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on April 22, 2006
Johnny Smith completely twists whatever you were expecting to happen in season four upside down. Christopher Wey, Johnny's counterpart in the post-armageddon world, brings Johnny face to face with his future self. He learns armageddon will still happen if he maintains his present course. Everything changes as a result. How so? You'll have to watch and see. Here's the rundown of the season:

Johnny (Anthony Michael Hall) fights to stop Rebecca (Sarah Wynter) from killing Greg Stillson (Sean Patrick Flanery), whom she believes is responsible for her sister's murder.

Johnny's (Anthony Michael Hall) visions of a young girl's abduction lead him on a life-and-death race to find "the collector" (Brian Markinson), a disturbed man who kidnaps and indoctrinates young women.

Johnny's (Anthony Michael Hall) ability to alter fate is put to the test when he meets a young woman (Jennifer Finnigan) with psychic abilities of her own.

Johnny (Anthony Michael Hall) becomes embroiled in a murder mystery as he searches for the missing daughter of a famous artist.

Johnny (Anthony Michael Hall) faces a difficult decision after saving an infant from a dangerous ring of human traffickers.

EPISODE PREMIERE: August 7, 2005
When Johnny touches a former science student and sees Armageddon, he sets out to find how this student - now a gifted researcher for a biomedical company - could be working on something that's connected to a weapon. The truth puts Johnny and his prized prot?g? in the crossfire between Greg Stillson and destiny.

An autistic boy seeks Johnny's (Anthony Michael Hall) help to save his father (David Neale), a tough cop awaiting execution for the murder of federal DEA agent.

EPISODE PREMIERE: August 21, 2005
Residents at a Cleaves Mills retirement community are dying at an unusual rate, and the old folks there speak in whispered tones about a Shadow Man that creeps the halls in the dead of night. It's a macabre tale that ultimately threatens to swallow Sarah's beloved father, Bruce, and possibly Johnny himself. Meanwhile, JJ manages to put aside his fears and preconceptions about the elderly and connect with his cantankerous old great grandfather by helping to unlock the little boy inside the old man.

Johnny goes on the road in search of a rock and roll legend - a man who has been dead for many years. His trail will lead him down a path where he becomes the rock star, and through his visions he will relive the last few days leading up to the rock star's mysterious disappearance.

EPISODE PREMIERE: August 14, 2005
Johnny visits a noted local psychiatrist to seek treatment for his persistent nightmares. After his first session on the couch triggers a cryptic vision of an impending homicide, he is thrust into an investigation that will not only reveal the murderer's identity, but will ultimately uncover a family secret buried in the deepest, darkest regions of his subconscious.

EPISODE PREMIERE: August 28, 2005
In a bizarre turn of events, Stillson (Sean Patrick Flanery) begs Johnny (Anthony Michael Hall) to help him investigate the disappearance of his girlfriend, Miranda (Laura Harris).

A VERY DEAD ZONE CHRISTMAS (not sure if this will accompany the season 4 DVD)
EPISODE PREMIERE: December 4, 2005
When female psychic Alex Sinclair (Jennifer Finnigan) pays Johnny (Anthony Michael Hall) a surprise Christmas visit, the two work together to solve the mystery of one very lost and confused Santa.
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on August 22, 2006
I'm not sure why only 3 episodes of this season were committed to the ongoing storyline of Greg Stillson (Sean Patrick Flannery), but that was a mistake. The remainder of the stories are pure escapism; entertaining, but no more so than any other TV show. The writers need to do a better job tying individual episodes to the real story.

One of the best reoccuring themes from seasons 2 and 3 was the appearance of Frank Whaley (futureman) and of Johny's future self. They ended this story with Johny's impromptu tossing of his cane into a river. In effect, the writers threw away a formula that was working in favor of a purely mediocre series of fill-in episodes.

The Dead Zone is nearing it's last gasp and there doesn't appear to be any sign of recovery. The introduction of some evil cabal behind Stillson and Rev Purdie only fuels the derailment. They need to go back to basics and focus on the true storyline of the Dead Zone without overly complicating it.
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on July 16, 2006
I just started watching The Dead Zone on dvd because I don't have cable, I recently picked up all four seasons and watched them all in two weeks. While season four may not have been the best season it advances the mythology of the series, and ep. 11, the season finale was excellent. Anthony Michael Hall is excellent as Johnny Smith and he has great chemstry with his co-stars especially John Adams who plays his friend Bruce. I can't wait till I get season five. There has been rumours that season 5 will be the last season, I hope this is not true. Season four is definitely a must buy for DZ fans, the only problem is that season 4 does not have as many extras as the other seasons.
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I do not consider it to be a good sign that after having enjoyed commentary tracks on every third season episode of "The Dead Zone," that there are only a pair of commentary tracks to be found on the DVDs for the fourth season. I watched the fourth season right before the premier of the show's fifth season on the USA network, so I was easily struck by the way the show ended up where it started, with the love interest of Johnny Smith (Anthony Michael Hall) paying the price for being involved with a psychic. At the start of season four we are talking about Rebecca Caldwell (Sarah Wynter), who wants to (finally) blow away Greg Stillson (Sean Patrick Flanery) for killing her sister Rachel, while at the end it is now Miranda Ellis (Laura Harris), the daughter of Senator Harlan Ellis (Don S. Davis), and Stillson's unwilling fiance. By now it is clear that the Stillson question is not going to be resolved until the final episode of the series, and so that plot line is going to get strung out until the very end. There are a few episodes that move things along slowly, such as when Johnny's brightest former student invents something that fits into Armageddon ("Vanguard"), and as Rev. Purdy (David Ogden Stiers) experiences some problems with his ministry ("Saved").

