "BEST" listening experience (i.e. - 33rpm on a direct-drive turntable).

If you have all of these, and various combinations of such, I'd probably just keep my money and listen to what I have.
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on June 20, 2014
Great box! Beautifully packaged. I won't review the music. You wouldn't be reading these reviews if you didn't like Roxy Music to begin with. However, I will say that I don't understand those who bemoan Brian Eno's exit after the second album. To my mind, if that hadn't happened, Roxy Music wouldn't have been the great band on the trajectory it transited. And we probably wouldn't have gotten Another Green World or Warm Jets from Eno, or any of the rest of his legacy such as it is. What's to complain about?

What I want to speak to is the sound quality of these disks. Virgin really did a great thing here. Roxy Music always had a dense, complex sound, and the detail and expanded sound stage rendered here with the 'flat' remastering is stellar. I'm hearing detail I never could find in previous releases. It raises my appreciation of the music even higher, like 'really' fully hearing it for the first time. I can't imagine this being done again, better, unless it is reissued as SACD (doubtful).

Unlike some reviewers, I don't find any high end brittleness or thinness to the sound - but then I'm listening on a very high end rig. Some folks seem to like the thick, overdriven, clipped sound that's been pretty common in the industry for the last ten years. Maybe the industry is catering to the mobile device and MP3 market. I suppose that's good sound for earbuds? These disks sound great to me on electrostatic speakers. If the 'loudness' or volume isn't there (and the levels here are several Db less than the Ludwig remasters), the dynamic range and detail is superior. That's a trade off that's inevitable, one sacrifices detail and dynamics when the recording levels are goosed. When the recording levels are all pushed up too high in the mastering, the headroom is absorbed and the wave forms get clipped - detail is lost on the recording. Compression algorithms exasperate the problem. I'm not saying that the Ludwigs are bad mind you, but with these new Virgins, the soundstage is more 3D, the detail is clearer, the cymbals sound more like cymbals, etc. If you want to listen to these disks loud (and I do), that's what the volume control is for - turn it up and enjoy the detail and dynamics at volume. However, it's only going to sound as good as the quality of the rig you listen with will permit. My Ludwig remasters of this material are now relegated to the car stereo, where the road noise makes all this a non-issue. If you have a high end system and are wondering whether to buy, I'd recommend not hesitating. If you burn everything down to MP3 files - maybe this isn't for you.

For me: With this box, I'm enamored with Roxy Music once again, all over again.
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on February 13, 2013
This is a really pleasing box set. I bought it after waiting literally decades to refurbish my Roxy Music collection, consisting primarily of the original issue British Island LPs, the first E.G. CDs and the E.G. Reprise US issues, the latter essentially a slightly louder version of the original E.G. CDs. I skipped the Bob Ludwig remasters altogether, perhaps unfairly, but primarily because I find most remasters of CDs made in the past two decades overly loud and lacking in dynamic range. Thankfully, the trend towards loudness at the expense of dynamics seems to reversing now. That's certainly what I hear in the versions contained in this box set. As far as any CD can, these sound remarkably close to my original LPs. They lack that intangible analog presence but only marginally, and, of course, are free of the pops and scratches accumulated over four decades. They are definitely superior to my old CDs, fuller bass and drums, better defined midrange, less glaring mid-treble.

As for packaging, the CDs are enclosed in replica LP gatefold covers, even those that were never issued as gatefolds. The print quality does not match the LPs, but it's good enough, and they are sturdily manufactured. The extras are fun, although multiple mixes and versions of the same song are probably only going to get one or two plays. It is good to have the b sides. I was pleased (although it's not really an issue given you can easily program whatever songs you want to hear on a CD player or computer) to see the "Roxy Music" CD reverted to the original British LP song listing, omitting "Virginia Plain", the inclusion of which on later versions of the LP and CD I never liked as it disrupted the flow of the record. That song has been bumped to the 'extras' CD.

I don't miss extra liner notes or a booklet at all. Very happy with this reissue.
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What clobbers you most about relistening to Roxy Music in this flash all-encompassing lump - is the sheer 'quality' of what's on offer. They were good - I mean they were bloody good. I'd suspect that most music lovers have forgotten just how innovative, off-the-wall and downright sassy they were (and this is before we talk about a peerless run of top notch chart-singles that only got better as they progressed). If only lazy-assed Virgin had deigned to include a booklet (or any biog info for that matter) in this classily presented box - then "The Complete Studio Recordings" would have been right up there - perched on a musical Mount Rushmore of style and substance. None of the discs (including 9 and 10) provide no Discography at all - so here are the Mothers of Pearl and the not-so Virginia Plains...

