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on June 30, 2009
I'm only going to review the additional stuff that you get on the Ultra Violet Edition over the original "The Dream" If you want to see a review of "The Dream" you can check it out as I've already reviewed it. Ultra Violet adds a bonus disk with 5 additional tracks, 3 of which are brand new (well sort of, 'Call Me' has been purchasable for sometime now) Call Me, Sailing Away, & Dying Star. Sailing Away and Dying star are more 'ballads' but are incredible in that they really show how versatile her voice can be. Also you get videos of a few acoustic versions of their songs from "The Dream" along with a Metal Couture concert video. The videos alone I think are worth the repurchase they're quite lengthy (which is a good thing I think) and really show how she sounds without being 'enhanced' by the studio. It also shows that perhaps she doesn't sound quite like the CD will make you believe, however her voice still is entrancing kind of like how a fallen angel would sound if I was ever to hear one sing. All and all its worth the purchase even if you have "The Dream" heck I have both editions of "The Dream" and got the MP3's of Call Me, Sailing Away & Dying star.
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on July 22, 2009
I'll be the first to admit I did not enjoy "Beautiful Tragedy." The music was promising, the lead singer's (Maria Brink's) voice was promising, but then she screamed throughout the entire CD. I prefer melodic singing over screaming, so I listened to the CD only once before putting it away. Hence when I saw "The Dream," I refrained from buying it until reading the reviews at Amazon complaining that there's no screaming--I then bought it and have found it much more enjoyable and accessible than its predecessor.

I'm not saying that "Beautiful Tragedy" was a horrible album, just that it appeals to a type of listener different from one who'd prefer "The Dream." Like the complaints went, there's little screaming to be found on this CD aside from in "The Great Divide" (the only song on the CD which I always skip); Maria uses her voice to sing this time, and while some people prefer screaming, I prefer singing. One is not better or worse than the other, they're just different styles. I find nothing wrong in In This Moment putting out a more mainstream CD; some might call it selling out, but one can't say for sure what it means. Perhaps their next effort will return to the screaming, perhaps they'll stay with this style or try something new yet again. All I can say is I prefer this style myself.

Maria's voice has an edge but she can really sing, especially when she yells--not screams, but yells. The best I can describe her on this CD with my limited listening experience is as a harsher, edgier Pat Benatar for the 21st century. She can alternate easily between belting things out at the top of her lungs and singing in little more than a murmur. Most of the songs on this CD could easily appeal to listeners of more mainstream hard rock music or melodic metal. Standout tracks are "Forever," "All For You," "Lost At Sea," "Into The Light," and "You Always Believed." Most of the music is faster and more upbeat though there's the occasional slower moment; "Into The Light" is the main such song ("The doctor's saying hold on tight/As we say our last goodbyes/And this is a moment that changes our whole lives"), much quieter and more restrained than its fellows, and brings me to tears every time I listen to it. Despite a supposed "Alice In Wonderland" theme (with accompanying jacket artwork depicting the band members as characters from the story), the lyrics don't really hint at any such thing and the songs could relate to everyday situations that most of us have been through; "Forever" being a song apparently pining for a missing love ("It's been three weeks/Your voice is all I have to hold/I lie here alone/Awaiting for my love's return"), "You Always Believed" a musical thank you for the support of a friend ("And you held me through it all/And you never let me fall/And you let me fly away/And you always believed in me"--who wouldn't want someone like that?), etc. In short, the type of stuff you could easily hear on the radio--and as I already said, that's not a bad thing, just what some of us prefer to hear.

I then purchased the "Ultra Violet" re-release of this CD which is a two-CD set, pretty much the original CD plus a cardboard slipcase for the second CD. (There is supposed video content on the CD which I have not perused.) The music on this bonus CD is worth paying extra--there's a pretty faithful cover of Blondie's "Call Me," and two new songs, "Sailing Away" and "A Dying Star"--though I have a couple of complaints. Firstly, I'd have preferred a special two-CD case as opposed to the cardboard slipcase which forces a user to grasp the CD surface with their fingers and to pull it from the case which after time results in surface scratching; I wish CD manufacturers would realize that some of us prefer standard plastic jewel cases for this very reason. Secondly, and more importantly, the track listing seems incorrect; the songs listed on the CD are "Call Me," "Sailing Away," "A Dying Star," "Call Me Instrumental," and "Forever Instrumental," yet the songs I heard were "Call Me," "Sailing Away," "A Dying Star," what seems to be a radio edit of "Forever" (with vocals, just slightly shorter than the original CD version), and an instrumental version of "Call Me." I was looking forward to the instrumental version of "Forever," so to receive instead a shortened version of the vocal song was a disappointment; I could just listen to the longer, original song on the first CD. I'm not sure why this mistake occurred nor if it's the same on all CDs but I thought I'd point it out. "Sailing Away" and "My Dying Star" are decent songs in the style of the main CD, and Maria does a great job covering Blondie, so it's not a total loss.

