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Platform: PCChange
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on June 11, 2013
I have the legendary edition through Steam. I am 60 years old retired and my Wife has passed.

I have played this game over 1200 hours there are some that are approaching the 5000 hour mark. I have though about buying this game through Amazon just to have the disks. I start over constantly because there are things I have missed and the twist and turns of the story are amazing.

I cannot say enough about this game without reveaing spoilers but I will say it is the finest game I have ever played. The mods add so much so buy the PC version.

Steam can be a problem sometimes so save your game around every 30 minutes. Or it could be mod compatibality which can cause problems.

I would tell you add one mod at a time and see how it works. Also do not forget Nexus a great source of Mods that have no size limit.

If you never buy another game and even with Steam who lacks a phone number to call for support buy this game. You will not be sorry.

Take your time and make you first mod 100 times your carry weight. Or as it is called Picked up a spoon.
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on June 7, 2013
The ELDER SCROLLS series has given us a number of masterpieces over the years. Morrowind will always remain etched on my brain whereas Oblivion has offered a vast world I found myself immersed into for hours at no end. Following up on footsteps of such giants is never easy. And yet the 5th installment of the series, SKYRIM, still managed to impress and ensnare me.

For SKYRIM, Bethesda will only take up 6GB on your HDD and with that the game designers created a literally endless world, with extremely long drawing distances, high mountains, passing clouds, dark forests, foliage moving to the wind and water trickling in streams. Everything you see in the horizon is actually accessible. Now, compare that to the ...21GB RAGE takes up for a much, much more small and visually limited world to realize what was accomplished with SKYRIM. The world is absolutely huge - and it feels real.
The graphics are gorgeous, almost realistic. Sure, I could do with somewhat more detailed textures when it comes to clothing (they look much better in the inventory than when worn) as well as a more bold color palette (besides grasses, there are also colorful wildflowers, Bethesda); however, the imaginative design of the items and equipment, the natural movements of the characters and the way light and shadows play with each other all the time more than make up for these shortcomings. The game is as beautiful as it is deep and endless.

Each hand has its own menu. You can go with sword and shield or spell and weapon, dual weapons or dual spells (yes, spells can be combined - and the spell effects are very impressive, especially the frost and thermal ones!). Ana always keep in mind: some Words have power beyond any comprehension.
The camera is very accommodating and both First-Person and Third-Person views are available. It will take some time before you settle into your own fighting style but once that is done the game mechanics will feel like second nature to you. Yes, the finishing moves reminded me of Fallout 3 however, it would not be fair to claim that SKYRIM is the mere cross between FALLOUT 3 and OBLIVION.
SKYRIM was much anticipated and its gameplay does not disappoint in any way.

This is true to all living things and it also true in SKYRIM. In the beginning of the game you only get to choose what your hero looks like. How you then play the game will determine what class and what abilities your hero will acquire.
The skills you use the most are the ones you are actually getting better at. You can also increase your skills by skill training and reading a skill book. Leveling up heals your hero (health and magicka) and you can unlock a skill perk and increase one attribute reserve (health, stamina or magicka) by 10 points. Both the enemies you encounter and the loot you find level up with you, however there are areas designed to be almost impossible to lower level heroes. A word of advice: until you are powerful enough, avoid going up into the mountains. I had to learn this the hard way!
There are Achievement you earn but this is what I found beautiful: as you progress the game creates constellations corresponding to your skills and perks and, so, you can see your character make its mark, well, in the sky of SKYRIM.

I usually do not pay attention to the sounds of a game. The less I notice them, the more natural they usually are. In SKYRIM both the ambient and action sounds are so well made that they stand out at first. After a while you take them form granted and blend into the background - yet they keep adding greatly to the total immersion. Draw a sword, deflect an arrow with your shield or walk in a narrow corridor and you will see what I mean.
Moreover, the background music, whenever cued, is also epic and majestic, like a medieval liturgy choir chanting about your deeds. One name should describe its impact: Jeremy Soule.
The towns are alive with people going about their daily chores - however, I have to admit that I found The Witcher II to be much better in this aspect. Nevertheless, paying attention to what NPCs have to say has its own rewards. Not only can you get lore and valuable information and even quests but you can even gain skill improvements out of this. Care has been taken to create a great number of NPC phrases in order to avoid having to endure the same phrase repeated over and over. Well, although not very pronounced, after some hours of gameplay this has not been avoided entirely. A minor annoyance. I can understand how town talk is much harder to run through the Creation Engine than items and quests.

