Customer Reviews: The Fluoride Deception
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on April 26, 2004
With the futile search for Iraq's weapons of mass destruction some Americans may just now be realizing that our government lies to us. The Fluoride Deception documents a cover-up perpetrated by a military-industrial-government complex starting in the 1930's and extending to the present day. Any person involved in the issue of fluoridation will want this excellent compendium of the history and science. The author has uncovered previously secret documents which reveal that fluoridation promotion is in the same league with "cigarette science" when it comes to distortion of science and public opinion.
After documenting all the scientific evidence for why fluoridation is a bad idea, a common response has been: "If it's so obviously bad, why do my dentist, the Surgeon General, and my toothpaste company all say it is so wonderful?" Bryson's book gives the answer. A powerful group of industries have worked behind the scenes to sell the idea of fluoridation. Their public relations campaign has been one of the most successful in history.
I long took for granted that fluoride was the reason I had much better teeth than my parents. I grew up with Crest toothpaste commercials repeating their "Look mom, no cavities!" message into my young impressionable mind ad nauseum. But not too long ago I found that rates of cavities have dropped precipitously in all industrial countries of the world over the past 50 years and most of these countries do not fluoridate their water. Countries with detailed public health records reveal the decline started before fluoride was ever added to toothpaste or water.
Bryson has uncovered secret government and industry documents showing that the aluminum, steel, atomic weapons, phosphate fertilizer, and other industries all have been aware for more than 50 years that one of the most serious and costly pollutants these industries release is airborne fluorides. The cold war obsession with building ever more nuclear weapons to win the "arms race" cemented cooperation between government and industry to promote fluoridation. The US Public Health Service during the 1940s was still a division of the Department of Commerce and its head was a top attorney for Alcoa. Bryson found meetings and letters between the military, Public Health Service, and industry where the idea of putting a shiny public relations image on fluoride by adding it to water first surfaced.
With today's increasing revelations about drug industry manipulation of science and government campaigns of deception, maybe the time is ripe for Bryson's book. Some people won't be willing to believe that their own dentist may have been duped. They won't feel comfortable reading this book. But for everyone curious enough to glimpse into the dark side of science manipulated for profit, this book is for them.
For environmentalists this book is as essential reading as Rachel Carson's Silent Spring.
For dentists and public health officials ... gather up your courage and read this book.
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on September 7, 2006
Christopher Bryson definitely did thorough research before writing this book. It is a startling look at the awful truth about the deadly poison fluoride. Before WWII it was used only as rat and ant-roach poison. The only reason fluoride ever got used for anything else was the need for a gas so reactive it would split uranium atoms in half. We were in a race with the Germans to develop the Hydrogen Bomb. Neither the US or Germany were having success in working with fluoride. It would blow up whatever it was housed in and set the building on fire. Finally, they were able to prevent this from happening and Hiroshima and Nagasaki are history. The real star of this event according to Bryson is not uranium, but rather fluoride.

Once WWII was over we had the cold with the Soviets to contend with. We needed to keep ahead of them in the nuclear arms race. To most Americans fluoride was still considered rat posion. Something had to be done to make it acceptable to the American people. Some flawed research in the 1950s showed that it prevented tooth decay. The rest is history.

Many court battles have been fought over the toxicity of fluoride to the soil. One famous case was fought by the New Jersey peach growers with Dupont. They were downwind from the Dupont plant. In the summer of 1943 their orchards were blighted, their poultry were dying, and their fields were often strewed with dead cattle. Some cows were so crippled they could not stand up. The horses were to stiff to work. Workers who ate the produce they had picked vomited all night and into the next day. The Farm workers sued DuPont and the Manhattan Project (atomic weapons research) for fluoride damages. Workers inside the plant were often exposed to large doses of fluoride. They often developed a fibroid condition of both lungs and chemical burns were seen.