Released August 2012 - "The Complete Studio Recordings" on Virgin 5099944021726 (Barcode (5099944021726) is a 10CD Box Set and breaks down as follows:

Disc 1 - "Roxy Music" - 42:55 minutes:
1. Re-make/Re-Model
2. Ladytron
3. If There Is Something
4. H.B.
5. The Bob (Medley) [Side 2]
6. Chance Meeting
7. Would You Believe?
8. Sea Breezes
9. Bitters End
Tracks 1 to 9 are their debut album - released June 1972 in the UK on Island ILPS 9200 and in the USA on Reprise RS 2114

Disc 2 - "For Your Pleasure" - 42:25 minutes:
1. Do The Strand
2. Beauty Queen
3. Strictly Confidential
4. Editions Of You
5. In Every Dream Home A Heartache
6. The Bogus Man [Side 2]
7. Grey Lagoons
8. For Your Pleasure
Tracks 1 to 8 are the "Second Roxy Music Album" - released March 1973 in the UK on Island ILPS 9232 and in the USA on Warner Brothers BS 2696

Disc 3 - "Stranded" - 41:14 minutes:
1. Street Life
2. Just Like You
3. Amazona
4. Psalm
5. Serenade [Side 2]
6. A Song For Europe
7. Mother Of Pearl
8. Sunset
Tracks 1 to 8 are the "Third Roxy Music Album" - released November 1973 in the UK on Island ILPS 9252 and in the USA on Atco Records SD 7045

Disc 4 - "Country Life" - 41:52 minutes:
1. The Thrill Of It All
2. Three And Nine
3. All I Want Is You
4. Out Of The Blue
5. If It Takes All Night
6. Bitter-Sweet [Side 2]
7. Triptych
8. Casanova
9. A Really Good Time
10. Prairie Rose
Tracks 1 to 10 are the "Fourth Roxy Music Album" - released November 1974 in the UK on Island ILPS 9303 and in the USA on Atco SD 36-106

Disc 5 - "Siren" - 42:38 minutes:
1. Love Is The Drug
2. End Of The Line
3. Sentimental Fool
4. Whirlwind
5. She Sells [Side 2]
6. Could It Happen To Me?
7. Both Ends Burning
8. Nightingale
9. Just Another High
Tracks 1 to 9 are the "Fifth Roxy Music Album" - released October 1975 in the UK on Island ILPS 9344 and in the USA on Atco SD 36-127

Disc 6 - "Manifesto" - 43:12 minutes:
1. Manifesto [Side 1 - EAST SIDE]
2. Trash
3. Angel Eyes
4. Still Falls The Rain
5. Stronger Through The Years
6. Ain't That So [Side 2 - WEST SIDE]
7. My Little Girl
8. Dance Away
9. Cry, Cry, Cry
10. Spin Me Round
Tracks 1 to 10 are their 6th LP - released March 1979 in the UK on Polydor POLH 001 and in the USA on Atco SD 38-114

Disc 7 - "Flesh + Blood" - 42:02 minutes:
1. The Midnight Hour
2. Oh Yeah
3. Same Old Scene
4. Flesh And Blood
5. My Only Love
6. Over You [Side 2]
7. Eight Miles High
8. Rain Rain Rain
9. No Strange Delight
10. Running Wild
Tracks 1 to 10 are their 7th LP - released May 1980 in the UK on Polydor POLH 002 and in the USA on Atco SD 32-102

Disc 8 - "Avalon" - 37:42 minutes:
1. More Than This
2. The Space Between
3. Avalon
4. India
5. While My Heart Is Still Beating
6. The Main Thing [Side 2]
7. Take A Chance With Me
8. To Turn You On
9. True To Life
10. Tara
Tracks 1 to 10 are their 8th studio album - released May 1982 in the UK on Polydor/EG Records EGHP 50 and in the USA on Warner Brothers 1-23686

