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The Eminem Show
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on June 18, 2002
Format: Audio CD
As witty as "The Marshall Mathers LP" was, "The Eminem Show" seems to be even wittier. This time, Eminem concentrates less on pushing buttons, and more on social and personal commentary.
Curtains Up(skit) - Just some sound effects giving the impression of Em walking up to a microphone.
White America - A heavy sounding song about how Eminem has unwittingly reached so many people in so many different ways. He points out how he wouldn't be targeted so much if he was black.
Business - Dre's G-funk production is easily recognizable here, and is just as groovy as ever. Em plays the role of Robin to Dre's Batman, much like the current video for "Without Me".
Cleaning Out My Closet - Self explanatory title. Here, Em once again vents his thoughts on his fame, ex-wife, and mother, but manages to say enough new stuff to keep from sounding repetative.
Square Dance - Don't let the title fool you, its still a rap song. Em says this song overall is intended to help you forget stuff and let loose. A few pot shots at Cannabis pop up here.
The Kiss(skit) - A loose recreation of the events that led to Eminem's arrest.
Soldier - With all the negative press, lawsuits, and newfound fame coming at him, Em describes himself as someone who keeps moving along despite all the pressure around him.
Say Goodbye to Hollywood - This seems to be Em saying that after all the things that have happened to him, he can't be carefree anymore.
Drips - A tale about how Obie Trice hooked up with a fictional girlfriend of Eminem, and wound up getting some kind of STD. Basically, this song is a graphic picture about the dangers of unprotected sex.
Without Me - The traditional, catchy, leadoff single with the Slim Shady persona in full force. Sounds different enough from "My Name Is" and "The Real Slim Shady" to hold its own.
Paul Rosenbeurg(skit) - Em's manager urgently warns him not to carry his gun around.
Sing for the Moment - Using a sample of Aerosmith's "Dream on", Em tells us in his own unique way how and why kids are drawn to him and entertainers in general.
Superman - A twisted semi-love song about Em's ex-wife. He indicates they may get back together down the road, but for now he could care less because "I can't be your Superman".
Halie's Song - A heartfelt ode to his beloved daugher. Em himself admits that he can't sing that good. Someone said how this sounded similar to the boy bands that Em puts down. Well, the difference is he wrote this himself, and the feelings are real.
Steve Berman(skit) - The head of Interscope records doesn't get a chance to say what he wants to say about this album.
When the Music Stops - The members of D-12 lend a hand in telling how life can be rough when the focus is not on music anymore.
Say What U Say - Em and Dre go back and forth in dissing Jermaine Dupri.
'Till I Collapse - The beat is identical to Queen's "We Will Rock You", and makes for an arena-rock sounding ode to Em's desire to continue on. Nate Dogg provides a very catchy chorus.
My Dad's Gone Crazy - Em's daughter is featured here, and she comments on what we've known all along. All the subject matter on the album is summed up well in the last few verses.
Curtains Close(skit) - Ken Kaniff is left all by himself as "The Eminem Show" ends.
... about for a sec then tells his mind.Em shows his songwriting gift.VERY GOOD SONG.
20-Curtain's Close-Ken Keniff is back closing out the show.
This CD really impressed me and should impress you as well.
Sorry this review is so long.Anyway this CD is well worth the 15 bucks.Hell, I think it should be more if u ask me.
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on May 30, 2002
Format: Audio CD
I have found "The Eminem Show" (Eminem's 3rd full length solo CD release for interscope records) to be honest, intelligent, frightening, and important.
Eminem keeps it real, and I love him for it!
The CD's content is much more personal this time around, a
logical next step in profit Shady's evolution.
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on May 30, 2002
Format: Audio CD
I have been with Eminem from the start, well, atleast the start of his professional recording career. I love his music. I think he is brilliant...yes, I said brilliant. I'm a girl, and he doesn't offend me at all. I think he is very is insightful and sensitive. He sees the world differently and I love that.
This CD, in my opinion, is his best to date. He is growing as an artist. He hasn't lost his edge, but he has matured. Every song here is a keeper.