All these human, plant and animal damages are classic signs of fluoride poisoning. Wherever a chemical, aluminum, steel or fertilizer manufacturing plant using fluoride was located the surrounding vegetation would turn brown and the domestic and wild animals would look sickly, cripple up and die. The people in and outside the factories would exhibit all the classic symptoms of fluorosis (fluoride poisoning). The military didn't want fluoride to be declared toxic and neither did the big manufacturers.

It doesn't target one part of the body, fluoride is a systemic (total body) poison. The signs of fluorosis are identical to the sign of thyroid malfunctioning. Fluoride and iodine are antagonists, so it can seem like a person is low in iodine, when actually the fluoride is preventing the iodine from being used by the thyroid. Fluoride also prevents minerals, such as calcium and magnesium from being used by the body. For more information on various body systems fluoride damages visit the "excellent" website put out by the Fluoride Action Network.
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on July 23, 2004
It is the book I have been waiting for since 1997, when I read his and Joel Griffiths?s article about fluoride and the Manhattan Project. Bryson?s book is a landmark in the field, and full of original material, much recently declassified. It will be prominently featured in my fluoride essay when I re-edit my site sometime in the next year (I hope!). Bryson?s book reveals matters far more horrific than I related I my original essay. There were numerous fluorine accidents during the Manhattan Project, with workers literally disintegrating at times. It was all covered up in the name of ?national security.? There were many places in the book where I had to step back and take in the institutional evil that Bryson was documenting. Plenty was hair-raising. For instance, during the Manhattan Project, the protection afforded workers was nil, and many worked in a constant mist of hydrogen fluoride (HF), one of the deadliest acids known. Where the workers were most exposed to the HF, white people were not allowed as their skin damage was too obvious. So, in the most dangerous HF environments, the only workers allowed were black.

The U.S. government took the line of fluoride polluters, spinning an extremely hazardous waste into a health product. Much of the spinning happened just as Orwell?s 1984 was being published. I am not sure what the scariest part of the book is. Is it that the U.S. government performed extensive research into fluorine?s effect in the central nervous system (and all the results are still classified)? Or perhaps that the same people performing those experiments (who also performed the notorious plutonium experiments on unwitting subjects), were the same ?scientists? who produced the ?information? that showed how harmless fluoride was for people, as well as good for our teeth?! Bryson uncovered one study that showed the deleterious effects of fluoride on animal subjects, research that was paid for by fluoride polluters in the 1960s as they tried defending themselves from pollutions lawsuits. The results were so damning they were buried for 40 years until Bryson discovered it (the study showed fluoride causing emphysema when inhaled). All in all, Bryson?s book is an amazing effort.
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on June 12, 2005
This book refutes the mass of commercially motivated lies and propaganda about fluoride, giving us the facts and motivation we need to make the effort to keep this poisonous substance out of our lives. The challenge is that fluoride is nearly everywhere -- not only in most toothpastes and tap water but in processed, packaged, prepared and fast foods. Most of these are either manufactured using fluoridated tap water or include it as an ingredient. Surprisingly, this is also true of some "health foods," with high levels of fluoride found in soy protein isolate, a key ingredient in energy bars, shake powders, veggie burgers and infant formula. Babies on soy formula are at special risk not only for developing dental fluorosis but the mental fluorosis of ADD/ADHD. Although the fluoride levels of both soy and dairy formulas exceed that of breast milk, only soy formulas exceed safe levels when reconstituted with non-fluoridated distilled water. The levels increase considerably when parents reconstitute soy formula with fluoridated tap water. Worse, these soy bottle-fed infants are simultaneously exposed to high levels of neurotoxic aluminum, cadmium, manganese and plant estrogens. It's bad enough to expose adults to fluoride with its well-established links to cancer, thyroid and other endocrine system disorders but unconscionable to expose infants and children whose brain, reproductive and other systems are developing. I urge readers to buy extra copies of this book, give them to public health officials, urge them to stop promoting fluoride as beneficial to our health, warn the public about its toxicity and to press for the legislation needed to remove this waste product from our water supply.
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on April 21, 2005
"The Fluoride Deception" is a scathing indictment of how the U.S. medical community, big corporations, and the federal government, misled the American public for decades about the dangers of fluoride. Filled with scientific studies and historical documents, all fully annotated, Bryson mounts a point by point attack on the flimsy, fallacious arguments of pro-fluoride advocates. He shows us the secret history of fluoride, how it was connected to the development of the atomic bomb, and the self-serving and sly actions of those corporations, mainly metal manufacturers, in deceiving the public into believing that fluoride was safe to add to our water supplies. Using public opinion techniques developed by spin doctors like Edward Bernays, these companies used every technique known in modern propaganda science to convince Americans and the world that fluoride was just another natural and harmless chemical, when the opposite was true and they knew it.

