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TOP 500 REVIEWERon January 4, 2012
I first became aware of Locked In Syndrome (LIS) through Jean-Dominique Bauby's memoir , The Diving Bell and the Butterfly . I can't imagine anything more horrible than to have a fully functioning mind imprisoned in a paralyzed body with no way to communicate.

Michael Wallace has constructed a storyline in his series, Devil's Deep , that takes the terror and helplessness to another level. As soon as I finished reading The Devil's Deep which is the first book in the series, I immediately followed it with The Devil's Peak (Devil's Deep) .

What could be more terrifying than LIS? It's being a victim of LIS and being at the mercy of sadistic individuals who want to make sure that others never realize that one is trying to communicate.

I have read a few other thrillers by Michael Wallace and really like the fact that he can sustain suspense in very different story lines. His premise in this series takes a very real physical terror and combines it with evil plotting to provide a very good reading experience.
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on August 6, 2011
I have read Michael Wallace's other books, including "The Devil's Deep", the first of this series, and thought they were great. So, I am pleased to let you know "The Devil's Peak" is just as good. Walter Fitzroy is "trapped in the living prison of his own paralyzed body". Chapter two, which introduces Walter and his "girlfriend" is, well, terrifying might be too strong a description, but it certainly describes what it might be like to be in that situation. My husband asked me why I was squirming in my seat. Michael certainly did an amazing job of making me feel a little of what it must be like to be able to see, hear, and feel everything going on around you, but not be able to do or say anything in response.
The story is suspenseful and never lagged. I hated to put my Kindle down. I couldn't wait to get back to the story.
I highly recommend the book. I have come to know Michael Wallace as an excellent author. I will certainly purchase any of his future writings.
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on April 24, 2012
An excellent follow up novel for The Devil's Deep, The Devil's Peak follows the same two charactors on a new and just as exciting mission. Definitely well worth the price but, they need to be read in order to understand where the story started.
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on April 12, 2013
My review is on the book The Devil's Peak by Michael Wallace. I recently reviewed the fist book in this series, I was so caught up in the locked-in concept that I had to buy the second book. My great-grandfather, my grandmother, my uncle, and my mom all had Alzheimer's. I use to work at the nursing homes here in Broken Bow and I have been fascinated with the thought of; were they still in there somewhere. I am a strong Christian and so were my family. I know we are first a spirit, we have a mind and emotions, and we live in a body, so what happens when the body is unable to function? Is the mind still there? What about the spirit? If you are born again your spirit is still alive, where does it go, what happens to it? It's an intriguing concept and I loved the way Michael handled it. This is not a Christan fiction book but it is amazing.

Walter Fitzroy is supposedly in a Permanent Vegetative State, at least that is his diagnosis. He's in a mental heath facility, actually suffering from the locked-in syndrome, unable to communicate to anyone but one other patient, who loves to torture him.

Darlene Trost is a psychopath. She was once in the military and can read Walter's Morse code eye movements. Jealous of her relationship with Walter, she hides his ability from everyone. If necessary she will kill to protect there relationship.The staff all think it's cute; Darlene and her boyfriend; kind of like an invisible friend. They don't see the abuse that she inflict on him day by day.

Wes Pilson and Becca Gull (Book one) come to Vanderzee Medical Clinic to test a woman who her family feel might be helped by the Locked-in Syndrome Foundation. Dr. Li runs the tests and they are all disappointed when there was no reaction to the tests. While they are packing up there equipment Dr. Li mentions there are many people who might be tested at this facility but there was hostility when they went before the board. He felt like they were hiding something or someone.

