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on July 16, 2011
I have been suffering from insomnia since the death of my husband over a year ago. Before then, I had occasional sleeplessness (everyone does) but the majority of the time my sleep was terrific. When I read the reviews for this book I was very surprise to find them all positive and thought this must be the book for me.
Imagine my disappointment when it arrived, other that listing the dangers of sleeping pills and insomnia chat rooms, this book is basic information on sleep "hygiene" and positive thinking. Did you know the more you worry about your sleeping habits the less likely you are to get a good nights sleep?? Get some exercise every day, limit your caffeine intake and don't take naps during the day etc etc.. Is there anyone out there suffering from insomnia who has not been given this advice over and over. If getting a good nights sleep was simply a matter of telling yourself you will, I think no one would be suffering from insomnia.
If you are looking for a book on positive thinking and basic sleep hygiene this is for you, otherwise, save your money!
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on July 15, 2013
Lots of repetions about how the auther could not sleep, why she could not sleep, and what not sleeping did to her social life. Not much help for people who actually need help sleeping. This book should have been condensed to a few pages and published in a magazine. Also, at the end the author recommends many relaxation techniques---all of which need to be purchased on the web.
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on June 5, 2011
Wow! I read this book on the strength of the other five star reviews and I am in total agreement with them. What a blast! Not like any insomnia book I have ever read before.

I consider myself a bit of an expert when it comes to sleep books. ( I have bought in excess of 30!) Most just give background information and loads of filler. But now and again a book comes along that really stands out from the rest. "The Effortless Sleep Method" is one of them. In my opinion, there are only 3 or 4 books you will ever need to overcome insomnia. These are, in order of merit

The Effortless Sleep Method
Say Goodnight to Insomnia
I Can Make You Sleep (a self-hypnosis book)
Desperately Seeking Snoozing (only if you want to try sleep restriction)

This book is the least 'padded' of the lot. It's gritty and raw and a bit rough round the edges, (a bit poorly edited) but that is part of its charm. The first chapter is a harrowing narrative of the author's own battle with insomnia. It will strike a chill into the heart of any insomniac and I really found it resonated with my own experience. But having brought you down, in the rest of the book, she really `lifts you up' and tells you exactly how to change things. This is really not proper CBT like "Say Goodnight to Insomnia" but I haven't read anything with a better account of the thought processes needed to stop negative thoughts about insomnia.

There is the usual section on sleeping pills but don't miss this chapter out. I can't give spoilers, but after reading this chapter I gave up on the idea of ever taking another sleeping tablet. But best of all, there is a clear plan of action which is often missing in so many books. The instructions are precise and because of this, it is more of a `how to book' than just an information book.

I can see that this might be a bit of a `Marmite' book. You'll either love it or hate it! But I think I found it even more helpful than everyone's favourite "Say Goodnight to Insomnia".

This book left me feeling more hopeful about sleep than I had done in years and I think it was this book which gave me the final `push' in cracking my chronic insomnia. If you have insomnia or sleep issues, you won't regret buying this book.

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on November 21, 2011
I thought the book was well written, but fell short by attempting to be a 'one size fits all' manual. In a number of places, Sasha takes on almost a defensive tone, including one of the central promises being to stop looking for other cures. Even at the end of the book, the final chapter concentrates on solutions for people who have read the book without success. Simple answer ..... you didn't do it properly, otherwise it would have worked, 100%.

There is no such thing as a guaranteed treatment. The book assumes that every reader has ideal settings. No airline or train noise, traffic signals, noisy partner ..... tinnitus (of which no ear plug can block).