In a race to develop atom bombs to counteract a perceived threat from its former ally, the Soviet Union, the United States broadened its nuclear development program through an unprecedented collusion between government and industry. In his farewell address to the nation in 1961, president Eisenhower warned that "we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the Military-Industrial Complex."

This complicity is seen clearly in the history of fluoride and the public relations exercise carried out by government and industry that fooled America into thinking this deadly chemical was good for a our teeth. As it turns out, fluoride, and its industrial counterpart fluorine gas, described by some as a "violent monster," is one of the most toxic chemicals on the planet inducing skeletal fluorosis, arthritis, thyroid problems, bone cancer, and hyperactivity in animals.

As Bryson explains, fluoride is a necessary ingredient in nuclear bomb production, as essential as uranium. In the 1940's, the U.S. government and corporate America were faced with a flurry of worker and citizen lawsuits about fluoride poisoning. Industry-sponsored research and clever spin control transformed the nation's perception of fluoride from a toxic chemical pollutant into a medical supplement dispensed in water.
Bryson documents how various industries funded studies that showed the dangers of fluoride to workers in metal fabricating plants, and nuclear bomb production-factories. The most damaging studies were kept hidden from public sight until recently.

Fluoride, ubiquitous in so many household products, turns out to be one of the most deadly known chemicals and has no safe place in our food supply. That the U.S. medical establishment supports adding it to our water only attests to the gigantic and criminal fraud that has been perpetrated upon the U.S. and a few other countries that advocate fluoridation. Bryson's book is one of the best I have ever read on any subject. Read it if you want to know the disturbing truth about the secret agendas of those who make public policy in America.

(Dr. Simeon Hein is the author of "Opening Minds: A Journey of Extraorindary Encounters, Crop Circles, and Resonance" and the forthcoming "Planetary Intelligence.")
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on October 21, 2004
I have been researching the topic of fluoride for the last couple years. This is the best source on the topic yet. And I would encourage anyone reading my review first, to peruse the others as well, as they fill in the gaps with other topics I may have missed for lack of space. Together, they all paint a big picture of why this book is so important.

Bryson does not merely make a convincing argument for the dangers of fluoride. Yes, he does that, too. More importantly, though, he blows the doors wide open on the deliberate deception by industry and government to hide these dangers and to, in fact, sell its necessity to the public in direct contradiction to these dangers. Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, he was able to procure a wealth of first-hand documents from the very people in industry and government who made this deception happen. Memos, letters, directives - he saw them all, and his exhaustive documentation of them illuminate the depth of the deception. It was this very fact that impressed me most about the book. As a historian, I was pleasantly surprised by how much first-hand documents he cited. Here were the very words of the people leading the industrial and govermental move to suppress the dangers and, indeed, sell fluoride as something good for us all! (Let us see your beautiful smiles!)

The deception was big. Fluoride played a huge role in the development of atomic weapons, but it was a massive environmental and health pollutant. "National security" reasons dictated a need to hide these dangers, so a massive PR movement began to find publicly-accepted outlets for it: Enter toothpaste and the water supply. Smile, indeed! You're ingesting nuclear waste.

