Customer Reviews: The Dukan Diet: 2 Steps to Lose the Weight, 2 Steps to Keep It Off Forever
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on October 13, 2011
I will keep this review very simple. This diet worked for me.

I am only 5 feet tall and, since the age of 15, have always been a very careful, healthy eater and a regular exerciser. However, in the past ten years, my weight just continued to creep higher and higher. No matter how much I tried, I simply could not lose the weight. I had my hormones checked and my thyroid checked and just about everything else checked and the weight simply continued to pile on slowly and regularly.

Please don't say that a "better" diet and "more exercise" would have worked. It simply did NOT work for me, and my diet was about as balanced, low-fat, and healthy as a diet could be and I walked and exercised nearly every single day. Yet, I got fatter and more sluggish as time went on.

All those scientists and nutritionists and doctors out there who are telling people not to follow the Dukan Diet, please tell me why I gained so much weight if I ate only good foods, watched my calories carefully, never (and I do mean never) ate junk, and exercised regularly? Was I supposed to accept the theory that it was "menopause" or "aging" or something else that I couldn't control?

Out of sheer desperation,and thanks to a suggestion from my sister, I bought The Dukan Diet book and I started the diet. I have lost 22 pounds, and I now weigh about what I weighed when I was only 18!! I went from a size 8 to a size 4 (and sometimes 2), I have energy and muscle tone, and I feel great.

There are some carbohydrates in this diet (the oat bran and wheat bran) and there are also the natural sugars that occur in the dairy products that (thankfully) are "allowed" on the diet. In the third phase, one would add in fruits, pasta, bread, etc., once again.

I am now in the third phase of the diet, in which these foods are added back in.

While I would guess that this diet could be quite unhealthy if you stayed on it forever, this is really a short-term diet with a long-term plan for healthy eating and weight maintenance. Everything that Pierre Dukan says in the book makes a lot of sense to me. I am not a doctor, not a scientist, and not a nutritionist. However, I don't know a single person who went on a calorie-restricted diet and did not gain the weight back after reaching his/her weight goal and then eating like a normal person again.

It makes sense to me that if you go on a calorie-restricted diet for a period of time and simply resume eating regularly after you lose weight, you will most likely gain the weight back. If you use the Dukan Diet, follow the diet through its first two phases, and then begin to add foods back in slowly, it seems to make sense that you will most likely maintain your weight. Better yet, you will have accomplished something wonderful and focused on your health and well-being as well as on your eating styles.

What I liked best about this diet, besides the fact that it WORKED, is that non-fat dairy products are allowed (and there is a lot to choose from these days) and certain soy-based burgers are allowed. Additionally, the first phase, the attack phase, in which you eat only proteins, is really for only a short time. Then, you can add in vegetables once again.

I did not like many of the recipes in the book; however, by reading the ingredients, I was able to create recipes that worked and still fit within the parameters of the diet. For example, I could not stomach the thought of the Dukan Pizza with salmon; however, I took the portion of the recipe that made the "pizza crust" and made two pancake-sized crusts instead. I was able to use that like bread, and darned if it didn't satisfy any desire for bread!

I am proud of myself for accomplishing my weight loss goal, and I am thankful to Pierre Dukan for creating and sharing this very easy to follow diet.

By the way, I found the Dukan approach to be less boring than what I was doing every day before I started the diet. Want to know why? Because I IMMEDIATELY began to lose weight! Losing weight by eating every day and walking for only 20 or 30 minutes was surely a lot easier and more exciting than counting/restricting calories, taking an aerobics class, and wondering how much more I would weigh the next day despite watching what I ate and exercising.

Following a particular diet is a very personal choice, and many of my friends took one look at this book and said they couldn't possibly follow this diet. I found it easy to follow.

