Customer Reviews: The Eye of Moloch
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on June 11, 2013
If you care about your Country and the direction that we are headed, the Eye of Moloch is a must read. You will be hooked from the beginning and have a hard time putting it down.

The Eye of Moloch is a frightening tale of a government surveillance/police state out of control. Information is power. In the wrong hands it becomes a weapon manipulated by a wealthy mastermind whose objective is to create the chaos that will destroy the US Constitution and man's freedom. In it's place the new world order will emerge, controlled by a priviledged few.

Molly Ross and her small band of patriots of Founders Keepers are the only thing that stands between freedom and tyranny. They are the only ones who understand what is really happening and are doing something about it. Yet because of the power of the surveillance state and the false information coming from a compliant press, the Founders Keepers are being portrayed as traitors to the Republic and hunted down as enemies of the state. As you are following Molly, you are astounded by the powers arrayed against her and wonder how/if she can succeed against these overwhelming odds.

Eye of Moloch is a modern day version of George Orwells "1984". However, when George Orwell published his book in 1949, the ideas of Big Brother, doublethink, thoughtcrime, and Newspeak must have seemed way out in the future to readers of his day. The idea of devices in the home monitoring your every move was the stuff of science fiction. The Eye of Moloch describes a surveillance state that is already upon us. Ficton has been revealed as fact in the last few days with the revelations of the NSA collecting and storing information on all communications. With 15 pages of footnotes at the end, there can be no doubt that this is a fictionalized story of a real problem.

WAKE UP AMERICA. It's time to stop this outrage. We are in a soft tyranny and on the verge of irreversibly transforming the Unites States of America from a shining city on the hill representing man's freedom to a force for evil in the world. The police state must go. We need everyone to become Founders Keepers and reverse the disasterous course this country is on.

NOTE:In the interest of full disclosure, I received a free advanced electronic copy of this book so that I could provide a review/comment when the book was released. The source of the book (whether complimentary or purchased) would not have changed my opinion of the book. The only difference would have been that it would have taken me longer to get a review out if I had to wait for the publication date.
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on June 13, 2013
I purchased the book at my local Costco for a great price. I read the whole book and only stopped to sleep. It may be a "fiction" book; however, with what's already happening in this country, it sure looks like a whole lot of truth. Substitute your local "conservative" organizations for the one in the book along with the drones and digital monitoring and it's real as can be. Hopefully, this book will wake up a few more people to what's going down in this country.
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on June 12, 2013
It's as if Glenn sat down, wrote this book over the weekend and rushed it to press... It's like looking into the mirror and seeing the state of things as they are in this country today... This is supposed to be fiction... but it soon, may be classified as Historical Non-Fiction with only the names changed to protect the innocent.

If you are a fan of thrillers ripped from the headlines, filled with trips down political conspiracy - then this book will leave you in stitches. Will there be a third? Probably going to be hard to top without the next installment being considered "Historical Fiction" --- Only time will tell...
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on June 21, 2013
I used to think Beck was a shill, but this book changed my mind. Alex Jones has been talking and warning about all these scenarios for over ten years. I am glad to see Beck finally connect the dots.

Loved the book.
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on June 14, 2013
I don't know if enjoying this book requires reading the first one, but it gives the names an important familiarity. That draws you in from word one. I hated taking a break from listening (I did the audio book, and I'll do it again). Beck thinks of everything and fills the stage he sets 360 degrees, with action and intrigue. I'm Mormon, and I read OW1, I feel I know Beck, and that makes some of this not merely predictable, but expected. Other thrill writers throw in unnecessary f-bombs which ruins the read for me. None of that here, thanks Glenn!
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on June 24, 2013
This was an intense conspiracy book. Beck does a good job of avoiding directly pointing fingers at Obama and the US government, and instead uses George Soros wannabees, big mega-billionaires that have their fingers in everything - government, education, politics, history, commerce, business, etc. A couple of months ago the premise of the government in collusion with the giant money guys spying on EVERYONE via emails, internet, credit card purchases, drones, schools,libraries, etc. etc. would have been laughable. But since the Snowdon spy release of information on the National Security Association doing just that, well now this book takes on prophetic aspects. This book deals with patriots, the Founders Keepers, sort of like the Tea Party folks, trying to keep safe and maintain the Constitution that they believe is divinely inspired, who are harrassed, chased, hunted, and killed by the government through their contract employees, and having the media totally not reporting on it. These issues sound just like what we are going through now in America. The IRS harrassing the Tea Partiers is like the government in the book harrassing the Founders Keepers. These similarities make this book worthwile, even though there are some obvious plot problems, (ie. how does Thom Hollis get better without antibiotics? suddenly). Other aspects of plot are very weakly held together as well. What this lacks is the main idealist, Molly Ross, speaking up in her own voice. We need more inspirational speeches. Much of that kind of speech is hidden here and there and given out of the mouths of other characters and yes, a sometimes intrusive, narrator
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on August 15, 2013
To start this review off, I know Glenn Beck is very controversial and many just rate his books down because of his politics. However, this book is a great follow up to the Overton Window and if you are into the dystopian genre (I consider this book dystopian), you will LOVE it.