Recently we have all seen how bad a Digital Distribution system can be ([coughs!] ORIGIN!) so STEAM may seem pretty benign to some by now. Nevertheless, let's not lose perspective. This is still an OnLine DRM scheme. I usually deduct a full star from any game that withholds ownership of our games by tying it to a unique online account. So far I had made a single exception, with Shogun II. I decided SKYRIM to be the second.
I still have to warn the gamers who are careful with what DRM schemes they will allow to their computers since the game does require STEAM to run (yes, even the retail version). An informed decision can now be made. However, I could not bring myself to give this masterpiece anything less than a perfect score.

SKYRIM is a game that will draw you in its world, enchant you with its beauty, mesmerize you with its endless horizons, offer you a huge number of ever branching quests and, yet, leave you wanting for more. Each time you play it is unique and the paths not taken will keep bringing you back again and again. Even if they are uphill and narrow.


(*) Ended relationships not included. May induce expulsion to couch for an indefinite period of time. Real gamers do not use skooma.
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on June 15, 2013
What can I say about Skyrim Legendary Edition; well quite a bit it seems.


1) Do NOT try to upgrade your current game with this version....PERIOD!
2) Do a clean install!
3) If you have the standard version of Skyrim with any DLC installed, create a new user account because Steam is not capable of telling the difference and will not fully install the game. Especially if you have a slow internet connection.
4) Let the install routine put this new game in the folder it wants, if you would like to put the game in a particular folder, Steam cannot tell if there are nested folders under your folder of choice. (I use Bethesda as the top level folder but wanted to put the game in a nested folder called Skyrim under Bethesda) but Steam could not or would not see this or give me a choice.
5) Make sure your video card has adequate cooling, the game is often blamed for the performance of poor equipment.

Now, to the game, I run the game with about 95 mods ( These mods help make the game play richer and more rewarding (sorry console guys), I have been playing Skyrim since the day it was released and this version is working the best. So far I have made it to level 104 without any CTD's (crash to desktop) and contrary to what some on the steam forums have said the game plays perfectly on Windows 7.

Skyrim is a big game, and it does not do well with low powered hardware. I own 2 copies of Legendary Edition and I am playing them on two computers, one is a dual processor SR-2 by Evga with an NVIDIA gtx 660ti and an Asus Rampage formula with an Intel i7 960 cpu and an NVIDIA gts 650 video card. The hardware could be why I am not having problems with the game.

All mods are not created equal and many do not play well with other mods. If you install a mod and start having crashes, or strange behavior, deactivate the mod and see if the problem goes away. One other thing, just because you got some form of Windows 7 to work on model XYZ (you fill in the blanks) computer, does not mean the game is automatically going to work. Lets face it, minimum hardware means minimum game play, period.

To sum up, I ordered this version because I live in the woods above 7200 feet and have a somewhat slow internet connection, downloading the balance of the game and 1 DLC took 9 hours, so with Legendary Edition, it is all on the disk and my download time was reduced to 17 minutes.
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on April 24, 2014
I'll report up front that this was my first experience with an Elder Scroll game, so I was completely unfamiliar with the lore established through the first four installments. I'll even confess that I was a noob with RPGs in general, my history limited to Ultima Online in the stone age of 2D and a brief stint at World of Warcraft eons ago. I wanted a well-rounded single-player role-playing game which didn't need a persistent internet connection or a monthly subscription to enjoy; Skyrim seemed to fit the bill.

