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on May 7, 2013
Despite the unfortunate lack of editing of this work, and the sometimes frequent speculative statements by the author, this is an important and well referenced work that is worth reading. The author makes a compelling argument for the origin of the "paleoamericans" who traveled to the Americas long before the "Mongolians" migrated across the Bering Strait (as once believed). As an American who claims both an African and a Native American heritage, I am deeply enthralled and fascinated by the author's accounts of the "mound builders" and their link to the indigenous peoples of the Americas. Apart from the works by Dr. Van Sertima and Dr. Diop, this book is unprecedented in its claims to the builders of civilizations that parallel the Olmecs and the Ancient Kemetic people (Egyptians), in areas including Illinois, Ohio, Massachusetts, and the Mississippi Valley regions of North America. I would highly recommend this scholarly effort to those of us who are continuing in the process of the "miss-education" of members of the human race, particularly those who have long been taught that the history of African people in America began with slavery.

Upon completing this book, one would have to ask how history has been allowed to be written as we know it today. With such comprehensive documentation by Dr. Imhotep, how could the contributions of the Pelasgians (Greece), Natufians (Canaan-present day Israel), Anu/Twa (North America),and the Skraelings (Scandinavia/Greenland) have been excluded from the pages of modern day history books? History must be re-written.
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on February 3, 2012
If you have a basic understanding of evolution and that Africans migrated across the earth, this book will fill in many details. A great book with tons of evidence to support that Africans had long been in what we now call the Americas. Of course some European Americans will remain in denial, which is fine. It's 2012 and it's time to embrace reality.
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on April 4, 2015
This is a great book..people who dont like this book obviously dont like the truth..the Anu and Tellem are original Indians and Twa.. In fact California was named after an fictional African princess. The Mexicans of African descent founded Los Angeles.Columbus described native Americans were very dark..Explorers Loius and Clark had Moor interpreters...The proof is irrefutable
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Dr. David Imhotep's book has laid the groundwork for a total restructuring of American history. He has picked up the mantle from Ivan van Sertima, and tells a story that informs us who, really, the first Americans were - and they were a Black, African population. In this age of miseducation, Dr. Imhotep exposes the traditional lies about the role of African people in the Americas. He heeds the call of Cheikh Anta Diop, who stated that "the problem of the most monstrous falsification in the history of humanity by modern historians has to be solved". Part of the solution to this "monstrous falsification" is to unleash books by scholars such as Dr. Imhotep, whose tremendous research reveals the true history of Africans as they populated the world. This book is a must read for everyone interested in the truth of not only American history but world history; it should be in every classroom.
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on January 12, 2015
Most people think the so-called native american is what we see today but the real truth is,that they look nothing like the original Native Americans and they don't identify with them either.I'm positive they have a contract with the gov to not make connections with their/our ancestors to keep the little money they get from the gov to keep us from pulling together and using the land and resources to make a better life for each other. This is the conspiracy that is in plane site!
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on January 9, 2016
The only drawback to this book is the myriad typos and choppy editing.
Unfortunately the awkward prose will lead many to dismiss this work as unworthy, but patient and studious reading will be ultimately rewarding. One must make the distinction between evidence presentation and superior writing skills. Rarely are good scholars great writers.

Having said that, the evidence of African presence in America is simply overwhelming. Here is what the esteemed scholar, Molefi Asante says in the afterword:"This book, The First Americans were Africans: Documented Evidence, with its heavy references is an answer that will allow others to read with confidence about the ancient record of African people in the Americas. It puts into context much of the information that has been gathered over the years, organizing it, ordering it in a manner that is accessible to the ordinary reader as well as to the scholarly reader."

I mostly agree with that assessment, and David Imhotep uses numerous methods to establish that the first Americans were indeed African people. Clearly, the Columbus "discovered" America trope has been well debunked in numerous works, so the only mystery in mind, was who were the people who came to America first? Was it the so-called Indians or Native Americans? "The American continent was inhabited by Asian and African blacks in very ancient times. The oldest skeletal remains found in the Americas are of blacks."

As Imhotep reminds us a few times in the book, science only requires eight coincidences to establish contact between two cultures. As you read the evidence of archaeology, linguistics, genetics, architecture and molecular there is only one conclusion reachable, the Americas were first peopled by Africans. As with all things of a historical nature it takes a bit of deductive and inductive reasoning to process the evidence into a logical conclusion. And that conclusion of African primacy, "must therefore render any other possible conclusions to the contrary, as unscientific speculation or politically motivated at this point in time."
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on May 22, 2013
This author has proven, in this work, the wide ranging exploration and settlement of Africans throughout our world and most specifically the Americas. The Euro-centric denial and denigration of all things African cheats and handicaps our children and dooms us to the perpetuation of hatred and distrust between the races. Recommended for everyone and inclusion into our history books.
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on March 11, 2014
This is an excellent history book about Africans in ancient America. People don't like the fact that some historical truth is coming to light. See Dr. Imhotep on YouTube. He brakes down the Native Americans' connection with their African ancestors. If you have any of Dr. Ivan Van Sertima's books, then I highly recommend this book. Even if you don't, I still recommend it. Dr. Imhotep writes about the ancient African traveling to the Americas, how they got here, and how long ago. He disputes the Asians traveling through the Bering strait. They came another way according to him. He writes about the Egyptians and other African people coming to America. He talks about the Vikings coming to America as well. He discussed the Eskimo / Asian connection. He writes about African mound building, the Skraeling, the Olmecs, and a host of other very interesting subjects.
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on June 10, 2013
This book definitely gives you another perspective on what is commonly taught about the migration of people from the origin point of man in Africa. It also explains that there is history of people in America before the native Indian.
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on May 31, 2016
Long over due. It is a shame the way history is taught in the private and public schools in the United States of America. Black History especially. The best part about this book is the author is a Navaho Indian. My wish is the book become a requirement for all high school history classes to read. Maybe then all of the hatred and misunderstanding between the so-called races would cease.
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