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on February 24, 2012
My husband and I just started the Diabetes Miracle diet. I'm pre-diabetic and my husband is diabetic. We were rather skeptical at first but decided to give it a run. The induction phase takes a little getting use to, but after being on it for about 3 weeks, I've seen a 7 pound drop and my husband has seen a 10 pound drops. However, we both know the weight loss will be slower because we are correcting a problem from the inside out. However, I checked my blood sugar two hours after eating and was surprised that I was sitting at 98- Normal. My husband, has all the earmarkers with the diabetes, his blood pressure is coming down, to levels he has not seen in 10 years, and he checked his blood sugar 2 hours after eating and found that his blood sugar was sitting at 102, when the lowest it has ever been in the past, was 130.

I'm hoping that it will move my high cholesterol numbers down to normal levels. From what the book says, if you have high cholesterol, high trig numbers, and/or high blood sugar numbers, the weight will not fly off until the diet cleans up the blood. I can wait, if it does improve my numbers. We will see.

With what I am currently seeing, I have a feeling I've chose the right book to correct my metabolism problem. With the results that we are currently seeing, my sister-in-law is now trying the diet.
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on March 29, 2012
I first discovered this diet, which now is really a lifestyle of choice, through Metabolism Miracle. I started the "diet" the same day I downloaded it on my Kindle. Within days I had downloaded the Cookbook. I have lost 15 lbs in 8 weeks. I have lost many more inches. Dropping 3 pant sizes. The bases is MM but Diane as had a few rewrites and it is easier and clearer to understand. I would suggest buying this book as it explains more and gives you insight into pre-diabetics. You will definitely garner more information. If you are a diabetic, pre-diabetic or non diabetic you will find answers to your questions. The diet is the same in all three books. Each book is a little more refined. In her latest book Diane explains the "diet" a little more, gives you more information on exercise, blood test, diabetes and how to prevent it. I would recommend buying the cookbook. I would not recommend buying them on your Kindle. There are charts which you can't really download and print. I have ending buying hardback copies too. If you crave carbs are addicted to sugar this book and help you get control of your life. It is not like South Beach or Adkins. You will eat carbs again and not gain back the weight!
Still eating this way pants have gone from a size 16 to a size 8. Tops from XXL to L/M. Couldn't have been happier
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on May 1, 2012
"The Diabetes Miracle" is such a fabulous book that it deserved my first book review ever. It is not just for diabetics, but for anyone overweight who wants to become more healthy. It changed many of my longstanding beliefs that eating lots of whole grain foods and avoiding fats was healthy. That's backwards. As a retired engineer I was able to confirm via blood tests virtually everything Diane Kress has written about the bad effects of carbohydrates on blood sugar, the existence of the liver's glycogen cycle and the necessity of eating at least one "carb serving" every 4 hours or less. No doctor has ever told me to eat before bed for a fasting blood test in the morning, yet that was just the first of the revelations in this book.

It was a non 8-hour fast that falsely indicated a severe prediabetic condition for myself and got me started on an aggressive 1200 calorie diet, on which I lost 2 pounds a week for ten weeks. Then I discovered her book, began timing my meals, restricting carbohydrates and increasing the fiber/protein/vegetable fats in my diet, as she advises. I lost more like 3 pounds a week on the same caloric input. Blood sugar levels became almost flat with a little exercise an hour or so after eating meals with overall fiber grams equal to about 25% of carbohydrate grams. That is an improvement on the 2 grams fiber out of 11-20 grams of carbohydrate that she advises. I am now eating breakfast, brunch, late lunch, dinner, late dessert and bedtime snack while continuing to lose weight and feel great. One thing I found - and something she does not mention - is that under such aggressive dieting the liver glycogen cycles become shorter to the point where I could no longer fast (or sleep or delay eating breakfast) for longer than 7 hours overnight before my liver began its second overnight increase of my blood sugar levels. I had been able to sleep for up to 9 hours before I began restricting carbohydrates. I was "forced" to raise calories to above 1500 per day to get back to being able to fast for eight hours overnight. Her book does not mention calories much at all - just to eat high fiber foods from a list she provides until feeling full. I could have used some guidance on recommended caloric input when hunger no longer exists as motivation. I also found that some of the snacks suggested to reset the liver glycogen clock, such as a cup of strawberries or half a banana actually had inadequate carbohydrate grams to do the job under aggressive dieting. An orange or apple or whole banana has always worked, however.