Internet is a prerequisite and so is Steam in order to install the game. I tolerated it as, after that, a connection isn't required to play the game. I found the set-up scenes just enough to get a vague idea as to the 'sides', and the first quest (to get the hell out of Dodge -er- *Helgen* before becoming prisoner flambé) almost enough to get a grasp of the mouse and keyboard controls before being thrown into the world. Having a rollerball mouse made fine-tune movement a bit of a challenge for some time; I often found myself looking at the sky or getting a birds-eye view of my frantic running in circles as a wolf chewed on my arm. Training my fingers to the WASD way took a while longer.

So, the game. I'm enjoying it overall. As this is the Legendary Edition with all three of the expansion packs, or DLC, there are dragons and werewolves and vampires. There’s crafting, smithing, and cooking to go along with the killing and looting. Hunters can prey upon the wildlife; gatherers can pluck the wings off of butterflies. Homebodies can have buildable houses, marriageable NPCs, and adoptable children who never grow up. Head out on the road and get distracted by all of the black icons on your compass bar (indicating an undiscovered location). Get sucked into caves and emerge after pitched battles with vicious living trees into lakes filled with slaughterfish. Trek across country and find booby-trapped dwemer ruins, head to the coast to the sight of shipwrecks; flee to the city to find little boys praying over mutilated corpses. This is Forrest Gump’s box of poisoned chocolates. It’s awesome.

The graphics at first blush look amazing, with lovely color, depth and grandeur. The skies at night when the moon(s) are out are particularly breathtaking. Most of the world does seem to be grey much of the time, whether due to snow or drizzle, but I suppose it suits the region and makes the areas with greenery all the more welcome to view. Some textures could use improvement but I haven't bothered getting the official high-def pack or any mods. The sound, whether providing world atmospherics or situational cues, has enough variety to avoid monotony.

The voice acting on the other hand, could use a lot more variety. Distinctive voices crop up on several characters all over the world which gives the impression only five people did all of the NPCs. NPC dialog loops are pretty limited as well, to the point where I go out of my way to avoid getting close to certain characters. I still don't know the name of that kid in Whiterun, but I sure do know he works for Belethor at the General Goods Store. I also know that the problem with Skyrim these days is that everyone is obsessed with death. That priest of Talos won't be shouting his annoying sermons in Whiterun anymore though; and if I didn't unload a ton of loot in Riften so often, that rude Grelka would be next.

Some quests can seem repetitive; bandits, necromancers, or draugr, the main issue for me is whether or not I can avoid being dog-piled to death during a dungeon crawl. I will admit I was as staggered as my character was the first time one of the undead 'shouted' at me; and I was feeling a bit smug at that point that I had an advantage. Not so much.

The AI for followers and enemies can be frustrating and laughable. Yes, Foresworn, the buddy you were just talking to must have been felled by the wind. Sure, Bandit Chief, that arrow I lodged into your eye socket is just a product of your imagination; now go back to your chair so I can take out your other eye. Please, Lydia, stop getting in the way of my arrows, stepping on every floor trap switch, or charging into battle when I'm trying to stay hidden. Not saying 'ow' at every turn in your snotty voice would also be welcome.

To be fair, Lydia really doesn't match my play-style, which is sneak and snipe. I also like to climb mountains to get to my goal; Lydia (or any follower really) doesn't jump upwards and I get a few hours of peace before she catches up to me. I know I can dismiss Lydia, but I'll admit that, as decoy, she has her uses in some fights. Still, I infinitely prefer Serana, despite her habit of necro-ing the recently deceased before I get the chance to loot, as she's not only a powerful magic-user (an area I'm lacking) but favors ranged attacks and doesn't insist on putting herself in front of me and my drawn bow. Her voice is also more pleasant.

