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on January 16, 2007
I've followed with interest Gregg Braden's pioneering work over the years, on the Zero Point, the Science of Compassion, the Isaiah Effect, and the God Code. This latest text by him is presented in three parts:

Part I, "Discovering the Divine Matrix: The Mystery That Connects All Things,"
Part II, "The Bridge Between Imagination and Reality: How the Divine Matrix Works,"
Part III, "Messages from the Divine Matrix: Living, Loving, and Healing in Quantum Awareness,"

Initially I was skeptical that The Divine Matrix was more likely a commercialized repeat of those earlier works since his joining the Hay House Club. However, I was delighted to be proven wrong, and found myself uplifted by his blend of personal story telling and how the latest findings in the quantum science world contribute to his own personal self-realizations. Although I felt aspects of the scientific connections he made in The God Code were drawing a long bow, this is less the case in the Divine Matrix, as the scientific references he makes are to more readily accessible mainstream, published works done by others. The Divine Matrix is an "educated hypothesis" co-related to his life experience, based on some key scientific experiments and findings from sacred manuscripts, rather than a pure work of science. Those readers looking for a pure science text are likely to be disappointed.

Yes - the Divine Matrix includes 20 Keys summarizing the more important concepts of the Divine Matrix and how to consciously create within it. Personally, I found this approach slightly over-complicated. Life is much simpler, and every time we create a so called Key or rule, we create belief systems and conditions, which vested interests then spend precious energy arguing about who's experience of these is right or wrong. For me, we are One Being; Many Realities, rather than Many Beings; One Reality. It's fruitless to argue anyone's reality is "the rule" or more right than anyone else's. I would have felt more comfortable if he had prefaced these concepts by stating "Gregg's Perception of the 20 Keys" rather than the "Absolute Keys of the Divine Matrix."

A wise person once said, "God has no need for rules, only Humans do".

Overall, I found the Divine Matrix a delight and easy to read. I recommend it to those who might be familiar with the general gist of the findings from the Quantum World, and might be wondering, what difference does this really make to our daily lives, without the hype or jargon. For more experienced readers this is really a synopsis of his previous work, videos and lectures. For me, it's his personal stories that provide the enrichment. Still great value.
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on February 8, 2007
I was initially attracted to this book by a referral from another Hays House author's email. And being a consciousness researcher and a big fan of The Matrix movie, how could I not be attracted to a book entitled "The Divine Matrix"?

I eagerly awaited the book to arrive from Amazon. When it arrived, I immediately started to delve into the text. Pretty soon I found myself getting annoyed. I stopped to reflect "why"? What was being triggered within? The simple answer is that the author's conclusions do not follow the examples. Repeatedly, Mr. Braden presents an overview of a series of (quantum physics) experiments and draws a series of conclusions from each one. Unfortunately, one or more of these conclusions do not seem to follow "logically" from the experimental results described. Sometimes a conclusion is simply inserted and repeated as an obvious fact, as if repeating often enough makes it true.

In all fairness, I must disclose that I have been reading, studying and absorbing quantum physics ideas since early high school. I have been immersed in a hybrid Buddhist-quantum perspective since that time, as well:

In the Buddhist world view, we are all stuck in karmic cycles of cause and effect - suffering from delusions and root fears due to these delusions. Because of the matrix that interconnects all transitory things ("holographically"), the karmic effects of delusion will never be eliminated until all beings are transformed into Buddhas. To acheive this is the primary goal of any thinking, feeling person. Thus, each person applies him/herself to this transformation NOW, not waiting for a more convienent time or a different life. Each person walks the path of Dharma teachings with the goal of transforming self so as to be of service transforming all other beings. In this process, meditation, visualization, the energy of emotions and so forth are applied. A key practice is that of "taking on" the energy or form of a Buddha, pretending in the present moment to be that which you are not (yet). Over time, this forms an energetic space in which you actually become that which is imagined. The goal is to transform not simply self, but to transform the shared world of delusion into the Pure Land of Bliss.

I mention this Buddhist outlook because it embodies thru daily practice many of the "keys" presented in "The Divine Matrix". So perhaps Mr. Braden's book is simply too much of a primer for me. Even so, as a reader, I want more than breathless assertions. I want something to chew on, to think and meditate on. Something that addresses not just my logical mind but my inner wisdom mind as well.

