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HALL OF FAMEVINE VOICEon September 11, 2007
Talking about capitalizing on a name... :) The Flip Side: Break Free of the Behaviors That Hold You Back by Flip Flippen. This was a book I picked up on in one of the personal productivity blogs I follow, and it is one of the most practical, easy-to-understand books on personal change that I've read recently. Even better, he goes into how *you* can react and respond more effectively to each personality type. And trust me, you'll find your problem coworker/friend/acquaintance in here with no problem. :)

Part 1 - Understanding Personal Constraints: Something Is Holding You Back; The Foundations of OPC (Overcoming Personal Constraints); The Five Laws of Personal Constraints; Overview - The Top 10 Killer Constraints
Part 2 - Identifying Personal Constraints: #1 - Bulletproof (Overconfident); #2 - Ostriches (Low Self-Confidence); #3 - Marshmallows (Overly Nurturing); #4 - Critics (Too Demanding, Nitpicky, or Harsh); #5 - Icebergs (Low Nurturing); #6 - Flatliners (Low Passion, Vision, or Drive); #7 - Bulldozers (Overly Dominant); #8 - Turtles (Resistant to Change); #9 - Volcanoes (Aggressive, Angry); #10 - Quick Draw (Low Self-Control, Impulsive)
Part 3 - Overcoming Personal Constraints: Building Your TrAction Plan; Constraints Are Personal - My Story; Personal-Constraint Combinations; OPC Starts at Home; OPC in the Workplace; Personal Constraints and Culture; Listening to What Others Say - The Power of Honest Feedback
Conclusion - Raised in Captivity; Next Steps; Acknowledgments; Index

I'm sure glad I don't have any of these... NOT! :)

Each of the constraint chapters uses a couple of examples (some historical, some personal from the author's work) to show how a particular trait can play out and limit one's effectiveness. This is followed by the "Are You ..." checklist, which has 10 questions you can ask yourself to see where you fall in terms of that constraint. If you're on the high end of the scale, you'll be interested in the "So I'm ... Help Me!" section that follows. That's where Flippen lays out specific actions you can take to change this part of your behavior. Even better, that section is followed by a "How Can I Deal With A ... Person?". That's where you get to find out what types of communication and actions you can take to make your interactions with that personality type go better. The goal isn't to change them (although that would be nice), but it's more like survival skills so you don't get caught in the debris and aftermath of their limitations.

And in case you're wondering, I have marshmellow-y tendencies with a little flatliner and turtle thrown in...

I think that any book that helps you categorize or examine your behaviors can have a positive influence. The Flip Side seems to work better than most in that you don't have to struggle to see yourself or others in the scenarios, and the advice and actions are concrete and do-able. If you're looking to kick things up another level in your life (or avoid kicking someone else in frustration), I'd recommend this book...
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on May 10, 2007
From the moment you open this book, you'll know why the flip theme fit its message perfectly. Most self-help books teach us to look to our strengths to achieve success. The Flip Side shows us we need to overcome our personal constraints if we expect to reach our full potential.

Many of us look around and see others living lives we only dream of. According to Flippen, the only thing holding us back is something he calls our personal constraints. Once we understand that, then identify what our constraints are, we can go to work to overcome them.

He offers ten types of personal constraints, ranging from low self-control to overconfidence and variations in between. Each of the ten types has its own chapter to help the reader determine, through stories and examples and checklists, which personal constraint best fits the reader.

Believing we need feedback from others in order to get a clear image of self, Flippen recommends finding a "feedback partner."

According to Flippen, behavior change makes a bigger impact quicker than thinking change does. He devotes a chapter to building a TrAction Plan(tm) for determining personal constraints, then creating steps to overcome those constraints.

The book is a bit heavy on stories, including Flippen's own. His company is the largest educational trainer in North America. With his thirty years' experience and impressive client list that includes Nolan Ryan and the executive director of Joel Osteen Ministries and Lakewood Church, one might expect more how-to, however.