Another thing she writes is that some blood pressure medications increase blood sugar levels. That was dramatic in my case. Elimination of a diuretic as my blood pressure fell, caused my blood sugar levels to drop 10-15% over a week as my blood pressure climbed a similar amount, while remaining acceptable. Suddenly my fasting blood sugar was 15% below the threshold for prediabetes she mentions, after being marginal for weeks. Simultaneously I appeared to stop losing 3 three pounds a week for a week, apparently retaining about 3 pounds of water and simply diluting my blood and blood sugar concentration by 15%. I am not impressed with any medical approach that prescribes a diuretic to reduce blood pressure at the expense of increasing blood sugar concentrations and vice-verso. Both conditions are bad. Nor am I impressed with any blood sugar level indicators that fail to account for blood dilution or lack thereof in determining whether or not one has prediabetes or diabetes.

I am very impressed with her book, however. It is full of assertions, that I feel I have proven to be correct, that everyone should learn for the good of their health. I recommend it to everyone who remarks about my dramatic weight loss, that I now know how to attain and maintain.

Twelve Month Update 2/2013: Twelve months after being pronounced prediabetic and having an A1c of 6.5% - actually in the diabetic range - I have now had two completely normal six month blood test checkups with A1c tests of of 5.6% and 5.5%, including normal LDL, HDL and triglycerides. I have not taken cholesterol/triglyceride medications for seven months; I no longer need to test my blood sugar; I have lost about 70 pounds and have maintained that weight for three months now. My weight and BMI is now within the "normal" range. I wear medium shirts instead of XL. I owe it all to Diane Kress's advice in this book. While I never did her Phase 1 diet because I discovered her book only after already starving to lose significant weight, out of fear of diabetes, I continue to largely follow her Phase 2 diet. I still eat six times a day with each meal containing about 15 net grams of carbohydrates, supplemented with greater calories from healthy fats and proteins. While I have given up milk, juices, cereals, potato, pasta, rice, pastries and most bread, I do not feel hungry or deprived in any way. I have increased consumption of vegetables, greens, nuts, seeds, yogurt, lean meats, eggs, low carb wraps & pitas, bananas, berries, apples, olives, butter and soft cheeses. I have learned that if one does the exact opposite of those decades of USDA high carb/low fat diet recommendations, one will be healthy. Thank you Diane Kress!
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Diane Kress is a Registered Dietician and author of the best selling book "The Metabolism Miracle". She has over thirty years of hands on experience working with diabetes, metabolism and weight disorders. She shares her knowledge and experience in her new book, "The Diabetes Miracle".

The 352 page book covers step by step what you need to do if you are prediabetic, or have type 2 diabetes. The book begins with an overview of the issue. Diabetes is rampant in the US, with millions of Americans having the disease or on the road to getting it. It is not only common but growing. According to Kress, the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) predicts that one in three adults may have diabetes by the year 2050. These means millions of Americans are at greater risk for stroke, blindness, excess weight and other health problems as a result of the disease.

But what to do about it? In the book Kress shares how to prevent type 2 diabetes if you are on that path. And how to manage type 2 diabetes if you already have it. She promotes a 3 step diet plan, exercise and supplements to regain health. If you are taking medication, by following the plan and working with your physician, it is possible that you may be able to eliminate the need for medication or cut back.

Diane's writing style is very clear and she is able to share detailed medical information, in an easy to read way. You are left with a better understanding of the disease and how it works and you are given a clear concise action plan.

