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on April 24, 2011
"But I want to listen to Iron Maiden LOUD", you cry. Of course you do, and so do I. But that means YOU turning up the volume on your sound system till it's loud enough for your taste, instead of listening to a recording which was so poorly mastered that its sound waves have simply been "clipped" (cut off) and its audio distorted because the volume was set so high that it exceeded the CD-Audio specifications. That's what the "loudness war" is all about - in an effort to make buyers think they are getting a better product because it sounds louder, they are actually offering you a badly mixed, distorted recording with parts of the audio just NOT present on the CD. This was the case with most Iron Maiden's "enhanced" re-releases, but in those cases you could still get the original CD releases. Since this is a new album, there is no alternative, my friend - you are going to have to listen to a distorted recording with poor dynamic range and parts of the audio missing. This CD has 2969 clipped samples on the left channel and 2116 clipped samples on the right channel - that is, at those points, the sound wave volume level was pushed above the CD-Audio specification limits and was cut off - like a hill that had its top flattened out. Since Iron Maiden has long had full control over their productions, it's hard not to blame the band for this shameful release, technically speaking. As a long time, die-hard fan, I feel disrespected and betrayed by them.
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on February 4, 2011
I didn't grow up listening to Maiden. I only heard them for the first time at 17, so maybe to a point I did. I do really like these guys, but they have their good moments and their bad. Piece of mind, Fear of the dark, Brave new world, and Powerslave are all fantastic albums, and pretty much all their others have at least a couple really good songs, classics if you will. I have to say that since the stellar Brave new world, I've been very disappointed with this band, each album getting worse. Dance of death only had a couple songs I really liked, and none were classics, simply because I can't remember how any of them go now, and A matter of life and death only had one, The Legacy. Hell I don't think there were any other songs I enjoyed on that one. I could go into how they keep doing the same thing over and over, but none of that would matter if the songs were good, oh and memorable.

First off, if you're new to the band DON'T START HERE. Either get one of the albums I suggested, or Number of the beast, or Seventh son, or a compilation.

Enter 2010 and The Final Frontier. Well the lack of memorable songs is back, along with the songs all sounding the same. The songs on this album are way too long, and they in some cases, blatenly rip off previous Maiden songs. The intro to When The Wild Wind Blows is a rip off to Sign of the Cross. The intro to the first track goes on forever and serves no point, except to make a 4 minute song an 8 minute one. When I put it on my computer I had to remove it, and it made the song a much better one for it. The rest of the tracks don't really do anything for me either way. The last time I listened to it, tracks 2-4 started to grow on me, but without the instant classics, it makes it hard to force yourself through an album of songs that on a 1-10 scale would rate at 5's and 6's. Heck every time I've tried to listen to this straight through I pretty much fail, except for twice, and both of those times I was doing something else and not paying close attention to the songs. Also most every song starts with a slow intro, another modern Maiden staple that could go away anytime now. It's BORING.

I will agree with some fans of this album in that the more you listen, the more it does grow on you. The last time I heard this album I actually made it all the way through.

Overall I guess it's alright for background music. I just get that, been there done that, feel to this album. I'm sure it'll please most fans, but for me I think they're capable of so much more... Well maybe not anymore if their last three, now, albums are any indication.
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on November 10, 2011
I wanted to like this cd but it just doesn't cut it. I'm a long time maiden fan, grew up on all their first albums and still liked AMOLAD, but they've gotta stop with the boring slow intros and the mid tempo crap. It also seems like Bruce was really straining to get high notes, and for lack of better lyrics just screams the chorus line 4 times["The final frontier"].C'mon, they can do better than this...
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on August 8, 2014

People like Iron Maiden. People want to listen to Iron Maiden. Picture Discs are terrible for sound. This is no exception. But its also one of the worst pic discs I've ever come across. Side one is so distorted El Dorado - the single - is unlistenable.

This is junk. Obviously EMI and Maiden think they're fans are deaf and only go for "shinny" pictures.

This guy wants to be able to listen to it. I didn't spend thousands on stereo gear to listen to novelty junk.Huge picture disc hiss int eh backgorund, very quiet and massively distorted in places. Again - I have nice stuff. This product is an insult.
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on January 26, 2012
First off, I'm a life long fan. But not anymore.
I did not find one song that I reached out and wanted me to play for someone who did not know of Maiden. As a matter of fact, I did not make it through one complete song. The lyrics sounded like Bruce was standing still reading a script for a job interview. Mostly just him talking in a high loud whisper with no melody at all. Look at "Dance of Death" (the song) And you can see a huge difference. There was no driving bass lines anywhere.
This album was so mean looking by the cover (as was the last one with the tank on it) but it was just really lazy and boring sounding (as was the last one with the tank on it!) Good-bye "Dance of Death" and hello to "This IS your daddy's Iron Maiden!" Old and out of ideas. Time to retire and listen to RUSH, a band that is STILL getting better and better!
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on June 23, 2015
I won't waste anytime here explaining things. Its just not a good Maiden album, it sounds almost like pop rock or something. Progressive metal or whatever you want to call it. It's far from Piece of Mind or even X-Factor. I even prefer No Prayer for the Dying over this. If you like Maiden's new musical direction you will like this album, if not then stay away. I'm very disappointed with it.
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on January 31, 2013
I don't want to write a review directly on the musical contain of this album, which is really excellent, or about the double picture LP layout which is amazing, but simply about the sound, which is simply rotten. The cause is probably the mastering, it sounds like saturated 128kbs encoded mp3's!!! So, is it really serious to sell a record at this price simply for its beautiful artwork??... Of my opinion, it is an unforgivable fault.
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on February 24, 2015
I've been seeing Maiden in concert since the "Powerslave" tour. With that said this cd is terrible. Long, boring songs. One after another.
Maiden has been in a rut since "No Prayer For The Dying". They think they're prog, but they don't have the chops for it.
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on January 12, 2011
Like JUDAS PRIEST, IRON MAIDEN has drifted into the awful sound of "Progressive Metal"... They have released nothing like their glory albums of the 1980s (by choice), which is what made them so great. Both bands have done nothing but attempt to "keep up with the times" since they reunited. While I will still go to their concerts, I just get disgusted at their last few albums... Both bands are done.
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on August 25, 2010
The album is quite good, but my review here is about the package PLEASE DO NOT BUY THIS PACKAGE. Indeed please go and buy the original version (The Final Frontier) because it's a really great album.

The "Mission Edition" in the other hand is the biggest rip-off I've ever been victim of, The package is cheap and is not even a real metal case, it's not labeled AT ALL it's just a generic case with a badly pasted sticker on the back THAT'S IT, THAT'S ALL YOU GET, there's no bonus material, no picture booklet, no poster, no enhanced CD, NOTHING!!!!

I know it's not Amazon's fault, but if they are wise, they'll stop carrying this version of the album and save themselves a lot of returns and complains.
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