Discs 9 and 10 - " Singles, B-Sides And Alternate Mixes":
Disc 1 of 2 - 76:13 minutes:
1. Virginia Plain (Debut UK 45, non-album track at the time of release, August 1972 on Island WIP 6144)
2. The Numberer (Instrumental B-side of "Virginia Plain", non-album track)
3. Pyjamarama (Island Mix) (2nd UK 7" single, released March 1973 on Island WIP 6159, non-album at the time of release)
4. Pyjamarama (Polydor Mix) (October 1977 `Polydor' label remix, issued as a UK 45 on Polydor 2001 739)
5. The Pride And The Pain (Non-album track, B-side to "Pyjamarama" original issue)
6. Do The Strand (USA Mix) (July 1973 USA-only 7" single version on Warner Brothers 7719)
7. Hula Kula (non-album track, B-side to the UK 7" single of "Street Life", their 3rd 45 released November 1973 on Island WIP 6173)
8. Your Application's Failed (non-album track, B-side of their 4th UK 7" single "All I Want is You" released October 1974 on Island WIP 6208)
9. The Thrill Of It All (Edit) (3:20 minutes edit - album is 6:25 minutes, USA promo-only 7" single on Atco 45-7018)
10. The Thrill Of It All (USA 7" Mix) (non-album version, November 1974 USA 7" single on Atco 45-7018)
11. Love Is The Drug (USA 7" Mix) (non-album version, December 1975 USA 7" single on Warner Brothers 7042)
12. Sultanesque (non-album instrumental track, B-side of "Love Is The Drug" in the UK released September 1975 on Island WIP 6248)
13. Both Ends Burning (7"Mix) (December 1975 5th UK single on Island WIP 6262)
14. For Your Pleasure (Live) (European Non-Album B-side to "Both Ends Burning", 1975 on Island 16 676 AT (Belgium)
15. Trash 2 (non-album version, B-side to the February 1979 UK 7" single of "Trash" on Polydor POSP 32)
16. Dance Away (7" Version) (non-album version, A-side to the April 1979 UK 7" single on Polydor POSP 44)
17. Dance Away (Canadian Extended 12" Mix) (Canada-Only 12" Mix to 6"33 minutes, released 1979 on Atco DDK 7504, Remix by Bob Clearmountain)
18. Angel Eyes (7" Version) (August 1979 UK 7"single on Polydor POSP 67)
19. Angel Eyes (12" Version) (August 1979 UK 12" single - extended version runs to 6:39 minutes on Polydor POSPX 67)

Disc 2 of 2 - 60:43 minutes:
1. Oh Yeah (7" Version) (July 1980 UK 7" single on Polydor 2001 972)
2. Manifesto (Remake) (non-album version, B-side of "Over You" released May 1980 in the UK on Polydor POSP 93)
3. South Downs (non-album track, B-side of the UK7"single "Oh Yeah (On The Radio)" released July 1980 on Polydor 2001 972)
4. Lover (non-album track, B-side of "Same Old Scene", UK 7" single released November 1980 on Polydor ROXY 1)
5. Jealous Guy (non-album track - cover version, released by the band in response to John Lennon's assassination, July 1981 UK 7" single n Polydor ROXY 2, went to Number 1)
6. To Turn You On (1981 B-Side Version) (B-side of 5)
7. More Than This (7" Version) (April 1982 UK 7" single on Polydor ROXY 3)
8. Avalon (7" Version) (June 1982 UK 7" single on Polydor ROXY 4)
9. Always Unknowing (non-album track, B-side to "Avalon")
10. Take A Chance With Me (7" Version) (September 1982 UK 7" single on Polydor ROXY 5)
11. Take A Chance With Me (USA 7" Mix) (September 1982 USA 7"single on Warner Brothers 7-29978)
12. The Main Thing (12" Version) (B-side of "Take A Chance On Me" 12" Single, released September 1982 in the UK on Polydor ROXYX 5)
13. The Main Thing (Remix) (B-side of 10)

The box is hard card and glossy - as are each of the gorgeous gatefold sleeves contained within. Apart from basic credits on the rear - there's little else by way of info. Each of the over-sized repro gatefold sleeves within has a different coloured inner sleeve (with no info on either side) and each disc is a picture CD reflecting he album's front cover artwork. The "Singles, B-Sides And Alternate Mixes" 2CD set after the 8 albums is housed in a gold-coloured hard card gatefold sleeve (with gold inners) with the basic track lists on the inner gatefold and nothing else. No booklet.

To be clear about this - the box set says nothing anywhere about mastering or remastering - but it seems to be presumed that these are different from the 2000 HDCD remasters. They're supposedly `flat transfers' and new 2012 versions. Whatever you look at it - they `sound' amazing - clean, full of presence and possessed of beautiful warmth that feels close to the original analogue Island Records laminated gatefold sleeve marvels we all so loved so much back in the day. Roxy Music were notoriously `audiophile' in their Productions - and this is pretty obvious by the time you get to "Manifesto", "Flesh + Blood" and especially "Avalon" - the sound quality on these CDs is pretty much reference.

