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on November 17, 2004
I am a huge fan of 70's horror movies, and am always searching for some new treasure. This movie is even more frightening than normal when you consider that it is based on a true story. It shook me quite a bit when I first saw it. Be warned that some scenes are very sexual in nature and disturbing. It's not gratutious sex like most bad "horror" flicks today. The movie depicts a woman who moves into a new house with her two children and after some time begins to be attacked by an unseen entity. She is left raped and bruised and thinking she's going out of her mind. The rape scenes are very tastefully done, but are hard to watch when you think that this supposedly really happened. It is not a movie for children. As an adult, I had to sleep with the lights on after the movie and really had a hard time being alone for a few days. This is not a blood-letting fest, it's not a teen sex/slasher film, and it's not a dark assylum like setting. It's a film that is at the top of my list of all time favorite truely scary, "can't go the bathroom alone" kind of movies.

By the way, if you liked this movie then you should try to get your hands on a made for TV movie called "Don't be afraid of the Dark". It scared me to death as a child, so much so that I remembered the name all these 20 some years. When I finally saw it again as an adult, it was still pretty creepy and worth the search.
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When I first watched this movie, I was really skeptical... the whole premise of the movie was about a woman played by Barbara Hershey who claimed to be raped and beaten by ghosts (two would hold her down and one would rape her). But I watched the movie because it was indeed entertaining and if anything, it made you think and challenged the mind. But the more I watched it, the more disturbing it got. There are parts of the movie where you can see invisible hands fondling her breasts and her being physically attacked by an unknown "thing".

After watching the movie, I did a lot of online research to find out how true the movie was... and come to find out, the real woman's name was Carlotta Moran in Culver City, CA (which isn't too far from me) and it made news all over the place. There are documented facts from scientists, parapsychologists, and several neutral bystanders who have witnessed various one of the apparitions that attacked her.

The only part of the movie that wasn't really "real" was the ending where they capture the ghost. In the end, the entity was never truly captured and the real woman had to move five different times and it still followed her. She was raped 15 times during a 10-week DOCUMENTED investigation. The good news is that the entity eventually stopped following her after two years of a terrible ordeal and she would move further and further away from her home.

Here's something interesting:
In real life, the lady was being raped while screaming in her bedroom. Her 16-year-old son walked in and saw his mother being assaulted on the bed and tried to stop the ghost. He ended up being thrown across the room and broke his arm. When the scene was recreated in the movie, the ACTOR broke the VERY same arm doing that very same scene re-enacted. That's eerie.

The movie, as a whole... is not a horror movie. But it is very mentally disturbing because it really happened... credible people witnessed it. Whether you believe or don't.. doesn't really matter. But it's worth watching simply as a conversation piece. Definite five stars (even though it is VERY low budget and kinda cheesy) for originality.
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on June 25, 2002
I saw a part of this movie when I was a lot younger maybe six or seven and I remember I couldn't watch anymore of it because it scared me. All I saw was this woman screaming and being thrown all over the place by an unseen evil. I didn't even know what was going on. Almost 20 years later I rented The Entity to watch it in it's entirety.
Barbara Hershey stars as a single mother, with a checkered past, trying to raise her son and two daughters. One night as she's getting ready to go to bed an unseen force throws her across the room and smothers her with a pillow while raping her. She has no idea what has just happened and believes someone must've broken into the house. Upon finding that there was no entry into the house she believes maybe it's some sort of demon. At first she's hesitant to seek psychiatric help but after a second attack in her car she believes she has no alternative. She begins seeing a psychiatrist (Ron Silver). He tries to help by having her go into great detail about her past, telling her that these attacks are all in her mind. However, the more details she drudges up, the more frequent and violent the attacks become.
The movie is over 2 hours long so I could talk about the story forever. The Entity is powerful, mysterious and intense right up until the ending, which I thought was frustrating and a disappointment. I also thought that the music was perfect in this movie especially during the attack scenes. It is a highly intensive flick, it's definitely NOT for younger viewers. I guess the frightening thing about this movie is that was based on a true story. Whatever it is, The Entity is definitely worth seeing and I'm sure it's a movie you won't soon forget.
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on July 3, 2012
Anchor Bay used to be one of my favorite companies to release older movies onto home video. They used to fill their DVDs and blu rays with loads of extras...but lately they have been slipping.

