Customer Reviews: The Creation of Health: The Emotional, Psychological, and Spiritual Responses That Promote Health and Healing
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on January 14, 2001
Myss and Shealy make clear that we are at a turning point in the diagnosis and understanding of disease. The trend in medicine to examine the influences of stress has retintroduced us to the knowledge that emotional tension is disruptive to the physical body. "...this recognition that human emotions do indeed affect physical health," they write, "has brought the traditional medical world face to face with the fundamental principle of holistic health: The majority of physical illnesses result from an overload of emotional, psychological and spiritual crises."
They outline eight dysfunctional stress patterns:
- Unresolved or deeply consuming emotional, psychological, or spiritual stress. - Negative (and disempowering) belief patterns. - Inability to give and/or receive love. - Lack of humor/inability to distinguish serious concerns from life's lesser issues. - Failure to exercise the power of choice in the matters of one's own life. - Lack of attention to the needs of the physical body. - Absence or loss of meaning in one's life. - Inability to face life's challenges and to acknowledge and change what is not working.
The term "Holistic" refers to a way of approaching healing that incorporates a variety of therapies including traditional medicine. "Metaphorically speaking, traditional medicine represents the 'mind' of health care and the holistic approach represents the 'heart' of health care." This book is an important guideline for approaching the heart of health care -- a useful frame of reference to examine how our lives contribute to illness or wholeness, particularly those who have already become ill, their families, and their caregivers.
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on May 14, 1997
We've been hearing about the body/mind/spirit connection for quite awhile now, but it took Caroline Myss to bring it on home.

Written with Dr. Norman Shealy, Ms. Myss fleshes out the popular theory that 'we create our own reality'.

The Creation of Health: The Emotional, Psychological,and Spiritual Responses that Promote Health and Healing documents the colaboration between Norman Shealy, MD, and Caroline Myss, a medical intuit.

Myss diagnosised Shealy's patients long distance via telephone. With only the patient's name, age and permission, Myss could read their body's medical and energetic history. The Creation of Health explores dozens of cases which strongly indicates that, indeed, "our biography is our biology".

Jane, for instance, suffered from rheumaoid arthritis. Her husband of twenty-eight years had been unfaithful from the start.
Though she found out when her third child was a toddler, she decided to stay in the marriage until the children were grown. By that time he
was serving in Vietnam. How could she divorce him
then? That is when she developed her disease. By the time he returned safely, she was so handicapped that she believe she didn't have
the physical capacity to divorce. "I kept saying to myself, 'if it weren't for this S.O.B., I wouldn't have this disease." Through
Caroline's intervention, she realized that it wasn't her husband that created her disease. It was her attitude towards him that was the

Hortense is another example. This forty-eight year-old woman felt she had very little in her life. Unloved and uncared
for, Hortense felt fated to loneliness. She developed breast cancer. Later, metastasis to the liver was discovered. Myss noted that the
liver is in the area of the third chakra, which is the center of a person's personal power. The liver, charged with cleansing the blood of toxins, also represents the seat of emotional cleansing.

When Hortense looked towards her future and saw only emptiness, she "could no longer cope with keeping her emotions positive, or cleansed, by herself." The experience of cancer, however, spurred her desire to live and stimulated the possibility that there were other choices she could make in her life style.

Myss puts forth a convincing case concerning control issues and stroke victims. People who need to dominate find it difficult to trust others. This lack of trust creates negative stresses in the body which in-turn triggers emotional charges such as frustration, rage, anger and fear. "The individual is challenged to
remain in control while these high-voltage currents of electrical energy are racing through the body, like the explosive energy of a
geyser waiting to burst through the earth." Often postponed with alcohol, drugs, or outbursts of temper, this behavior commonly leads to stoke.

Myss's first book wets the appetite for more understanding of how each of us can take charge of our life and create health.

(Yeshara Gold)
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on June 22, 2000
Im my small wellness center, I've sold more of this book than any other. The author gives a very precise and easy to understand discription of the chakra system, in real words than anyone can relate to and see thier own issues in. As a reference book, its fantastic. You can look up the energetic causes of most of the diseases you'll ever hear about, and Carolines sage advice on prevention. Dr. Shealy adds the eliment of the Scientific credibility to Caroline intuitive diagnoses. My copy is dog eared, highlighted and worn. It is one of my Velveteen Rabits. Bravo to the authors. :-)
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on December 8, 2003
I was skeptical of this book at first but immediately was drawn into the teachings from two differently disciplined people with one theory. What makes the book seem more credible to me was that Shealy is a medical doctor interested in holistic teaching, while Myss studied spirituality and holistic teaching and applies it to the medical field. More than anything, I saw this book as a great stepping stone to where the medical sciences are bound to go in the coming of our "New" age.I think eventually this book and the ideas presented in it need to be taken (and will be taken)into serious consideration by the medical field, as the examples used were believable and things I have seen myself.
The only reason I was short on the stars is because the amount of errors in this edition drove me batty. Sorry, but I prefer not to have to stumble upon typos by a publication while reading!
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on May 24, 2000
This is the most important of all the subsequent books by Norm Shealy and Caroline Myss. This is frequently the case when a new paradigm bursts into the "world mind" and is presented fresh, by its excited and zealous prophets. Ground-breaking books like Fritjof Capra's "The Tao Of Physics", Rupert Sheldrake's "A New Science Of Life", Ken Wilber's "The Spectrum Of Consciousness" are often the educational thesis or experimental paper that gets eschewed by all but the most far-sighted publishers. Once the authors or their theories become more mainstream, the energy changes and the process of refining begins. The wonderful thing about this book is its synergy of raw courage and enthusiasm, as these two now-famous personalities first emerge into public consciousness.
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on December 6, 2012
Awesome book, as are her other books. I usually learn ton from each one of them and this one is no exception. Great book on topics of how we create our health and also how we can heal. Its more then just what we eat, that's for sure....
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on May 31, 2009
As a cancer survivor i found 'The Creation of Health' totally inspiring. It reminded me that i have the power to take responsibility for my illness and for my life. It's must read for anyone facing a serious health challenge.
By David Elliot, author of "You Don't Have to Die When Your Doctor Says"You Don't have To Die When Your Doctor Says: A practical guide to living with grace and joy in the face of a terminal prognosis.
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on March 22, 2014
I began reading this at the library and had to buy it!
The information is well presented, and an enjoyable read. As an holistic practitioner I appreciate the balance of information presented. The verbiage will come in handy when speaking to clients and uneducated public alike.
Caroline puts the work into perspective as to clarify myths and connect the dots of information that is out there.
Written with respect to both allopathic doctors and holistic healing modalities.
Filled with truly wise words to remember.
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on May 13, 2011
This is an extraordinary book from two fantastic teachers, healers and authors. It is not frequent to read a book that presents an analysis of disease in such an holistic way, introducing a medical analysis and an energetic analysis. Also, it presents a very interesting approach to the creation of a really healthy life, again with sound sensible medical rules and advice together with the energetic, philosophic standards, so often forgotten in this world. A must-have for all healers and those interested in health issues.
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on November 13, 2013
One of the best books to read if you care for a happy and healthy life! Caroline and Dr. SHeally are the best combo, for humor, directness, no non-sense teachers. It's a treat to read this book. She says it exactly as it is, with lots of wisdom and facts.
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