The story is solid, you care about the main characters and if you happen to agree (or even not agree) with Mr. Beck, you can see how this story COULD come true. The books start is strong, the middle is the typical middle of any thriller and the end, well, you will have to see for yourself but I believe you will enjoy it.

If you like books such as 1984, Alas Babylon, and so on, you will really enjoy this novel. If you cannot possibly read it because you dislike Glenn Beck, pretend someone else wrote the novel…you will thank me later!
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on November 28, 2013
An excellent novel, and perfect sequel to "The Overton Window". I highly recommend both books. In our current days of increasing Government control, socialism,and tyrannical Executive orders, with the mainstream media proving that "objective journalism" is an oxymoron, this book is relevant. "Eye" highly recommend this book.

Dr. Stanley E. Toompas, Optometrist
& Author of "I'm the One the Other Isn't"
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on June 12, 2013
This story moves from the first page to the last. I'll be certain to pass the word along. It's a sequel but it stands on its own. I'll be reading this one again.
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on September 29, 2013
As with Glenn Beck's other fiction books there are two ways of viewing The Eye of Moloch.

One way is simply that it is fiction, the other is, as Glenn calls it "faction".

First from the fiction perspective, it is a fast paced thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat. It's essentially set in the present, but in a somewhat dystopian view of the present. The government has eyes and ears everywhere. Evil men run a shadow government that controls everything. We see the mighty clash of ideologies with libertarian freedom on the one side and Utopian government control on the other.

This book is fun and, at times, terrifying. The character, Molly Ross says, "It's not their own secrets they're so interested in keeping anymore. It's your secrets they want." Elsewhere the book says, "The sole thing tyranny fears is truth". Those 2 quotes sum up the plot of this book. The government wants all the secrets, but someone needs to tell the truth before it's too late.

Within the fiction perspective, I do have the same concern with this book that I did with The Overton Window, and that is that the characters did not feel real. They were either pure evil or selfless ideologues, seeking for the betterment of humanity at any cost to themselves. I did appreciate that the character of Noah Gardner was a bit more nuanced this time around, his journey as he learns more about the Founder's Keepers and their cause to bring better knowledge about freedom and the founding of our nation was interesting and enjoyable to follow.

How about from the "faction" perspective? Well, there were definitely some issues there. There's a lot of good stuff too, but I'll cover the issues first.

The biggest issue was from a technological perspective. It kept going into how our phones and computers are monitoring us at every moment, that the government sees and hears everything around our phone even if it is turned off. I kept thinking about things like bandwidth and battery life. If my iphone was broadcasting everything I was saying, it would take a lot of bandwidth. My data plan would go through the roof. Of course, AT&T could choose to not make me pay for the surveillance data, but would they really allow that much bandwidth to be taken up with no compensation?

My iphone's battery would run out pretty fast if it was constantly uploading surveillance. Would Apple really allow the government to make their devices perform at a fraction of their ability just so they could watch us?

I guess my point is that it is possible for technology to do the things that were claimed in this book. But it would require a lot of companies to give up a lot of money to allow the government to spy on us and that just isn't believable.

The "faction" aspect wasn't all bad. This book goes into the legislation that allows American citizens to be detained without trial if they are suspected of terrorism. That's an issue that was glazed over by much of the media. The book is also littered with little tid-bits and factoids that are more verifiable than the data issue mentioned above.

All in all, it's an enjoyable book. It's about an epic battle between good and evil, it's about freedom versus serfdom and it's about normal people fighting scary, faceless government. The "faction" aspect feels a little over the top, but if you can suspend your disbelief it's a fun ride.
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