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Initial post: Mar 23, 2010 7:58:35 AM PDT
Was anyone esle Underwhelmed with the demo that hit xbox live this week? I'm really thinking of calling off my pre-order at game stop honestly. I'm not sure If this will be a day 1 for me.

Posted on Mar 23, 2010 8:09:07 AM PDT
Marvelous says:
You're on your own there buddy... I've played the demo at least 15 times by now, and all it did is get me even more excited for a day 1 purchase! I love the game-play mechanics, mark & execute, the fluidity in Sam's movements, the takedowns etc... I thought the graphics looked good, and I absolutely love the projection on the walls that display your next objective. The only thing that dissapointed me about the demo.... it wasn't long enough! 20 days to go and I'm all over this game!

Posted on Mar 23, 2010 9:33:06 AM PDT
B. Dean says:
The demo was insanely awesome. I wasn't going to pre-order, but now I'm certainly putting my money down for it. The demo was very smooth, and the objective projections were very innovative. My only problem was getting used to all the buttons - since I spend most of my xbox time playing MW2, and Battlegrounds.

Great demo, suggest everyone tries it.

Posted on Mar 23, 2010 9:59:05 AM PDT
Marvelous says:
I hear ya B. Dean, I still play the previous splinter Cells on a regular. So it does take a few play throughs to get ahold of the controls.

Posted on Mar 23, 2010 10:37:14 AM PDT
Last edited by the author on Mar 23, 2010 10:39:37 AM PDT
A. Ocasio says:
Yeah, you're on your own there Adam. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I'll be preordering this baby soon.

Forgot to mention... I've played every Splinter Cell from the beginning. 1 on xbox, 2(PT) on PC, 3(CT) on xbox, 4(DA) on 360 & currently playing it on PC(steam).

Posted on Mar 23, 2010 12:48:32 PM PDT
Jonathan says:
I was actually on the edge after reading other people's comments on the forum for this game, but the demo was actually great. The game ran smooth, the controls were easy to use, and, best of all, it still felt like a stealth game. I definitely won't be canceling my pre-order.

Posted on Mar 23, 2010 1:42:49 PM PDT
MVP says:
Yeah, I'm with everyone else....the demo was insanely awesome and I've played it about 10 times now, and it gets better each time. Yes, I do miss some of the deeper, more tactical options and the "stay in the shadows" style of gameplay from the old Splinter Cell's, but Conviction is much smoother, faster, and more hardcore than ever before.

I like the new direction for this series, and I believe the full game will be much better/deeper than the demo suggests. Even if it's not, I still like Conviction enough to buy on day 1. This is truly next-gen Splinter Cell, unlike the garbage that was Double Agent on 360.

Posted on Mar 23, 2010 2:19:24 PM PDT
Marvelous says:
Even though Double Agent on the 360 wasn't the greatest in the series, I still played through it many times.. I think I might play again before Convictions release to hype myself up even more. Even though it's a new direction, I think there is still plenty of stealth feel to the game; just for kicks I was able to sneek past all the guards in the warhouse... I love the way Sam walks with his gun drawn, he runs better, jumping over boxes, climbing faster and more fluid. Best of all, I keep finding new ways to pull of the Mark & Execute button, it's so bad ass to jump down in a room and take out 3 guys with 3 quick shots.

Posted on Mar 26, 2010 10:32:33 AM PDT
N. Faling says:
You're not alone. I've loved every Splinter Cell game so far and own them all but this demo is really making me consider cancelling my pre-order.

Posted on Mar 29, 2010 10:27:59 PM PDT
Gem Hobb says:
the only thing about the demo that sucked was the graphics. i mean in-game they look good and all, but the cutscenes were more than lacking. but besides that great game. finally some much needed changed in the series.

Posted on Apr 1, 2010 9:09:55 AM PDT
I liked the demo because it made the game very easy for me to play. I thought for sure most gamers might find the game to be too easy for them. I'm surprised to see that I'm not alone and that other people enjoyed the demo. Usually when I like a game most hardcore gamers tend not to like it. Strange...???