If everyone would stop looking for controversy, they would hear great music.
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on June 5, 2002
Format: Audio CD
All Eminem haters stop reading now and I'll see you on my next review.
Welcome home, Em. He's been gone for a while. "No he hasn't", you say, "he's released the Marshall Mathers LP in 2000 and the D-12 album last year" (don't admit that you actually bought that D-12 album, by the way). But true underground heads know that he took a vacation from the streets and started kicking some Generation-X, MTV-ready raps for all of America to eat up and/or criticize. But just like Jay-Z did with The Blueprint and Nas did with Stillmatic, Eminem brings it back to the streets with his third album, The Eminem Show. There's not one commercial, radio-friendly song on this album (except for "Without Me", which is the weakest track on here compared to the rest of the songs). Forget the title to the first single off his second album, THIS is the Real Slim Shady.
If you think he has totally ditched his style (shock value lyrics, dissing your favorite artists for no reason), you're wrong, as evidenced on "Without Me"'s third verse when he disses an *NSYNC member and Moby. The beef continues on "Say What You Say" when guest Dr. Dre takes shots at a certain producer in Atlanta: "I'm a giant...when I see you I'ma step on you and not even know it/You midget/...Over eighty million records sold/And I ain't have to do it with 10- or 11-year-olds." Timbaland also puts his two cents in as well at the end of the track. Unfortunately, we heard all this dissing before (The Roots vs. Nas, Nas vs. Jay-Z, Jay-Z vs. anybody who ain't him) so you're left with a "Who cares?" feeling. Therefore, the diss records (with artists) thankfully stop there.
Eminem, still one of the best, if not THE best, rapper in the game, brings it on politically ("White America"), explains his reasoning for him hating his parents ("Cleaning Out My Closet"), and shows affection for the only female he loves: his daughter ("Hailie's Song"). And songs like "Say Goodbye Hollywood" talk about his recent lawsuit(s). Now I wouldn't dare rank Eminem with 2Pac, but just like Pac's Me Against the World versus his other albums, The Eminem Show is Em's darkest and most personal record, which is why it's his best album.
Dudes on the block will be arguing over what's the best song on the album, but my pick is "When the Music Stops" with D-12, where, for once, everyone sounds good. And "Soldier" and "Till I Collapse" tie at second. In fact, there's not one song worth skipping on this album, but the aforementioned "Without Me", which really sounds like "The Real Slim Shady Part 2", comes close.
You either like Eminem or you don't, and he's not gonna change for no one. Like he said a few years back, he just don't give a you-know-what. But those who think that Eminem has changed his style are just mad because they can't find the "hits" that they found on his last two albums. This album is for the true Eminem fans only, not the mainstream, current-fad loving, bandwagon-jumping individuals. You probably won't see another single off this album on TRL, so that means that most of his fans will throw this album away. Oh well, their loss.
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on May 31, 2002
Format: Audio CD
The last two albums were great! They both, like this one had amazing crazy lyrics. But those two only had a few serious songs and the rest of the cd was joking around. Not this one, most of the cd is serious and deep. Its a lot more fersonal that the rest.
Track Assesment:
1 Curtains Up(skit)
2.White America- Great anti government song 5/5
3.Buisness - cool song, coll lyrics 5/5
4.Cleaning Out My Closet - serious, deep, personal, amazing 6/5
5.Square Dance - cool beat, cool lyrics 5/5
6.The Kiss(skit) - kim....
7.Soldier - I'm at a loss for words 6/5
8.Say Goodbye to Hollywood - cool song, personal, 5/5
9.Drips(w/obie trice) - little too nasty, but cool 4/5
10.Without Me - ya'll know this one 4/5
11.Paul Rosenberg(skit) - em, dont bring you're gun around..
12.Sing for the Moment - awsome remake of areosmith classi, 6/5
13.Superman - cool song 5/5
14.Halies Song - to halie, em has the balls to try and sing, peronal, meaningfull 5/5
15.Steve Berman(skit) - he finaly dies!
