Criminal Minds 9 Seasons 2005

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Season 1
(271) IMDb 8/10
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7. The Fox TV-PG CC

The BAU profiles a serial killer who takes families hostage and lives with them as a father figure during what is supposed to be their family vacations.

44 minutes
Original air date:
November 9, 2005

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The Fox

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Season 1
  • $1.99

    1. Extreme Aggressor After a fourth woman goes missing in Seattle in a period of four months, the BAU is brought in to track down the abductor before he kidnaps again.

    TV-PG 42min September 22, 2005
  • $1.99

    2. Compulsion The team of investigators tries to capture a serial arsonist who has been terrorizing a college campus in Tempe, Arizona. Most of the evidence from the fires had been burned beyond recognition, so the BAU must rely on psychological analysis to identify the firestarter.

    TV-PG 45min September 28, 2005
  • $1.99

    3. Won't Get Fooled Again Gideon and the BAU track down a copycat bomber who has been terrorizing Palm Beach, Florida. The team determines the bomber is mimicking Gideon's nemesis, Adrian Bale, who is the man responsible for murdering Gideon's team in Boston several years earlier.

    TV-PG 43min October 5, 2005
  • $1.99

    4. Plain Sight The BAU travels to San Diego to stop a rapist and murderer who commits his crimes in the middle of the day. The suspect appears to blend into the neighborhood so well the local authorities have been unable to capture him.

    TV-PG 42min October 12, 2005
  • $1.99

    5. Broken Mirror During the investigation of the kidnapping of a U.S. District Attorney's daughter, the BAU determines the kidnapper isn't seeking money - he is after her twin sister. The case becomes complicated because the kidnapper is always one step ahead of them.

    TV-PG 44min October 19, 2005
  • $1.99

    6. L.D.S.K The BAU is asked to identify a killer who is shooting at victims in broad daylight, and the team works with local law enforcement officers to recreate one of the shootings.

    TV-14 42min November 2, 2005
  • $1.99

    7. The Fox The BAU profiles a serial killer who takes families hostage and lives with them as a father figure during what is supposed to be their family vacations.

    TV-PG 44min November 9, 2005
  • $1.99

    8. Natural Born Killer When an undercover cop in Baltimore involved in a mob investigation goes missing, the BAU believes a serial killer rather than organized crime has something to do with his disappearance. The probe leads to several unsolved missing persons cases.

    TV-PG 43min November 16, 2005
  • $1.99

    9. Derailed Elle, along with many others, is held hostage on a train in Texas by a paranoid schizophrenic who is convinced that the U.S. government is monitoring him. Hotchner and Gideon are forced to play into the man's fantasy to save the people he has taken hostage.

    TV-PG 44min November 23, 2005
  • $1.99

    10. The Popular Kids The BAU is called to investigate the murder of two small-town high school students in McAllister, Virginia, who may have been victims of a cult killing.

    TV-PG 43min November 30, 2005
  • $1.99

    11. Blood Hungry While Gideon is sidelined on crutches at BAU headquarters, Hotchner and the BAU go to Harrington, Tennessee, in an attempt to get inside the mind of a psychotic killer whose disorganized and erratic fantasies lead him to murder.

    TV-PG 45min December 14, 2005
  • $1.99

    12. What Fresh Hell? When a young girl is abducted in broad daylight from a playground in a seemingly safe neighborhood, the BAU initially believes her father is responsible. When he is able to provide an alibi, the team is forced to look for clues near where the girl lives to determine who is really responsible.

    TV-PG 45min January 11, 2006
  • $1.99

    13. Poison The team travels to New Jersey where several people have been poisoned, one fatally, with LSD 10 times more potent than the street version.

    TV-14 43min January 18, 2006
  • $1.99

    14. Riding The Lightening After interviewing a married couple sitting on death row for serial murder, Gideon suspects the woman is actually innocent. But since she's set to be executed in two days, it's a race against time to prove it.

