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on May 24, 2014
I have the first 5 seasons and am waiting impatiently for the 6th. I have watched the show on TV since the pilot episode and I rewatch the DVDs. This is one show where buying the DVDs has a long lasting payoff. The show has so many facets that rewatching always uncovers nuances not noticed before. Simon Baker is an outstanding actor. He totally inhabits the character of Patrick Jane. He created it and he owns it. Patrick Jane is a fully 3-dimensional character with a complex personality, a traumatic and compelling background, and plenty of flaws as well as admirable qualities.

The Mentalist is a crime procedural far different from any other and far more entertaining. But against that background it is the story of Patrick Jane, a con artist from a traveling carnival family whose history goes back 100 years. He lives between the world of carney hucksters and the outside world of marks. He has a moral compass that is remarkable for its realty based view of justice. Is it not the same as revenge? Is there objectively a right and a wrong or is it just stuff that happens? He is kind, generous and compassionate, hating the part of his past where he used his fake psychic "powers" to exploit the vulnerable. He is guilt ridden that by showing off those skills on TV to disdain a serial killer named Red John, he got his wife and little daughter murdered. The trauma put him in a mental hospital for most of a year and he was out for revenge ever since. Some of the episodes that show Patrick Jane's pain and loss are heartbreaking. He is at times, when justice is hampered by rigid laws, a cold blooded killer, in episodes that are astounding and award-worthy.

Through all this, Patrick Jane is the most lovable, charming, entertaining emotional mess imaginable. He solves every murder case with wit and out-of-the-box thinking. Sometimes in the box, so to speak, as when he buried alive a vicious killer to extract a confession. In responding to outraged objections that this was torture and illegal, he just said, "I gave an evil man what he deserved." He did, and to more than just one evil man. He does not let rules stand in the way of justice and what he sees as a moral imperatve. This is NOT your typical crime procedural. I doubt that I will ever see a TV series of this quality again, so I treasure the DVDs.
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on November 6, 2013
Kudos for finally exposing Red John and not beating around the bush this season. This is the must see season.
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on January 19, 2014
There were a few of unanswered questions about Red John, but I supposed it would be hard to please everyone. That being said, I found the actual DEMISE of Red John to be completely satisfactory. *SPOILER* The long run (Ep 8 RED JOHN) that wore out the two men that allowed Jane to overpower and strangle a strong fit man like McAllister was both exciting and believable. Mostly I was glad for Jane that he got his revenge, almost moving me to tears. Simon Baker did a superb job as did Xander Berkeley.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mentalist 2.0. I love having a happier, light-hearted Jane causing trouble and being clever (sorta like in the "old" days - Seasons 1-3). It was great that he started out running rings around the FBI to establish that he was still a free spirit, unleashable in a way, while at the same time driving toward the solution of the crime. Blue Heaven, Green Thumb, White Lines, Golden Throne were all wonderful. I like the return of the banter between Jane and Lisbon (Tunney is marvelous), and the expansion of Cho as a no-nonsense cop is spot on. Like the character of FBI Agent Abbott but it's taking longer to warm up to FBI Agent Fischer. "meh".

Really looking forward to the rest of the season!
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on May 5, 2014
I really liked the extended plot Red John provided, with its higher level of plotting, machination, fascination--and the character development it provided for not just Patrick Jane but also Lisbon, Hightower, the FBI woman who had the case, etc. Since Jane found Red John, the series has run the risk of being just another FBI show with a wonderful trickster protagonist. The recent shows have an undercurrent running through them about how Lisbon is able to fall in love, but not with Jane and how he remains lonely. That is the only thing that keeps them beyond routine. I had hoped that we would have more than just a couple episodes of intrigue when Highbaugh (am I getting the name right?) stalked the CBI crew, but I found that unconvincing in some ways--the psychological motivation for him was there, but the skill at haunting them through their cell phones and on the internet seemed beyond his abilities. I keep waiting for the return of the woman in the long black dress who tried to stab Jane while he confronted Red John at last. And the list that he hinted to the FBI existed and could name all the people in the tiger, tiger organization--even if Jane doesn't know it--should in some way resurface. The show hooked me because it had the long-term Red John plot. Plus its writers did wonderful things, like the episode that ends with psychic Kristina Frye catatonic and convinced she's dead, so that she can only talk to Jane through herself as a medium. THAT is the kind of writing I want to see more of now.
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on January 12, 2014
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VINE VOICEon January 1, 2015
This season is TERRIBLE.

