Customer Reviews: The Five-Minute Miracle: Discover the Personal Healing Symbols that Will Solve Your Problems
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on January 10, 2010
Higher-Consciousness Healing (HCH) is a simple, wise and wonderful way of dealing with problems. The book is quite short and very easy to read, with a clear description of what HCH is and simple instructions to follow and get you started immediately. I first came across HCH several years ago and was immediately drawn to this very positive and gentle method of solving problems; it worked for me in a number of areas.

There is a bewildering array of therapies and self-help methods out there, most of which I know nothing about, but there are two approaches that I've never been keen on. I was therefore pleased to discover that the author (an experienced counsellor and psychotherapist) doesn't find them helpful either. They are:
· Trying to identify and analyse the cause of your problems; in particular blaming your parents for screwing you up!
· Trying to be relentlessly positive and making all sorts of affirmations which, deep down, you may not actually want or be ready for.
Instead, she takes the view that your reaction to a difficult event or situation is far more important than what actually happened, and it is the resulting negative feelings that you need to heal. HCH thus leads you away from worrying about possible causes and solutions to your problems, and this can feel very liberating and empowering. What you do focus on is a healing symbol and on a feeling of love which comes from your higher consciousness. Directing this love towards yourself (and your problem) may seem strange at first, especially if you are depressed or angry with yourself! But I found that once I'd got the hang of it, practising HCH was like giving myself a gift.

The symbol works at quite a deep level, and I've found (as have apparently a lot of other people) that rather than suddenly being overwhelmed by a massive change, I've simply left the problem behind and forgotten how bad it was until someone has referred to it. Or that I haven't even been aware of what kind of changes were taking place. Once I used a symbol to help me deal with my frustration at the rather condescending attitude a group of more senior colleagues had towards me and the team I was in. I was amazed when a few weeks later my manager (whom I considered quite insensitive and not interested in personal issues) congratulated me on how hard I'd obviously been working to improve my attitude towards my colleagues!

A really helpful and inspiring book, and a simple and effective method to use. Warmly recommended to everyone for dealing with all kinds of problems, whether great or small. HCH is a friend that will always be there for you.
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on January 13, 2010
If you would like to lose your mind and all the problems it creates, you've come to the right place. If you like embracing nature or gazing at the sky or meditating or praying or simply stopping and doing nothing, you've come to the right place. You may use these rebellious acts for your own good, and be healed in the process!

While the title and some quickly scanned chapter sub-headings were slightly off-putting-- --seemingly too simple and too cure-all-ish----I took them for clear editing or publishing decisions and looked a little deeper. I'm so glad I did. The author's words were simple, yet authentic and in deep alignment with the essence of most all other systems of true healing. Her Higher Consciousness Healing began "working" for me in the first week.

Now, after a month of practice, I find it is not just changing me in the midst of a recent problem, but actually transforming my sense of presence to other issues in life and my concepts of dealing with them.

This is a quick read, with short chapters, filled with incredibly practical potential for every arena of your life. Obviously Tara Springett is transmitting a deeper vein of truth of moving quickly yet effectively to our core. I have much appreciation and gratitude for this expansion she provides us, and hope you too will take some regular moments to transform yourself.
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on April 5, 2011
I got this book when I was very anxious about dealing with a difficult and angry person who seemed determined to see conflict and problems between us no matter what I said or did. The prospect of a simple way to reduce or eliminate emotional pain was very appealing

The method taught in this book is so simple, and so clearly summarized at the beginning that I initially wondered why the author had written a whole book about it. (Basically: ask for a healing symbol to deal with your emotional distress, visualize it in your heart, and breathe its healing light out to form a bubble around you.) But, as I read, I realized that the careful, step-by-step explanation of what to do and how to do it was extremely helpful, and full of small suggestions that foresaw and prevented problems you might encounter. I applied the method immediately, and got immediate results.

Now I am applying this quick and effective technique to several issues that I've been troubled by--with success across the board. The author's claims about how easy and helpful it is are fully justified, in my opinion. In addition, throughout the book are very helpful techniques to identify and relax body tension , to cope with panic attacks, to identify distressing emotions more accurately, to use variations of this method for healing, and much more. Given all the useful stuff in the book, it's amazing the author packed it all into such a compact form. Perhaps most helpful of all is her conviction, backed up by evidence, that it's neither necessary nor especially helpful to dwell on the past history of your troubles in order to solve them. Tara Springett's background as both a serious practitioner of Buddhism and an experienced therapist has resulted in a real gift to the world.
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on September 10, 2010
Do you have five minutes? That's all it takes to experience a miracle. When I first read the title of this book I thought it sounded like a cheesy home shopping network ad. Boy, was I surprised! This fabulous book describes a quick and easy method that can be adapted and used by anyone, including children. Springett, a Tibetan Buddhist who had this healing process pop into her head more than 10 years ago, uses this method in her therapy practice. She reports that 100 percent of patients have found significant improvement from whatever problem they have been suffering from, including addictions, depression, anxiety, and physical and emotional pain. Reading the book will give you the simple steps to make your own miracle happen.
-- Annette Epifano, New Connexion
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on May 24, 2013
I had read Tara Springett's other books and read through a little of her synopsis of this book and originally felt it was more for professionals in the area of counseling. After I read more reviews... I HAD to have it. I decided to get it on kindle so I could read it right away. I read it through entirely the first round. This is the book I keep on my Iphone and computer so that I can refer back to it whenever I need to. I am telling the truth when I say this... I just started dating again after 30 years and I was feeling anxious every time I hadn't heard my guy for the day. I used the techniques in the book for this particular issue and EVERY single time I used it... the guy would call in less than an hour!!! I was dumbfounded the first time it happened. I had decided to not date this person later on but for that particular issue - it worked every time! As I said, I keep this book on my iphone so that whenever I need to refresh myself when an issue comes up - I always have it with me. I love this book and I feel that it is Tara's best. It should be mandatory reading for all professionals in counseling or other types of professions!! I ran a health center and I bought a copy for our office. After you read "Advanced Manifesting", get "The 5 Minute Miracle" next. It's a keeper.
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on January 18, 2010
'The Five-Minute Miracle' is a wonderful tool that has really worked for me. It takes a deeply positive approach to healing negative emotions and has helped me open myself to experiencing my life more positively and calmly. I think the key thing about the techniques described in this book is their simplicity and the fact that their effects are quickly noticeable. It incorporates breathing and relaxation techniques and allows the reader to experience the power of their own mind to heal itself, which is exciting and liberating!