16.When The Music Stops - realy cool song 5/5
17.Say What You Say(w/dr.dre) cool song, dre disses dupri!!5/5
18.Till I Collapse(w/ nate doog) - cool chorus by nate, cool backroung 5/5
19.My Dads Gone Crazy(W/Halie Jade) - really cool, halie pust good touch on song, 5/5
20.Curtains Close(skit) - Ken Kaniff is back!
After reading that you should relize how amazing this cd is.
The bonus dvd is pretty cool. It has a couple live preformances, a few interviews, I Just Dont Give A ... video and an episiode of The Slim Shady Show.
In the DVD em says its best for an artist to grow each cd and get better, and he sure ...did on this one, ...
ps-I dont know if its possible for him to grow after this one
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on November 25, 2002
Format: Audio CD
To be honest, before this album I had liked some of Eminem's songs but I never thought of him as an amazing artist. He was and still is an mult-talented rapper, and he had witty lyrics but his albums were made up of the songs sounded the same and not many stood out due to a lack of stand-out beats and lyrics that were conceptually repetitve. However on this album has gotten much more personal, switched up the format and type or rapping on each song, created great hooks and finally beats that are just as predominant as him. So heres the breakdown of ths songs, skipping the skits:
White America: the pounding beats and Eminem's agressive tone match each other perfectly in this song with self-confessing lyrics about Eminem's rise that are not only shocking in what they say but because that Eminem is willing to admit them. From this song you know Eminem is much more focused on his rise to fame and the media's potray of him rather then jabs at his targeets. 8.5/10
Business-a good bouncy track with a great beat with eminem talking bout the rap game. 8.5/10
Cleaning out my Closet- one of the most personal tracks on the album about eminem's darkest issues, but mainly his mother. Rather than make jokes about her, the track is of grim seriousness and emotion. 8.5/10
Square Dance- this is a good song even though its got a strange chrous. A pretty good beat and some political raps. 8/10
Say Goodbye to Hollywood: another track with personal lyrics mixed with an desperationa and vunerability in eminem's voice. A good beat too. 8.5/10
Drips: this one of the lesser tracks on the album. Not really worthy of mention. An ok beat, but predicatable unorignal lyrics bout STDs and sex. 7/10
Without Me:the first single. Although its uncannily similar to his earlier first singles of the other albums. This is the albums most club-friendly song and has jumpy beat which suits eminem's upbeat raps. A good hook too. 8/10
Sing for the moment: An amazing song with lyrics about emimen's music, how music people affects people and plain thought-provoking. Grim music matches eminem's voice that is full of determination, emotion and edge. 9/10
Superman: although the lyrics are somewhat unoringal in comparison to the other one on the album. Eminem's flow on the song is a hook all itself and the chorous is great too. 8.5/10
Soldier: although Eminem's lyrics about how tough he is are much less inovative, the beat and Eminem's flow is full of raw energy, enough to overshadow the lyrics. 8.5/10
Halie's Song: the is the best song on the album. Eminem's voice is compact with emotion, love and anger at the same time. The lyrics reveal the vunerability of eminem and how deep he can be. The hook is powerful and grasping. 9.5/10
When the Music Stops: this song may be overlooked as a typical D12 song, its not. Although their are some of their typical lyrics, their are many insightful ones too about music and themselves. But the track has a dark creeping beats that coats the grimmness of the rappers. 8.5/10
Say What You Say: This is Dre's magic. The beat is slamming and head-bobbing that its impossible not to be drawn it. Emine's & Dre's flows and chorous are full of rawness and edge. A great slamming track full of energy. 9.5/10
Till I Collapse: eminem's flow that speaks like a giant, empowering lyrics, a militant beat thats rocks, and Nate Dawg's hook = 9.5/10
My Dad's Gone Crazy: Eminem is at his wittiest and funniest here with a great hook and beat. 8.5/10
this is eminem's best work capturing his anger, frustration, emotion, pain, love and skills all in one. Combine this with amazing, pumped up beats and you've got an amazing album.
overal 9/10
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11 of 12 people found the following review helpful
on September 6, 2002
Format: Audio CD
Let me just start by saying that I am intelligent enough to know that Eminem isn't a genius, but open-minded enough to not consider him a no-talent shock artist. Eminem does have some artistic integrity and he has some market savvy too. So the following review is written by someone who has heard enough music, (hip hop in particular) to not be easily impressed, but not so jaded or reactionary against what is new and popular that I want to pan the album just for the sake of being contrary.