Because I am still in the third phase of the diet, I honestly cannot comment on the long-term result. However, I can, with all honesty, say that, if it weren't for the Dukan Diet, I would still be 22 pounds heavier!
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on May 30, 2010
I am 5'9" tall. When I started the diet I forgot to weigh myself, so I am not sure exactly how much I weighed or how much I have lost, but I can tell you this. I went from a size 14 clothes to a size 8. I started the diet on April 15, 2010 after reading an excerpt in the London Daily Mail. I even pre-ordered my book from Absolutely everyone has notice the difference. One thing that I do because I work five days a week is I cook my food all on one day and place in containers in the refrigerator. This way I always have something to eat. One of the quickiest ways to fall off a diet is when you have none of your available food ready, this is one way to avoid this issue. I have had no issues with the diet and it really works. I recommend this diet to anyone. So far two friends and three relatives have also started the diet with great success. I wanted to come back and add that today is 2/2/2011 and I am still a size 8 still working the diet. I did succumb to some parties during the holidays and gain 6 lbs, but went back to the beginning of the diet and some all protein days and I am back. I wish I could post pictures for all to see. 4/23/11 A friend just started the Dukan diet two weeks ago and she has lost 13 lbs. A year ago, I told her about the diet and it was not good enough til she heard about it on the news recently because of the Middleton's going on the diet and now she is a convert.
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on February 29, 2012
Update March 2013
I am able to keep to weight of but have to stay very vigilant.

Update december 2012 : lost 70 pounds and feeling great! I am done, the hardest part is keeping it off. I have been able to do that by weighting myself every day. When I regain 2 pounds I get back to a proteins day or 2 and re loose it.

Merci doctor Dukan ! , You probably saved my life and for sure saved my sanity!

Posted last April:
I have been on this diet for 4 weeks and lost so far 15 pounds on it.I have been very serious so far, very little cheating.
This is why I personally really like this diet:

1 I am never ever hungry while on this diet, I cannot take starvation diets
2 I am loosing weight which is not easy for me and loosing fast which is thrilling.
3 it does not cost me anything but the price of this book. (no gimmicks funky products needed.)
4 No boring meeting to attend
5 do not need to pump up iron, no need to hire a trainer, no gym subscription, walking is the exercise it!
5 I do eat only "natural food" no pre prepared industrial frozen, no can food , no liquid cans, no fake proteine bars.
6 No need to weight my food , no calories counting or cabs and no time consuming diary....
7 I can cook for myself healthy proteine as well as vegies and add some rice for my family, everyone end up eating healthy and I do not have to prepare special food
8 it is actually easier for me to never have the food that I love such as bread and chocolate than to eat small portions of this food and feel all the time deprived.
9 I feel much better since I do not eat any sugar and carbs.

To the people who say that this diet is un healthy I would say, maybe it is not nutritionally perfect but who eat nutritionally perfect anyways? Most people rarely eat nutritionally perfect on a daily base.
This diet is very comfortable, and sustainable, getting thin and feeling good in your boddy while eating fish, chicken, salads tomatoes etc in probably 10000 times healthier than being fat.

To the people who claim to be bored with this diet, I really do not see why. There is a large variety of food and I use a lot of herbs and spices to flavor my food. You just have to use a bit your imagination. On the contrary, Dukan is very much for flavoring your food in order to be satisfied. Of course if all you eat is deli turkey and chicken breast, you get bored but that is not what this diet is about.
If you really do not like to cook or do not know how, use the recipes from the book. Actually you may start to enjoy cooking. For mr it is fun.

if you cheat even a tiny bit, you gain the weight back so before you start make sure that you are very highly commited.
If you need some carbs or fat in your diet, do not get this book. Eating any carbs or fat while on the Dukan will ruin the diet at best and make you gain some weight at worst. So in this case, you would be better off with another diet that allows some carbs or fat.
I do not think that I would get into this program if I had anything less than 15 pounds to loose.
If you enjoy to eat out a lot ( I don't) it may be difficult to find restaurant that cook without fat.
What I end up missing the most are fruits cannot wait to be done and eat 1 fruit a day!