That said, the 20 keys in this book will be a useful read for many! It does not matter that these keys can be gleaned in many other sources or from introspection, nor that the keys could probably be edited into a more concise set. As I read this material, I can't help but think of so many of my own primary sources that opened my eyes to the "real world" - Jane Robert's Seth books, John Lily's 1960's classic "Programming and Metaprogramming in the Human Biocomputer", books by Fred Allen Wolf and other physicists-turned-mystics, Buddhist texts, to name a few.

In conclusion, this book is a nice light (as another reviewer said "fluffy") intro to important information and ideas for many readers. For the more advanced and experimental reader, I'd like to suggest another book which I have been absorbing in parallel to "The Divine Matrix" --> "The Four Insights: Wisdom, Power and Grace of the Earthkeepers" by Alberto Villoldo, PhD. This is his newest offering in a series of books covering shamic and mystical ideas and practices of South American (Inka and Amazonian) Earthkeepers. Its about the power to re-vision your world, to clear your Light Body of karmic implants and to help heal all beings around you. It is well worth your time!
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on August 4, 2007
I've read many, many books of a spiritual nature over the last several years and, over & over again I would read that we are all connected somehow and that we impact, or co-create, our reality. But, until reading Braden's "The Divine Matrix", I didn't really understand these ideas.

This book is so powerful because Braden doesn't just tell readers how to "intend" a different future, or make the statement that we are all connected, but instead he explains how & why these statements are true based on new scientific evidence. Plus, although the scientific concepts he discusses are quite complex, he has the ability to make them easy to understand for people who, like me, have no physics background.

The overall concept is that there is a web of energy where all things begin and all possibilities exist. It's this "web" that connects us to everyone and everything, and through which we bring possibilities into existence (co-creating our reality through imagination, prayer, judgement, expectation, etc...). What a brilliant design!

An awesome "bonus" is the "20 Keys to Consciousness" he includes at the end, where he outlines how to use the information he provides to create the life you want to live. You may want to type these up, print them out, and hang them somewhere that you'll see them everyday...

In addition to the scientific concepts and research discussed in "The Divine Matrix", Braden also shares some personal stories reflecting his journey of discovering, understanding, and using this information - providing a really nice balance between the science & the personal.

Overall, I would HIGHLY reccomend "The Divine Matrix" to anyone interested in how science is beginning to prove the truth of ancient spiritual concepts, as well as those who'd like to co-create a better future. It's insightful, profound, and an "easy read" (when compared to other books of this genre).
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VINE VOICEon February 6, 2007
This book is trying, un-successfully, to bridge spirituality and quantum physics. Problem is the book does not demonstrate a solid enough understanding in quantum physics or mysticism to smoothly do the job. And equally puzzling is that the content as it relates to spirituality does not seem deep either. This is a New Age book with little, if any, substance.

Example: "The key is that the energy connecting everything in the universe is also a part of what it connects!"

Well, if you have studied the Vedanta or any kind of experiential path (Gnosis) then you would realize that energy and things are all the same. It's all energy. Why would you stop here and consider that some things are energy and some things are still matter or something else. Thus the books uses words to imply an understanding that is stuck in a dualistic view. The claim is that there is a matrix somehow 'out there' but in reality everything is one.

Example: "They demonstrate that human emotion (beliefs, expectations, and feelings) are the language that the Divine Matrix recognizes"

Emotions are only one language. You have many bodies, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, etc. Each body has a language. You have sensations of the body, thoughts and images of the mind, feelings of the emotions, inspiration, etc. ALL of these modes are in you as a microcosm of the sensations, thoughts, images, inspirations, and feelings of the universe. Whenever you try to dissect and then separate (instead of integrate) the human and our modes of knowing you end up with incomplete and potentially dangerous worldviews, religions, science, etc. The book does not convey a realization yet that when addressing emotions they are also really vibrations. Emotions are just one language and is dualistic. Vibration is the whole realm of interaction. If you have any experience with Mantra then you also realize that vibration through sound creates and aligns many things much more firmly and powerfully then just holding a feeling. If we only needed feelings we would not need to vocalize nor have any of the other capabilities that we have.