Then there are the bugs and quirks. I hadn't played above a few hours when I saw the first mammoth drop from the sky. Since then, elk have been raptured, bears have been abducted then dumped back to Skyrim (they bounced too). Fast travel to cities seems to be an open invitation to vampires to slaughter innocent (and critical) NPCs before being put down. Fighting while mounted on a horse is a hopeless enterprise. I've also experienced the silent crash-to-desktop three times in the month I've played this game. Reloading and approaching an area from a different angle seems to work for some locations, but I haven't been able to get to Redwater Den yet. Lydia vanished during a giant-mammoth-dragon battle. I'm pretty sure she hadn't been launched into space by a giant club (I've both seen it and experienced it; it's pretty hilarious). About a game-week later, I shot at a figure approaching me out in the wilds with weapon drawn; turned out it was Lydia. D@mn it. One of the quests (Blood on the Ice) needed several reloads to advance properly; I hope no others are similarly borked.

And, the quests. I'd dearly love the option to drop quests, or at least hide them, in my journal when I have no intention of completing them (no, sorry, I'm not going to cause a shipwreck) but which are foisted upon me simply because I was accosted by some stranger, looted an object from a chest, or read a book. Completely avoiding the Thieves Guild or the Dark Brotherhood, if one wants, seems nearly impossible. And at times I'd like more conversational options with quest-givers, such as telling narrow-minded obsessives like Isran or Delphine to shove it.

All in all, I do enjoy playing Skyrim. There is enough evidence to indicate that a lot of attention went into the look and feel of the world; the world itself is packed with new things at every turn. I can’t blind myself that there are flaws and faults, some potentially game-breaking. But it is satisfying when I craft my own armor, or make ever more-powerful enchantments and potions, or manage to find another piece of a quest puzzle.

And I still get a rush when I’m creeping through the underbrush toward yet another undiscovered ruin, fort, cave, or camp and then hear the sound, see the name, and watch the icon turn white. I now have a new location on my map. And I smile as I begin to evaluate who or what might be occupying said location, calculating what the body count will be (including wondering if my own will be one of them), and guessing what sort of loot I might acquire if I manage to make it through as I maneuver myself to a good position and ready my weapons to begin the attack. And then I save my game before I take the first shot, because I’m a sissy.
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on January 3, 2016
Just an fyi for those looking for a game ti play offline...THIS WON'T WORK!! It says that you have to download from steam online, then you can play offline. This is not true. You have to reconnect to steam in order to verify the program is updated and without this, it will not allow you to play in offline mode.

My suggestion, stay away from it unless you have constant access to internet! I miss the days of hard copies of games where you put the disc in and Internet required! I don't have Internet where i live...I use my phone for emails and such. So I THOUGHT this would be a good is fine...but the STEAM program required for the download makes it completely useless in my case because I have no way to connect my computer to the Internet even tho it has an offline mode??!! Wow. A waste of money!
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on June 4, 2013
No one can deny the commercial power of The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim and that is indisputable.

Few video games achieve popularity by selling well over 20 million copies (not counting direct STEAM sales) and counting.
What is even more impressive is that Skyrim is a CRPG, not exactly game publishers' preferred genre of choice for their ever present commercial thirst. Only an entry from Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto cross the 10 million barrier with consistency and ease. But The Elder Scrolls series beats them all in gamers' loyalty; the recent research indicates that TES has the greatest franchise engagement over any other popular video game franchise including CoD and GTA.

No one can deny the incomprehensible popularity of The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim and that also is indisputable.

YouTube has been littered with Skyrim related videos and Skyrim became cultural phenomenon creating numerous memes and jokes both famous or infamous (depending on how much you love or hate Skyrim). It also induced so many musical and other artistic tributes including angelic and otherworldly cover songs by Malukah and the violin cover by Linsey Stirling.

Skyrim also garnered unamimous critical praises and countless Game of the Year awards including Game Developers Choice Award, Spike and GamesMaster Golden Joystick Awards. You know how many popular video game claim to be the game of the year on the front cover, right? In case of Skyrim, it is absolutely true; literally hundreds.

What is disputable is whether Skyrim really deserves all that success and accolades.

The majority of the people like the game, some people love the game like no other games, some people hate the game with passion. Some people like the game but prefer Morrowind or Oblivion, other entries of the famed TES series.