Tricks for surviving this diet:
I buy 0% Greek yogourt by the bucket and flavor this with a bit of stevia and vanilla extract
I have a large variety of teas: black, green white, jasmin, earl grey etc...
A large variety of mustards flavored with tarragon etc..
Take a daily vitamin supplement and use lemon to flavor your salad to get vitamins C
Cappuccino with 0% milk, smoked salmon, scallops, hearts of palms, artichoke hearts
Drink lots of water

Good luck all !
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VINE VOICEon March 23, 2011
Format: Hardcover|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Attack Phase, After Seven Days: Minus 11 pounds. Felt pretty crappy until day three, then just as the good diet doctor predicted, started feeling better. No hunger or craving but getting bored with broiled chicken breast and non-fat yogurt.

Must admit I am beginning to enjoy that little morsel called a Dukan Oat Bran Galette (mini pancake made with oat bran, egg white, non-fat Greek yogurt, artificial sweetener - recipe included in book).

Cruise Phase, After One Week & One Day: Minus 16 pounds total and still going strong: I've chosen to do two all-protein days followed by five protein-and-vegetable days.

Worst of it is going without a beer or vodka martini at least once in awhile. Looking forward to the day when I reach Cruise Phase goal and can have alcohol again. At an estimated loss of two pounds a week during the Cruise Phase, I have at least another two months to go before having that martini. That's a long time and a pretty big commitment to the Dukan Diet. But it does seem to be working.

Other than the ban on alcohol, the regimen to me hasn't been too difficult to follow. Time will test not only perseverance but whether we Dukan dieters will be able to maintain our weight loss.

Millions of French and Europeans have tried the program, which consists of four phases: Attack, Cruise, Consolidation and Stabilization. It's a high-protein, low fat, almost zero carbohydrate recipe for weight loss. Oh, yes and a quart and a half of water to flush the kidneys and at least 20 minutes of exercise a day and no escalators or elevators. Those last items, Dukan insists are "non-negotiable."

There are 3.5 million of the diet books in print in French in addition to a gazillion copies in what the publisher says are 14 languages including English and now, American. In addition to an introduction to the diet and its four phases, the book contains a long list of allowed foods and an extensive collection of many tantalizing recipes, for example "Tandoori Chicken Escalodes" or "Turgloff Beef Kabobs." Mmmm, sounds good and filling, too. I also appreciated the fact that there are recipes for various "legal" sauces, such as "Diet Bearnaise" and Dukan Herb Mayonnaise" that add some zest and even zing to your slab of protein.

Will we Americans jump on the diet bandwagon? The book has been on the French best-seller list for more than ten years. Dukan says in the introduction he resisted publishing here because the North American audience scared him.

Being overweight appears to be a problem that "is more difficult in America than anywhere else." Deciding to publish now, Dukan says, represents "His greatest challenge and his greatest risk."

Time will tell whether he succeeds or fails. For me at least, I've lost 16 pounds in 15 days and gained two notches on my belt. Other than a martini, what I need most right now is encouragement and the motivation to keep going.
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on October 1, 2010
Best buy ever! I am 71 and had low expectations of losing the unwanted pounds. Within 6 weeks I had lost 20 pounds and as promised in the book, the weight has stayed off. The book is concise and easy to understand with no measuring or weighing. Just plenty to eat. Have recommended it to my friends who are amazed at my new healthy shape. You are never too old to make a difference.
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on April 2, 2012
I have lost about 85 lbs on this diet and I have never been able to do that on any other diet before.
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VINE VOICEon March 29, 2011
Format: Hardcover|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I lost 20% of my bodyweight in 2003 following South Beach and kept the weight off until I got pregnant 2 years later. I was able to lose the baby weight following Sonoma and kept it off until I got pregnant again 2 years later. I was able to lose that following principles from South Beach, Sonoma, and the ABS Diet and kept it off a year before re-gaining 15 lbs. because of some stress eating. I got back on the wagon 3 months ago and lost 9 of those lbs. but have recently hit a plateau.