Example: "Experiments in quantum physics do show, in fact, that the act of us looking at something as tiny as an electron-just focusing our awareness upon what that electron is doing for even an instant in time-changes its properties while we are looking. The experiments suggest that the very act of observation is an act of creation and that consciousness is doing the creating."

Actually, there is no electron. In Quantum physics there are only forces and probabilities. The next level of these forces are described as being waves. Technically it is thought that the act of observation produces an effect called 'collapsing the wave'. There are many mathematical proofs behind this. But this concept of electrons came about very early in Western Physics and there is, at the essence, really no such thing. So this is another example of where technical information is communicated in an incomplete way.

Example: "The ancient mystics reminded our hearts, and modern experiments have proven to our minds, that the single most powerful force in the universe is the emotion that lives within each of us"

Um, actually, no one can prove what the most powerful force is. In fact, the true conti-unity of all existance is beyond force. This is the reality found beyond reality realized by states of consciousness like Samadhi. No one can prove what the ultimate is because it is beyond words, beyond the mind.

Example: To cite the Chief Seattle speech shows lack of skill. There is great controversy as to whether this even occurred. A small bit of Internet research shows this to be the case.

It appears that this book fits within a category of a neo-spiritual genre. This kind of featherweight material can be of service to those who need to get started on the spiritual path. But this kind of light-weight material is also potentially doing a disservice to those people who will be delayed in their growth by thinking there is more in these teachings than there is. Those kind of teachings, in many cases, can be seen as a kind of spiritual toy or candy.

Specifically this book shows evidence of a very thin (and awkward) assemblage through a process of mental association. This process lacks the depth and poetry of real insight from spritual practies such as deep meditation, yoga, fasting, shamanism, etc. So you get a lot of mental conclusions but not much in the way of deep truth.

In general the self help movement has attempted to hijack quantum physics and spirituality. That segment is going to rapidly be seen as a temporary station on the spiritual path. Self help/new thought/new age/motivational speakers who just 10 years had specials on PBS are now *very* much eclipsed.

People are seeing that direct experience is the way to go and what you really need on the spiritual path does not come from books, not from what someone else says, but from what you discover from inside yourself. You are the God/dess and you do not need anyone to tell you what truth is.

For so long the self-help movement has been a kind of virtual church for those who were seeking new information and in some cases spiritual growth. But the movement still has the flavor of needing the guru or expert (used to be called preacher) to tell you what you needed to do. It is the same old priesthood in another set of garments. It is not direct experience. It is following what you are told by either a set of writings or someone else. And increasingly, with exponential speed, this will not serve any longer the psychic, spiritual, and karmic needs and destiny of humanity.

If you have been on the path for awhile then it is hard to get a handle on anything in this book that is helpful. Lots of words are used but when you check yourself later you realize you do not get much. Fluffy, not solidified, not congruent. Much of this content seems to be at the level of high-level magazine articles. You do not get solid information in a meaningful way nor corresponding practices to realize any kind of yoga or embodiement of reality or metaphysics.

If you are new to the spiritual path and know nothing about quantum physics this is an ok introduction. But you would be much better served by What the Bleep Do We Know!?. And if you want to really get into some leading thought bridging science and metaphysics then Nassim Haramein is the leading researcher as in Black Whole.

Here is a great book if you have not yet read it The Universe Is a Green Dragon: A Cosmic Creation Story.

There is one Hay House author who merits your attention, and believe it or not, it's Deepak Chopra, especially in older works as in The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success: A Practical Guide to the Fulfillment of Your Dreams
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VINE VOICEon January 11, 2007
WOW! Talk about a literary, spiritual and consciousness MASTERPIECE, that is what this book is - and I do NOT say this lightly! I LOVE everything this book represents, how it was written (in language anyone can understand) and with REAL DEPTH and WISDOM, THIS BOOK has made me a "fan" of Gregg Braden!

Here I wanted to share some quotes directly from this PHENOMENAL book for you:

"The key is that the energy connecting everything in the universe is also a part of what it connects!"

"There are more attributes that set the Divine Matrix apart from any other energy of its kind. First, it can be described as being everywhere all the already exists. Unlike a broadcast from a TV or radio station that has to be created into one place before being sent and received somewhere else, this field seems to be everywhere already."