On the positive side, around 3 of the 13 or so promises were useful, and I hadn't come across them before. For anyone with a sleeping problem, I would recommend reading this book, but not take it as a magic solution. It's a building block, nothing more, nothing less.
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on November 30, 2013
A simple method for an author that can relate! I didn't really think it would work but I didn't have to go past her "first step"...her advice is great. I have transient insomnia and still struggle with it from time to time but overall the book has been a big help and I return to her techniques if I go more than a few days without sleeping well. I recommend.
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on July 1, 2013
Right away sparks started to fly from this little book. The author has something important to say about her 15 year journey into and out of devastating insomnia, and only a fellow traveler could write with such clarity and conviction. No sleep doctor or expert has ever written a book on this topic in such a straightforward no nonsense manner. The book sheds a fresh light on this "monster" and exposes it for what it is. On many occasions I found myself bursting out in laughter at some of Sacha's startling realizations and conclusions. No one seems to have grasped or articulated the very obvious in such a way.

Many fellow sufferers will find that they are finally sleeping at night now that the beast has had most or all of its fangs torn out.
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on August 22, 2014
My insomnia started a few years ago, where I'd wake up earlier and earlier (without trying) every day, until I was consistently waking up around 3am every night. Sometimes I'd wake up at 12:30am, and this is after going to bed at 10:30, so I wasn't functioning well during the day. I found myself having to take expensive sleep aids, but after a few days they stopped working, and I just kept increasing the doses. My doctor then prescribed me a small dose of Trazodone, which didn't help either, and I quit taking it when I ran a red light on my way to work the next morning!

I found this book and it has changed my life! I started implementing the guidelines and I swear, in about a week I was sleeping again! It has now been about a month since I finished reading this book and I'm consistently sleeping 7 to 7.5 hours a night. I used to only get 4-5 so this is a huge improvement, I feel normal again! I no longer need coffee in the morning, I'm no longer anxious when I go to bed because I know I'll sleep well, and I just feel happier overall. I'm so grateful I found this book, and for just $3.99! Also, her guidelines don't require you to buy anything, and in my case, I got relief with just implementing about 6 of her 12 guidelines.

If you're having trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, or both, buy this book. It was the best $3.99 I've ever spent.
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on August 23, 2013
I've had sleep issues on and off for about ten years now and I have tried everything in order to try to "fix" myself. I now realize how detrimental that mindframe is. Most insomniacs are just experiencing a bad habit that has taken over their lives (sleeping poorly). After reading Sasha's book, I knew that I had stumbled upon something different. I know that some will say that this book is like any other sleep hygiene book, but it's really not. If the method doesn't work for you, it's most likely because you're not sticking to it 100% (I can say this because I beat around the bush for over a year starting the rules and didn't get any results. I was reading the book over and over but not actually starting the program). She writes with such honesty, and only an insomniac can understand what she went through for 15 years! It's an awful battle, but I truly know that her advice is the only advice I will ever need. She really speaks to the reader because she went through it herself, unlike many other authors who have written on the topic. I have yet to follow all the rules to a tee, but my sleep has already improved so much just by changing my mindset, following basic sleep hygiene rules, and stopping the incessant desire for an instant "cure".

If you're going through a difficult time, such as the death of a loved one, you may have a harder time getting back to your regular self, but give it time and patience. The program works. I lost my mother two years ago, which heightened my insomnia, but it's now slowly starting to get better, and I am so so grateful for it!

Thank you for writing this important book Sasha. Also, her email consultations are amazing and so, so detailed. Worth every single penny.

I'll be back when I'm a complete ex-insomniac to write another review.
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on June 9, 2013
First off, it took 2/3 of the book to get to her method. Until then it was basically just stating nothing in the world will ever work and why and how it's our own faults for being insomniacs. I found the book rude and arrogant. After FINALLY getting to her sleep method, it was a great big THAT'S IT?? Glad I only paid the ebook price. Realistically every chronic insomniac has probably heard all her "methods" before.
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on June 29, 2014
My wife has had trouble sleeping for over a year now and has tried several different methods to get her sleep back. She has had to take sleep aids during that time otherwise she'd be up all night. After reading this book and applying the suggestions, she is off all sleep aids and gets some good nights rest. It is still a work in progress but her nights are getting better and better.
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