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on June 1, 2011
In her tenth novel, Victoria Christopher Murray has penned an emotionally gripping story that has brought to life a cast of characters caught up in a tragedy as timeless and evocative as those of the Ancient Greeks or Shakespeare. Evia and Adam were a couple living the American Dream, until Adam lost his high paying corporate job. Now they find themselves living the American nightmare. There's more month than money and financial ruin is imminent, but there's a life raft - an offer of $5 Million Dollars if they'll.... They take the deal, but then their lives spin out of control. Murray convinces readers with a conviction of a skilled writer that you cannot, should not dance with the devil. I thought about this story long after I closed the book.
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on June 10, 2011
As she nears her fiftieth birthday, wealthy Shay-Shaunte knows what she wants as her special present. Until Shay-Shaunte offers one of her executive assistant, Evia Langston five million dollars for a weekend with the latter's husband Adam. Stunned Evia says no thanks.

However, Evia knows her family could use the money as they are nearing financial ruin with the economy tanking. She also knows that when she and Adam exchanged vows in front of the Lord when they were seventeen, they pledged a faith based relationship to raise their kids in. Now Evia and Adam must choose between the she-devil serpent's glittering offering to save the Langston's Garden of Eden or trusting in God to take care of them and their children.

The immediate reaction is The Deal, the Dance, and the Devil is a gender bending version of Redford's Indecent Proposal to Moore and Harrelson; but that is only at the surface. Instead this is a much deeper profound character driven tale as besides breaking one's ethics for easy money and the example that sets for their children as well as destroying the trust between Evia and Adam. There is also an underlying religious issue throughout the engaging story line that will stun readers with a shocking twist at the final confrontation. Victoria Christopher Murray provides readers with a strong inspirational family drama as free will allows the Langston duo to choose between the devil's easy money and the Lord's pious path.

Harriet Klausner
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on June 29, 2011
Victoria Christopher Murray has done it again! The Deal, the Dance, and the Devil is an outstanding read that is still on my mind after powering down my e-reader.

Adam and Evia Langston share a modern marriage society says is nonexistent: they are loving, have studious children, and have kept the home fires burning since saying "I do." Life happens to Adam and Evia and they find themselves questioning their love, stability, and faith. A seemingly harmless proposal comes their way and turns their world topsy-turvy. You MUST read the novel to find out how they handle it.

I enjoyed the characters, the message, and overall theme. What satisfied me most is the powerful truth that waiting on God, whether ten minutes, a month, or twenty years, makes a significant difference in one's personal journey as well as for the next generation. Bravo, VCM!
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VINE VOICEon September 6, 2011
Ms. Murray has penned a phenomenal read with a biblical yet realistic concept that will intrigue you from the initial introduction. Adam and Evia Langston beat the odds and have attained successful lives despite the statistics that stated they'd never escape the hood. Adam has lost his high paying job and the luxury vehicles are at stake, the lavish house is threatened, the children's dreams and futures are tremulous, their parents livelihoods are questionable...Adam and Evia's family is slowing dissipating with the loss of income. Evia is now working and praying, praying and working, when she receives an `indecent proposal' from her boss. Shay-Shaunte', a millionaire is the owner of Evia's workplace, Ferrosity. Five million dollars for one weekend...will the Langston's vows, their pledge before GOD, be enough for them or will they lose their soul to gain the whole world?

Ms. Christopher has successfully entertained her fan base with this intricate depiction by correlating modern day society with biblical experiences and times in this read as well as once before in a previous read. I loved the parallel portrait of biblical history versus modern day trials and tribulations. Choices reign galore in regards to faith, trust, love, devotion, and the seen versus the unseen. Amazing execution of this plot was outstanding and you will be enthralled with each raw emotionalism elicited within these pragmatic scenarios!! Eerily realistic, perfectly profound descriptive scenes pronouncing Ms. Murray's limitless skills! Some parts were a bit lengthy, the finale was a little too open in my opinion but thus is true life. Upon finishing, I found it a bit depressing because it felt as if she never gave hope a strong foothold throughout this storyline. 4.50****
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on June 6, 2011
What would you do if you and your husband were struggling to survive financially and a five million dollar offer could fix your problems and the only thing you would have to do is give your husband up for a weekend? Well that is the in your face concept of Victoria Christopher Murray's latest novel "The Deal, The Dance and the Devil". In this recent piece Victoria introduces the reader to high school sweethearts Evia and Adam Langston. The Langstons along with their three children, soon to be 16 year old twin girls Alana and Alexa and 10 ten year son Ethan, are falling on hard times and the life that they once led is rapidly changing. They feel as if their world is crumbling.

In our current economy state, many readers will be able to sympathize, as Adam is currently unemployed, bills are piling up, cars are getting repossessed, school tuition has to be paid and decisions have to be made. And when Adam and Evia are presented with a large offer by Evia's boss, Shay- Shaunte, they begin to ask, when do you step aside for something you stood so strong for?"

From the first page of this contemporary rendition of the traditional "deal with the devil" story, I was hooked. The experiences and situations that Evia and Adam face are realistic. The book flowed nicely, with well-written narrative, snappy dialogue, and a quickly evolving plot.