Perhaps the most important part of the book is the chapter about propaganda and the molding of public opinion. It offers so much insight into how the American public are so often duped by the military-industrial state. The author interviews Edward Bernays, the "Father of Public Relations" (who was 102 years old at the interview). He was one of the government's top propagandists, even as far back as WWI. Bernays tells Bryson that selling the American public on fluoride was easy because of Americans' inherent trust in "medical authority". People simply want to believe their doctors know everything. Once industry found a few doctors and dentists to play the game by pushing the fluoride-is-good-for-you idea (and at the same time, suppressing any negative publicity), the power of collective thinking ensured the deception's effectiveness.

And as one other reviewer wrote . . . makes one wonder what else they may be lying about.
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on September 27, 2008
Several months ago while surfing the Internet, the name Dr. Davey popped up in association with "fluoride poisoning," the WWII "Manhattan Project," making of the "atomic bomb" and secret "human experimentation" in the 1940s. I am aware of my father's D-Day story but now, 60 years after his death, the final chapter of his life has been revealed in this incredible book. After further investigation and filling in between the lines, it is apparent that Navy Medicine, having seen X-ray reports of "fluoride poisoning" in the bones of American workers during WWII, refused to participate in a medical cover-up during the early Cold War years.

It was shocking to read "Chapter 8 - Robert Kehoe and the Kettering Laboratory" in The Fluoride Deception by Christopher Bryson. My father, LT. J. Russell Davey, Jr., MC, USNR, who died in 1948 (unknown to the author), is described on page 108 as "the offending radiologist" who inadvertently exposed Dr. Robert A. Kehoe's study regarding industrial fluoride exposure of workers at the Pennsylvania Salt Company in Easton, PA. Dr. Davey made a January 31, 1947 medical X-ray diagnosis of "fluoride poisoning" which became known to management and workers several miles away at the Pennsalt plant in Easton.

Bryson describes top officials at Pennsalt headquarters in Philadelphia as being "furious" with Drs. George Pillmore and Davey. The two Navy radiologists were not aware of Dr. Kehoe's Kettering Laboratory mission, to secretly collect medical data regarding poisoned American workers in order to protect the US government's bomb-related defense industry from potential lawsuits. The author brilliantly lays out Pennsalt's role in producing hydrofluoric acid (HF) for atomic bomb production and the resulting cover-up of workers suffering from fluoride poisoning.

Fluoride poisoning resulting in "crippling skeletal fluorosis" had been recognized in Europe since the late 1800s. In 1937, Danish scientist Kai Eli Roholm, MD, published "Fluorine Intoxication, an encyclopedic study of fluoride pollution and poisoning." Dr. Roholm reported that fluoride exposure produced a host of medical symptoms in factory workers. Most distinctly, fluoride could visibly disfigure a worker's bones, disabling them with a painful thickening and fusing of spinal vertebrae, a condition he called "crippling skeletal fluorosis."

In 1944, 26-year-old Lieutenant Davey, 6th Naval Beach Battalion, returned from the Normandy invasion and became a student and protégé of Captain George U. Pillmore, MC (S), USNR, Chief Radiologist at the Philadelphia Naval Hospital. During that period, the Philadelphia Navy Yard housed a super-secret facility using hot liquid fluoride and pressurized steam to enrich uranium for the atomic bomb. Although bomb making was an Army project, the purpose of the Philadelphia plant was to supply insurance against failure of the Army's "separation program" and provide the Naval Research Laboratory with materials for the study of atomic energy.

Bryson describes a serious accident at the Philadelphia Navy Yard in September 1944. There was a release of man-made radiation and perhaps the worst fluoride accident of WWII. "A giant white plume of uranium hexafluoride gas drifted over the dockyard." Twenty-six men were exposed, killing two and seriously injuring the remainder. The Philadelphia coroner was not told the "cause of death." Body organs of dead men were considered "classified" and stuffed into a briefcase becoming the property of the Manhattan Project Medical Department. Years later, a Navy doctor explained to injured nuclear scientist Arnold Kramish that when fluoride gets into your bones, it "stalks you the rest of your life."