After 8 years of more or less following South Beach and other similar plans like Sonoma and the ABS Diet, I'm always on the lookout for new healthy low-carb recipes. I was also curious about Dukan after hearing that Kate Middleton, Gisele Bundchen, and Jennifer Lopez are supposedly on it.

The biggest question I've gotten from friends when they heard I was planning to give Dukan a try is: "How is it different from Atkins and South Beach?"

(1) Dukan considers all fat bad for weight loss. Atkins places no limits on fat consumption, and South Beach distinguishes between healthy and unhealthy fats.

(2) Dukan eliminates even non-starchy veggies in the first phase and limits them to every other day in the second phase. Atkins and South Beach both encourage their consumption even in the most strict induction phase.

(3) Dukan encourages Diet Coke consumption. Atkins and South Beach both talk about how terrible aspartame is.

(4) Dukan claims that dieters can eat all they want as long as the foods conform to the diet, while South Beach talks about portion sizes.

(5) Dukan takes a relatively negative view of vegetarianism while South Beach specifically includes chapters with vegetarian entrees in the two cookbooks I own.

(6) There's no carbohydrate gram counting on Dukan like there is on Atkins.

As I only have a few lbs. to lose at this point, I'm planning to follow Dukan's least strict guidelines, which is a single day in the "attack" phase and alternating 2 days of pure protein with 5 days of protein + vegetables in the "cruise" phase. I'll update with results in 6-8 weeks or so.

Update #1: I have now been on Dukan for 1 week and have lost 3.4 lbs. and 0.6% bodyfat. My jeans are fitting looser as well. This is the best results I've ever had in a single week on any diet I've ever been on.

Update #2: I have now been on Dukan for 6 weeks and am 1 lb. below my original goal. I have also lost 3% bodyfat and 1 dress size. Again, this is the fastest that I've ever lost weight on any diet I've ever tried. I'm now doing a hybrid between "cruise" and "maintenance" to see if I can lose a few more lbs. and/or bodyfat.
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on June 13, 2015
Similar to Atkins, Dukan promotes a very-low-carb diet. And as with Atkins, there are four phases: induction, ongoing weight loss, pre-maintenance, and lifetime maintenance (though Dukan gives different names to these phases). And like Atkins, his diet is so popular, that it is impossible to ignore it, or consider it a mere “fad.” For the benefit of Amazon customers, I highlight what is new and different about Dukan. The following is quoted from my book Maimonides and Metabolism”
Phase 1: Induction (Attack). Average length is five days. Zero caloric carbs. Unlike Atkins, Dukan: (1) severely restricts fats and (2) includes 1.5 tablespoons of oat-bran fiber. Dr. Dukan also stresses the importance of drinking enough water (at least 1.5 liters/d).
Phase 2: Ongoing Weight Loss (Cruise). Average length two to six months. Oat-bran fiber is increased to 2 tablespoons daily. Nonstarchy vegetables are added, alternating between a day of unrestricted (nonstarchy) vegetables, and a day of only protein (like during the attack phase), with zero carbs (no veggies).
Phase 3: Pre-Maintenance (Consolidation). Length five days for every pound lost (a person who lost twenty pounds in the first two phases will do this phase for one hundred days). Oat-bran fiber remains at 2 tablespoons. The attack/pure-protein diet is reduced to only one day per week (Thursdays) instead of every other day. Two slices of whole wheat bread, one piece of fruit, and one portion of cheese are allowed each day. Two portions of starchy food (grains, legumes, or potatoes) are allowed per week. During the first half of the consolidation period (five days for every pound lost), one may have one unrestricted meal per week—eating any food one desires, without overeating. And during the second half, one may have two “celebratory” meals/week.
Phase 4: Lifetime Maintenance (Stabilization). Length is continual. Oat-bran fiber is increased to 3 tablespoons. Six out of seven days are “unrestricted,” while keeping to the good habits you have acquired. One day per week of attack/pure-protein diet (Thursdays). Take the stairs (not the elevator). In all the phases, Dukan stresses the importance of daily exercise. During the first two phases keep the exercises light, such as walking, because the diet itself is very taxing. Afterward more intense exercise is appropriate.

