Customer Reviews: The Cure - Trilogy
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on August 7, 2005
Many reviewers here complain about the boring visuals, the subtle differences in arrangements, and the mix of the songs on this DVD. Bottom line (there's that dreaded bottom line again )this is ESSENTIAL viewing/listening experience of the Cure. The live set of Pornography blows the studio version completely out of the water ( listen to the live versions of these songs on the recent reissue of Pornography and tell me I'm wrong). The Disintegration set is faithful to a fault - I was in Atlanta for the Prayer Tour in 1990 - and I don't hear anything out of place or off key ( as others are saying ) in the performance or the mix. As for the Bloodflowers set, I didn't see the shows, but I can assure anyone on the fence that the live versions here are quite on par with the studio versions. Overall, this is a real treat for Cure fans, the sound mix is fantastic, the visuals are subtle but very effective, and the experience as a whole is the next best thing to "being there." Sure, some songs are performed slower than the original studio versions, some a bit faster, but that's what makes a concert. Enough said. Buy it. Five stars, absolutely.
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on February 19, 2005
I want to clear somethng up here. The reviewer below who said that the notes in "closedown" (one of my personal favorites)were "off key" is just wrong, and obviously doesn't understand musical terms. While the notes on the keyboard ARE different than on the album, that doesn't make them "off key" There are many notes that you can use in a scale and still be in key. Being OFF key would mean playing a note OUT of the scale, or one that is not in tune with the rest of the song.

What kind of idiot are you trying to make Robert Smith look like by saying he didn't catch the change in the keys before he could "edit" the video? This is a man who has been writing music professionally for almost 30 years; a man who records, sequences, programs and masters countless numbers of tracks in his own home studio. And you're sitting here telling people that YOU caught an error in HIS music that he let slide? Give me a break.

I know that it can be dissapointing to people to hear their favorite bands play a song differently in a live show when they're so used to hearing it the way they have for years on an album. Sometimes the song just doesn't have the same effect.

But you have to understand, performing a song the exact same way for YEARS and YEARS can probably get very tiring and boring. Musicians sometimes just need to use their creativity and try new things - but that doesn't make playing a different note a mistake.

For the record, the keyboards are also different (on this video and other live performances as well) on other songs including "lovesong"

This video is a MUST HAVE for cure fans. I am going to watch again right now :)

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HALL OF FAMEon July 27, 2004
I had an opportunity to see The Cure live during the second date of their Curiosa Festival in Tampa, along with some of the bands they've influenced in the course of the past decade or so. This DVD, recorded in Berlin in November 2002 reflects the current musical state of the band, except that it misses on their latest self-titled album. But for some it may better that way. "Trilogy" presents live versions of three of the band's (arguably) best albums: 'Pornography', 'Disintegration' and 'Bloodflowers', along with an encore set made up of "If Only Tonight We Could Sleep" and "The Kiss" (from their 'Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me' album).

This is an essential buy for serious The Cure fans and a highly recommendable live DVD set for the newcomer into the band's music, since it provides the viewer with a complete experience: a very well produced musical recording, along with the visuals of a great show (much like the one you could catch, if you saw them live these days) and a video with excellent direction.
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on February 5, 2009
This had previously been the greatest live concert ever released on any format, and now it just got better!

When I purchased the DVD of this live show, filmed in Berlin, a number of years ago I was astounded at how amazing it was. I have seen The Cure 10 times throughout the course of my life, and own every studio release, video release, and many bootlegs; yet I still was not prepared for just how unbelievably incredible this performance would be.

Now, years later, after many throw away Blu-ray concert releases from artists without half the talent of The Cure, we finally get 'Trilogy' in beautiful High-definition; and boy was it worth the wait!

The audio sounds flawless, and the picture quality is light-years better than the already very good looking DVD. This is how you release a live concert on Blu-ray; looks perfect, sounds perfect, and the content is second to none.

The Cure combine a live show of three intrinsically linked albums, 'Pornography', 'Disintegration', and 'Blood Flowers' to give fans the ultimate Blu-ray that could ever be asked for.

The supplements even shine, with a 2 song encore consisting of 'If Only Tonight We Could Sleep' and 'The Kiss' from the album 'Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me', as well as backstage footage and other goodies.

Whether you are a Blu-ray fan, a Cure fan, a live concert fan, or even a moderate fan of any of these things, you owe it to yourself to have this on your shelf.