Finally, we get to the conclusion of the (too) long-awaited Red John story arc. It took SIX episodes to conclude. That was way too many. The big focus of this season was knowing Red John would end. This arc should have completed much faster.

Also, the phrase "Tiger, Tiger" - a Red John phrase- was used so much, it became cliched.

Red John being part of a nationwide law enforcement conspiracy seemed a bit contrived.

The new cast has no chemistry and I really don't like the new set up. The FBI is a distraction and the agents annoying. Could they have made Cho any more a Wooden? I didn't bother finishing this season.
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on April 12, 2014
Feeling more and more recycled and cranked out.

Two eco-terrorists plots in a row‽

They used to write good dialogue for Kimball Cho, and he became my favorite supporting character, now he's much more generic. The same feels true for many of the other characters. Why?

Was once a simple and casual pleasure, but this is waning. Simon Baker proved he was an actor in The Gaurdian. His Mentalist persona still works, even if too little of what he does can be rationally explained—and his is supposed to be rational, like Sherlock, not a "mentalist" with paranormal powers. Hope he finds the next good project, although perhaps he no longer needs one.
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on September 4, 2014
Mentalists have fascinated people since ancient days, coming in the forms of psychics and religious cult leaders who divined the weaknesses in their followers and exploited them to their own advantage. This isn't to say that ALL religious leaders -- and perhaps not all psychics -- fall into this category. But in our day, human psychology combined with technology, can many times make people wonder, "How did he do that?" Or, "How did she know that?"

One of this writer's favorite mentalists was The Amazing Kreskin, who always admitted he wasn't a psychic, but never with with enough enthusiasm to leave people entirely certain. Using hypnosis, which is the planting of suggestions without the mark, or marks, realizing it, as well as repeated words intended to instruct the subconscious without the conscious being aware of it, mentalists wielded seemingly supernatural influence over the minds of men.

So much for being what a mentalist is. The CBS television series builds a plot around mentalist Patrick Jane (Simon Baker), who attempts to wow a California television audience with his mystical insights into the mind of prolfic serial killer "Red John," a brilliant and elusive psychopathic killer the police have been searching for for years. The former carnival marvel turned professional psychic goes too far, however, and falsely claims to be working with police to track down the killer. In so doing, he unwisely insults Red John to enhance his own reputation. Red John reacts by savagely murdering Jane's young wife and young teenaged daughter, leaving his large trademark smiley face drawn in blood over the bodies. Grief stricken, Jane vows vengeance on Red John and goes to work for the California Bureau of Investigation (CBI), to use his talents to catch murderers and to track down Red John.

The series is well written for the most part and highly entertaining. Having seen what actual mentalists like Kreskin and Derran Brown can do, it would have been more fun to see Jane do some more amazing feats. But since the things Kreskin and Brown do often defy belief, perhaps the show's chief writer, Bruno Heller, wanted to tone Jane's powers downplayed. Or, he may just be ignorant of what real mentalists do.

The supporting cast are well thought out, well written characters. By the middle of the Sixth Season, Jane has finally taken his long-awaited vengeance against Red John, twice, and has now (with most of his team) moved, in a highly improbable twist, to the FBI, where we lose two main characters and pick up a couple. As a long-time series fan, I miss Amanda Righetti, the attractive yet strangely spiritual team member who manages to see through the brutality of her job. She's also easy on the eyes.
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on October 6, 2013
I am not a big fan of the RJ plotline, but this was really well done. Not only the suspense of the chase but also that extra step closer to a romantic relationship between Lisbon and Jane. All the performances were first rate as usual. I was glad to purchase this episode.
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on December 30, 2013
I started watching this when some of my other shows were off season and now it is one of my favorites. I think what makes it for me besides all of Patrick Jane's antics is I really like all the other characters too.

Plus most of the episodes are very re-watchable.
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