The following year after the accident, Dr. Davey was ordered to a Naval Special Hospital, Camp Wallace, Texas to serve as Chief of the X-ray Department in a 1,000-bed-hospital. After retuning to Philadelphia in May 1946 and relieved from active duty, Drs. Davey and Pillmore teamed up in a radiology practice 65 miles north of Philadelphia in Easton, PA. Dr. Pillmore established a Naval reserve unit that included Dr. Davey and about 30 medical doctors in the Easton area.

Bomb making was under the purview of the US Army during WWII. The Army maintained that "fluoride poisoning does not occur in the United States." However, the Navy Medical Department Cold War position on "fluoride poisoning" contradicted the Army Manhattan Project Medical Department. In 1946, Captain George U. Pillmore published Clinical Radiology: A Correlation of Clinical and Roentgenological Findings, Volume I & II, with 1,558 pages. LT. Davey was a contributing author. Navy Surgeon General Ross T. McIntire, Vice Admiral, MC, wrote in the Forward that X-ray examinations are "often the magic key in diagnosis."

Clinical Radiology states, "The source of fluorine intoxication include: (1) drinking water containing one part per million or more of fluorine, (2) fluorine compounds used as insecticidal sprays for fruits and vegetables (cryolite and barium fluosilicate), (3) the mining and conversion of phosphate rock to superphosphate which is used as fertilizer. (The fluorine content of phosphate rock is about 4 percent. During conversion to superphosphate, about 25 per cent of the fluorine present is volatilized.) (4) The fluorides used in the smelting of many metals, such as steel and aluminum, and in the production of glass, enamel, and brick....In 1932, Moller and Gudjonsson described a peculiar form of bone sclerosis in workers exposed to cryolite dust for a number of years. Since that time there have been many published reports of chronic fluorine intoxication and its effect on the osseous system."

Guided by a group of corporate attorneys known as the Fluorine Lawyers Committee, Dr. Kehoe's Kettering Laboratory conducted secret research in order to defend fluoride on behalf of a group of corporations that included Pennsalt, DuPont, Alcoa, and US Steel, all of which faced lawsuits for industrial fluoride pollution. Kehoe's aim was to block scientists from serving as effective witnesses in court cases. Manhattan Project Chief Leslie R. Groves wrote a February 28, 1946 memo to the Chairman of the Senate Special Committee on Atomic Energy, advising that "the Department of Justice is cooperating in the defense of these suits."

Unfortunately for the plaintiffs, Dr. Kai Eli Roholm, the world's leading fluoride expert who visited this country just after WWII, died March 29, 1948. The brilliant Danish scientist was regarded highly by the medical profession but now would be unavailable to provide testimony in the fluoride lawsuits. Dr. Roholm's death was "a tragedy for all who rely on scientist to tell them the truth about chemicals they handle in the workplace and the risk from industrial pollution." The 46-year-old physician left a wife and two young children.

Dr. J. Russell Davey, Jr., the young Navy radiologist who exposed Dr. Robert Kehoe's scientific cover-up of fluoride poisoning, died suddenly June 5, 1948 of undetermined causes. The 30-year-old physician left a pregnant wife and three young children.