Very possibly the best live concert that will ever be released.
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on June 3, 2003
As someone who has been to 25 Cure concerts and has over 700 shows on tape, I can tell you that this is a fantastic presentation of a legendary Cure concert! Production is excellent. The video quality is very good with a few artsy bits that enhance the performance without getting in the way. The audio is mixed well too. This is one of those good sounding concert DVDs, quality somewhere in between Depeche Mode Night in Paris and NIN All That Could Have Been.
It's a real treat to have songs like A Short Term Effect, Closedown, Cold, Same Deep Water as You, and Untitled in such great quality. A FANTASTIC encore of If Only Tonight We Could Sleep and The Kiss is included too. The Kiss is as good a version as I've ever heard. The 40min interview is good too, all of the band members chime in.
Since they play the albums straight through and there aren't many poppy singles, this DVD is more for hardcore fans. But even if you just love Disintegration I'd recommend it. I hope they do a live greatest hits DVD like this one someday too.
The only minor problem I have is with the sound of Robert's 6-string bass on some of the Disintegration tracks. It's not mixed as strongly as usual during Pictures of You and because of that the song comes off a bit flat. The 6-string comes alive during Untitled though, probably because Perry is doubling up the lead part.
With everything else being so fantastic, I can't complain- 5 stars!!
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on June 18, 2003
If you like the Cure, you definitely must have this DVD. It's much better than the "Show" that I have waited years to be released. It has 122 + 101 minutes of live performance and interviews; it sounds like a good deal for just a few bucks.
The sound is excellent and the use of the cameras great.
I finally found the easter eggs to access the hidden selections (from ChainofFlowers).
On Disc 1
Go to the Disintegration set menu, highlight Plainsong, and click to the left. Click on that and see a split screen version of Plainsong from both nights, shot by Robert's handheld camera.
Still on the Disintegration set menu, highlight Same Deep Water As You, and click to the left. Click on that and watch Same Deep Water As You from the "Robertcam" (much like the Sinkingcam on the Dream Tour).
On Disc 2
Go to the Interview menu, highlight End Of An Era?, and click to the left. Click on that and you get some outtakes from the interviews.
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on June 1, 2003
I have Seen the Cure live, I own many of the Cure's live VHS tapes (Show, in Orange, ect) I have all the Cure's CD's, but this DVD is Cure Perfection. Everything the band is about is caught here on DVD, filmed in High definition video and surround sound. This Concert Sounds beautiful but the film work captures the band almost as good as seeing them live, take it from me. They play their 3 darkest and richest albums live in full completion plus two encore songs. This DVD is worth every cent and more. This is a cure fans dream, and anyone else who enjoys high quality emotional, dark, music. There will never be another group like the Cure and this DVD is your chance to see them in all their glory. Enjoy Cure Fans!
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on September 11, 2003
Having been a Cure fan since 1985, this is nothing short of a godsend. I have seen the Cure live (only) 3 times.. on the kissing tour, the disintegration tour and the wish tour. I had tickets to the swing tour, but broke my leg just before the show and therefore couldn't attend... That said, I think what impresses me most about this DVD is how much Robert and the boys have progressed as musicians and as a band. Robert, Simon, Perry, Roger and Jason play their collective butts off during this set. Now let's get down to it:
Pornography: To echo most other reviews here, this version of Pornography blows away the original. The energy here is much more intense. Jason, i think, does an excellent job of recreating Lol Tolhurst's tribal drumming, and adds some nice fills and touches to update the feel a bit. Best songs: One Hundred Years (btw, it really impressed me when during the interview Roger said that this brought him to tears the first time he played it live with the band), Siamese Twins, The Figurehead, A Strange Day (one of my all-time favs), and Cold (chilling).
Disintegration: One of their strongest albums played in its entirety.. what more could a Curehead ask for? Beautiful performances here... I know some people complained about some of the keyboard sounds not being exactly the same, but give the guys a break... I didn't find it to be enough to detract from the incredible performances. Again, Jason had his work cut out for him, filling the huge drummer-shoes of Boris Williams. Again, he rises to the occasion nicely. Roger's piano in Homesick is excellent. Best songs: Last Dance, Fascintation Street, Prayers for Rain, Same Deep Water as You, Disintegreation (nice to see that Robert is actually human, flubbing the words a little), Homesick.