Most of the season is devoted to individual cases with the main difference that being that while Johnny Smith is not a household name there are a lot of people who know who he is and believe in his powers so that he does not have to prove it time and time again (although somebody finally does ask him why he does not use his powers to get the winning lottery number). This creates a slightly different dynamic from the first couple of seasons of the show. Another key factor is that there is no longer an attempt to work the entire supporting cast into each and every episode. Consequently, one week Johnny is dealing with Walt Bannerman (Chris Bruno) and Sarah (Nicole de Boer), and the next they are not around and Johnny is teamed up with Bruce Lewis (John L. Adams) again. Sarah shows up the least, and only if she is central to the plot, as when a friend disappears ("The Collector"), Johnny finds out her favorite rock star faked his death ("The Last Goodbye"), or she visits her father ("Coming Home"). We even get to find out some things about Johnny's father that prove to be of interest ("Babble On"), but I find it somewhat surprising that they are not doing more about Johnny's son now that the truth is known. The title sequence makes a big deal about the life Johnny has lost, but by the fourth season that really does not matter all that much anymore.

The most interesting character from the season is Alex Sinclair (Jennifer Finnigan), another psychic, who runs into Johnny in "Double Vision" and comes back for the season finale "A Very Dead Zone Christmas." Her powers are slightly different so when a vision pops up there is often a question as to whether it is her or him, but what makes the relationship fun is that even though they are attracted to each other they know this would never, ever work, and still manage to have some fun, especially when there is an amnesiac Santa involved. As always, the ways they come up with new and interesting ways to represent Johnny's visions , and in "Grains of Sand," where Johnny insists on taking care of the baby of an immigrant woman who dies, the visions get mixed up with daydreams. So they keep on finding ways of making things visually interesting, even if the stories keep having to come up with obstacles to make it more difficult to Johnny to save the day. "The Dead Zone" remains an interesting show (and USA has great promos involving Johnny Smith, Monk and the new guy from "Psych"), but it not quite as good as it was early on. But I am going to stick around until Stillson finally goes down for good.
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on June 6, 2016
I'm not sure why I didn't realize the low amount of episodes per season... but if you get this at a decent price it is totally worth it. I got sucked into every single episode and completely lost track of time. It's a terrific show that is sure to keep most people entertained. I am already working on getting the entire series for my Mom who used to watch this when it first came out. She takes it to watch with my Grandparents which love it as well! So, 3 generations of happy campers from these shows. That's saying something!
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on June 19, 2006
Honestly, this season has its share of high and low points.

"Broken Circle" gives the viewer a sense of closure to the third season. "The Collector" gives provides an expected twist to an ending.

Although some regard "Second Sight" as the high point of the season, I was not sold on this episode. The addition of a second psychic cheapened Jonnn's powers in my mind, but I suppose it depends on one's point of view.

Moving on, "Still Life" and "Grains of Sands" are neither stellar nor deplorable. Average at best.

I thoroughly enjoyed "Vanguard", and "Heroes and Demons" was a stand out episode. An austic kid helping Johnny? Good stuff.

"Babble On", though, is one splendid piece of writing.

While the fourth season did not further the Armageddon Saga all that much, it enhanced the show's character backgrounds and personalities. Unique plots? You bet!
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on November 2, 2015
I have all the Dead Zone series. I really loved the book by Stephen King, I loved the movie with C. Walken, and I really like this series. 4 stars as it was good, but not fantastic like other series I own. Worth buying though.
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on February 10, 2010
I enjoyed this series for the first 3 seasons. Some of the acting and character writing was a bit weak, but the sci-fi ideas surrounding Johnny's psychic powers were interesting and well-executed. The first episode of this season has to be watched, and was probably mostly written and maybe even filmed along with the prior season.

***Spoiler Alert

After that, the Dead Zone goes downhill fast. When Johnny threw away his cane, the writers threw away the interesting future-feedback device and slacked off that whole storyline. When he and Rebecca threw each other and their relationship away, without reason or motivation, the writers threw away all respect for the audience's intelligence.

After that, the show becomes a shallow anecdote of the week affair, and the writing keeps getting dumber. An interesting new psychic love interest develops, and they throw that away too. How can I get on board with a world where people are walking away from potential dream lovers without any explanation, presumably to go live by themselves in a hotel somewhere? This is a world where people just trash amazing opportunities every day... just because?

***End Spoiler

My impression is that some drastic change happened with the production and/or writing. The character writing wasn't that great in the first 3 seasons, but at least the series had the balls to try challenging serial story lines. Starting here, the series becomes the kind of lame, intelligence-insulting commercial TV show that I try hard to avoid.
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on July 14, 2013
Great show starring Michael Anthony Hall as always, but the difference this season is the change in the music for the opening credits. It's not the haunting song we originally heard but an insipid instrumental tune that doesn't stick in the brain at all. You don't know what show you're watching at all. The music is a disappointment, thank goodness the characters and the writing are still good.
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on July 17, 2006
Before I saw this 4th Season of Dead Zone, I read reviews from Amazon. Many panned dear Johnny's Season.

So I went into the season with low expectations. Funny thing was...I was entertained just like always. Of course, some of the storylines were far-fetched. The whole concept of Dead Zone is brilliantly far-fetched (thank you Stephen King). Still, I thoroughly enjoyed the viewing.
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