    TV-PG 45min January 25, 2006
  • $1.99

    15. Unfinished Business A serial killer reappears after 20 years of silence and contacts the BAU through Gideon's retired mentor, who had made his life's work tracking the killer, with the promise he will kill another victim in the next five days.

    TV-PG 43min March 1, 2006
  • $1.99

    16. The Tribe When college students in New Mexico are found tortured and murdered in an unoccupied house, the BAU suspects a group of killers with a knowledge of Native American rituals is responsible.

    TV-PG 45min March 8, 2006
  • $1.99

    17. A Real Rain The BAU travels to New York City to investigate a series of murders that appear to have been committed by a vigilante who is exacting revenge on other criminals who have been released by the justice system.

    TV-PG 44min March 22, 2006
  • $1.99

    18. Somebody's Watching Reid finds himself in danger when he falls for a starlet whose stalker has turned into a killer.

    TV-PG 45min March 29, 2006
  • $1.99

    19. Machismo The BAU travels to Mexico to aid in the capture of a serial killer who has targeted elderly women.

    TV-PG 43min April 12, 2006
  • $1.99

    20. Charm And Harm The BAU works to capture a serial killer who has evaded capture by altering his appearance.

    TV-PG 43min April 19, 2006
  • $1.99

    21. Secrets and Lies The BAU works with the CIA to identify a mole within that organization whose leaks are putting operatives at risk.

    TV-PG 44min May 3, 2006
  • $1.99

    22. The Fisher King, Pt. 1 While on their separate vacations, each member of the BAU receives a clue from a psychopathic killer who challenges them to save his next victim.

    TV-14 43min May 10, 2006

Product Details

Genres Drama, Thriller, Mystery
Director Guy Norman Bee
Supporting actors Lola Glaudini, Shemar Moore, Matthew Gray Gubler, A.J. Cook, Neal Jones, Tony Todd, Bonita Friedericy, Abraham Benrubi, Meredith Monroe, Kirsten Vangsness, Chane't Johnson, Sharisse Baker-Bernard, Leith M. Burke, Kathleen Marie Carr, Elizabeth Chambers, Dameon Clarke, Warren Davis, Allison Dunbar
Season year 2006
Network CBS
Executive Producer Herb Adelman
Purchase rights Stream instantly and download to 2 locations Details
Format Amazon Instant Video (streaming online video and digital download)

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Customer Reviews

Looking forward to buying the other seasons.
B. Schiefelbein
Even if you're not a fan, I would still recommend it if you're into crime drama shows as "Criminal Minds" is one of the best tv shows of this genre today.
Great cast and so well written. what a great show!!!

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

159 of 168 people found the following review helpful By Patricia Huerta on September 26, 2006
Format: DVD
There are a handful of very very popular topics around TV shows... medical dramas, sci-fi dramas and police/criminal dramas. "Criminal Minds" stands out in this last category. The cast is wonerful. Stating with Many Patinkin, whom is always a pleasure to watch, as Jason Gideon, the head of the team. Thomas Gibson as Aaron Hotchner, the very handsome Shemar Moore as Derek Morgan and Matthew Grey Gubler as the always geeky and know-it-all Dr. Spencer Reid. Of course the team includes the sexy-smart female side, in which we have Lola Glaudini as Ellen Greenaway, AJ Cook as Jennifer JJ Jareau and the super tech savvy Kirsten Vangsness as Penelope Garcia.

The purpose of this FBI team is to solve cases of all natures... missing people, homicides, psychopaths, sociopaths, pedofiles, etc.. but from a common perspective. They are criminal profilers and as the evidence gathers and their knowledge converges the profile os the UNSUB (unknown subject) leads them, hopefully to a resolution. Most of the times its a race against time itself, to help prevent the unsub for attacking again.

From the very first episode of Criminal Minds, "Extreme Agressor" I've been totally hooked up. The acting is superb, the dialogues and the stories are believable and well thought.