1. Fast! The Dukan Attack phase is the fastest way to lose fat while maintaining muscle! It is faster than Atkins because instead of burning ingested fats, the body is forced to burn body fat for energy.
2. Fiber. One of my biggest complaints with Atkins is the lack of fiber. Dukan solves that by stressing the importance of including a couple tablespoons of oat-bran fiber.
3. Balanced and Feasible. Unlike the Atkins maintenance phase that keeps carbs below 10 percent, with Dukan you are not so restrained for six days of the week. For many people this makes the difference between the impossible and the possible. The idea of permanently having one day per week of restricted carbs is genius (extreme restriction from fats on that day I think is unnecessary), because it reduces one’s glycogen reserves, insuring insulin sensitivity and keeping one from storing fat as long as those reserves don’t get filled up.

1. For people who are capable of getting sufficient fiber in real food, that approach is preferred to supplementation because it allows consumption of the many micronutrients and bioactive compounds contained in high-fiber foods. Calories from vegetables slows down the short-term fat-loss, but their benefits pay off in the long run, as vitamins A and D (plus calcium) help reduce fat-cell numbers and improve leptin balance.
2. Phase 2 is quite difficult to adhere to. Many people might need a milder/slower approach.
3. Legumes are very healthy, and high in fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals. To totally abstain from them in phase 2, and restrict in phase 3 to two portions per week, is too restrictive, in my opinion.
4. As with all diets, Dukan fails to address the problem that fat-mass decrease leads to a decrease in leptin. Without a way to increase leptin and improve leptin sensitivity, fat loss is very limited for most people.

A person who carefully follows the Dukan instructions in the first two phases can expect dramatic short-term results. Most people desire a fast solution to obesity, and as Dukan delivers on this better than any other diet, it is no wonder he sold 20 million copies, and his book quickly became the most popular diet book of all time.

Dr. Dukan is of the opinion that most people want (and succeed better with) detailed diet instructions and a rigid plan, as opposed to being taught principles of physiology enabling each person to make adjustments for their personal circumstances. Maimonides and Metabolism equips you with the knowledge of your opponent (your body). With the deeper understanding of your physiology and how your hormones work, you will know how to adapt your diet to any situation.

Dr. Dukan admits that many people who attempted his methods “manage to keep going for a while but then lose their way, and some of the weight they lost goes back on.”(pg. 268) He also recognizes that with many people “resistance sets in, weight loss slows down, and one day the body resists a little more than on other days and weight loss comes to a halt”(pg. 290) The Dukan solution: “I prescribe what I call a ‘blitz operation’…four days of the Attack diet’s pure proteins without any deviation, restricting salt, etc.…” (pg. 291) This solution reminds me of how we used to fix the TV when we were kids. We’d smack it. If that didn’t work, we’d smack it again. If necessary, we’d smack it harder. Heck, sometimes it worked!

It’s safer to go with a more conservative approach. Even though the idea of FAST weight-loss is appealing, too often it sets up a fast rebound. Like charging into a slingshot, the faster one hits it, the faster one bounces in the opposite direction. That’s another reason to include high-fiber vegetables in the first phases every day. Once the body is accustomed to Dukan’s pure-protein attack, adding in necessary foods, such as vegetables, may be used by the body to halt fat loss.

1. Lipid-phobia. Dr. Dukan writes: “Lipids (fats) are the absolute enemy of anyone trying to be slim…Since Atkins appeared, opening the way for lipids by demonizing carbohydrates…cholesterol and triglyceride levels rise dangerously, some people paying for this with their lives.” (pg. 18)

Refer to the studies in Maimonides and Metabolism, and you will see that Dr. Dukan is wrong; cholesterol and triglyceride levels drop significantly on the Atkins very-low-carb diet, despite ingesting more lipids.

