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on December 10, 2000
OK, I'll admit it, I was first introduced to the Corrs during their 1999 Unplugged appearance on MTV... I have patiently been waiting for that DVD ever since, but settled for the first available one instead (Live at the Royal Albert Hall 1998), and I am not disappointed! Although the Albert Hall concert doesn't contain the contagiously rythmic "Radio," bubbly commercially successful "At Your Side," or the mystical Irish haunting and mesmerizing-blues sound of "Little Wing," BOTH sessions contain The Corrs solid-core-based originals "Only When I Sleep, What Can I Do, Toss the Feathers, Runaway, Forgiven Not Forgotten, Queen of Hollywood, and So Young." But, most surprising for me as a late-blooming Corrs fan, was the discovery and enjoyment of their earlier work from Albert Hall that reinforced to me my original fondness of their music style. Albert Hall songs such as "No Good for Me, I Never Loved You Anyway", and the Corrs' cover of Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams" all exemplifyy the simple, yet subtle passion and emotion of the music of these Irish siblings (three sisters and one brother). It also must be said that because of their good looks, it is almost too easy to overlook the depth and variety of their musical skills, both vocally and instrumentally, but this is where sincere fans can appreciate them most, time and time again. I wanted to see The Corrs in concert last fall in Duesseldorf, but the concert was sold out. This DVD will have to be my first Corrs concert, in the comfort of my living room, first row seat, until I am fortunate enough to reserve my seat at their next European concert. If you are an original, late blooming, or soon to be first-time Corrs fan, this DVD is for you. ENJOY!
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on December 9, 2000
For those who do not know, the Corrs is an irish band very popular in Europe and who is currently touring in US. They are four siblings --Andrea (leading vocals), Sharon (violin and backing vocal),Carolina (drums) and Jim (keyboard, vocals)--who have emerged as an international success around the world, heving performed in Jay Leno, Today Show and Good Morning America several times.
This DVD contains an 85-minute sold-out show that rocked London's Royal Albert Hall, in St. Patrick's day (March, 17, 1998). In this very special presentation, the corrs perform some of their hits from the multi-platinium albums "Talk on Corners" and "Forgiven, not Forgotten", both available in US market. Unfortunately, this DVD does not contain special areas or interviews, but the show makes it worth.
The Corrs plays a perfect combination of pop and celtic music, being acclaimed by audiences all over the world. Here are the reviews for some songs performed in this show:
"No good for me"- This is one of my favorite songs. It's pop and very enthusiastic. The lyrics are great.
"Runaway"- This is one of corr's most popular songs of all times. It has a violin intro that is very pleasant. It talks about the relationship between soulmates, and how good a living with someone you love can be.
"Queen of Hollywood"- This song is awesome! The lyrics talk about a girl fascinated with luxury and sucess, who becomes famous in hollywood, but only disappoints her parents with the destiny she gives to her life. It is deep and beautiful. Good for reflection.
"Dreams"- This is a cover from Fleetwood Mac song, which made the corrs very popular everywhere. It is like a dance version for this classic hits, with violins and drum. It features a special participation of Mick Fleetwood in the show, playing the drums.
"Haste to the wedding (1+2)", "Joy of Life", "Toss the feathers"-These songs are only instrumental, played by the whole band. It's celtic music, from the purest fountain, played by people who were raised listening to it. Amazing!
"Only when I sleep"- This is a great moment of the show. Andrea, who was chosen one of the 50 most beautiful women in the world, perfoms acting like a naive girl, but at the same time very sexy. I love the way she looks to the audience, as if she wants to seduce them with her charm.
"So young"- this is a very joyfull song about how good it is to be young and have a whole future in front of you. Violins and keyboard make it unforgettable.
"The right time"- This is a song from their first CD. It's pop, with celtic tradition. Throughout the song, you listen to wonderful violin solos.
"I never loved you anyway"- Another great track. A girl, after breaking up with her boyfriend, finds out they were very different, and she never really loved him.
The other songs featured in this show are as good as the ones mentioned before. It is certainly a DVD which deserves to be purchased by those who appreciate quality.
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on December 26, 2000
When I bought this DVD, I read the reviews in, and I saw there were a few tracks.... but it really has a lot of tracks, many of them really popular. Here you have the track list:

1. When he's not around
2. No Good for me
3. Love to love you
4. FOrgiven not Forgotten
5. Joy of Life
6. Intimacy
7. What can I do
8. The Right Time
9. Queen of Hollywood
10. Dreams
11. Haste to the Wedding (Parts 1+2)
12. Runaway (My favorite)
13. Only when I Sleep
14. Hopelessly Addicted
15. I Never Loved you Anyway
16. So Young
17. Toss the Feathers

Three songs are performed with Mick Fleetwood, from Fleetwood Mac.

