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VINE VOICEon June 11, 2004
It has been well documented that a kiss is much more than the brief contact between two pairs of lips.
Indeed, as E. D. Baker points out, its transformative abilities have been well noted in stories as disparate as Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and, of course, The Frog Prince. The kiss has lost none of its potency in Baker's skewed fairy tale, as fourteen year old Princess Emeralda discovers. Succumbing to the pleas of yet another talking frog claiming to be an enchanted prince (goodness, there seem to be rather a lot of those around), she reluctantly puckers up-- and is herself changed into a frog. She and her froggy companion, Prince Eadric, embark upon a quest to regain their humanity; it is, as Eadric puts it, "a matter of life or froghood." Their everything-but-the-kitchen-sink adventures include amusing episodes with Vannabe, the would-be wicked witch, a disgruntled swamp fairy, various enchanted and/or talking creatures, several kisses (few of them between humans), and insects of varying degrees of tastiness. Fireflies, anyone? Or perhaps a nice, crunchy dragonfly?
The first person narrative has a certain sprightly charm with a number of humorous and clever garnishes (the trash can vs. the trash can't; the difference between them becomes crucial when the contents of the trash can't are freed by Emma's spell), and as a whole is seldom less than enjoyable, though I was rolling my eyes when it came to a cartoonish talking bat named--wait for it--Li'l Stinker. The dialogue can be a bit wooden and very occasionally descends into downright corniness ("I would never have met the best friend I've ever had," says Emma to Eadric in a particularly cliche instance), but the book works well when being flippant and tongue in cheek, which it mostly is.
The greatest problem with the book is not what it does wrong, but what it fails to do, i.e. to be a really clever, memorable modern fairy tale. All the stereotypes of fairy tales are present, most turned on their heads with moderate success. But while they do subvert fairy tale conventions, neither characters, story, nor world really take on a life of their own. There is nothing to make Baker's enchanted forest or generic fantasy world stand out from any other, and the characters are almost equally wanting. Even as the narrator of her own story, Emma comes across as just another member of a new generation of unconventional princesses (brave, kind hearted, but also shy and clumsy), and Eadric, amusingly self centered and imperfect, is only a little more individual. While reading The Frog Princess, I was reminded of a host of other modern fairy tale characters with more, well, character. Grassina pales beside the forceful, relentlessly no-nonsense Morwen of Patricia C. Wrede's Enchanted Forest Chronicles, and Eadric is nothing to Diana Wynne Jones's flamboyantly egotistical and selfish but lovable Howl. The pointed wit and skilful manipulation of fairy tales seen in Patrice Kindl's Goose Chase and Vivian Vande Velde's The Rumpelstiltskin Problem make The Frog Princess seem a trifle labored in comparison.
Writing skewed, young adult fairy tales has become a very popular thing to do, with the result that a number of books have been recently published that deal with the same basic themes. Fairy tale aficionados will enjoy Baker's offering, but may find themselves returning to stronger novels in this subgenre. The Frog Princess is an amusing little book, but it covers no new ground and leaves no deep impression.
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on October 21, 2007
This story is about a fourteen yearold girl named Emeralda,she is no ordinary princess,her laugh is like the sound of a donkey braying,and couldnt be anymore clumsy. For a while she thought the swamp was a magical place where new lives arose and old ones ended. Although she had believed this for most of her life she had no proof until when Snobby Prince Jorge came to visit,and she met the frog of her dreams.She had came to the swamp to avoid the conceited prince and go to the magical land.When she arrived at the swamp she accidentally stepped on a frog,and made a very sincere apology to the forgiving frog.The frog turned out to be very annoying to Emeralda with many rude comments.She began to tell him the whole story of why she had come to the swamp.After she had explained The frog had asked"If your mother had invited a prince over does that mean you are a princess?" he questioned.Emeralda shyly nodded her head.Suddenly straightened his broad shoulders,bowed to where his waist would be if he had one. "I do apoligize your highness If I had realized you were such an exalted personage I never would've said such churlish comments. The frog now introduces himself I am Prince Eadric, a witch casted a spell on me and now I am a frog,to undo the spell a princess must kiss me for me to become human again. Emeralda refused to kiss an amphibian and stomped off to talk to her aunt Grassina.When she reached her aunt witch Grassina's room,she asked her about humans being turned into frogs her aunt said it was possible and to have the spell undone a princess must kiss the frog.Emeralda secretly went back to the swamp that evening to talk to Eadric she found the frog in the same place earlier but he was now catching flies.She took a deep breath and slowly walked up to the hungry frog. She explained why she decided to kiss the frog. They slowly kissed... and then suddenly she fell down the waterfall, as she was going down she saw an otter with her necklace she tried to get it but it was too hard because she did not know how to swim. At the end of the water fall she looked at herself she no longer had her fair skin she had smooth green skin, quickly Eadric hopped over her nad landed right in front of her.Emeralda ws very angry that she was no longer human she was a frog!" I am extremely sorry Emeralda we were both supposed to be humans, the spell must've gotten mixed up!" Eadric explained."Well how can we fix this ?" Emeralda asked. " We can go to the place where the witch casted a spell on me ,on every night that has a full moon she comes outside to the well ,if we make it in time maybe she can fix the spell."Eadric answered. And there journey began to the well.As they set off on their journey,Emeralda's stomach began to growl Eadric had already stopped to eat some flies ,after many tries Emeralda felt as if it were detrimental to catch one fly and eat it. They were off again. After walking many miles, a human with a dark cloak over her head stopped them. Eadric explained what happened between them. The witch was not the one that had cast the spell on Eadric. She threw them in a bag with poison ivy. They were swinging back and forth with a large thud for every foot step. When they reached the witches house. They were thrown in a cage next to many others. They were given food, Eadric dug in, but Emeralda told him not to because she thought it was poisonous. They slowly fell asleep in the cage. It was very hard for Emeralda to fall asleep because she was itchy everywhere because of the poison ivy. She woke up to the sound of the witches foot steps to leave her room. The other animals also woke up,and the bat in the corner spoke to Emeralda " Your frog friend was given poisonous foods to put him to sleep. The witch did that because in her next spell one of the ingredients is two tongues of talking frogs. Emeralda sneakily pulled out a book of spells for her to escape. She let all of the animals escape. She hopped very fast and she woke up Eadric to begin their journey home. It was much harder than the first journey because the witch brought them very far to her room. A hawk flew above them and they had to hide in a log. The hawk would not leave them alone. They finally reached the castle and there were many feet they had to dodge to get to Aunt Grassina's room for her to undo the spell. They had to knock very hard on her door ,when she opened the door she looked side to side not seeing anyone ,then Emeralda hopped up and down to get her attention.She picked up the two frogs and asked who they were ,Eadric explained their rough journey,and the dillema.Aunt Grassina wanted proof that the frog was really Emeralda. Eadric tickled her so that Aunt Grassina could hear her niece's donkey braying laugh.Her aunt believed them and said a little spell over them and they were their human selves again!In their country children at the age of fourteen were to get married so Emeralda and Eadric got married and lived happily ever after!
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on March 16, 2009
What would you do if you were a self-conscious, clumsy princess with a laugh like a donkey's bray who turned into a frog by kissing one who claimed to be a prince? Would you find the "frog prince" and seek out the witch who cast the spell? That's exactly what Princess Emeralda did in, The Frog Princess, by E.D. Baker. You would think that in this fantasy Emeralda (Emma) would be happy because she wouldn't have to marry Prince Jorge or listen to her mother's constant corrections, but instead she desperately misses her aunt's motherly affection. After kissing the frog prince (Eadric), Eadric takes Emma to find the witch who cast the spell upon him. Instead they get captured by a witch with evil intentions. Desperate to escape their captor's cage, Emma attempts to perform a spell which will release them. Will the spell work? Here's Emma's dilemma, if it does, should she remain determined to return to her aunt or will she trust Eadric to help her adapt to life as a frog?
I loved this book! I can't wait to read the rest of the series. The story draws you in quickly and is written so well you can feel Emma's emotions! This book is for girls ages 8-14. Baker's use of narrative voice and her convincing character development have the reader drinking in every word. If you like to connect with characters and enjoy losing yourself in a book then read this funny, heart-warming book.
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on February 28, 2008
In The Frog Princess, Emeralda, or Emma as some call her, kisses a frog named Eadric. Eadric was a human who had been turned into a frog. Emma and Eadric both expected that their kiss would turn Eadric back into a human. To her surprise, she turns into a frog as well. To help her to get used to her surroundings, Eadric shows her around the swamp where he lives and his lily pad. Soon, Emma and Eadric agree to find the witch that first turned Eadric into a frog, but end up finding the wrong witch. They run into the witch, Vannabe, who takes them hostage, puts them in a sack, and takes them to her cottage where she puts them in a cage. After Eadric falls asleep, Emma meets all of the other animals held hostage by Vannabe. She meets Li'l Stinker the bat, Eenie, Meenie, and Moe the spiders, Clifford and Louise the mice, and Fang the snake. After escaping from Vannabe's cottage, Emma travels to her parent's castle, in search of her aunt. Emma finds her aunt, who tells Emma and Eadric what the solution to the "frog problem" is. It was closer and simpler than they thought! The Frog Princess is a fantasy tale about two frogs searching for the answer to their problem(s). I recommend this book to anyone that enjoys mixed-up fantasies and adventures. By Abby Means, age 10.
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on February 13, 2007
Emma is fighting for her life through the forest. She is trying to stay away from predators and at the same time trying to become human again. I think that this book is meant for someone who is likes excitement, adventure, a little romance, and some comedy.