Posted on Apr 4, 2010 11:39:21 AM PDT
Etowahdoc says:
I don't know. I didn't hate the demo by no means, but it made me miss the old formula of Splinter Cell. The demo's gameplay definitely had a great flow to it, but, for lack of a better term, it felt like it was "dumbed down" a bit to much and it took away from some of the intense moments found in its predecessors.

For instance, your pistol has an infinite amount of ammo. In the older Splinter Cells (and when I say "older" I mean the original Splinter Cell through Chaos Theory because I didn't play Double Agent) you had a very limited amount of ammo, which made you really consider other options other than shooting your way though the level. Now, you COULD shoot your way through if you wanted, but ammo conservation was key if you wanted to go that route which could make the situation very intense. With Splinter Cell Conviction, you've always got ammo, and his pistol really kicks ass, so your set. I really wonder why they were showing me in the tutorial part about all these ways to be "stealthy" when apparently I borrowed Solid Snake's Headband and I have enough ammo to last me for the rest of my life.

Another part that goes along with the infinite ammo bit is how incredibly dumb the A.I. is. Of course, this isn't new to the Splinter Cell series, the A.I. has never been very smart since the beginning, but I was hoping since we were this far along in the series that they would improve more than what I was shown here in Conviction. In the first 30 seconds of the demo, when you are outside of the building, you are asked to move from one barrier of cover to another. When you perform this action, you do a partial slide into that barrier of cover, but what makes it so funny is there is an enemy guard RIGHT NEXT TO IT! Ok, ok so your telling me that this guard didn't hear a guy like Sam Fisher SLIDE next to a barrier that you are standing less than about 2 feet from?!?!?!?! Sam has to be weighting around 150 to maybe around 180 lbs. so its not like he weights the same as a feather or anything. I can hear my little Niece walking around on concrete or grass when I am about 2 feet or so away from her and she weights around 50 to 80 lbs. So this guard is "supposedly" NOT suppose to hear a 150 to 180 lb. guy SLIDE across concrete next to a barrier that the guard is stand not 2 feet from?!?! In contrast, once you hit the first checkpoint just outside of the building, you have an option to go to the left side of the building and climb up a pipe to enter the building through an open window on the second floor. Right next to the open window is a guard who is facing away from the window into the building. If you run across the grass to the pipe, you will hear something along of the lines of "What was that noise?" or "What was that sound?" something like that, I can't remember what they say. I couldn't believe this when I heard it, but once you hear it and you get up the pipe fast enough, you will see that very same guard looking out of the window for the sound that disturbed him. Likewise, if you sneak instead of run, he will not say it and will continue to stand with his back towards the window. Ok, ok so apparently SLIDING across concrete next to a guard is not enough to disturb him, yet running across grass where a guard is next to a window on the second floor of a building, where inside they are performing some sort of testing procedure for an EMP bomb that is creating a significant amount of noise, is enough to disturb him? One part of the demo concerning the A.I. that made me laugh to myself is the guard at the front door of the building, standing with his back toward the FRONT DOOR of the building, otherwise known as the first available entrance into the building that he is suppose to be guarding, yet he just decided to face away from the most logical point of entrance into the building, that he is suppose to be guarding. Wouldn't it be more logical to be facing the DOOR since there are no other doors to that part of the building and all the windows are locked up? As I said, this type of logic isn't really new to the Splinter Cell series, but I would have thought, since this game has been in development for as long as it has been, that the A.I. would be more impressive than this.