The Eminem Show. Its supposed to be a concept album inspired by the 'reality-based' entertainment culture of recent years. The title is inspired by the Jim Carrey film 'The Truman Show' in which a man discovers that the day to day events of his life are being mareketed as entertainment to the masses. After two wildly popular albums Eminem finds himself under the spotlight, but instead of shrinking or inventing a persona bigger than he is...Eminem has decided to flash the crowd. Look at me he says...look at yourself too he implies. But before things get too uncomfortable or too preachy Eminem plies us with his intoxicating wit and verbal dexterity.
This is Eminem's most balanced, and most mature work to date. And its a good thing too, because we aren't so impressed with his tongue twisting polysyllabic rhymes anymore that it all sounds clever. Just like all hip hoppers the voice and the delivery only stay hot for a little while (Ja Rule take note) and so there better be some innovation or substance down the line. Em keeps it fresh by turning inward and being a little more human instead of the two dimensional rebel without a cause of the past. This time out, Eminem rarely promotes his drug use as a badge of honor. Maybe he was little more sober in producing this album because it just doesn't have nearly as many boring tracks as his previous albums have had. Its hard to make a CD that clocks in at 70 minutes engaging throughout, but Em pulls it off for the first time. Sure there are some moments where he re-hashes old material (Drips and Superman come to mind) but the music is still engaging and Eminem's witticism keeps things interesting enough that you are going to at least pay attention, plus no one wants to watch him pick his sores the whole time so Em steps in with some fun bangers that are more traditional 'battle-rap-I-am-the-greatest' products (see Till I Collapse and Say What You Say).
Speaking of the music, its startling that Em has almost completely abandoned the production help of mentor Dr. Dre (who only contributes three tracks on the whole album) and mans the ship alone primarily. The result? Well if you like Dre's signature production than he is sorely missed, but Em makes up for it with more musical diversity on his self-produced tracks. Its also interesting to note that Eminem seems to find adequate tracks to express his emotional growth. Em still has venom to spew but it seems to be hitting closer to home now. He isn't stabbing ex-wives and disposing of bodies with infant daughter in tow anymore, but getting more into the hurt that has come from his relationship with his mom, with his fans, and with himself. And for a change of pace. Em actually sings a lullaby type song about his daughter on Haile's Song. Although barely listenable, one has to give Eminem credit for being bold enough to do something that could be described as corny when he has attacked the rest of the world so vehemently for their sentimental subject matter. Its all the more courageous because his daughter seems to be the only thing he cares about besides his music and telling the world you value something is always risky. Exposing his daughter to the public eye (even featuring her on catchy My Dad's Gone Crazy) and even boasting he is a competent father are all cannon fodder for those who wait in the wings to attack Marshall.
Saying that this is Em's most mature work still does leave some things to be desired. He is still sometimes offensive just for the sake of it making hamburgers out of everyone else's sacred cows. With the exception of racial slurs, there really isn't anything Em seems shy about saying to get a rise out of people. If you found him obnoxious in the past, he is still obnoxious now, but if it didn't bother you enough to dismiss the Slim Shady LP, or the Marshall Mathers LP, than you are in for much greater treat this time around.
