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on April 20, 2003
First, I ought to say that I purchased both the audio book (as a download) and the written book, hoping to find more material and exercises in the audio program and also with the desire to to be able to review the contents of the program at ease. This was not the case. As another reviewer commented, the presentation is VERY difficult to listen to as it is very monotone and downbeat. I don't think I could listen to the entire program again and I would definately NOT recommend buying the tapes or download.
That said, I found the contents of the book to be quite comprehensive and there are numerous practical exercises throughout the book to complete. The book has its foundations in a number of metaphysical (ie. money as energy), 'spiritual' (i.e. your life purpose and Buddhist concepts of 'structures of knowing' and 'monkey mind' among others) and psychological perspectives (including beliefs systems and blocks). In particular, it is about taking the hero's journey (ie. Joseph Campbell's work), that is, about creating the kind of life that you want and assisting you to clear the blocks in order to achieve this. It aims to get the reader look at themselves, what they really want in life and the internal changes they need to make in order to do this.
The book doesn't contain 'practical' money management strategies - that's not it's focus, it's focus is on the important inner dimension of success and fulfilment. The book is a worthwhile read and I think it's much, much better than many others on the market. The practical exercizes are also useful in enhancing self awareness and in that sense is worth the price of the book - I would definately purchase it again, I just wouldn't buy the audio version, unless you are having problems sleeping!
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on January 23, 2001
I spent my entire life (from early childhood to late 40s) terrified about becoming poor, about never earning enough, about never having enough, etc. I was always financially desperate at the emotional level, no matter what the outer circumstances. On the surface I looked successful and did fine, but inside I suffered constant anxiety about money issues -- about my financial survival.
A friend gave me this book several years ago and reading it (and doing the exercises) changed something fundamental inside of me. In place of anxiety, I now enjoy a sense of peace and security. The material Dr. Nemeth presents is wise and pragmatic, profound and fascinating to read. It strikes very deeply into the secret heart of the reader where our money problems originate. My outlook has been permanently transformed by what I read and I'm very grateful.
If you've ever felt hopeless about money, or simply wanted to do more with what you have, this book will take you on a journey to mastering your finances from the inside out. Read it to your children. Share it with your friends. I'd rate this book 10 stars if I could.
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on May 11, 2000
"The Energy of Money," by Maria Nemeth, NOT a new age serman a la Suzie Orman chiding one regarding spiritual points in one's life which require cleaning up before money comes along. Nor does Nemeth's approach give one the feeling of being preached to by a moneyed person sharing their "get rich" philosphies with all "the little people."
What Nemeth's book does do is explain how ideas begin in a realm of energy, requiring translation into the physical realm.Her guidelines are accompanied by well thought-out explanations which most folks can relate to some other area of their lives.
Dr. Nemeth's approach is basic, straight-forward and makes sense without judgements, spiritual lists, and long verbose explanations.
I definitely recommend this book for anyone desiring to better understand money: what it is/is not, how it moves in the world,and how to relate to the energy of money in a manner which may successfully bring more into one's life.
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on April 28, 2004
I am a millionaire, and every time I read a book about money, I feel guilty. I *know* I'm supposed to pay attention to money, but I don't, so I feel guilty when I'm reminded of what I "should" do and end up doing nothing. In contrast, this book opened with the author opening her heart. She is compassionate and understanding of the guilt. Somehow, just feeling accepted by her, I was moved after the first 15 pages to get up and take care of some money issues. I have continued to read the book and continue to take positive action. I also find her insights applicable to other "congealed energy," such as issues with food. This book is life-changing!
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on January 15, 2004
Taking a wholistic approach to shifting beliefs and outcomes around ones financial fulfillment, The Energy of Money differs from many other Spiritual Money guides because of the wealth of exercises and the completeness of its coverage.
Nemeth doesn't see money as a "stand alone" issue, she sees it as being a part of one's life intention and integrity.
Another feature that works is her taking the obstacles and problem areas and meeting them head-on rather than denying they exist. Its more of the "Name it and claim it" approach which works very well.... when the claiming involves taking congruent action, about which Nemeth also offers instruction.
Its an all around powerful read, one which I repeat and refer to frequently both for my own learning and for my life coaching clients as well since this is oftentimes a challenging area.
If you read it and put the information to use, you will definitely have a positive return on your investment.
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on March 11, 2011
I love a book that asks me questions that stay with me long after I've read it. Here are a small sample of questions asked in this book, that will guide any reader to a much better existence:

1. You have just inherited $1,000,000. A relative asks for a $50,000 unsecured loan. What is your first thought? What are your body sensations, right now?