The diet is a 3 step plan designed to normalize the blood sugar, put the body in fat burning mode and more. In Step 1, you detox with an 8 week "boot camp". Here you will eat a lo carb (not no carb) diet. You will eat tons of veggies, good protein and healthy fats through out the day. In Step 2, you introduce more carbs in a methodical way to keep control of the blood sugar. Step 3 is maintenance mode. In Step 3, you enjoy a greater range of carbs. This is the plan you will follow as a lifestyle plan.

The diet plan includes drinking water, taking supplements, and exercise. Exercise is a great way to keep blood sugar on an even keel and Diane, shares how to do it for the best effect.

In addition to following the plan, Diane shares how the right attitude and managing stress are important facets to a well rounded plan for managing this disease.

The book is truly outstanding. Diane has experienced amazing results with her clients who follow her plan. Now you can share in this knowledge and potentially enjoy renewed health and vitality. If you,a loved one, or someone you know have diabetes, this can be a game changer!
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on September 9, 2012
As a type 2 diabetic since 2004, I was thrilled to come across The Diabetes Miracle, by Diane Kress.

In May 2011, I started with Diane Kress' first book, The Metabolism Miracle and successfully was able to lose over 30 pounds of FAT and eliminate all medication for diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

The Diabetes Miracle contains the core lifestyle of The Metabolism Miracle with much needed, simple explanations of type 2 diabetes. I learned all sorts of stuff I never knew. For example, the difference between your BS numbers when you wake-up vs. 2 hours after a meal. Also, when the best time to exercise is as that will affect your numbers as well. I even start testing my BS on a regular basis because of the information in her book as I never did and just relied on my A1C.

My life will never be the same and the same goes with my family. As I was adopted, I had not known any of my medical history. Now, I can pass this lifestyle on to my children so that they will never become pre-diabetic or type 2. As my husband is also Met. B, he has been able to keep from becoming pre-diabetic by following Diane's plan as well.

As someone who has also suffered from depression, I know how discouraging life can get. es[ecially when you are following a diet and still gaining weight. If you can do one good thing for yourself, please do pick up Diane's book. It will literally change your life for the better. Yes, I have type 2, but I won't allow it to control me as I now have the tools to stay at a healthy weight and to be able to keep my blood sugar under great control without medication.

Lots of people/programs are out there to make a quick dollar and don't care if what they are saying is potentially dangerous to your health. Not Diane Kress. Her program is tried and true and she stands 200% behind it. Her support site, [...] is a great place where you have direct access to her and she is on all the time answering our questions.
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on December 21, 2012
I have just been diagnosed with Diabetes, but at my check up my readings were all pretty good but I decided to go on that diet that you monitored your blood sugar( to see how you reacted and even that one didn't explain it like this one does) and even tho at the docs my sugar was ok , it really wasn't I did some research before I went back to the doctor and saw I had symptoms of metabolic syndrome. So when I discussed it later when my bp was still not going down he suggested a A1c test. Then I got the "diabetes education" and if I ate like that I would never lose weight and the few days I did my sugar was way up there. I had lost some weight before on the "carbohydrate addicts diet" which is similar to this one but and this is a big But it was never explained as far as the liver and pancreas functions or maybe I just didn't understand in that book.