No video game ever is perfect and will ever be. Skyrim also has its shares of bugs and shortcomings.

If you already hate Skyrim or Bethesda with passion, nothing will change your mind.

If you already like Skyrim, I will be preaching to the choir.

But if you somehow never play Skyrim, consider these facts.

The absolute majority of video game last anywhere between 5 hours (trust me, there are quite a lot of them out there) to 12 hours, averaging 8 hours to 10 hours for single player portion. Skyrim will last bare minimum 100 hours spanning over 16 square miles of massive open world map, not counting indoor areas, dungeons and underground environments. The new Legendary Edition comes fully patched with the latest offcial patch It also comes with 3 official DLCs; Dawnguard, Hearthfire and Dragonborn, all on the disc, expanding the already massive game even further.

Skyrim offers almost 400 unique individual quests and the infinite amount of fetch quests in the form of Radiant Quest.
It offers hundreds of locations including cities, villages, dungeons, forts, ruins and other points of interest.
It also offers hundreds of non-unique quests, interaction with other NPCs and environments and other things to do.

You literally can go anywhere anytime and do anything in any order in anyway you like, jam-packed with endless things to do.
And I'm not talking about mindless mayhem spree like GTA clones when I talk about contents and freedom.

I spent well over 300 hours playing the vanila Skyrim in my first playthrough.
I also spent 50 hours on Dawnguard, 5 hours on Hearthfire and another 50 hours on Dragonborn.
That is total 405 hours or more hours (all according to the in-game save files) for a single video game.

I also spent another 100 plus hours playing for the second time trying different user created mods, thanks to the Creation Kit;
Bethesda's own construction set and Skyrim Nexus site.

Does any other single player video game offer this much sheer amount of gameplay contents all for yourself without ever tying to the Internet connection, and all for mere sixty bucks? I dare you to come out with an answer.

There are reasons Skyrim became so successful both commercially and artistically.

The incredible freedom and detailed gameworld are the main attraction of Skyrim and The Elder Scrolls series in general.

The console versions are exactly identical with the PC version, minus the obvious graphical and performance Prowess of the PC version, howerver, there's one extra incentive that the PC version has over the rest; enter Creation Kit.

TES community has arguably the largest and the most active modding community for PC game, since the days of Morrowind and through the days of Oblivion, coming out with contents by the talented modders from all over the world on a daily basis thanks to the powerful construction set released free for the public, the same tool used by the developers to create the game. For the game that literally never ends, Creation Kit extends the life of the game to almost an immortal status. No other game has several channels on YouTube devoted strictly for mods updates and reviews like Skyrim does.

There are games that do action better than Skyrim. There are certainly games that do story-telling better than Skyrim.

But whatever the shortcoming one might find with Skyrim, Skyrim is so much larger than the sum of its parts that comes as complete whole to achieve its greatness. The sheer amount of contents and freedom Skyrim offers will not be easily matched by any other games outside The Elder Scrolls series and Fallout franchise anytime soon, and that also is indispubable.

This new edition is great for people who never played Skyrim or people who played Skyrim but never played the DLCs.
Dawnguard costed $20, Hearthfire costed &5 and Dragonborn costed $20 when first released, so this still is an attractive option if you never played three official DLCs. The latest and most likely the final official patch encompasses all the accumulative patches including mount combat, killcam for range and magic attack, legendary skills that removes the level cap and legendary difficulty mode. And of course three official DLCs add tons of new NPCs, new weapons and armors, new items, new skills and skill trees, new shouts, new areas to explore, lands to buy, house to build, children to adopt and your own family to raise. They expand and complete Skyrim like you've never seen.

There's really no shame in playing Skyrim on consoles at all, but if you want to expand the horizon of what Bethesda has already offered you, you should definitely try the PC version, if not for anything else but the possibility to play both Oblivion and Morrowind in Skyrim engine to go back to the world of Cyrodiil and Vvardenfell (morrobliviondotcom).