Bloodflowers: As much as I wanted to really like this CD, I couldn't get into is as much as the earlier ones. That said, this performance does salvage it some for me. These songs do work better in a live performance. The energy is better and the passion is stronger. The band also seems more comfortable with the songs. The big surprise to me here was Perry's lead guitar in Watching Me Fall, Bloodflower and other places... while he's no Porl Thompson, he plays with a great deal of emotion. Robert also seems to sing these songs better live than he did on the CD. Best Songs: Watching Me Fall, The Loudest Sound, Maybe Someday, 39, Bloodflowers.
The encores are also awesome. Having seen them perform both of these songs live before, I was not surprised by Robert's lead guitar abilities.
Overall, Robert, Simon, Roger, Perry and Jason put in fine performances. Minor mix issues (yeah it would be nice to hear Robert's 6 String Bass more) don't take away from it. The camera work is very tasteful and well done, and the sound itself is very good.
I am also enthusiastic about what is alluded to on the DVD Jacket... the remastering and re-release of all Cure CDs in 2004. Wow... they've deserved it for a long time now... bonus tracks would be awesome... like the live version of Faith from the Charlotte Sometimes 12 inch, the B-Sides to Head on the Door, etc... I also would love to see The Cure in Orange relased on DVD. Also, as Robert says he has tons of tapes of live shows, how about releasing some of those as well... I think this band's live performances are greatly overlooked. Any Cure fan will tell you.. this band (no matter which incarnation) kicks live... If you're a Cure fan or are Curious about the Cure, you should waste no time and buy this. Oh, but if you just like the Cure for their light poppy fluff then you may require therapy after this...
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on June 29, 2004
Ok, First of all, I have this on DVD, and I would have to say that it was ALOT better than I thought it would be, I was already a Huge Cure fan Before I seen this DVD, But after seeing them play live for the first time, When I first watched this, I was blown away, I really didnt know The Cure was anything like this, I didnt know that Robert Cussed, I didnt know They could get that Dark, Heavy and Crazy, I didnt even know that Robert Was actually that B.A. on Guitar, and I Loved It!, They have to be one of the greatest bands out there in My Opinion, They have been around for the longest time, and their still out there rocking. The sound quality on this DVD is amazing, its really good, and the picture, I like it alot, with all the lighting and movement with the music, it goes great with it, I love watching the "Pornogrophy" set, BloodFlowers is My Second Favorite, I Love that album, and Disintegration is really good too, but I'd have to say its My Least Favorite on This DVD, Its an awesome set, but It may be because I'm most familiar with that Album than I am the rest and I realized that its a little different, especially "LoveSong" I couldnt wait to hear that song when I put this DVD in for the first time, but It was too different. My Most favorite part on The DVD is prolly the Encore tho, it is SO AWESOME, they play a few songs off of "Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me", I Love "The Kiss" Part, Robert was Jamming on Guitar and Screaming Like Crazy, It Rules!. another part on the DVD that is cool is how they always zoom in on the keyboardest, He never moves, SomeTimes they zoom in on His face and He doesnt Blink, its sorta freaky sometimes, but its completly awesome, I recomend This DVD to any Cure fan, and anyone who has or hasnt seen them live, I love this DVD and watch it alot, I Can't Wait to see them in July (2004), its gonna rule!, Check This DVD out, it rules! (I've had it about 7 Months and watch it weekly)
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on June 11, 2003
"The Cure-Trilogy" is the best concert dvd I have seen and I have quite a few. It feels as if you are there watching the band play(and I must say the light show is dazzling). The "Pornography" set, featuring an album from 1982, sounds fresh and powerful. The drums and the bass on several of the songs sound punchy and crisp. There are also little camera effects which add so much to the show. The "Disintegration" set has an epic feel, with keyboards coming up front and tons of layered guitar. Many of the songs are emotional and the blue colors of the light show set a mood for the set. The final "Bloodflowers" set contains several wistful and beautiful songs as well as a few heavy, energetic songs. The show is definitely The Cure's best I've seen in a live setting. All of the instruments have room to breathe and there is a high amount of dynamics in each song. "The Cure-Trilogy" is the best purchase if you are a huge Cure fan. The 3 albums, although dark, are The Cure's best moments in their career. If you are a fan of the darker Cure albums, pick this up. If you are a fan of the happier Cure stuff like "Friday I'm in Love" or "In Between Days" you should still pick this up to see a different side of this wonderful band. Cheers to Robert and crew!
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