"The bottom line of what this experiment demonstrates is that the behavior of the particles when the experiment begins appears to be determined entirely by things that don't even happen until the experiment is finished. In other words, the present has the power to change what's already occurred in the past. And this is the so-called quantum-eraser effect: Things that happen after the fact can change ("erase") the way the particles behave at an earlier point in time."

"The common denominator of the twofold:

1. They show us that we're a part of the Divine Matrix

2. They demonstrate that human emotion (beliefs, expectations, and feelings) are the language that the Divine Matrix recognizes."

"...For all intents and purposes, the operating system of a computer is fixed and doesn't change. In other words, it "is" what it is. When we want to see our computer do something different, we don't change the operating system - WE CHANGE THE COMMANDS THAT GO INTO IT. (My caps, italics in the book.) The reason why this is important is that consciousness appears to work precisely the same way."

The section called "20 KEYS OF CONSCIOUS CREATION" is way too good for me to "quote" here - because the LAST thing I want to do is give you the ending of this amazing book - it's something you will want to read, absorb and experience for yourself in the expansion of your consciousness - it's fantastic!

I can ONLY give my HIGHEST recommendation for this book, for how much it CAN transform your consciousness, which is HOW to transform your life. Gregg Braden deserves an award for this book. It's entirely inspiring, filled with amazing insight, is an outstanding read, and one that I feel honored to even review!

I believe THE DIVINE MATRIX: Bridging Time, Space, Miracles, and Belief - is one book that you will be giving yourself a MAJOR GIFT in reading. That's exactly what this book is - a MAJOR GIFT to Humanity - and I sincerely mean this with all of my heart.

Deserves 1,000 Stars!

Barbara Rose, Ph.D. author of If God Was Like Man and If God Hears Me I Want an Answer!
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on January 3, 2007
The author does a phenomenal job of articulating ancient spiritual truths in common parlance using science as the funnel through which his ideas emerge. A shift in consciousness and perception (which is our birthright) is the foundation upon which our "reality" and this book, is based. Clear, concise yet not devoid of personality, this book causes one to rethink what Jesus of Nazareth meant when he said "I am with you always." I will read this material over and over again - from different states of mind - and enjoy it more than the time before. I would say that this work is not only important reading, but necessary for anyone who would like to replace dogma and constraint with something much more liberating and joyful.
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on December 28, 2006
Gregg Braden has done a masterful job in taking the issues of the relationship between spirituality and quantum theory and making them easily understood. More importantly, he shows in this book how work being done in these fields is changing the way we think about ourselves and the world we live in. Particularly helpful are the several charts and graphs in the book and the "20 Keys of Conscious Creation." If you are a fan of Gregg's other books, if you have seen the film What the Bleep Do We Know, or The Secret, or are in any way curious about new ways of thinking about reality, then get this book and read it!
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on May 17, 2010
I started reading through this book, recently given to me as a gift, but was unable to get very far. As a physicist, the scientific claims put forth by the author are views of a fringe in the scientific field at best, and outright misrepresentations at worst. As an example, take the discussion on page 21, discussing the existence of the aether. Gregg Braden claims that a "report" was published in Nature, suggesting the existence of the aether. However, if one actually looks up the reference quoted in the back of the book, ([...]) the "report" is in fact a LETTER to the editor (thus not peer reviewed), and does not seem (to me) to make any of the sweeping claims that Braden attributes to it. The existence of an aether seems central to the author's argument of a "Divine Matrix." Thus, the implied claim of scientific support for the "Divine Matrix" seems like an outright misrepresentation.

I suppose the point of this review is simply to emphasize that there is little actual science to be learned about in this book. If your goal is to actually learn something about the science of quantum mechanics, or physics for that matter, look elsewhere. (I find Richard Feynman's books, such as QED, to be accessible and informative for example.) Quantum mechanics is certainly an interesting subject, and does have deep philosophical implications. However, such misrepresentations of what the study of quantum mechanics has actually discovered, and the rather interesting questions about the nature of reality that it certainly does pose, does not only a disservice to the reader, but the scientific community as a whole. One of the goals of the scientific community surely is communication of its discoveries to the public (which funds it!), and the dissemination of such pseudoscience by non-scientists such as Gregg Braden is detrimental to that goal.
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23 of 24 people found the following review helpful
As a voracious reader, I usually race through books, rarely stopping until I've finished. This book was different.