Now, with the blu ray release of "The Entity", we get nothing...not even a MENU!!! I have heard that the DVD re-release has the documentary and bonus features from the previous release...but they can't give the blu ray so much as a MENU???!!?!?! If anything, the blu ray should follow suit of other studios and allow MORE than the DVD due to the storage capacity. This is load the blu ray disc in and it goes straight to the movie...even pressing the menu button gives you nothing.

Video and audio are a noted improvement. It's just a shame that they screwed up the blu ray release of this by including absolutely nothing extra (still baffled about the lack of even a menu...who does that these days???).

I'm terribly disappointed in Anchor Bay...they didn't just drop the ball on this...they deflated it.
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on March 17, 2013
I'll say two things that I never thought I'd say together: this is a movie about an invisible rapist and I thought it was good.

Based on the true story of what is considered the most extraordinary case in parapsychological history.

Our first impression is that Carla (Barbara Hershey) is a beautiful, strong, single mother wrapping up a perfectly normal day when she is beaten and raped by an invisible assailant. However, after this traumatic event, she is rendered an understandably fragile and terrified wreck.

With the advent of a second "event" of sorts, she's scaring her children and appearing insane to her teenage son, who doesn't understand what's going on...but, really, neither does Carla. She confides in her supportive friend who advises she see a psychiatrist and even stays with her to help her feel safe.

That's not good enough, though. The "entity" strikes when she's in the car, causing her to crash, she finally sees Dr. Sneiderman (Ron Silver), who doesn't seem to find Carla's claims credible but works hard to help her get to the bottom of it.

Eventually her teenager witnesses such an assault and is thrown across the room and held at bay by the entity--making a believer out of him. As things escalate, a team of university parapsychologists get involved much to Dr. Sneiderman's disapproval. As Sneiderman's disapproval mounts, Carla regains her confidence and mental fortitude. This is designed, and designed well, to force us to question whether Sneiderman is actually an antagonist or protagonist in this story.

So the question remains: is she nuts and the victim of her own psychological projections, or is she actually being raped by an entity of something other than her own creation?

This movie has several faux rape scenes. They may be intense for more sensitive viewers, but they're tastefully approached--as "tasteful" as a rape scene can be--in the capacity that you don't see an assailant during these scenes.

There wasn't much in the way of special effects. They were poor light show displays like crackling electricity. Except they did a great job of showing that she was being fondled by something invisible.

A movie about ghost rape...and it was good. Give it a chance, folks.
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on July 28, 2012
This is by far one of the most excellent movies in my horror movie collection. I've been at it for years and it always pleases me when I turn up a gem after it slips my radar for a while. For years I'd seen people calling this one of the scariest movies they'd seen as kids (I'm 22, so I wasn't around when this came out) but I finally picked it up and I can now see where those crappy Paranormal Activity movies were poorly ripped off from. This movie feels like a paranormal version of The Exorcist. It relies on suspense rather than gore, and it does it well. I was truly surprised by the realism of the special effects (other than the liquid hydrogen scene at the end). There was definitely a lot of effort put into this, the acting is top notch as far as believability in performance. Truly a must own for horror geeks like myself.
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on December 21, 2012
I have been watching horror films since I was six years old and am a huge fan of the genre having watched thousands ranging from rare horror to mainstream, out of all the horror movies I have viewed only a few have left me with an extremely creepy uneasy feeling afterwards, The Entity happens to be one of them. Surprisingly I just discovered this film a few years ago and it has quickly become one of my number one recommendations to people looking for a "scary" movie.

The story is terrifying, especially if you are able to Immerse yourself in the story without constant distractions, I suggest watching the film in total darkness with a good sound system or headphones even better, turn your phone off and don't constantly step away from the movie if you want to get as immersed as possible! The soundtrack will certainly make your heart race during certain scenes! As I mentioned earlier, the story left me with a strange uneasy feeling for a couple days after watching the movie for the first time and I haven't had that type of feeling from a horror film since I was a kid! You truly feel the hopelessness and terror of the lead character, Carla. I would find myself drifting off thinking about the film days after watching it with that same uneasy feeling!