The DVD quality is just supperb, video and sound quality are excellent, the menu is just fine for a music DVD. I'd like a few more extras, but it's ok. The DVD doesn't has subtitles either... so you can't do karaoke...:)

I don't like much the DVD case because it's those kind of cases which suffer with use. It's like the Matrix DVD case. I preffer those covered with plastic, offer more protection to the DVD.

So, in resume, I suggest you to buy this DVD, you won't be dissapointed at all... The Girls are pretty and the songs are beautiful.
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on January 3, 2001
I had seen this performace of the Corrs on VCD, and was thrilled when it appeared on DVD. This is an exceptional band, and Mick Fleetwood is on the mark when he notes at the end of the concert, that the Corrs play with passion. If you're a Corrs fan, I highly recommend this concert--it contains 17 songs from their first two albums, "Forgiven, Not Forgotten", and "Talking on Corners". Everyone is in fine form, and if the camera tends to linger on Andrea, that's understandable, as she has a very strong stage presence and she is in fine voice for this concert. But all of the Corrs family is talented, their material is consistently first-rate, and they clearly love what their doing. Mick Fleetwood's appearance is a nice bonus, and he seems to be having a great time too.
The DVD doesn't have much in the way of extras. However, the picture is super, the sound is excellent (although very much lacking in Dolby 5.1 aspects--would have been enhanced greatly if mixed by the folks who did the Eagles concert or Roy Orbison's "Black and White Night"), and the whole experience is one any Corrs fan or music lover should enjoy.
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on October 2, 2001
I have been very, very pleased with my recent purchase of "The Corrs - Live at the Royal Albert Hall" DVD. This DVD is a must-see for any Corrs fan. The sound quality is excellent and the picture quality is even better. Any listener will instantly fall in love with the distinctive sounds of this great band from Ireland.
This DVD contains all of the mainstays of the first (2) Corrs albums including:
Only When I Sleep
I Never Loved You Anyway
What Can I Do?
Queen of Hollywood
Dreams (with Mick Fleetwood)
Hopelessly Addicted
Toss the Feathers (instr)
Joy of Life (instr)
Haste to the Wedding (instr)
This is a great live performance DVD which was originally performed in England on St. Patrick's Day 1998. There are many closeups of all of the band members, especially Andrea - and one can see why. She is flat out gorgeous!
The picture quality is excellent and does not have the hazy appearance of some live performances (such as the recent Corrs pay-per-view special from Lansdowne Road). I would highly recommend this DVD to any Corrs fan - especially those in the U.S. where you don't see much on the Corrs. And to anyone who hasn't heard (or seen) the Corrs - I can only say - get this DVD and you'll be hooked!
Go Corrs!
Go Andrea!!!!!
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on February 11, 2006
The muscial performances by The Corrs on this DVD of the Royal Albert Hall concert are certainly good. The real problem with this DVD is that filming was obviously an after-thought. Like many of the Royal Albert Hall concerts on DVD, the filming his pretty cold and removed. The staging of the performance is also uninspired.

If you want a Corrs DVD, get the "Unplugged" DVD. Unlike this one, that concert was built with filming in mind. The music is great and it is fun to watch. The shots are intimate and make you feel like you are sitting in the front row. Unplugged is worth every penny. Live at Royal Albert Hall really isn't for the casual Corrs fan at all - only collectors.
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on November 30, 2002
Being an American fan, I don't get to see the Corrs on television often -- if at all. This was my first glimpse into the band's live performances, and I was amazed at what I saw.
Filmed on St. Patrick's Day, 17 March 1998 (which, incidentally, was Caroline Corr's 25th birthday), "Live at the Royal Albert Hall" is full of energetic singing and a thoroughly amazing performance.
It is obvious that the audience doesn't really have a clue as to who the Corrs are -- at the beginning. The Irish siblings enter with a bang, however, with the beautifully-performed 'When He's Not Around'. From there on in, the crowd is theirs, cheering them along through a great show.
What shocked me is how well they play live; it's almost better than on the albums. Some of the tracks are especially poignant, including 'Hopelessly Addicted', 'What Can I Do', and 'Intimacy'. Mick Fleetwood adds his expertise on the cover of Fleetwood Mac's 'Dreams' (which is much better than the original), as well as the Irish instrumentals 'Haste to the Wedding' and 'Toss the Feathers'.
The DVD has no special features, but that doesn't stop it from being a great addition to any collection. The photography is wonderful, the sound quality is great, and the Corrs are, as always, amazing.
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on October 2, 2004
It SOUNDS truly amazing!! A must have for audiophiles who own a decent Home Theatre system irrespective of whether they are hardcore Corrs fans.

