Customer Reviews: After Dark Horrorfest 4: The Final [DVD]
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on August 15, 2011
With all the terrible remakes of the classics and no creativity in the big budget horror movies anymore "8 films to die for" hits the spot. This one is about a group of outcast that plot revenge on the popular kids that have made their lives hell in high school. Everybody who went to a public school can probably relate to this movie. Bullies are a big problem in schools everywhere and this movie shows some truth to what can happen when these kids get pushed too far. I mean this movie could very well really happen in this crazy world we live in. Without giving away any of the movie it is about revenge and torture with a couple of laughable moments thrown in. If you like watching horror movies then i would tell you to check this one out. Its worth the 93 minutes of your time. A few others I liked from this series are "Dark Ride" "Unrest" and "The Gravedancers" all worth a watch for the fans of scary movies.
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on April 8, 2010
What makes this movie such a frightening revelation is that, those of us who have been bullied, tortured in being targets of bullies, can truly understand why the victims are doing what they are doing toward their tormentors. Those who have never experienced years of being targets by bullies will not understand the truly scary thing about this film: that the same thing that the victims did toward their tormentors is the same thing that you would almost want to do toward your tormentors.

The victims are examples of those who were terrorized by bullies for one reason or another. The victims are lost, along, often suicidal, because of the torment that is faced daily by bullies. The victims want to turn the table around, the victims want to give their tormentors a dose of the same medicine. A dose that would last a lifetime. Not so much to kill, but to make it abundantly clear what torment has done to the souls of the victims and what torment has shown to the souls of the bullies.

Through this movie, you can almost understand the very cause of teen suicide because of bullying (as we've seen recently in the news) or teen violence (such as school shootings) because of bullying. Bullying is a very primal power in our school systems today, and the movie deals with a very honest look at what...deep inside the minds, maybe not in the forefront, but somewhere in the minds of the victims...the victims sometimes wish to do toward the tormentors. The vast amount of targets of bullies in their school days will not do what is shown in this film, nor for that matter kill themselves or cause violence at schools, but somewhere, deep inside, this movie shows what lurks in the background of those who are targets.

This movie is frightening because of the implications. This movie is fearful because of the considerations.
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on April 4, 2011
The Final takes the very real and very serious problem of bullying and pollutes it with a lot cheap posturing, masquerading as social commentary. While watching this film I kept wondering just what the filmmakers were really trying to say. They depict both the bullies and the victims as equally repulsive, each employing the same tactics of intimidation and infliction of pain (physical and psychological) to make their points: the bullies..."because we can," and the victims because they're "not going to take it anymore." I found that whole premise maddeningly simplistic, the bad idea of revenge (which never serves anyone well), as the only viable solution.
And. This film skirts dangerously close to providing a blueprint for those who feel they have no other recourse. That, as everyone has seen, leads to chaos...what if everyone who felt they've been "wronged" took up arms as a way of dealing with it?
This film made me queasy. The obvious and unsatisfactory ending didn't help either.
I won't say it was poorly made or didn't work on some level it's just that I wasn't crazy about the message and the means of delivery. Not a keeper.
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on December 19, 2010
This film has it pros and cons, but I'm giving The Final a slight 4 stars. The flaws fall into the teen stereotypes, such as the bully jocks, the clueless rich girls, the cool hip hop kid and the withdrawn social outcasts, The saw like torure scenes and the overall lack of suspense. It's strengths, I would say would be the production value, the pacing, acting, and the overall message that the film leaves you with. This film, if you stay with it, will leave you disturbed, repulsed, and remind you of the tragedy that, for some unfortunate few, is high school. Throughout the film, memories of my own teenage years went through my mind. I myself was bullied and seen other kids get treated even worse. Sure, you hated your tormenters, even fantasized about kicking their butts, but you'd never tried to, either through fear of what may happen or just because you were a good enough person to rise above it. And that's the overall tragedy of The Final, all these kids could've risen above the abuse, supported each other, and made something out of their lives. Instead, they chose revenge and scarred the bullies like they did them, only physically, which it what they, the outcasts carried inside. I recommend to see the final for this reason only to make people ponder about what goes on in the school hallways and the minds of the tortured youth. Most importantly, what we, as adults, should do to prevent such tragedies, which is a reminder of what happened at Columbine. Like one of the main characters proclaimed before his suicide, "There is more like us."
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on July 3, 2014
In the interest of full disclosure, I must admit there is one thing that drew me to this movie, and she has just one name: Julin. Julin Julin Julin Julin. Oh my gosh. Queen of the scream queens in my eyes. I fell for her the moment I saw her in Sweatshop as a girl who got crushed by an anvil, and here she plays a girl who gets her face burned off. It's a torture porn success story.
The first time I heard the term "torture porn" I was in an auditorium for a screening of the movie Otis. The lead actor said it was intended as a spoof on the "torture porn genre." Everybody laughed, and then on came the movie and it was honest to god not all that good but really gorey and the whole audience was...nonplussed. But I was very curious.
Years later I encountered Evil Dead Trap II, Gozu, Hostel, Misa: Dark Angel, Inland Empire, and I started to realize that I have a special love for the darkness that only movies can deliver, and a particular fascination for that weird joke genre of torture porn.
This movie is an example of it, and you don't really have to be a perv to enjoy it, because it has a story, and the story is even pretty compelling. It's all about a group of bullied high school students who enact revenge on the popular kids in their school, secretly circulating invitations to a hot party in a remote, woodsy location. There's not a lot of suspense here, not a lot of subtle psychological buildup. We learn early on of the plan, and the rest of the movie is us watching them carry it out. It was really interesting to see the torturer kids, the Outcasts, prepare for the party by joining hands and challenging God to give them a sign to make them stop. A lot of work goes into developing the outcasts. It would have been better to have a little more idea of who the popular kids were...but then, Julin is among their ranks. Julin...
Oh, sorry, did I miss something. Anyway, this movie has a few other flaws. There's a little too much of Marc Donato as Dane pontificating and just running at the mouth. He's a good actor and his Russian roulette scene was beautiful, and he made an awesome fanatic, but all the words made the action drag. But the actors' commitment to the work is awesome. There's a particularly good scene by standout Lindsay Seidel where she does the needle bit from Takashi Miike that was neat to see, but then you feel guilty watching it, because the kids in the popular "victim group" are played by good actors and they're whimpering and in pain, and it takes you to this place that's all conflicted inside, with primal urges and big emotions and heavy duty moral convictions—that's where torture porn is supposed to take you, not to some vapid voyeuristic bloodlust place like the parents in the world are worried least that's how I get to sleep at night, telling myself that. Anyway, it's a great movie! Check it out, if you're into that kind of thing, needless to say.
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on February 17, 2015
This movie was interesting. I first saw it (in part) on television. I never knew what it was called until I saw it on Amazon Prime Instant Video. I found out exactly how mean the bullies were, which I missed the first time I saw the movie. This is a pretty good teenage horror film. It might make one think twice about bullying others. Oddly enough, it made me think back to my high school days of being picked on. A tall, klutzy, late-blooming, bespectacled sci-fi fanatic who read too much was fodder for the sassy in-crowd. The thing is, all I ever wanted to do was slap them in their faces--no homocidal intentions. Then again, after 20+ years, I have come to realize that time plays its own cruel tricks, and vengeance is doled out aplenty in cruel forms, such as wrinkles and bald spots and paunchy bellies, bad dye jobs and cheating spouses. Karma is a wicked b.
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on December 8, 2013
I caught The Final on Amazon Instant Video a while ago and was thoroughly unimpressed by it. At the time, I did not feel the urge to review the film as it did not have much of an effect on me, but it seems to be popping up every time I search for a horror movie these days, even on other websites. The more I run into it, the more it has soured in my memory.