See also the meta-analyses in Maimonides and Metabolism. Very-low-carb diets that are fueled primarily by proteins and lipids help lower insulin and glucose levels, a very important benefit for diabetics and prediabetics.

Omega-3 is an essential fat required to include in the diet, and certain vitamins require dietary fats to be absorbed.

Reducing dietary fats to a minimum helps speed fat loss, but there’s no reason to go overboard by creating a fear of one of the three macronutrients.

2. Fat cell number blooper. Healthy adults have between 25 and 30 billion fat cells, which contain about twenty to twenty-five pounds of fat. When fat mass increases, the fat cells stretch like balloons to contain it. The average size (weight) of an adult fat cell is about 0.6 micrograms, but they can vary in size from 0.2 micrograms to 0.9 micrograms.

When a person puts on fat, at first that stretches the fat cells without changing the number, but as time goes by, if the added fat mass remains, the body adapts by gradually adding more fat cells. That explains why a typical person who has been overweight for years can have 50 to 75 billion fat cells, to accommodate their twenty to sixty excess pounds of fat (beyond the twenty to twenty-five pounds of healthy fat mass).

The way The Dukan Diet explains fat cell increase leads to a seriously mistaken perception: that a person can put on fat up to a 28 BMI without adding fat cells, and if they continue to put on more fat, somewhere between 28 and 29 BMI their 25 billion fat cells suddenly all simultaneously divide in two, yielding a total of 50 billion fat cells instantaneously! Dr. Dukan writes (pgs. 227-28):

“It is important to pinpoint simply and concretely the moment in their weight history when there is this risk of cell division….” “If the weight gain continues, the adipocytes hypertrophy, or enlarge, and reach the limit of their elasticity. At this critical moment, any additional weight gain triggers a new and exceptional event, completely changing the future and prognosis for weight problems. No longer able to contain any more fat the adipocyte cell DIVIDES into two daughter adipocyte cells. This simple division suddenly doubles the body’s capacity to make and store fat….” “I was able to work out statistics that enabled me to pinpoint this moment as being after BMI 28 has been reached and going toward BMI 29.”

3. Oversimplification of time needed to adapt to new lower body weight. Dr. Dukan writes (pg. 109): “The high-risk period for regaining weight lasts about five days for every pound lost, 30 days or a month for six to seven pounds, and 100 days for a loss of 18–20 pounds.”

There are more factors that influence the length of the high-risk period, such as how long the person was overweight. If a person recently put on twenty pounds, the risk period of regaining it once they’ve gotten rid of it is short compared to a person who has been living for many years with the extra twenty pounds, as his or her body has accustomed itself to the higher weight with a corresponding number of fat cells. The person who has been overweight for years has a higher homeostatic weight level, which their body is naturally set to.

Another influencing factor is the percentage of fat mass lost. For a 130-pound woman who dropped weight to 110, the loss of twenty pounds of fat (i.e., 50 percent of her total fat mass) will take much longer to acclimate to than a 600-pound obese man, whose twenty-pound loss constitutes less than a mere 5 percent of his total fat mass. This woman will have a dramatic reduction in circulating leptin, as her fat mass has been cut in half. This man won’t experience a significant reduction in leptin, because his fat mass only decreased by 5 percent.

4. Desperate and dangerous…Dr. Dukan recommends taking cold showers, sucking on ice cubes, and eating one’s food cold (pages 229-33). These methods will burn calories, but there is a risk of becoming ill. Losing fat reduces leptin, which weakens the immune system. Combining extreme dieting with cold showers may push people beyond their limits.
review image review image
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on August 31, 2011
Other reviews have given a good overview of the book and the diet. So, I'll give a first-hand report on my experience with the Dukan Diet.

I started the diet on July 18, 2011.
I lost 25 pounds on the Dukan Diet and am now (November 29) on Phase 3 - which is basically maintenance.