I don't remember how I ended up seeing this book but it all makes sense now, how I can eat just like others and never lose weight, thinking I was being healthy but for me the problems are starches. A carb is a carb is not for me. So after Christmas I am going to put all this new knowledge to the test.
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on April 12, 2014
My husband has been treated for Type 2 Diabetes for about 5 yrs now. As Diane describes in her book, he has been progressively escalating medications with insulin injections in his near future. Nothing we were doing was stabilizing his blood glucose reads until we took a chance on this diet. I was afraid of cutting carbs and sugar out of his diet, and at first, it was a little discouraging because his results didn't seem to be improving. But just wait - you must give this diet a chance. Diane warns that you won't see results overnight and if you have been on meds for several years, like my husband, it might take a little bit longer. His readings went from 285 2hrs after meals, down to 122 after meals in just 2 weeks - WITHOUT ANY MEDS! His blood glucose readings, which were inexplicably spiking like crazy before this diet, have become consistent and are dropping a few points every day. We still has a ways to go, but I am so thankful that we found this book. This diet promotes healthy eating habits whether your have diabetes or not, and it's definitely maintainable. If you are looking for a way off all the meds, give this diet a try - you won't regret it!
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on March 7, 2012
For full disclosure, I've only read half of the book so far, but I can tell that this book is different from other diabedes and diet books i've read. It is really explained well. I regret no doctor had the time to propertly explain things like this. My experience with doctors has been "here's your last test results, take these pills, see you in a month for a retest". The part that really touched me the most in this book was when the author described the pattern most people are on, which is to take a bunch of pills, and eventually almost everyone ends up on insulin shots, then dies. And that is exactly how I felt I was heading until I started reading this book. I finally understand how sugar works, and what insulin is, and about metabolism, etc. I really believe after Step 1, of eight weeks, I will see real improvement, and hopefully may not need to take as much medication. And it's written every honestly, like the part where if someone deviates from the very important and somewhat difficult Step 1, you have to allow adding another 3 days to Step 1 for every mess up. I don't want to go beyond 8 weeks for Step 1, and I appreciated the way she wrote it and explained it. I look forward to finishing the rest of the book shortly and getting on the plan right away. Good luck!
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on September 15, 2012
Having been diagnosed with Diabetes in April I began researching everything I could about diabetes and what I could do to control it. I happened across Diane Kress' blog and began reading. Her story was my story. She seemed to understand and experience everything I had over the last 20+ years of weight gain and weight loss and on and on. I HAD to buy the book. I downloaded it to my Nook (sorry Amazon I don't have a Kindle). I learned more about diabetes in the first 30 pages of this book than I had attending classes recommended by my physician (not knocking the classes though). I began following the DM plan and I am currently in my 5th week of Step 1. My recent blood work shows improvements in all areas. Per the plan I have not weighed myself, but I know I've lost weight, and inches, because my clothes are falling off of me. Pants that were too tight in April, are way too loose today. All of my dresses are too big. I feel better, I look better, I have more energy. My MD is so thrilled with my blood work that she told me she will take me off my medication if my numbers continue to improve. I cannot stress enough that this is a plan that works. BUY THIS BOOK, or the METABOLISM MIRACLE if you are not pre-diabetic or diabetic. Diane understands the Met-B person and what they can do to change their lives! BUY THIS BOOK, BUY THIS BOOK, BUY THIS BOOK. Follow the plan, believe in it and yourself and you too will be writing a review encouraging others to BUY THIS BOOK! Oh, did I tell you, BUY THIS BOOK!!!!
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on July 17, 2012
I picked up Diane's book because of recent concerns my physician had regarding my blood glucose levels. I found The Diabetes Miracle to be a scientifically and medically sound presentation of Met B, prediabetes, and diabetes Type I and II as well as a program for dealing with them. Diane writes for the patient in language that is easily digested and understood. The book takes you through an explanation of this progressive condition and allows you to conclude that with the appropriate life style, this condition does not have to be one that leads to an inevitable decline. Diabetes can be successfully managed. Her vigilant counsel to work with your doctor is sound as is her approach to how you should eat. He eating program has three Steps with Step 3 being the rest of your life. I find her exercise recommendation of one half hour more than you are currently doing for 5 days a week to be doable albeit minimal. (For reasons more than managing these conditions, I believe you should be exercising 1 hour week 6 days a week.)

My only criticism is that the author has chosen the option of not making this book one you may lend on the Kindle. (Had I realized that, I would not have purchased the Kindle edition.)

As an approach to managing one's Met B, prediabetes, and diabetes, I highly recommend this book.

The Diabetes Miracle: 3 Simple Steps to Prevent and Control Diabetes and Regain Your Health . . . Permanently
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