Armchair Interviews says: If you want to flip to the other side and work on your constraints rather than your strengths, this book is a good place to start.
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on July 29, 2015
The book is interesting BUT, I was looking for a book on Flippen's "Capturing Kid's Hearts" which is a new positive behavior program for school! So, for what I was looking for, it did not fulfill these needs.
On the other side for a book on identifying behavior traits and how to change them, it looks great!
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on March 29, 2015
This book was put on my "To Read" list after I heard Flip speak at my school district's Convocation at the beginning of this school year. Of course the whirlwind of starting a new school year, I forgot all about it. Then we had a mandatory make up/in service that required those who didn't attend a workshop that was held prior to me being hired. In this workshop we were to review this book. I purchased the Kindle version and started reading it. Although I was not able to attend the workshop, due to illness, I finished reading the book anyway. It contains a lot of information that I already know, due to my love of personal development, but it includes a wonderful process to assist the reader to attack those areas that we may not take the time to improve. Also, it provides examples and descriptions to gain a deeper understanding. The author shares his own discoveries and it motivates one to try and improve, because it is something he implements in his own life. Furthermore, he provides information of both the positive and negative influence our behaviors may have in all areas of our life. Easy read for this genre!!
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on August 6, 2007
Written by head of The Flippin Group and expert motivational coach Flip Flippen, The Flip Side: Break Free of the Behaviors That Hold You Back is a no-nonsense self-help guide to identifying how personal constraints and often unconscious restrictions can hold one back from one's full potential. Breaking free of those restraints and learning to "flip" negative thoughts and behaviors into positive ones form the core of The Flip Side. Negative personality-driven trait types are listed and range from "bulldozers" (too dominant, ignoring all dissenting options) to "marshmallows" (too nurturing, avoiding conflict at the expense of their happiness) and "quick draws" (too impulsive, with poor self-control). A readily accessible guide to improving one's strengths through recognizing and turning around one's weaknesses.
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on September 4, 2015
It is important to understand personality and temperament theory; equally important to understand and play to our strengths; but most important to understand our personal constraints. Without this understanding you will never even recognize the fetters that limit your potential.
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on February 25, 2013
As a career coach, I understand the concept of "doing what you love" and using your strengths and innate personality preferences to perform your best at work. At the same time, we all know individuals who use their strengths well but their constraints are their "dark side" and a limiting factor in success. I suggest understanding both strengths and constraints to be truly successfully and reading this book is an excellent start at understanding potential limiting factors for success.
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on August 7, 2007
I was walking through the book store a few weeks ago and saw The Flip Side on display. I was astonished to discover the author was my first boyfriend!

I bought the book because Flip wrote it. I was so delighted to discover that it offered insightful, practical advice on how to overcome my personal constraints to become the person I have always wanted to be.

The stories Flip relates reveal his warm, loving and humorous personality. He is open and honest with us about himself and his own life and encourages us to do the same thing with ours.

Flip's book is not just another self-help one that will gather dust on your bookshelf. He offers a plan based on his 30+ years of counseling experience with the tools to implement change in your life....if you just do it! It worked for him and it is working for me.

Thanks, Flip, for showing up in my life again in such a truly miraculous way!
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on December 30, 2008
This is one annoying book, written by a self-described shrink who has a very flippant attitude that matches his gimmicky name.

Flippen claims to have come up with a "Flippen Profile" that reveal the weaknesses that hold people back. But the chapters are too brief to explore each area and he never really gives much practical advice in dealing with the issues he raises. And he provides only minimal trite examples that often make no sense in the context of the chapter.

The whole book is ego-centric, him praising himself, him talking about the major companies or athletes he has worked with, him talking about how he overcame negative parents to become a positive, compassionate person. But instead of walking away from the book thinking that he understands people, it's obvious that he doesn't even understand himself.

The worst section of the book is where he slams his mother repeatedly. She sounds like a wonderful woman with a good head on her shoulders who he should have listened to. Instead he paints her as a roadblock to his goals, someone he ignores instead of using her advice to get a better picture of himself. He gives no specific example of why she shouldn't be trusted and he comes across as a kind of spoiled brat who was given advantages without humbly appreciating what his parents did for him. Don't trust any psychoanalyst who slams his mother in a supposedly positive book like this!!!

It's also disappointing to see that this egotist fails to give full credit to co-writers. The cover of the book contains only Flippen's name, but inside you find out that there is a co-author. Then at the end of the book he acknowledges that much of the book came from a TEAM of people. This is a man who loves to promote himself at the expense of others. Even if he does have a couple good suggestions somewhere in the book, there isn't enough to make this worth reading. He needs to analyze himself before giving advice to others.
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on February 25, 2014
An excellent resource for identifying the constraints that are preventing one from realizing their potential, seeing constraints in others and how to develop a plan to address your own constraints and work with others in spite of their issues.
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