This DVD set includes the 22 episodes of the first season:

1 Extreme Aggressor

2 Compulsion

3 Won't Get Fooled Again

4 Plain Sight

5 Broken Mirror

6 L.D.S.K.

7 The Fox

8 Natural Born Killer

9 Derailed

10 The Popular Kids

11 Blood Hungry

12 What Fresh Hell?
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89 of 93 people found the following review helpful By Victoria A. Wildermuth on November 30, 2006
Format: DVD
Criminal Minds is different. It's not another CSI. Instead of examining forensic evidence after a crime has been committed, this group of agents uses behavioral analysis techniques to prevent serial crimes. Great cast headed by Mandy Patinkin and Thomas Gibson. The depiction of violent serial criminals is complex and disturbing. The crimes are presented in a dark, realistic manner that is unusual for television. Highly recommended.
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39 of 42 people found the following review helpful By William Webster on March 17, 2007
Format: DVD Verified Purchase
Season 1 is truly addictive! The only circumstance that stopped me from

watching the entire Season 1 at once was that I had to eat! The story

lines are fantastic! The acting is so real that one forgets that the viewer is watching it on your TV! Buy it! Watch it! But one word of caution! Have a protable frig next to you loaded with food so you don't have to move!
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16 of 18 people found the following review helpful By rnorton828 on February 16, 2007
Format: DVD
Criminal Minds is one of the best programs currently airing on television. Since its debut on CBS in the fall of 2005, the program has impressed viewers not only with its excellent cast, but also with top-notch writing and production. Criminal Minds follows a group of profilers from the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit who track down a broad range of criminals, including serial killers, rapists, arsonists/bombers and child abductors, among others. The profilers get inside the heads of these criminals by establishing psychological profiles of their subjects and thinking as they do.

Mandy Patinkin (Chicago Hope) stars as Special Agent Jason Gideon, and Thomas Gibson (Dharma & Greg) is Special Agent Aaron Hotchner. Gideon and Hotchner head up the BAU team. Each member of the team has his or her own area of expertise. Derek Morgan (former soap star Shemar Moore) specializes in obsessive crimes, while Elle Greenaway (Lola Glaudini) has a background in sexual offenses. Matthew Gray Gubler is Dr. Spencer Reid, the geeky, socially-challenged genius. A.J. Cook plays rookie agent Jennifer "J.J." Jareau, and Kirsten Vangsness is Penelope Garcia, the techie. The producers have assembled an excellent cast, with each actor well suited for his/her role, and they have great chemistry, playing off each other very well.

The writers and producers of Criminal Minds consult with staff at the real-life Behavioral Analysis Unit in Quantico, Virginia. This allows the writers to come up with some incredibly realistic storylines for the show.
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12 of 13 people found the following review helpful By Antonio Vicente Caballero on March 20, 2007
Format: DVD
Now a days all tv shows from CBS follow the CSI formula, and if they dont follow it to perfection then its something kinda reminiscent of CSI. What i mean we get a lot of flashy scenes and some gory effects (not that im complaining i love CSI) but somewhere during that proccess the characters feel sort of underdeveloped, like they have no emotions or no personal life. Sometimes with these shows there is a certain lack of feeling...its centered on the clues and thats it, that's why Criminal Minds is somewhat of a welcomed change. In Criminal Minds Gideon and his team catch serial killers and rapists and such by identifying with them, by getting inside this people's heads and the show always shows the toll the job has on each hard it is to go on living a normal life after the day job is over. Another surprising twist the show offers is this sort of i dont know what to call it...sympathy for the bad guy...once the profile is complete and they know how to catch the bad guy...i am always surprised at how fragile and human this killers are (well...most of them).

The first season was great with episodes like riding the lightning and L.D.S.K. and others more (i dont have the box set here to ennumerate my favorite episodes)...that said the first season DID have some very cliche episodes that left me kind of surprised at the lack of "kingfisher pt1." where some old creep is obsessed with gideon's team and sends them on a quest to solve a mystery of a missing girl....reminds me too much of seven or silence of the lambs...and its been done before...or the pilot least favorite episode in the show...

Anyways Criminal Minds is a great set...despite some very cliche and done to death episodes (which are like 3 or 4)the other episodes are excellent and a very compelling watch
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