The story evoked so many emotions that I found myself questioning my thoughts, shredding tears when deals were made and wanting to jump through the pages and ring Shay-Shaunte's neck. The cast of characters offer a full spectrum of friends and family that we all have in our life. From her two best friends Brooklyn and Tamica, who are her sounding board for her decisions, offer advice as if they are the little good angel and red devil that sit on your shoulder and influence decisions. In additional, you can do nothing by shake your head at Evia's family. From her club hopping mother, Marliyn and sister Cashmere to the trouble ridden brother, Twin. There is plenty to get the reader enthralled. I have read all of Victoria Christopher Murray's other books and this novel offers the reader a good break from the Jasmine drama. But by far, this is her best. I highly recommend it and just remember the enemy is out to ...kill, steal and destroy.

Shana Plummer
Sweet Soul Sisters Book Club
Beltsville, MD
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on September 19, 2011
The Devil comes in many forms with a mission to make you lose your faith in God. The Langston's in The Deal, the Dance, and the Devil by Victoria Christopher Murray learn firsthand about the Devil works. Adam and Evia Langston have the perfect marriage and family. Adam an Evia has three beautiful children, successful careers, and lives in an upscale neighborhood. When Adam is laid off from work, everything seems to go downhill.

Shay-Shaunte', owner of Ferrossity is a strict businesswoman always ready to seal a deal. When Shay-Shaunte' notices Evia's family struggles she becomes concerned. Shay-Shaunte' makes Evia an offer that she is sure she will not pass up. Evia does not realize that Shay-Shaunte' has a boss as well and one who likes to see results. Will Evia take Shay-Shaunte's the offer?

The Deal, the Dance, and the Devil is about being blessed and how it can easily be taken away. It is also about making a deal with the Devil and not realizing until it is too late. It is hard to struggle and most will do whatever it takes to stay in the lifestyle they are accustom to. It really amazes what people will do for money. Readers will be entertained and surprised by the characters in this exciting book. I recommend this book to others.

Teresa Beasley
A&RBC Reviews
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on June 4, 2011
Everyone could use five million dollars, right? I know I could! What would you do if your boss handed you a five million dollar check for a weekend of sexual fun with your spouse? Would you accept the deal? My first reaction, "heck yeah." But after reading The Deal, the Dance, and the Devil, I would probably rethink my decision. Victoria Christopher Murray man handled her pen when she wrote this story. It is one of those books that men and women would discuss in the break room at work months later.

Evie and Adam have always taken care of their family. Not just their children but their mothers as well. They have always been able to provide for them until they suddenly become a one family income. Their world as they know it comes crashing down on them in a huge way.

Victoria Christopher Murray shows the readers what a person would do when their back is up against a wall. The message she brings is far more than just honoring your marriage vows. She delivers a power message displaying faith, love, sacrifice, obedience and trust(not only each other but God). God tested their faith and trust in Him. Did they succeed or did they fail? You have to read the book to find out. I give this book, five thumbs up and a fist bump!!!
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on April 30, 2012
Let me first start by saying I love Victoria Christopher Murray's books. I think I've read them all except for the Teen Series. I've told everyone about her books starting with Joy and Temptation and moving forward. However, this book was truly a let down. I got an Amazon Gift Card for my birthday and when I saw this book, I immediately purchased it. Because of her previous track record, I just believed it would be another good novel, especially with such a fascinating title. However, I was truly disappointed. I felt cheated out of my birthday present to myself! :) It was not realistic and I kept waiting for the good part. It never came. When the story finally started to somewhat peak my interest, it came to an end. If the ending is for a continuation, I definitely will not purchase the next one. Thankfully she has redeemed herself for me in Sinners & Saints. If you've just got to read this book, I would recommend checking it out from the library. Like I said, I think she's an awesome writer but this book is way below what is usually delivered in a Victoria Christopher Murray novel.
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VINE VOICEon June 6, 2011
Adam and Evia Langston were living the good life until Adam loses his six figure salary and their financial problems begin. They are fighting off the tuition of their kid's private schools, possible foreclosure of their big house and Evia's mother greedily wanting her monthly check.

Then Evia's boss, the private but highly successful Shay-Shaunté proposes a five million dollar deal. Will they take it or leave it? The deal; Adam has to spend Shay's 50th birthday weekend with her alone. Then the real problems begin.

The Langstons live in a world that I know little about and watching them having to deal with the loss of cable (my goodness) and a greedy mother that takes from Evia, it just horrified me. These people drove me crazy, but I guess that's what drew me in to see what and how they were going to deal with their problems. I also was trying to figure out what Shay was up to and what happened that weekend they spent together.

A curious tale of wealth, greed, appearances, trust and love all wrapped around the all mighty dollar. The ending was an interesting little revelation.
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on May 31, 2012
Full disclosure: The only book of VCM's that I enjoyed (loved actually) was Temptation. That was a truly gripping story that kind of caught me off guard regarding how much I loved it. I am not a fan of the continuing Jasmine stories. That said, I decided to pick up this one after not reading her books for a few years. I'm not going to rehash the plot b/c some other reviewers have given synopses. I would say that this story did keep my attention. VCM is a very gifted writer, and the tension in this book was palpable. It was obvious that something was going to crash by the way the characters were living their lives. I pretty much guessed the outcome of the story maybe 60% into it. I can't remember what gave it away, but I started getting SPOILER.... SPOILER..... SPOILER C.S. Lewis "Screwtape Letters" vibes from it. And I turned out to be right.

Anyway, it was a decent book.
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