The debut album stills feels so `British' in its strangely Avant Garde/Glam/Prog way - relistening to "If There Is Something" again reminds you of how sneaky their songs were - taking you in different directions just when you thought you had them nailed as just another `interesting' band. It was used to amazing effect in the movie "Flashbacks Of A Fool" reminding you of the band's unique sound and genius. The strange keyboard swirling of "In Every Dream Home A Heartache" is now `so' clear and all the most menacing for it - trouble in `penthouse perfection'. "Beauty Queen" is a superb tune too.

The slinky "Amazona" has graced many 70's Fests compilation of mine and you can hear why "Street Life" made Number 9. The lovely and so Roxy "Sunset" ends "Stranded" (their first Number 1 album in the UK) - and the remaster is gorgeous as the piano begins the song leading into those strange strings. Sophistication and mood began creeping in with "Three And Nine" and "A Really Good Time" on Country Life" - while the bashing/strumming guitars on "The Thrill Of It All" and "Prairie Rose" still make the most sublime racket.

"Love Is The Drug" is genius - slick, slyly commercial as yet still so distinctively Roxy Music (Bryan Ferry on a songwriting roll). Andy MacKay's saxophone work in the brilliantly complex "Sentimental Fool" gives its jagged edges Soulfulness and the same again in the bopping "Both Ends Burning". A four-year studio break saw them return in 1979 with "Manifesto" - laden with hooky Cars-type grooves - all guitars and synths luring you in. Although somehow unscathed by Punk - there's a definite New Wave edginess to the album version of "Angel Eyes" (polished up and smoothed out for single release) and the excellent guitar/piano battles in "Stronger Through The Years" (it even sounds very Peter Gabriel 2). Their sheer commercialism kicks in with the brill "Ain't That So" (would have made a killer single) while "Dance Away" created a radio-friendly sound that would dominate their early Eighties output. It finishes on the album's great unsung-hero - "Spin Me Round" - a simple but hugely affecting song.

"Flesh + Blood" opens with their devilishly clever take on Wilson Pickett's "In The Midnight Hour" (drums are huge now) making their version sound like it was a Roxy Music hit all along. They gives the Byrds Psych workout "Eight Miles High" a funkier lick of paint that mostly works - but for me the album's nuggets have always been the 2nd single off the record "Same Old Scene" and the unexpectedly Soulful Synth Rock of "My Only Love" where Australia's Icehouse may have indeed nicked their entire sound. "Over You" was an obvious lead off single while the piano and organ on the slow finisher "Running Wild" linger sweetly in the back of the mix on this remaster.

Eons ahead in terms of studio Production - "Avalon" is a gorgeous album - chock full of sure-fire hits like "More Than This" and "Take A Chance With Me". Side One's short but cool instrumental "India" bookends uber-sophisticated grooves like "The Space Between" and Yannick Etienne's brilliant vocal wailing on "Avalon" - surely one their sexiest songs. Side Two opens with "While My Heart Is Still Beating" - a slunky bass-orientated number that feels like one of those irresistible Tears For Fears songs on "The Seeds Of Love". Ferry's knack for a catchy melody turned out radio-friendly cool like "To Turn You On" with apparent ease - but the refined and lovely "True To Life" has an emotional core and impresses even more.

After all that highly-polished office-foyer marble-music - it's nice to open Disc One of the Rarities sets with the irrepressible "Virginia Plain" from 1972 - a balls-to-the-wall 7" single winner if ever there was one. Of the Seventies non-album instrumental B-sides - I've always loved the sheer rock-out of "Your Application's Failed" - while there's a wonderful Eno swirling landscapes feel to the "Oh Yeah" B-side "South Downs". The "Avalon" B-side "Always Unknowing" has the same languid drawl of the album's longer tracks but you can hear why it was replaced with something hookier. And as Frankie Goes To Hollywood overkill as it is - I've always been partial to the near eight-minutes of 12" Single to "The Main Thing" because its largely instrumental. Nice...

Packed with hits and sleepers that deserve your dollar, "The Complete Studio Albums" 10CD Box Set sports gorgeous sound and albums that are better than you remember them. And even though the presentation might be slightly flawed - like Bran Ferry's wardrobe - it still looks the part and is always going to pull the girls.

Oh 'the thrill of it all'. Makes me wanna don a catsuit and go "Ow! Ow! Ow!" in a Texan accent (which is kind of worrying really)...
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VINE VOICEon September 8, 2012
I'll tip my hat to the (as of today) two other 5-star reviewers, and add that I, too, find the sound of these remasters to be impeccable. I have long appreciated Roxy Music's first few albums, that I listened to back in the day, and I don't know the later albums very much. But this set is an opportunity to immerse myself in this wonderful music.