I could go on and on about more negative details, so I will. One part of the game that the player is suppose to use to their advantage is when you are spotted, the enemy will assault and open fire on your last known location, which will be notated by a silhouette of Sam Fisher in the pose you were in when spotted. Now this would seem logical, for instance, if you were in cover and you kill a guard that is next to you and was spotted in the process, it would be safely assumed that you were still in that cover and the guards would be right about assaulting and open firing on that position, even if you had sneaked away from that there without letting them know. What is NOT logical is when the enemy continues to open fire on a location that they have clear visibility that you are NOT THERE yet they keep firing for no apparent reason. Yes, this can happen and I will explain how. Once you are inside of the building, in the testing room of the EMP bomb (or at least I believe that is what it is), you need to go into the control room on the other side of the building and slide down a pipe to the lower levels. I decided to walk underneath the control room portion where there is a window with a guard inside. Sadly, I was spotted and a silhouette of myself was placed crouching under the window. This was fine, it was dark under there and I figured it would just take a second until they found out that I was not there anymore, but in another part of the testing room just watching and planning my next move. Well, they fired on that silhouette for a while as I watched, and to make matters worse on their part, they had frickin FLASHLIGHTS on their guns shining on that silhouette in the dark cover I was in, clearly showing them that I was no longer there! So in the darkness underneath that window, they shot at my silhouette nearly draining their clips while shining their gun flashlights on my last known location to which clearly I was not there. Ubisoft, how do you explain this? I would LOVE for you to even try. I understand that Sam Fisher is suppose to be this kick ass secret agent and all, but if these are the enemies that he is suppose to be up against, my grandmother could do his job. Point is, sure you can do all of these really kick ass stuff against your enemies, but if your enemies are not formable, then there is no satisfaction in winning. Its like winning a game of Chess against a person who has never played before, there's no sense of true accomplishment.

Remember back in the older Splinter Cells when the levels were so dark that you needed your night vision to get around? That really added an intense experience, when the room was so dark that you couldn't even see yourself without aid of night vision. You could walk right next to an enemy soldier, and if you weren't wearing your night vision goggles, you probably wouldn't have even known unless he was talking or something. Well apparently those days are long gone now that Sam Fisher can see in the dark for some reason, yet his enemies can't. You can have an enemy literally walk right next to you while your in dark cover and you can see him clearly, yet he can't see you. I don't know, maybe the EMP testing was messing with their sight or something, or maybe Ubisoft hates creating enemies that actually act like human-beings.

I'm sure there is more I could say that is negative, but I would like to bring up some positive parts of the game. First of all, the actual "flow" of gameplay is pretty good. Being able to move quickly from cover to cover can really make for some interesting gun fights and such. The dark-ish tone set for the game is very interesting and seems like it could potentially lead to some interesting scenes of brutality and carnage. I like the "execution" gameplay feature where you can pre-set your intended targets and let Fisher do the rest, its very smooth and makes you feel like you are a pro secret agent! The projected scripts and visuals on the walls was perfect for the interrogation scene at the beginning in explaining what was going on, but it felt a bit overdone during the actual mission portion and seemed to break the mood at times, but overall was pretty neat and definitely original. Level design seemed to fit the traditional Splinter Cell-type gameplay, which is always a "+" in my book.

The Splinter Cell: Conviction demo has been a let-down by far. It's not because of the new gameplay mechanics or anything, I actually said that they were good, but by making the player able to rely on a pistol with infinite ammo along with a truly awful A.I. is what ruins this Splinter Cell experience for me. I understand that in Conviction is not suppose to be like the other Splinter Cell games, but if that means having to fight against an enemy with an IQ of the same level as dirt then I will sit this adventure out.

Posted on Apr 5, 2010 6:13:12 AM PDT
Marvelous says:
I pretty much disagree with everything you said... I've been playing the demo every day since it was released, and every play through was different (stealth vs guns blazing), I own and love all the previous splinter cells, but the gameplay was the same everytime. I appreciate what Ubisoft did, especially with the night goggles, I always was annoyed when I had to that awful green screen.

Day one purchase for me!

Posted on Apr 6, 2010 9:17:13 AM PDT
Etowahdoc says:
How do you disagree? I'm just curious.

Posted on Apr 7, 2010 6:36:49 AM PDT
Marvelous says:
Well for starters... I know for a fact that the full game isn't going to have infinite ammo, I can understand why it would seem you will never run out, but you are forgetting the fact that this is a demo. An entire full game has been compressed down to the size of 1.2 GB I think, so there are many details that would have to be left out. I also wouldn't say the game-game hasn't been necessarily dumb down, it's just been redefined; I guarantee full game version will be very challenging.

Also your complaint about the A.I., though I will agree they are aren't the brightest bunch in the demo, once again you are forgetting the fact that it's a demo... promotional use to show case many of the games attributes without frustrated the potential buyer with over aggressive A.I.

So really you are just nit-picking when it comes to situations of a guard not looking at the door while guarding, I mean does that really matter? I'll I know that demos are obviously dumb down for entertainment value, come April 12th at midnight, I'm sure we will get our hands on a GOTY title.

