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14 of 15 people found the following review helpful
In the realm of direct-to-DVD thrillers, there are certainly a lot less attractive options available than "The Entitled." The production is glossy and professional and the cast is actually quite good for this sort of entertainment. The film aspires to be a twisty and clever thriller and, for the most part, succeeds as an amusing enough diversion. It is, however, one of those movies that it is best not to dissect as the screenplay doesn't really hold up to scrutiny. Style over substance, the narrative simply isn't as surprising or as smart as it wants you to believe. In the plot, an elaborate kidnapping scheme is executed to precision--but when the story needs to shift, someone will conveniently do something exceedingly dumb. This pattern is repeated throughout as a shortcut to relatively lazy storytelling. There is also a huge surprise moment (which I figured out the first time a certain character appeared on screen) whose payoff is completely determined by an absolutely illogical bit of plotting in the final act.

Kevin Zegers plays the piece's antihero. Suffering from the downturned economy, this good guy is only looking to protect his family. When he can't get ahead by legitimate means, he enlists two outcasts and masterminds the aforementioned kidnapping. Abducting three wealthy and entitled young adults, he expects to extract a million dollar bounty for each from their powerful fathers. In the claustrophobic atmosphere of the film, we see the struggles of the victims, the strife of the kidnappers, and the stress of the fathers. It is all surprisingly well acted, even if it isn't always the most believable of scenarios. Credit must go to character actors Ray Liotta, Victor Garber, and Stephen McHattie who play the tense scenes between the fathers with an unexpected urgency. The film, as I said, moves along briskly as the night proceeds and escalates into increasing violence.

"The Entitled" is a bit of a disappointment only in that it had the potential (due to the cast) to be special. I wanted to love this movie! The actors chew up the scenery at every opportunity and provide a real gravitas that most pictures in this genre lack. They just aren't given exceptional material to work with. The film's ending, which is supposed to be a gratifying surprise, is simply unforgivable in its lack of sense. I would rate the performances here at four stars, the plotting at two stars and round it out to an overall three. It's a shame--good actors and wasted potential. But still, easy to watch if you don't think too much. KGHarris, 8/11.
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on September 11, 2011
Kevin Zegers plays Paul Dynan a struggling young man who can't make ends meet due to hard times and an ailing mother. But he has a plan...kidnap 3 spoiled rich kids with no likeable qualities and ransom them for money. He found two people who are a little psychotic to help him. They turn out to be wild cards in Paul's grand scheme.

There is some first person narration by Paul in the beginning to describe his situation, but it ceases as the movie progresses. The movie touches on themes of anarchy and class warfare. Decent acting, well written.

F-bomb, no sex, no nudity.
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on September 4, 2011
"I played by the rules. I wanted to play by the rules, but that's the big lie. It's not enough anymore so mabye, just once, you gotta break them...right?" After Paul (Zegers) gets turned down for a job and his sick mom gets a foreclosure notice on the house he becomes desperate. His plan is to kidnap three kids of rich families and hold them for a million each. When the plan goes wrong he must find a way to stay clean and get the money. This is a very surprising movie. This is the type of movie where you put it because of the cast and end up really enjoying it. I'm not saying this is an Oscar type movie, but it is very entertaining and fun to watch. This movie also had an ending that fit the movie and is one that is hard to totally figure out before the reveal, which makes it that much better. A realistic look at what a kid on the edge can do if he is pushed. Very much worth watching. Overall, a very entertaining thriller that leaves you wondering who to pull for. I liked it a lot. I give it a B+.

Would I watch again? - I think I would, to catch clues about the ending.

*Also try - Endure & Hostage
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VINE VOICEon November 20, 2011
This movie has a quiet concentration that allows tension to build. Its focus on faces and its lack of a lot of special effects make it like the eye of a storm. Watching it, you become charged with anticipation of something dreadful to come.

In the "Behind the Scenes" special feature, the writer and director call the film a "thriller." But I don't think that's quite right. That description conjures pictures of yet another psycho stalker. And that's not what this movie is about, although one of the characters is a sociopath. However this film's plot is centered on what started out as a carefully planned kidnapping.

I was a little disappointed when, before watching "Entitled," I saw that it had an "Alternate Ending" as a bonus feature. An alternate ending usually means that the producers had no real personal vision for the film and were just ready to cobble together whatever they thought would make for the biggest box office. But that isn't the case here. The alternate ending doesn't detract from the film's coherent point of view.

This is well-acted, intelligent, and gripping.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
This was a perfectly paced thriller with a few surprises.
It has the ability to make you feel sorry for people that might or might not be worthy of your sympathy and hate people that might or might not be worthy of your hate.
I have seen many films of this type but this one was much more cleverly done than most.
Kevin Zegars is great in the starring role.He plays a recent graduate that can't seem to mesh with the corporate world or find any job that pays enough money to allow him to help his parents who are in dire need of financial assistance so he comes up with a very clever alternative which is to mentally and physically seduce two losers to help him kidnap three teens with very rich parents . All the other actors do a great job in their roles and I particularly loved Victor Garber in his role but I always love his work.
I had to re watch it immediately after viewing it the first time to see what I should have noticed during the first viewing.
I highly recommend it to anyone who likes smart thrillers with brains and heart.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon August 25, 2012
This is one of those films where you are not sure whose side to take. It is basically about Paul Dynan (Kevin Zegers of `Frozen' and `Dawn of the Dead'). He was a good student but because of the social strictures that still persist he is not one of the chosen few, so never gets the breaks, whilst the children of the privileged backgrounds just sail effortlessly through life. His loving parent's do all they can to help him as he still has to live at home. His Mom has an illness that requires expensive medication that the insurance company have decided to stop paying for. He is basically at a dead end.