Using the concepts in this book doesn't require any prior 'belief' in any specific religious or psychological ideas, but you will need an open and receptive mind. Try the suggestions in the book for yourself and see what results you get. I think you may be pleasantly surprised! Also, there are case studies in the book that illustrate what worked for others who have tried Tara's approach and it's interesting to read how many different situations her techniques can be applied to.

This book would be a great introduction to anyone who is interested in beginning a simple personal practice to improve their lives and relationships. It is written in a warm, informal style that makes it easy to read refer back to. Additionally, I would also recommend it to those who already have an interest in transpersonal psychology and would to like work with visualisation in a novel way.
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on March 5, 2014
Because it will. This technique should be taught at every level of schooling all over the world. The effects would be profound. It is so simple a child can learn it before their ABCs and so rich that I continue to discover new levels to the technique and what it can do. I have had actually had the book for two years, skimmed it, tried it half heartedly, seen results, then forgotten all about it. Typical, really. Then in November I was laid up with a back injury and had plenty of time to think about what I wanted to change. Serendipitously the book was on the shelf at eye level--I say this because I never would have been able to get to it if it had been on a higher shelf! Four months later every single aspect of my life has changed. Just one example--the first area I targeted with this technique is a feeling of being completely alone that has been with me since childhood. I started this technique on Thursday, it was gone by the weekend, and I really don't remember what it felt like. Buy this book even if you aren't ready to change your life, because someday you will be, and it will be there.
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on August 7, 2015
In my case the title (+ the claims) was too good to be true and is that any surprise? Now the problem has been I'v had really difficult time to visualize any clear symbol or feel loving emotion. I think the method in this book is maybe good for someone advanced in meditation or has at least somewhat calm mind. And for someone who can evoke the feeling of love. The author says you can evoke the feeling of love for your self by first thinking of someone who you love and then redirecting the feeling to yourself, but what if you don't love anyone? Facing these and other problems is going to take a lot longer than just 5 minutes: to practice feeling love or practice visualizing and trusting what you get. You need to trust you get the symbol from your higher self and not your ego self, but what if you still have so big ego that everything gets twisted by it? The symbols just start to dance around when you try to visualize? I'm not saying the method does not work 100 % like the author claims, BUT what I'm saying is, it only works for those who are able to do it 100 %... to feel love and to visualize and trust what they get. I think you need to have a good connection to your higher self and less ego problems for this method to work. The rest of us need to invest a lot of time first to that connection and clearing... simply just sitting down and practicing meditation.
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on January 17, 2010
This book describes in a clear step by step way a simple self help healing method. Tara Springett has many years experience as a coach and therapist and she illustrates the book with many examples. Aside from the actual method, there are nuggets of wisdom and much healing information is packed into a short space.
The method is effective with any sort of problem, because although it heals symptoms, it goes beyond symptoms to the lacks and discords which bring problems about. It is easy for religious believers or "spiritual" people to use as part of their current practice but the most sceptical person can also use it with great effect.
I recently started to use it with a practical problem, not one I would consider going to a therapist about. Already my level of anxiety has gone down. I think there are tons of applications for the method, even in terms of how to respond to the many crises in the world at the moment. Tara's method can be used to help friends, family or anyone at all, yet in a very specific way without being emotionally overwhelmed by the "story" of the problem. Perfect for the times when you want to help, but don't know what to do.
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on February 28, 2010
I learned about using healing symbols from Tara when my husband left me when our 3rd child was only 6 after 30 years of relationship. I was single, for the first time since I was 19. I had my own retail business to run and with my older children left home I was alone with my 6 year old and experiencing extreme emotional pain. I found the symbols very helpful and quite quickly taught the idea to my son, who had some confidence issues. It worked even better for him, as he did not make it complex or fall into the trap of over analyzing his problems as I often did. In 'The Five Minute Miracle' Tara explains very clearly the concept of using healing symbols and how to use them to help you 'heal' your 'dis ease' be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Tara really points out just how simple it is and gives useful guidance on keeping it clear and simple. If you have difficulty using it, teach it to a child and they will show you how to use it effectively.

My son is now 18 and still uses healing symbols very successfully. I continue to use the method for myself and share it with my grand children, staff, customers and clients. It will not take long to read Tara's book, like me you may well be so glad you learned it.
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