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on October 14, 1998
This book is as close as you will find to a handbook for modern life. Dr. Drew and Adam Carolla answer questions about relationships, sex, drugs, mental health and life in general in an entertaining, insightful way. The book is written clearly and organized by topic which makes it an easy read and a useful reference.
Dr. Drew and Adam are an unlikely pair who share an original chemistry. Dr. Drew, a board-certified physician and addiction medicine specialist, provides easy-to-understand, authoritative information on a variety of topics critical to every human. Adam Carolla, a radio personality, comedian, actor and former construction worker, provides the wit, charm and humor that make even the hard answers easy to swallow.
Learn what Adam believes a cat can teach men about handling women. Hear Dr. Drew separate the myths from the truths about sexuality. Read Adam's rules about who should be banned from having sex. Listen to Dr. Drew's advice on abuse, drug use, STDs and many, many more topics.
This is a great book for parents to use to initiate discussions with their kids about these difficult topics. If you can't bring yourself to talk to your kid, at least let Dr. Drew and Adam do it. They bring a sense of moral conscience and responsibility back to relationships.
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on November 12, 2001
The book is only a shadow of the radio show, but it's still great.
The "Editorial Review" by Brangien Davis, above, is embarrassing. Unless Beavis, Butthead, or Andrew Dice Clay have some hidden medical degrees, the only thing they have in common with Adam and Drew is being politically incorrect. If political correctness is your first priority, you'll hate this book. But if you want the truth, there's a lot of it here.
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on October 5, 2000
This book contains excellent information in an easy-to-read, easy-to-understand format and it's a definite must read for anyone interested in finding out what makes people tick. However, for those of you who are fans of "Loveline" and are hoping for the same kind of chemistry in written form, you're apt to be disappointed. The humor is there, the facts are there but it just doesn't flow as well as it does on t.v. or the radio. The transitions between the humor and the facts are choppy and/or nonexistant and it's written as more of an interview than a manual. I love Drew and Adam but this is perhaps not their strongest medium. Still a satisfying read and highly enjoyable.
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on November 29, 1998
I listen to Dr. Drew and Adam's radio show all the time. Every now and then, as they are dealing with a caller's problem, they make a point or impart some common sense that makes me think, "YES! They're exactly right. I wish EVERYBODY could have heard that last piece of advice!"
The Dr. Drew and Adam Book is a comprehensive collection of all those priceless nuggets of advice that I wish EVERYBODY could hear. Therefore, I think EVERYBODY should buy this book. It's content is served up in the "Complete Idiot's Guide To..." style, so even a fourteen year old with Attention-Deficit Disorder won't be able to put it down. There's lots of interesting sidebars, input from celebrities who have been guests on their show, etc.
This book is like Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus... only it's funnier, shorter, more practical, more hip, is about more than just relationships, and just better. The government should buy this book by the millions and make it required reading for all high school freshmen. Adults (especially parents) will love it, too. And it's cheap!
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on January 2, 2006
Reviews that give this book a one star, and even's official review, are extraordinarily biased and fell into a trap of what is akin to thesis history "thesis review." Basically these reviewers take whatever they feel necessary to justify giving this book a one star without looking at the pros of the book, so their argument for the book being rated poorly can be credible...

This book is what the title says it is. A survival guide to life and love. The beauty about this book is that it tackles questions that face most teens in their lives as well as the answers are very accessible and understandable to most readers. Questions about Contraception, Promiscuity, Use of Illicit Drugs, Depression and Suicide, Internet Relationships and much more are addressed with not only sincerity, but also humor, and humor can be a very powerful tool when reaching out to young people.

There is one notable flaw with this book, however. It's not that it doesnt run the gamut well, or answer questions appropriately, it's that some use of analogy is unnecessary. Adam overuses it in some instances. Although his analogies are solid for the most part, the use of it just seems far too generous to me.

I received this book in Grade 10 and as an 18 year old University freshman, I can honestly say that this book holds some advice and philosophies that are still pertinent to me today. If you are very conservative, this book is not for you. But if you are a teen who needs a book to give you extra insight about life, relationships, sex, love and more, without being overly intrusive but won't put you to sleep, this is a definite must read.
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on July 6, 1999
Hate to give it a bad review, as I love their radio show. I'd hoped this book would explore topics in more depth than can be done in their show, due to time limits and the chaos of the show. But it doesn't. It sounds mostly like a bunch of clips transcribed from the show. And that is its main failing. It sounds like some guys talking, and their conversation transcribed. And just like their on-air conversations, they get off-topic, don't fully answer questions, interrupt each other. Also, Adam's humor comes across badly on paper. Without hearing his tone and delivery, which makes it obvious that he's joking or being sarcastic, his comments just sound crass and sexist, especially if you're not familiar with his humor. I would have like to see them discuss the questions in greater depth, and with better organization and a more linear line of reasoning. You can get these answers for free, and in a much more entertaining format, from their on-air show and save your money.
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on July 10, 2004
This book is as honest as it gets. Adam and Drew are extremely good at reading people, trends, patterns of behavior ect. The Amazon Description of this book is extremely biased and the quotes are taken out of context. Most of the people who hated this book are so afriad of the reality that Adam and Drew offer. That being said, I recommend you listen to loveline, the radio show to get the true feel for what these two are saying.
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on July 14, 2004
I found this book to be amazing, because Dr. Drew and Adam know how to be honest. It's nice to read a book that isn't politically correct for a change. They really have an amazing understanding of people and really make you look at your own life and the choices you make in a whole new perspective. This book has helped me tremendously and I recommend it to anyone.
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on January 24, 2000
This book was pretty much taken out from the show except it was in a good order. i was impressed by the organization and thought it was very funny. if you are not a huge fan of the show you should save your money. However it is a good thing to have to resort to. The Gay Aptitude test is different and funnier. if you like that check the book out in the bookstore.
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on April 8, 2004
First Cracked, now this. I'm tired of paying good money and getting crap in return. I'm a recent fan of the Loveline show and wanted to get some more in-depth coverage of issues that Drew only touches on during the show. Sadly, neither this book nor Cracked provides that. I'd go so far as to say that we actually get less here than on their radio show. There's no excuse for this because while Loveline is free, these books cost good money, so readers expect a little more in return. I think it's depressing that a healer and good samaritan like Dr. Drew would produce crap like this book and the equally empty Cracked, in an attempt to rip off his devoted, trusting fans. I would like to return both these books to Amazon for a refund.
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