If you also have Oblivion GotY and Morrowind GotY along with Skyrim Legendary Edition, you just absolutely and positively have to visit Enderal mod at moddbdotcom, Nehrim mod at moddbdotcom, morrobliviondotcom and skyrimdotnexusmodsdotcom.
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on September 1, 2015
I bought this to get an actual physical copy of Skyrim so I would not need to download it. What I got was a disc to install Steam and a code to download Skyrim digitally. Not a copy of the game as the package appears to contain. It is not until after I have opened the case and discovered what it actually was that I noticed a tiny blurb on the back cover between the system requirements and ownership indicia that tells the buyer this is really just a Steam install disc. Why can't you play a single player game on your own computer without having to connect to some outside party? Thanks for nothing.
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on November 14, 2014
I just purchased this game a month ago so I'm late to the party. I love open world games. The Fallout games are my favorites and Skyrim reminds me of Fallout but based in a different era. I'm almost 60 and retired so I'm probably not your typical PC gamer. I play consoles too. But I find it a great way to kill time especially in the colder months when I'm not fishing or riding my Harley. Anyway back to the game. There are so many quest, Skyrim potentially can keep me entertained for months since I don't rush through to the finish. I am finding loads of tips on various forums and YouTube. There are just so many angles to the quest it keeps you on your toes determining the best way to proceed.

I have an older Intel i5 2500K (OC'd to 4.5ghz) and a older GeFore 460 SE video card in a system I built. Even in my almost 4 year old system the game plays very smoothly and the graphics are better than great. I also like the fact that there is so much you can do via the PC console. I'm giving it 4 stars because on rare occasion the game locks up and I have to restart it. I'm not sure if that's a game quirk or a Steam issue.
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on May 8, 2014
I've been playing Skyrim on the PS3 for about two years. I started getting in to Let's Play videos on You Tube and started to see all of the great mods people are creating for the PC version. This led me to purchase the PC game last week. I'm unfortunately playing on my wife's PC which has an underpowered graphics card. Fortunately graphics cards seem to be cheaper than I remember so an upgrade is coming. For now I'm playing in window mode which is good enough to get started.

This game is just about the only game I may ever need again. I've done dozens of different characters and played hundreds of hours. All of this playtime and I still find new things every time I play through.

Perhaps my favorite aspect of this game is the lore and history behind the story. I've played Morrowind and Oblivion and loved them both. I've played other RPGs and there have been good and bad but none seems to have such a cohesive and fully realized world developed around the game.

If there is one downside to playing on the PC versus the PS3 it's the controls. I know almost everyone says playing on the PC offers better control but I miss the simplicity of the controller. I am picking up the controls quickly but for now I'm playing on Adept because combat can get confusing and hectic.

There are also small little issues with the game that can frustrate me. NPC lines can get a bit repetitive. I'm a dog lover so having a dog along is fun but the constant barking gets annoying (as does accidently hitting the dog during combat and killing him). All in all the issues are minor and nothing other games don't also suffer from. I may not have played long enough to experience some of the glitches and crash issues others have had. I had not previously had anything to do with Steam but the process was pretty fast and completely pain free.

The game has been around for quite some time so I don't know if there is anything I can really add to the conversation but if you are looking for a fun, deep game that independent modders are still creating new content for, this is a good one to get.

A little update, since I got the video card this game is even better. I installed Bethesda's HD texture pack and it's no exagerastion to say it's improved the looks 100%. Gameplay is much improved also.
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on December 14, 2014
One, the fact that there are only 27 poor reviews out of 400+ and that 90% of the good reviews are 5 star should tell you something.

Second, the game itself is absolutely fantastic, pretty much the best of its kind that I have ever played.

Third, yes you need a Steam account to access the DLC but honestly, if you have decent internet it shouldn't be a problem.

Fourth, I suppose I should write up a "con" even though for me it honestly isn't one. For those who do not have the ability to use Steam this is unfortunate, but it's not honestly been a problem for me so I have no complaints. It's unfortunate that people feel this "ruins" the game but honestly? It doesn't. Not even a little bit.
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