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11 of 12 people found the following review helpful
Format: Audio CD
1. Curtains Up (Intro) - It's an intro, so nothing to get excited over (N/A)
2. White America - Eminem raps about his views of America and does it well. Blasts some top-shelf political figures too. (5/5)
3. Business - Classic Eminem. Party type of beat with Eminem dropping some funny lyrics. (5/5)
4. Cleaning Out My Closet - Eminem's anything-but-loving ode to his mother. Really powerful song that makes you feel for what Eminem has gone through. (5/5)
5. Squaredance - Really new sound for Eminem. I think it works really good. The beat is crazy and he takes time out to demolish Canibus with only two or three lines. (5/5)
6. The Kiss (Skit) - An okay skit. Tells about the night he pistol whipped the bouncer for allegedly kissing his wife. (N/A)
7. Soldier - The beat is ok and the lyrics are tight, but overall, i'm just not feeling this song. Something about it isn't too appealing. (3/5)
8. Say Goodbye Hollywood - Nice production value and Eminem is always spitting lyrics that touch on personal subjects. Good song. (4/5)
9. Drips - One funny song about the dangers of un-protected sex. Obie Trice, Shady Records new artist, drops some hilarious rhymes and almost out does Eminem with his potent lyrics. (4/5)
10. Without Me - Great lead single off this album. Lyrics are funnier towards the end. Only problem is that this song sounds too much like D-12's hit of last summer "Purple Pills." (4/5)
11. Paul Rosenberg (skit) - Funny skit from Eminem's attorney who tells Eminem not to shoot off his gun in public. Funny and short. Serves its purpose. (N/A)
12. Sing for the Moment - Great use of the Aerosmith song "Dream On." This is the type of song Eminem shines on. Great beat, excellent lyrics and Joe Perry. What a combo! (5/5)
13. Superman - Deep bass beat for Eminem to spit funny lyrics about the reasons he won't get deeply involved with another female. Funny stuff towards the end. (5/5)
14. Hallie's Song - Shocked this reviewer when I head Eminem starting to actually SING! Struck me as odd too, but Eminem holds his own. Touching song. (5/5)
15. Steve Berman (skit) - Seemingly, the last skit with Mr. Berman since Em shoots him at the end. The skit with him on the D-12 album was the funniest though. This one is ok. (N/A)
16. When the Music Stops - Eminem and D-12 show off incredible lyrical structure over one of the best beats i've heard in a while. Bizarre actually is funny on this song, too. (5/5)
17. Say What You Say - This is the battle track of the album. Eminem and Dr. Dre go back and forth ripping one anothers current foes. I would hate to be JD right now. (4/5)
18. 'Til I Collapse - This is the best song on the album. With a hip-hop sound mixed with "We Will Rock You," you get a hype song with Nate Dogg helping out on the chorus. (5/5)
19. My Dad's Gone Crazy - Eminem's duet with his daughter Hallie. Hallie is really funny on this song. Eminem also drops potent lyrics. Great closing song. (5/5)
20. Curtains Close (outro) - THE RETURN OF KEN KANIFF!! I was wondering if Eminem was going to leave him out. Funny skit with Ken reciting his own lyrics to parts of "Without Me." (N/A)
In the end, this is a very well-rounded album. I hope Eminem stays on top of his game for the rest of his career.
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on July 27, 2002
Format: Audio CD
I wasn't a big fan of Eminem's first two albums except for a few songs. When this came out, I heard two songs off it and they were awesome to me. So then I ordered this CD right here off I just got it in today and the raps immediately blew me away and I had to take several breaks to recuperate. I must admit now that I think Em is truly talented. He literally wears his heart on his sleeve and spews out all the thoughts on his mind and mixes his words together to form clever rhythms. Here is my song-by-song review now:
Curtains Up - This isn't a song really. It's just an opening skit with sounds of Em making his way to the microphone. It was cool how he ended this skit by taking a deep breath and then my player immediately went to Track 2 when he screamed "America!"
White America - Slow rapping is included in this song so the fans of Eminem can clearly understand the message he is delivering here. Very catchy
Business - Not one of my favorites but I like the chorus
Cleanin Out My Closet - The title actually means that Em is cleaning out his mind of all the thoughts that need to be expressed in the form of words
Square Dance - Em's hillbilly voice in the chorus is a little annoying but the music is very cool and so is the rapping
The Kiss - This is a skit that actually has background music in it that leads up to "Soldier."