I moved slowly through the book over a period of days rather than hours, pausing to comtemplate quantum weirdness, and, especially, mirrors that send us messages about ourselves. While, like the author, I had been told that people in our lives reflect who we are, I found the notion didn't work for me when, from time to time, people in my life behaved in ways anathema to me. Never before had I considered that they reflected my own tightly-held judgements. That one idea has been freeing!

Savoring the keys to conscious creation, I reflected on people and experiences that have flowed in -- and out -- of my life. How those people and experiences have changed and strengthened me, how I choose to use that strength in the future, how my actions influence the whole -- all came to awareness while reading this remarkable book.

Take your time to consider the remarkable discoveries detailed in this book. You'll find it worthwhile.

Five stars. Well done!
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35 of 39 people found the following review helpful
Great book! Very explanatory. The Divine Matrix is a field of energy. It is our world and everything in our world. We are part of it too.

The book talks about the process of getting what you truly want and "how to do it". Recaps the 20 important things to remember at the end, after explaining each of the 20 in depth, in its chapter spot. Some of the things explained are that you must put out there the thought of what you want (your consciousness creates), include emotion in the thought, and it is imperative that you see yourself as already being there/having the item/situation. That last one is a deal-breaker. (I've personally found it very helpful, when you are visualizing what you want, to include all of your 5 senses in the visualization process, too--or as many of the 5 senses as possible. See it. Feel it. Smell it, etc. That also enhances the "emotion" factor they speak of in the book.) The book goes into in-depth explanations on quantum theory and scientific-based explanations throughout the book that will amaze you. Good material. If you REALLY want to change your life, and are willing to do some radical belief-changing (at least for most people), and some attitude-changing, this book provides great information and the process.

Assuming you are not already there, you must begin changing from the inside out. You must begin to let go of negative emotions (fear, anger, jealousy), so that you can tune in to the correct vibrations. Hint: This really is a prerequisite. Start anywhere you can in self improvement, but you gotta get rid of negative vibes.) (If you hang on to the negative vibes, they will interfere with your ability to manifest what you truly want. You will, instead, manifest what you do NOT want. An great example is fear. You are afraid the car will break down. You keep thinking "I hope the car does not break down. Guess what. It does because you kept thinking about it. Even though you said "not". The universe does not understand the "not" part. And, while you were thinking "not," that fear put a lot of emotion in the thinking process. When I think back about some of the things that happened in past years after my fears put all that energy into them--coincidence? Nah! Way too many times. The more emotion, the quicker they come to pass. Be careful where you put your thoughts. Remember the old saying "Be careful what you wish for") Anyway, read the book. You won't go wrong. This is life-changing material.

There is a lot of similar stuff out there right now, covering this very hot topic, and for good reason. There are more opportunities today than ever before to raise your awareness. People are beginning to put their beliefs and experiences into print and are also able to provide some scientific evidence of things previously thought to be lies/B.S./a joke/impossible, etc.

Different books out there talk about "mirroring," how people will "mirror" your behaviors/fears/uncertainties, etc. back to you, as a lesson for you to see. Toward the end of the book, it includes a more in-depth explanation about mirroring, explaining 5 types of mirroring. "Reflections of the Moment" is the normal mirroring, reflecting back what you think. But the second type of mirroring is "Reflections of what we judge in the moment". This was the first time I read of mirroring the way we judge and it was a big "aha" moment for me. I believed I was pretty free of judging others, but there were 2 people who I still had issues with. I could not figure out why. I was not EVER like they acted. Then I realized, I was unconsciously still "judging" their behaviors. That lesson, alone, was worth the price of this book for me! Now I can resolve these issues and be "free" of these feelings once and for all.

I also highly recommend motivational materials by Dr. Wayne Dyer. I also recommend getting away from the television (too much negativity) and finding yourself some really peaceful music, whatever artist(s) resonates best with you. If you're into Angels, check out Doreen Virtue. If you are looking for communicating with Spirit Guides or Animals, or Aura Reading, or interpreting messages from nature and/or animals, try Ted Andrews. Ted also has a Kaballah book which I have only skimmed through so far, but he puts out excellent books which are very informative.

Peace and love to you in your quest for knowledge.
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