The book is about one man trying desperately to escape his prison, a woman trying desperately to use and abuse her Toad, a doctor trying to hide his greed and the evil deeds he has done, and a team of advocates who are trying to free one more man from his body's prison.The Devil's Peak (The Devil's Deep)
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on August 13, 2011
I highly recommend The Devil's Deep! Michael Wallace has outwritten his wonderful book The Devil's Deep! After reading the first in the series, as well as many of his other books, I never had a question of whether to purchase this book or not. But I was surprised just how great it was to be back with characters I knew from his first book, and how fast I got sucked into the story and the characters he's created. His intricate story line was action packed, and at times I found myself reading faster and holding my breath trying to keep up with the story! I was sure I knew how the story would go after the first few chapters - wrong! Mr. Wallace was able to keep me guessing and constantly on my toes. It was torture to stop reading to do things like, oh, go to work, eat, etc. I wanted to sit and not stop reading until I got to the last word, and then I wanted still more. It felt so warm and welcome to have familiar characters, and watching the characters grow and change (both for good and bad) was incredible. One of the new characters, Walter, surprised me at the end by how much he'd changed. Only Mr. Wallace could put together such a non-stop action story with the locked-in theme so well written and interconnected. His research and understanding of the problems experienced by those locked in was so well and compassionately done, while still keeping me on my toes with all the people around Walter. I was rooting for him like I did for Davis in The Devil's Deep. I just hope there is a real-life organization out there finding those locked-in, as written in the books. Thank you for a wonderful book, Mr. Wallace. Keep writing!
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on March 29, 2012
This is Michael Wallace,s sequal to his book Devils Deep. I had won the previous book in a competition and really enjoyed it so much that I purchased this one. It was great to meet some of the characters from the first book again. It is certainly a book to make you think about victims of locked in syndrome. The book is well written and you can feel the frustration of the character in the story. The topic is well researched by the author. Only problem I had with the book is that everyone got their just deserts in the end, the bad guys got caught, the victim is rescuerd. In the real world this seldom happens. All in all it's a great read and it does not take away from the enjoyment of the book . Totally recommended read...
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on August 29, 2011
Maybe it is just me but The Devil's Peak seemed to be something written quickly to piggy back on the success of Devil's Deep, Wallace'a best book to date.

I've read every one of Michael Wallace's books and this is the least entertaining of all of them. The main character of Devil's Deep, Wes Pilson, was absent for the most part. A shame as he was a strong, likeable character and appeared to be unceremoniously dumped for lack of anything for him to do. The lady who helped him in Deep, Becca, is now his girlfriend and looking for patients with locked in syndrome. As with Deep, the place where the current locked in patient, Walter Fitzroy, resides will not allow any person to check so subterfuge is needed. The plot thickens as a seriously crazed patient has decided Walter is the love of her life and plans to kidnap him - or kill him - even she isn't sure.

There are other nefarious plots circling Fitzroy keeping his locked in syndrome from being discovered - all very well planned out and very Michael Wallace. Keeping the different plots going is a Wallace gift and he doesn't disappoint in this book. The problem, for me, came in the delivery. Jumping back and forth in time was an issue. Long conversations for little reason were another issue. Parts of the book were slow - very slow.

The plots were good but the action was forced. I will still read Wallace's books - this was just not the best.
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on February 25, 2012
A new plot that resembles the first in the series, The Devil's Deep, Wallace again provides an entertaining and inspirational tale that will sure to please mystery and thriller readers abound. Revenge, family squabbles and a deranged woman all play a role in Becca & Wes's quest to unlock the prison of someone's own mind. Can't wait for the next in the series.
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on March 22, 2014
Get ready for a roller coaster ride. Characters, good and bad, will lead you through this novel, making your heart race up and down the slopes and through the horrors of the hospital and its subterranean hallways.
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on November 16, 2014
Fast, fascinating read. Well–constructed plot that kept this reader riveted. I haven't read "The Devil's Deep" but to me, this book stands on its own.

Book opens with a man in a locked down state who has regained use of his mind—internal—and is frantically trying to convey a message by blinking Morse code in one eye. But this man has a girlfriend, Darlene, who will go to great lengths, including murder, to avoid any improvement or void any attempt at communication to or from him.

Wesley, a health worker, wants to find out why his uncle died mysteriously in Costa Rica and so he goes there with Becca, a doctor, to investigate. While this part seems shoveled in to show off the author’s knowledge of that country and diving, it includes a tension-filled underwater sequence that makes it worthwhile.

Overall, a page turner, with vivid sequences, good characters, a pull-me-in and can’t-put-down plot. A few glitches that this reader, in my eagerness to discover the truth, was willing to overlook.

If you want a fast read with an intense plot, this is for you.
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