Posted on Apr 7, 2010 8:54:38 PM PDT
Last edited by the author on Apr 7, 2010 8:57:16 PM PDT
Etowahdoc says:
If you would share the "fact" that the game will not feature unlimited ammunition, then I would greatly appreciate it. Every in-game video I have seen with the character either being Sam Fisher or one of the agents in the co-op mode have had unlimited ammunition. I will post the video I am talking about at the end.

On the hole, you are absolutely correct Marvelous07, I was possibly taking the demo too seriously as being an mirror of the final game. I've searched the internet far and wide to find out the actual "build" of the demo, but still I have not found any information on that but only speculation. There is no doubt that it is probably an older build, but exactly how old is it? If its only 3 months or so like some think, then we all might be in for a rude awakening on release day. Some think that the demo is nearly a year old, which I believe is more plausible. If that is so, then hopefully all of the kinks in the demo are resolved. Also, a demo is not a compression of a full game, it is just a segment of a level, revamped and designed for promotional purposes.

I would have to agree on your comment about the game being "redefined". Honestly, that is the best way of describing the gameplay. It is very redefined from its predecessors.

Of course, like you implied, all of this is just speculation and we really need the actual retail copy to make any true proclamations on final build. But this forum is over the demo, not the retail version, which is what I wrote my comment on. I never made any comment about what I said being a reflect of the final build of the game. I did say that if this is what we are to expect from the final build, then I will "sit this adventure out". I have no idea what to expect from the final build, other than what the demo told me or what I haver read or seen. The demo was quite bad on its own merit. If this is what we are to expect form the retail version, then I, for one, am very disappointed. I have looked forward to this game for a very long time, way back when it looked completely different (but really awesome! I still don't quite understand why they scraped their original idea and started anew). But if it ends up being much better than the demo, then there will be no one more happy then me!

I appreciate your reply and I believe that you make some really good points, but you rely on believing that the demo will be nothing like the final build, which is not a very good argument. Both you and I have no idea what the final build is going to be like, only what Ubisoft has shown us and told us. It is very possible that the demo was taken directly from the final build, but I would agree that it is not very plausible. It's hard to convince anyone of something that they have no proof of, which is your argument of trying to validate the demo on "possible" details that the retail copy may or may not deliver. I wrote my review on the demo, not the retail copy. If the retail copy has fixed all the things that I disliked about the demo, then FANTASTIC! But neither you or I can prove that as of yet.
(In this video, the first 12 minutes of the co-op mode are shown. In it, you can clearly see that the pistols have unlimited ammunition.)

Posted on Apr 8, 2010 6:32:45 AM PDT
Marvelous says:
Thanks for your feedback IV; first have to comment on your perspective of the game not being compressed for demo use. Below are comments made by Max Beland, creative director on Conviction:

Splinter Cell: Conviction "a little bit harder" than Xbox Live's demo

Ubisoft creative director Maxime Beland reveals between the demo and the full retail game "some tweaking" took place, making it a bit harder.

The team built the demo "kind of fast" and it was more a "compilation of great moments" than offering anything narrative. It's out this month.

"The final game is going to be a little bit harder and realistic," Beland told GameTrailers, reports VG247. "We did some tweaking between when we released the demo and when we'll release the game. What I know is we built the demo kind of fast. If you love the demo, I know you're going to love the game."

"The bathroom interrogation in the demo is really in the beginning of the game and a map that is a lot later in the game. We wanted the demo to give a taste of the game when you had more gadgets so we took a slice of the game that was later on," he continued.

"In the final game, you're going to get to see more of the progression of Sam in the story, you're going to get to live that. In the demo, it was a bit more compressed. The story wasn't as strong in the demo; it was more of a compilation of great moments."

With that said I think it's fair to say it wasn't taken from the final build, infact the level which you infiltrate the warehouse was revamped with enemy AI posted in certain places to showcase the games highlights. I've seen videos titles TGS walkthrough where the montreal does a playthrough on the very same level, but it's completely different. It's really tough to judge though without getting our hands on the final product. I'll I know is the demo reinsured myself that i will have an absolute blast playing the full game... I can't wait.
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