So together with his two unlikable associates he decides to kidnap three of these privileged kids and hold them to ransom. He thinks he has left nothing to chance, but does not count on the mental attitude of his co conspirators. Meanwhile the fathers of the three kids are all taking a boys only break at one of their mountain retreats, one of whom is Ray Liotta who always gives good value for money. The tension at the ransom site is palpable as is the tension among the fathers as one by one their own masks of deceit fall away. As the plot unfolds it is awkward to see who the entitled of the title actually are. Is it a reference to the over privileged, rich kids or the down trodden poor kids who deserves their money? This is never answered and that is probably a good thing.

This is one of the better thrillers that are out there, and whilst it does trade on the inevitable and some would say de rigueur twists, this has enough of a plot and indeed character development to make it actually worth a second viewing.

All of the performances are good but not that notable, `the kids', as in Dustin Milligan and Laura Vandervoort are notable in their portrayals you may remember him from `Shark Night 3D' and her from `This Means War' and `Ted'. I think she is getting the better gigs, but that aside they managed a pretty fine performance here. The direction is all above board but there were a couple of plot holes that would be plot spoilers to mention them. All in all eighty seven minutes of good solid thriller fun that will keep you going right till the end.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on October 22, 2013
Just noticed that Ray Liotta's acting wasn't that great...he seemed out of sorts and uncomfortable - not as his character but in general. There wasn't enough time to get connected to anyone before things started happening in this movie. I've noticed that seems to be the trend in movies these days. A little build up would be nice so you're a little attached to what's going on.
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on July 28, 2012
Now THIS is quite the surprise indeed! At first I thought this was going to be a typical "People are kidnapped/kidnapper demands money in return for their freedom" movies, but let's just say, you really want to stick with this one to its conclusion because the reward and clever twists make the Entitled stand in a MUCH different league.

It's about a young man who can't stand to see his mother struggle financially (and hey, I can't stand it either- the way she portrays a desperate woman worried about potentially losing her home had ME wanting to reach out and help) and he's also sick and tired of not getting the job that he's totally prepared for and feels he deserves. So what does he do? With a little help from his friends, he creates the ultimate plan to kidnap 3 wealthy college students and demand 3 million dollars from their fathers.

Now the interesting thing is how the film splits the storyline into two parts- you have the fathers discussing how they're going to handle this situation in the wealthy comfort of their home, and then you have the actual bad guys teasing and tormenting their tied up and terrified victims in the back room. Wow I just used a bunch of T words in a row, lol.

Here's what makes this movie so great- you won't be able to predict where this storyline is going. I can almost 100% guarantee it. The final 20 minutes contains perhaps one of the greatest twists in the history of this particular type of suspense. It's a radically different way and it's all cleverly written and a successful attempt at changing the formula, so congratulations to the writers who came up with such a magnificent piece of writing. I'm serious, I'm gushing so much because I'm just so unbelievably shocked how well this movie is written. I REALLY can't spoil the way the events unfold at the end, so just trust me, watching this movie the entire way through is TOTALLY worth your devotion (even if you understandably feel that the first half is sort of generic and doesn't pick up the pace enough).

Also it should be said that the three fathers are amazing actors and continue to amaze me in all the roles they play no matter the movie or genre, especially Ray Liotta who always manages to land the perfect role in action or suspense flicks. His performance is spectacular once again here. Victor Garbor is another one of the fathers, and another believable and fantastic actor who always finds himself in all the appropriate situations pertaining to whatever kind of movie he stars in. He's an underrated actor when it pertains to showing the right kind of emotions- he's very good in that regard. Kevin Zegers totally nails his role as the main kidnapper however, thanks mostly to the cleverness that the ending provides. Again, I can't spoil it. I want you to feel the same surprise that I enjoyed so immensely!

As for the teens who are kidnapped, the blonde girl tends to be a little overbearing and not because she's a terrible actress or anything- she's fine, but her character is sort of bossy and it's unnatural to act that way if you ask me. That's not a problem with her acting but more the lines and reactions she was given by the writers to read and express.

Overall, my goodness, I was totally enjoying this movie the entire way through. I want to see it again!
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on October 22, 2011
cant believe this movie went straight to was really good....kinda slow at first but builds with a great surprise ending u wont c coming...ray liotta was great as always and the rest of the cast didnt disappoint..u should totally c this movie.The main actor he got a gorges blue eyes & face,real handsome & yummy enjoyable to watch him also a good actor in this movie!
I was surprised how much I enjoyed this moderately budgeted nail-biter - it kept me on the edge of my seat throughout. The first act is a mystery; we witness three teens setting up some sort of undisclosed caper to get we know not what. Then it's onto the action, the execution to their perfect scheme set in a lake house deep in the woods. As always, the perfect plan goes awry and all hell breaks loose. There's violence, some terror and every character in the movie begins betraying one another. At the same time, there's an intense side drama going on between these kid's fathers set off in another location. Nice direction by Aaron Woodley and decent acting by the entire young cast. Ray Liotta, who has gone on to do more smaller films now, is at his very best here. A very well-crafted Canadian thriller. (BRIGHTBOY
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on July 2, 2013
During this movie I suspected every character of being involved in the criminal plot.
Even after the movie was over I kept going over what had happened and what each person had done -- why were some people forced to fight for their reputation while others escaped unnoticed; the character played by Kevin Zegers was most perplexing (I confess that I bought the movie because Kevin Zegers is in it, but I was so pleasantly surprise to find Ray Liotta and Victor Garber also in the film).
The movie might have needed more depth in its portrayal of the rich and beautiful versus the poor/struggling and overlooked. I think the movie provided enough food for thought even though the Hollywood crime genre is not known for its character studies, especially of wrong-doers. Wrong-doers get caught then punished, right? That's the way it is supposed to be, right?
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