Just listen to the pristine sound of If There Is Something on the first album and you can tell that these remasters hit the bulls eye.

Now, perhaps, they can release another box set with their live recordings...
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Avalon is consistently rated in the top 50 rock albums of all time. I was a buyer for a major music chain and of all of the thousands of recordings
I have, Avalon ranks as my #1 and has been my number one since it came out. I'll never forget hearing it for the first time. Everything about that moment is forever imprinted in my mind. where I was, the sun coming in through my windows, the weather.. everything. Rarely does a project like Avalon come together with every aspect just right, the musicians, producer, studio, engineers to produce musical magic like this..
I have to mention that I owe my music education and love for Roxy Music and Bryan Ferry that started with "Siren" to Cleveland's WMMS, one of the best AOR stations of all time. It served me well and gave me a career I could not have ever imagined...A mere love of music from toddler on, without a college degree I had a very lucrative dream career, getting paid very well to buy records!. I was in the Jaycees with a CEO's brother. I asked him how I could go about getting an interview. He said "Just call my brother". So I did, and on the day my second son was born after being at the hospital all night, I was hired.
I was fortunate enough to meet Bryan a few times. In one backstage meet I had a framed ad that Bryan had posed for GAP. He was so excited to see it and showed it to his manager and crew. He signed it for me. Better than that, one of my prize possessions is a Bryan Ferry solo album,"Horoscope", the release following Bete Noir, announced by but then shelved before production by Warner/EG. Pity, as it has some incredible tracks in the same vein as Bryan's solo offerings after Avalon. I was so pleased recently to see that one of Horoscope's best tracks "Midnight Train" has finally surfaced on his newest release "Avonmore". (And how cool that his son who is the same age as one of my sons is the drummer throughput the album).
After Horoscope was shelved, his next release, Mamouna, was through EMI and off hand I don't believe any of Horoscope was included. I only hope that in time this will become available to his fans world wide. This album should never have been shelved but I'm sure it's fate is ruled by contractual agreements and legal issues.
I haven't even delved into the other titles in this stellar box set, but, Nuff' said, except, please Roxy Music and Bryan Ferry, keep recording for many many years to come.
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on January 1, 2013
Before I bought this set, I knew RM mainly for Avalon. A fine, but overplayed album. I also knew a few tracks from deeper in their catalog. All good stuff. I had NO IDEA that I would be as hooked on this set as I have become. After a few plays, I find myself only wanting to hear these albums, rather than the 10,000 other songs on my iPod. I can't explain it, but these albums are incredible. Hmmmmmm......
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on December 15, 2012
Really good copies of everything. Even the rarities. I finally can listen to "Always Unknowing" in the car. (Only on SACD?) Anyway, its there. Not the live stuff, but they said STUDIO. Love it.
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on April 15, 2013
This may be a bold statement but I believe it is true. There has not been a band like Roxy Music, a band that fused art, avant-garde, 50's rock, electronic music and other influences into a sound that can only be described as Roxy Music.

At least that was the case until "Manifesto", after that they basically became Bryan Ferry's backing band. By "Flesh & Blood" the line was officially blurred between Bryan Ferry solo and Roxy Music.

This box set comprises the studio recordings of Roxy Music, from the self-titles debut right up to "Avalon". Actually a similar LP package was released on vinyl back of the first 7 albums. This box is basically the CD version but with the added bonus of "Avalon" and 2 cd's worth of B-sides, single mixes, dance mixes, and other oddities.

The big disappointment was that the box was originally planned to include DVD/high res content but was scaled back to just 10 CD's with a 2 disc collection of bonus material. This was a major disappointment but what are going to do? The good news is that the box set is actually mastered very well and sounds great. The powers that be decided to utilize the original 2 track masters and transfer them flat so there would be no loss of dynamic range and minimal tweaking as opposed to the Bob Ludwig re-masters. So your getting no brick walling and a more purer sound more close to what the original vinyl LP's sounded like.

Just be forewarned that the first album was recorded with a small budget so a lot of audio deficiencies remain. It wasn't until "For Your Pleasure" that Roxy Music got a bigger budget and was able to use AIR studios with Chris Thomas and the recording shows. Also there are no track notes, essays, lyrics, or other ephemera included. You just get the albums in mini-replica album covers with inner sleeves. In the end this is a pretty good deal if you don't have any Roxy Music, the price has dropped considerably so you can probably now snag it for under $70 which is a steal considering what your getting.

So in summation
-you get every Roxy Music album that sounds great.
-you get 2 cd's worth of extra stuff like 45 mixes, b-sides, ect.
-miniature record sleeves
-a real cool box
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