I also found the "scientific" element of the Parapsychology team interesting, and then we also have the late and great Mr. Ron Silver in one of his earlier film roles, he does a great job as usual.

I see people bashing the effects or saying the movie is "dated", In my opinion the effects help add to the realism of the movie. As far as being dated, the movie was made in the early 80's, but looks very good even compared to many modern films! The look, feel and style help set the mood if you will allow it without trying to act "hip" by criticizing anything not new or flooded with the effects of A Nightmare on Elm Street 1984 to the 2010 remake and you'll likely see what I mean, CGI sometimes has a strange subconscious effect of making it feel too fake in my opinion briefly bringing me out of the immersion.

So, if you will allow yourself the opportunity to step inside this movie I am fairly confident you will walk away with a feeling of dread. As mentioned earlier, don't watch it for the first time during the day or with distractions, to get the most out of The Entity watch it preferably alone with a good sound system or headphones(awesome for blocking out distracting noises and will let you is ten at a higher volume without waking anyone else), late at night with no lights on, no phone, iPad or laptop to distract you and don't keep pausing the movie...I promise, you won't regret it, if I could get as unnerved from it with how hardened I am from literally watching Horror for over 30 years, I'm sure you can if you will do as I suggested.

I have the movie in DVD and Blu Ray, buy the DVD...the Blu Ray has NO Special Features, not even a menu which is just ridiculous, the picture and sound upgrade isn't good enough to justify the higher cost OR the lack of a menu or any features.

Stay Scared,

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on July 23, 2015
For a full description of the plot, etc., read other reviews. Just some quick thoughts on this supernatural thriller...

The Entity (1983) stars Barbara Hershey in the lead role as a woman with two kids who moves into a new house and then strange, disturbing things start happening to her. I don't want to give anything away, so watch the movie and see for yourself. This movie is one of the better ghost story/paranormal type of horror movies that I've seen. It will creep you out for sure. There are some rather disturbing scenes of an adult nature, but the movie is highly entertaining. The musical score is quite different and good. Barbara Hershey gives an outstanding performance as Carla Moran, the victimized woman. The special effects are great. The acting overall is great by everyone involved.

The Entity. See it. Or don't see it.
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on May 7, 2005
THE ENTITY is easily one of the most unfairly maligned films ever made. Most critics take exception to the frankness in which the "rape" scenes are depicted, deeming them sensationalistic and trashy. Well sorry folks. To drive home the terror that this women is feeling, I think its appropriate to show us in a brutal fashinon exactly what is happening to her.
The acting is top notch. Barbara Hershy is fantastic, hands down!The material is treated incredibly seriously and it contains some great music and truly moody cinematography! Granted, the finale is a little out of control, but lets not forget THE EXORCIST. A classic that spends most of its screen time out of control.
I wont rattle on and anilyze it too much. If you havent seen it, give it a go. You will no doubt be want to leave the lights on.....
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on July 19, 2002
Look out, folks, fasten your seatbelts. Like "The Exorcist", "The Entity" is based upon a drama that really happened, in Los Angeles. This is an excellent and very underrated terror movie that can easily make "Poltergeist" (released this same year 1982) look like a fairy tale. This story of a young and attractive woman, regularly sexually attacked by an invisible 'entity' is so believable, so realistic that we can't be nothing else but terrified, really chilled, from the beginning to the ending.
There is not any failed element in this movie, everything is perfect, from the special effects by Joe Lombardi and Stan Winston to the directing and self-adaptation, through the performance of always excellent Barbara Hershey - who won the Prize as Best Actress in Avoriaz Film Festival, in 1983 - in one of her best roles, and also Ron Silver's, perfect as the stubborn shrink. The chilling soundtrack is also ideal. But the movie is also remarkable because (and on the contrary of "Poltergeist"), it never tells us about the nature of this entity, we never know if it's a ghost, or a demon, or something else, even not a poltergeist... In the end the entity is neutralized, with liquid helium, but manages to escape and the film leaves us, filled up with questions with no response, exciting our imagination. This makes "The Entity" much more interesting to most of the poor, too predictible horror movies we can see today.
Another question with no response: where's the DVD? I'm very surprised because in France, there is a DVD edition of this movie...
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