The weight came off at about 1.5-2 pounds a week. Very healthy.

I was never, ever, EVER hungry. If I got hungry - I had 100 foods to choose from in any amount at any time of day. Why would I be hungry?

I never craved food - but then I don't normally eat tons of chips and sodas and carb filled junk - so I didn't have the withdrawal so many others report. I'll admit that I missed wine with dinner and summer fruit .... but I got that back now in Phase 3 - it was a short term sacrifice for long term gain.

I don't know why others have reported feeling tired and awful - I had energy and have felt great following the diet.

The diet has been easy to follow. In fact, I've felt kinda guilty to have lost 25 pounds so easily while others sweat and struggle to drop a few pounds.

Dukan's website is priceless. On it, you answer several questions and he gives you a game-plan, complete with dates to start and end each phase. That was helpful knowing I was doing without some foods for only so many weeks.

What sold me on the Dukan Diet was not just the diet - any diet can help you lose weight. But the maintenance in Phase 3 and 4 was my deal breaker. After losing the weight, he guides you in gradually adding back the carbs, sugars and other foods in such a way that your body doesn't over-react and gain the weight back. The maintenance is what makes this diet unique and successful.

All around, I can recommend the diet - with reservations.
This is NOT a fad diet for all those who follow whatever the latest fad is. This is a serious diet. If you follow it, it works like a charm. But, if you cheat, it won't work.

I tell everyone to get the book and READ IT before deciding to try the diet. In the book, he doesn't just detail the diet, but discusses dieting in general and its effect on the body and important information every dieter needs to know. After all, this is his profession - he's been counseling the morbidly obese for 35 years. He probably knows a thing or two about dieting.

I look amazing. Co-workers are jealous, family are starting the diet. I honestly can't remember the last time I was this size (in college??)

I'm shopping for clothes because - frankly - I have to replace my entire wardrobe! I'm shopping in the fashionable section of the store and putting on cute outfits. Clothes shopping is fun for the first time in decades. The day I was trying on a medium sweater and had to go back out on the floor to get a SMALL - that made those few weeks of tiny sacrifices worth it. Note - I was wearing LARGE and X-Large just months ago.

Would I do the diet again?..... Actually, with Dukan's plan - I'll never have to because Phase 4 of Dukan's Plan is instructions on keeping the weight off FOREVER! I'll never be fat again.

Can I recommend the book? If you REALLY want to lose the weight, and keep it off - and will follow the diet to the letter - ABSOLUTELY. If fruit and chips and junk food mean more to you than looking hot and feeling great - skip it.

UPDATE - Janurary 31. In a few weeks, I'll go to Phase 4 and will be off the diet. I have kept the 25 pounds off for three months.... through Thanksgiving pie, pigging at Christmas, New Years Eve treats. I can see how, with the simple rules in Phase 4, I'll be able to keep the weight off forever. His plan is brilliant. The Phase 3 maintenance is key. If you really, REALLY, want to lose weight, and will follow the diet, this one works.
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VINE VOICEon April 7, 2011
Format: Hardcover|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
As a nutritional consultant, I've pretty much seen and heard it all when it comes to diets. I was sorry to learn that the Dukan Diet is nothing more than a hybrid of the original Dr. Maxwell Stillman's "The Doctor's Quick Weight Loss Diet" combined with the Atkins diet. He throws in a little fiber by way of oat bran and refrains from counting grams of carbohydrates. There is no question that a plan like this works - that was proven in the late 1960's by Dr. Stillman, and repeated by Dr. Atkins. If you have never read either of the afore-mentioned books, then by all means go ahead with this one. A word of caution: Dr. Dukan recommends artificial sweetners stating that they are "safe" - I strongly disagree with him on that point. He also recommends soy products. Please bear in mind that soy is one of the most genetically modified crops in the world, so do your best to buy "non-GMO" soy.
Best wishes and happy dieting!
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