Let me be clear: The Final is not your typical low-budget horror hackjob. Yes, it is apparent by the sets and the acting that this is a b-movie, but that isn't what ruined it for me. My issue is with the execution of the story. The Final is a simple revenge tale that pits bullied high school students against the bullies, an intriguing concept that, unfortunately, fails miserably.

The major problem? With one or two exceptions, the bullied kids are not individuals with whom the viewer can sympathize. It becomes apparent early in the film that they are all just as cruel, just as mean, and also appreciably more violent than the bullies. Because of this, I soon found myself cheering for the bullies. The horrors they are subjected to throughout The Final do not represent righteous justice in glorious action; on the contrary, they suffer unjustified torture accompanied by a relentless barrage of "this-is-what-you-did-to-us, woe is me" speeches from the ringleader of the bullied kids. More than once I was tempted to fast forward through this whiner's insufferable monologues, but it thankfully never quite came to that.

Really, The Final is nothing more than torture-porn for bullied kids, and it doesn't even succeed completely at that since the amount of explicit gore is pretty low. I can see why the premise might tickle some viewers' fancy, but the reality is that The Final never succeeds in evoking the viewer's sympathy. On top of everything else, there is nothing remotely scary about The Final. Horror aficionados, look elsewhere.
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on December 6, 2011
We've seen the story before, but for some reason it's always great to watch: nerds in high school battered & abused by their popular classmates seek revenge to teach them all a grisly ways! However, this movie turns out to be nothing special. The only twist is it actually sort of defends the popular "victims" instead of the nerds they abused. Pretty odd, since most similar movies always root for the underdogs. Despite the nerds planning out some pretty great torture treatments with a grand finale, it ends with them realizing they're being too "brutal" and attempting to end the cycle of violence. Gag! The only upside: one of the main nerds is from DeGrassi, the Canadian TV show. So, that's about the only positive here. To sum it all up: if you like cheering the high school sad sacks on in movies and seeing the mean pretty people suffer...then skip this preachy movie.
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on November 14, 2011
This movie started out with a lot of potential. You have a group of kids that are unfairly victimized by various bullies - for example, Emily is bullied by the popular girls while a few of the guys are being picked on by the jocks and preppies. These kids get together and decide to plan revenge on all the kids who are mean to them. And believe me, some of the bullies are MEAN - they go so far as to destroy one of their victim's cameras just because they can.

So the victims decide to host a party. The ending is foreshadowed at the beginning with a short clip of what happens after the party (centering on one of the former bullies) before going back to the events before the party, where one teacher is giving a history lecture on how the Han Dynasty would sometimes punish its opponents not with death but with disfigurement - something that the bullies' victims take to heart.

I gave this story 3 stars because while it was tight in some parts, it started to unravel in some other parts. I felt extremely disappointed when the Indian kid was turned onto by his friends simply because he tried to help one of the others escape (he was not invited to the party because he was to be 'spared', but showed up nonetheless) That to me just did not work in this story. However, this is still a story worth watching. You cannot help but feel that the bullies are getting what is coming to them, especially if you yourself have been a victim of bullying in your life, and some of the punishments (especially to the really mean, tough jock) are rather fitting for their offenses.

The movie is very dark, even for the victims themselves, but is still an interesting one to watch. It would be nice if we had more movies about bullying victims taking revenge rather than movies about serial killers who torture innocent people, because if someone has to get hurt, then I'd like to see them deserve it.
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on August 17, 2015
I really like this movie. The acting was great for the most part as well. I don't need to write what it was about, but basically it is these outcast High School kids who are tired of it and going to do something about it. A semi-torture type movie but also creepy because it is one of those movies that could happen. I recomend seeing this movie easily.
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