I personally hope that In This Moment decides to stick with the style of "The Dream" and not return to the screaming of "Beautiful Tragedy," but that's just me; I'm pretty sure fans of "Beautiful Tragedy" are hoping for the opposite. Whatever In This Moment ends up doing, it's safe to say they're talented, and Maria can sing (when she wants to); so whether she chooses to sing or to scream, one group of listeners is going to end up satisfied. All I can do in this particular moment is recommend this particular CD. Different strokes for different folks.
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on October 5, 2012
Ok, I really need to start with my one MAJOR disappointment- The Forever music video, Metal Couture MTV2 Performance, and the Acoustic Performance at EMG Studios ARE ON VIDEO FILES!!!! It's kinda why I got the Ultra Violet Edition. My computer is kinda messed up, so I've been unable to watch them. Why do that to the fans??? (I wish would've noted that on it's product description.) Great cds. Maria has an amazing voice. I love the re-make of Blondie's Call Me (not really a fan of any instrumentals- but they're ok). I do wish there was more of Maria screaming on this cd, she has an amazing voice. To me this cd seems a little more mellow than the rest- maybe due to the lack of screaming?? IDK. Century Media Records (record company) SHOULD have put the 5 bonus songs on the main cd & put the video & performances on a dvd. I give whomever made THAT decision, 1/8 star. I give the cds 3 1/2-4 stars, video FILES 1/4 star (not what's on the files); would've been 4 1/2-5 stars overall.
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on June 30, 2009
It's great to finally have the b-sides Sailing Away and A Dying Star on the bonus CD. These two songs are excellent and showcases the bands diverse styles plus Maria's beautiful vocals. This also contains the radio edit of Forever and a instrumental version of Call Me, which is their brand new single. The enhanced part contains the Forever video and 2 full acoustic performances which are pretty cool too. However, I wish they had released those on dvd instead of a video file. The bonus cd is attatched to the slipcase which houses the original 'The Dream' cd. Overall, if you liked 'The Dream', you'll love this reissue.
review image review image
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on November 30, 2011
I did not care for there daybeu release,and was waiting until they found
a direction. "The Dream" cd was more to my liking,and with two versions
of the same cd.I was hoping for a mellow version and aggressive vision.
I ordered the ultra violet edition,and can't hear any difference between
the two releases.I still think this is a great release,and a good addition
to my collection. I was told to check out "A Star-Crossed Wasteland" too.
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on October 25, 2012
Where is the video that is supposed to accompany this album?

This is the first time I've heard this group...WOW! This old hippie is blown away... I want to SEE them perform, as promised. Is the video hidden somewhere? How do I get it?

Five stars for the music...minus one star for the video not being here.
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on September 4, 2012
Having just discovered this band through a friend,I can say this is a excellent album.
The musicianship is tight and brilliant in it's execution of the different speed styles.
Having said that Maria Brink's vocals are awesome, especially on "Into The Light".
Keyboard and Vocal where you can hear what a singer can do without a lot of stuff behind them.
This is a fantastic disc set. Love it!!!!
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on March 14, 2012
There are only two songs that are not just awesome! And they are really really good too! All of the rest are killer!

For a couple of extra bucks you get the Ultra Violet Edition that has some bonus tracks!

Call Me (Blondie cover)
Sail Away (a great original)
Dying Star (a great original ballad)

It also includes a couple of instrumentals which I really don't care about.

In other words people, buy this CD! It's awesome!
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on August 15, 2012
For one shining moment...In This Moment released 'The Dream.' And this album is, without question, the best that their discography has to offer, probably the best album to come out of America's rock scene in the last 10 years. Who would've thought Maria Brink had such a beautiful yet powerful clean vocal hiding behind all that screaming? The vocal harmonies are out of this world, and the songwriting is second to none....Alas, it wasn't to last. In 'Star-Crossed Wasteland' Maria Brink reverted back to that unlistenable Screamo noise. And worse, the new 'Blood' album is too experimental for its own good. It's confirmed In This Moment have no intention of being cohesive in their songwriting, nor does Maria Brink intend to ever sing a (mostly) clean album ever again. BUT, for one shining moment, they were the best female rock band. Purchase 'The Dream' and forget about the rest of their discography. If you seek more clean vocal metal in the vein of ITM's one great 'Dream,' I've included product links to 3 similar albums:
All Ends "S/T"
Lullacry "Crucify My Heart"
UnSun "Clinic for Dolls"
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on March 2, 2014
i am so glad i bought this when i did it was way cheaper than it is on here and i is one of the greatest albums i have ever purchased, in my opinion this is In This Moment's Magnum Opus i love the album's after this but this just works better, Maria Brink is a better off singing than screaming
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