2. Think of a time when you failed to complete something you promised you would do. Think of the names, dates, and places. What were your reasons for not keeping your promise? What happened? As you think of it now, whose fault was it that you failed to do it? Why? Do you have any body sensations?

3. The past 10 years have shown an upsurge in the number of personal bankruptcies filed. In your opinion, what causes someone to go bankrupt? What do you feel as you say this? What are your body sensations?

4. Think of a place, at work or in your personal relationships, where you know you are not operating within your standards of integrity. What kept you from clearing this up? What are your body sensations as you write this answer?

5. You are about to stand up in front of a group of people you hardly know. You are going to tell them precisely how much money, to the penny, you bring home, each month. What thoughts come to mind as you contemplate this? Do any emotions emerge? What are your body sensations?

6. You have been asked to give the year-end summary presentation to the head of your company. You have two hours to prepare. What did you just think as you read this? Why would you fail at this task? What are your body sensations?

7. You are being asked to compute your net worth. How hard would this be for you? Why? What feelings come up?

8. You have just received a letter that your income taxes for the past 2 years are being audited. What do you think happened to cause this? How would you handle this?

9. You are leaving a record store with some purchases. As you go through the security gate, the alarm sounds. A salesperson rushes toward you, to stop you from leaving. What is your first thought? What would you do? What are your feelings?

10. Name one dream you have had that you've given up on. What is it? When did I give up on this dream?

11. You bought a book on financial prosperity 3 months ago. You were excited about this, at the time, but haven't red past the first three pages. What are your reasons? What's keeping you from reading and even putting into practice, what the book suggests? Have you done this before?

12. You've been meaning to talk to a loved one about an issue involving money, but you haven't done so, yet. What keeps you from doing this? What worries emerge as you think about this?

When I read these questions, I was amazed by my physical and emotional reactions. The answers that I wrote in my journal created a huge mental paradigm shift for me.

Of all the books I've ever read, I have taken more time reading this book than any other book, because there are so many valuable lessons to absorb, celebrate and truly embody.

Whether you have a lot of money, a little or no money, just being human, and if you aspire to be fully present in your life, this is the book that you should read, study, and master.
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on June 7, 2002
I purchased "The Energy of Money: A Spiritual Guide to Financial Freedom and Personal Fulfillment", as an audio book. I was extremely excited to go over the material as I have done pretty extensive reading on spirituality as it relates to money and abundance and am always fascinated with any new twist I pick up on the subject. In that respect the book did give me what I was hoping for.
Especially interesting was the concept of "unfinished money business". The program really stops and makes you think about just how many money related issues may be hanging over your head. Issues like... are your insurance policies adequate? Do you prepare and follow a monthly budget? Is your car maintenance up to date? Is your checkbook balanced to the penny? The list is extensive and it really makes you want to get busy at doing those things you've been putting off.
The program is designed to make you look at your lifelong relationship with money... how you spend it, use it, abuse it and how you feel about it. Several guided exercises are designed to help you discover your deepest thoughts relating to money and how you can use that information to establish new, more meaningful goals.
My main problem with this program was the presentation. It is read by the author, Maria Nemeth, and I found her voice and reading of the material to be too slow, bland and boring. The quality of the material presented was the only thing that kept me awake!
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on August 23, 2005
I am just finishing reading this book for the third time. This time I took the time to study each chapter thoroughly and to complete each one of the exercises. I have to admit that this is rigorous study of the book, and it's been life transforming. I've studied the book with a partner. We talk each week by telephone to share what we see about how the information in the chapter and the exercises apply to our lives. There is something so powerful about telling the truth about what we see and how it's affecting us, our energy relating to money, and our lives. One action I've taken as a result of this study is to clean my garage (with the support of my husband). For the first time in several years I can park my car in the garage - and there's breathing room from having many fewer belongings which, for the most part, I wasn't using anyway. I'm also accomplishing my goal of writing a book I'd wanted to write for about six years - with clarity and ease! How good is that?
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on March 22, 2005
The Energy of Money is a brilliant explanation of the intuition and intellect behind wealth, prosperity, and abundance. If you believe that money represents energy, want a grounded approach, this book is for you. Knowing how to raise one's energy frequency to attract greater flows of money is easier said than done. Nemeth helps guide you to the process to increase flow. Try it and see if it works. If anything, you'll learn something new that you can use.
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on February 27, 2010
Excellent! A must read for everyone whether you have money or not. The author takes the reader on an interesting journey that helps you to understand the relationship between your earning power, material possessions and closely held beliefs. I strongly recommend this book.
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