I was desperately on the hunt to buy a professionally & aesthetically mastered 5.1 mix which could unveil the sonic highlights of my new HT system. I believe this DVD rendered that faithfully by precisely bringing out the subtle nuances in the Irish clefs of `Corrs' compositions. Unlike most concert DVD's, there's a perfect blend mastered to bridge highs and lows. It's really appreciable that such detail could be captured out of a live performance-Andrea's vocal extents and the aery notes of her tin whistle, the skin stretch on the Caroline's base drum & bhodhran, the brushing `zzzzz' of the horse tail on Sharon's fiddle, the plucktrum strums over Jim's 6 strings, everything is discretely audible in spite of being perfectly coalesced. 5 stars to all those recording and mastering intellects who worked on this compilation.

So don't think twice if you need to carry away yourselves into a sonic ecstasy with crystal clear video and a goosebump ride (especially those featuring Mick Fleetwood as special guest) for 85 minutes. However, I would recommend a high end HT system to enjoy this DVD as intended.
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on August 17, 2001
What can I say? This is special. It's the main reason why I decided to invest on a DVD player -- and the thing that started my affair with home theater. I remember immediately falling in love with this the first time I watched it 3 years ago. Back then, a friend of mine was testing this on his new player. Stunning video, great audio, especially on the DD 5.1 mix. I reckoned it would be a mortal sin not to own this DVD. So, I bought myself one, too -- plus a DVD player to go with it! Today, it remains to be one of my favorites. I think for anyone who hasn't heard of The Corrs yet, it is impossible not to like this one. The DVD features songs from "Forgiven Not Forgotten" and "Talk On Corners" albums. While watching the concert, somehow, I felt all the songs from these two albums were even better when performed live. There's also a special guest appearance by Mick Fleetwood on "Dreams" and the explosive "Toss The Feathers" finale. Great stuff, indeed!!!
But for y'all Corrs fans, try to get the DVD "Live from Lansdowne Road" -- this offers The Corrs in their most playful mood. Andrea flirts with the audience in "So Young", the audience sings for Andrea in "Runaway", plus there's a better-than-the-original-studio-recording live performance of the ballad "Closer".
And while you're at it, try to add the DVD "Unplugged" to your collection, too. This is a near-perfect performance (with only 1 note misplayed by Caroline). Still, for it's acoustic arrangements alone, it's worth owning the DVD. Check out "Everybody Hurts (an REM original)", "Radio" "Old Town", and the dazzling unplugged version of "Little Wing"!
And now, there's a fourth one... "The Corrs Live In London". Wanna hear live versions of songs from "In Blue"? This one's got it, plus other material from their previous two albums. If you loved the vocal rendition of Caroline and Sharon on "No Frontiers" from the Unplugged DVD, then check out "All The Love In The World". It's like hearing "No Frontiers" again, this time with Andrea in there singing, too. Also, check out their rocking capabilities most specifically when Caroline (with her Shania Twain-nesque hair done) rolls into savage beats in "Paddy McCarthy"....
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on September 29, 2005
I got into the corrs since my mum owned their debut album "Forgiven, Not Forgotten". She likes the irish sound. i later found out all her sisters had the album to. but my mums twin sister continued to collect the later albums. As all corrs fans know the corrs had a celtic/pop sound on their first and second album. when it came to their third "In Blue" they went much more pop. They have a still pop but slightly more darker sound in "borrowed heaven"

Anyway your probebly thinking "this is a review of the concert DVD not their discography". Well if you are like my aunts and like the original irish celtic sound of the corrs then u'll like this. this was recorded 3 albums ago when they had released "Talk On Corners". If you like this and are hingry for more i would recomend "The Corrs Unplugged".

If you are into the more pop sound of the corrs but still want a concert the most you can legally get right now is "VH1 Presents the Corrs Live in Dublin" which comes on CD. Alternativly if you are determined to own the corrs on DVD try "The Corrs - Live in London"

If you want some more of the celtic sound then check out "Home". The corrs have gone back to their roots but didn't stop their. they have made an album of traditional celtic music.

All CDs and DVDs i've talked about here are available on
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