In 1949, US worker fluoride lawsuits resulted in no compensation. Former Manhattan Project toxicologist Harold C. Hodge, coordinator of the secret human radiation experiments at the University of Rochester and the nation's leading fluoride expert, wrote in 1965 that "crippling fluorosis has never been seen in the United States."
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on June 28, 2004
This book contains an amazing amount of new material about the origin of water fluoridation and it answers many questions about the motives behind it. Why were many important physicians, dentists and scientists who opposed fluoridation systematically stigmatized and falsely discredited during its early promotion? Why have thousands of scientific studies revealing the harmfulness of low levels of fluoride ingestion never been revealed in the major media? The answer, as usual, lies in following the money trail. Christopher Bryson brilliantly documents and puts together the pieces of this dramatic mystery after many years of researching hidden and classified information behind the story. All who are now forced to drink fluoridated water should read this important book and learn how fluoridation began in the backrooms of those industries long guilty of major environmental pollution with toxic fluoride emissions. Promoters (including the US Public Health Service) have painted themselves into a corner, so ending fluoridation would be hugely embarrassing to them. Shining this new light on the sordid history of fluoridation will hopefully do much to stimulate objective and overdue scientific scrutiny of the procedure and the harm it has long inflicted on the US public.
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VINE VOICEon October 10, 2004
"If you accidentally swallow more than used for brushing, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away." Those words, or something similar, are on every tube of fluoride toothpaste sold in America. What could be in it to cause such a warning? According to this book, it's the fluoride.

Fluoride is not some safe, innocuous substance that happens to fight cavities. It is used to enrich uranium for nuclear weapons, to prepare Sarin nerve gas, to produce high octane gasoline, also to make refrigerant gases and Teflon plastic. It is also used in drugs like Prozac and Cipro. Fluoride is a potential workplace poison and grave environmental hazard.

Since the 1930s, fluoride has been linked, in Europe, to a number of illnesses, like central nervous system disorders, breathing problems and a number of arthritis-like ailments. But during the Cold War, with help from researchers funded by the government and industry, no such problems were reported in America. It is as if "American" fluoride and "European" fluoride have two different sets of properties. Can anyone say "scientific fraud?"

Fluoride may actually help the teeth, but the evidence is not clear-cut. Cavity rates have fallen dramatically since the 1940s, but also in countries that don't fluoridate their water. Perhaps good nutrition, better dental care and antibiotics can explain it.

The vast majority, nearly 90 percent, of the fluoride added to drinking water is actually industrial waste, scraped from the smokestacks of Florida phosphate fertilizer mills. The companies are spared the expense of treating this "fluosilicic acid" as toxic waste. Instead, it is sold to towns all over America. Shipped in rubber-lined tanker trucks, it is dumped into municipal reserviors, supposedly to fight cavities.

On several levels, this book easily reaches the level of Wow. This well-written tale of public relations whitewash and corporate/government collusion at the people's expense has over 100 pages of footnotes, and is very much a Must Read.
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on June 21, 2004
The Fluoride Deception, by former BBC journalist Christopher Bryson, is an extremely well-researched book (10 years in the making with over 100 pages of footnotes), and it contains a history of fluoride almost completely unknown to most people.
From out of the memory hole, Bryson has brought forth declassified government docs and internal industry memos that help deconstruct (and obliterate) the corporate spin (e.g. 'look ma, no cavities') that has been internalized for too long by too many people - even by people who are otherwise aware and progressive.
Some examples of the material Bryson has unearthed:
* Fluoride was industry's biggest air pollutant during the Cold War, causing the greatest amount (by far) of litigation, both for damage to workers and damage to the environment
* The biggest air pollution disaster in US history was a result of fluoride air emissions, not sulfur gases as the government has long contended (Bryson provides new compelling evidence on this - see the ALCOA memo)
* The main scientists promoting the safety of fluoride had profound (yet often unknown) conflicts of interest
* Fluoride was a vitally important chemical to national security, as it was the chemical used (on a massive scale) by the US bomb program to process and refine the uranium
* Scientists in the US bomb program (e.g. Harold C. Hodge) who were involved with the human radiation experiments, were behind the implementation of the early water fluoridation trials
* The "Father of Public Relations" Edward Bernays was involved in the early campaign to fluoridate the nation's water
* Studies (Bryson provides several irrefutable examples) indicating seriously harmful effects of fluoride exposure were suppressed and never published.
In a nutshell, The Fluoride Deception is a seminally important book about a surprisingly important subject: the risks of fluoride to our health and environment. It is a must read for anyone interested in the fluoride issue and/or the making of the Atomic Bomb.
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