Soldier - The rapping is quicker than most of his other songs and there is a lot of cussing so protect your kids from this one. Better yet, protect your kids from the whole album. :) LOL
Say Goodbye Hollywood - If you exclude all the skits on this album, this is probably my least favorite song. It's pretty average and the chorus isn't catchy enough but it doesn't decrease the final score at all
Drips - Never got a chance to hear this one because it was removed from the album when they were editing it. Actually it's still on here but it's just three seconds of no audio and then Track 10 comes on
Without Me - This is the famous single you've heard so much about. I've heard it a million times but it's still pretty good. Unfortunately, it gets overplayed on the radio and it can get on your nerves after hearing it too much so, once you've had your fair share of listens, try not to listen to it more because you might dislike it then.
Paul Rosenberg - I feel some of these skits are unnecessary. Paul just leaves Marshall a message, telling him not to carry his gun away from his home.
Sing For The Moment - Eminem borrowed this music from Aerosmith's classic song "Dream On." He even had them featured in the song and they sang the chorus while he included his rap verses.
Superman - A pretty good song but it gets on your nerves as the conversation between Em and Dina Rea gets played too much.
Hailie's Song - Em shows how much love he has for his daughter and how much he hates his mother.
Steve Berman - Another dumb skit that's just on the CD to take up space
When The Music Stops - The music in the background really gets you moving. There is no chorus. Just nonstop rapping with five rappers featured, excluding Em.
Say What You Say - Good song. Nuff said.
Till I Collapse - Nate Dogg makes the chorus catchy and the rapping is normal and still good
My Dad's Gone Crazy - Hailie's voice gets very annoying in this song, but Em's rapping takes your mind off of her
Curtains Close - A skit that makes you cry because it's all over until the next album
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Format: Audio CD
While both Slim Shady and Marshall Mathers are an important part of this CD, Eminem subsumes his two other personas to take center stage on The Eminem Show. While the album is not as consistently impressive as either of his first two albums, it contains some standout tracks and displays a unity of purpose and theme that marks Eminem as a more mature and talented artist more than comfortable in his own often-criticized skin. There is plenty of violence and cursing throughout the course of this exceedingly long release (coming in at over an hour and seventeen minutes), yet a softer and certainly more introspective Eminem sometimes reveals himself in the lyrics. While there is plenty of talk about his own life, it is now somewhat counterbalanced by criticism of the music industry, censorship, and even American policy (including, as everyone probably knows, some harsh words for Lynn Cheney and Tipper Gore). This doesn't make Eminem a global spokesman for anything, but it certainly seems he is trying to place his music in a larger context. Naturally, though, his most intense lyrics revolve around his own life, the penultimate example of which is Cleaning Out My Closet. In this self-revelatory track, Eminem launches a vicious attack on his mother, seemingly holding nothing back at all in his diatribe. He raises the specter of his ex-wife Kim in The Kiss skit, but there is no equivalent track to Bonnie and Clyde 97 or Kim on this album.

Eminem doesn't take himself too seriously, leading to tracks such My Dad's Gone Crazy, the brilliant and funny duo with his daughter Hailie Jade. Hailie's influence is felt most strongly, of course, on Hailey's Song. This is by far my favorite song on this album, and it is certainly unique in that Eminem actually sings the lyrics, reflecting the obvious joy he feels at getting his daughter back. There are certainly enough tracks reflecting the rage and youthful exasperation that have always driven Eminem, but there is also a measure of fun rarely felt in his earlier efforts. Without Me is loads of fun, forever conjuring up images in my mind of Eminem in that superhero getup from the video. In White America, Eminem seems to take delight in pondering the effects he has on young people; and I find a lot of entertainment values in Square Dance. The only song I don't really care for is Drips featuring Obie Trice, a song that seems to take shock value for its own sake a little too far for my tastes. Overall, though, The Eminem Show is yet another amazing album from the unstoppable force known as Eminem, and the maturity, commitment, and ever-increasing skills revealed in its conception and execution offer undeniable proof that hip hop's most controversial and influential star is going to be a force in the business for a very long time.
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