Emma is a princess, who was one day walking through the forest and came across and frog. That frog said he was a prince and if she kissed him he would become human again. So she did but something went wrong. Now she is traveling with Eadric (the frog that is a prince). Emma is frightened at first and then gets used to eating frogs, swimming to the bottom of ponds and lake, and hiding from predators. This book is the first book of a series My point of view is that this book is a book that you could bring on a vacation or read at your house. I would read this book at my house or at the beach. This book has scary, funny, and romantic themes.

I really enjoy the way E.D. Baker wrote this book, I couldn't dump the book, I had to go on! E.D. Baker also wrote Once Upon a Curse and he also has written Dragons breath, and No place for Magic. I recommend this book to anyone who has an imagination.

-Megan Hatcher
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on April 16, 2007
Ever wish you were a princess? Emma is the princess in The Fog Princess by E.D. Baker. This book has to be fantasy and takes place in medieval time. Emma, the Princess, wishes that her mother would stop trying to marry her off and just wants to be a normal girl, until she met Eadric. Eadric claims to be a Prince but is currently supporting a frog form. He trys to use the most common method of saving himself, a kiss form a princess.

Eadric diligently persuades the stubborn princess and finally convinces her to give him a kiss. As she leans down and kisses him she is surprised to find that instead of Eadric becoming a human, she became a frog!

I thought this was an Interesting book but unless you enjoy bickering frogs then you should not read this book. This book might be on my favorites list just because of its humor. I enjoyed the thrilling and fatal situations they got themselves into.
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on February 27, 2007
Do you think that magic is not real? Well I didn't to but when I read "The frog princess" I kind of changed my mind about magic. That was when princess Emeralda got turn in to a frog because she kiss prince Edric who was a frog himself.

I also like the Frog Princess because it full of adventure and it's funny too and because it has some romance in it. And because it talks about friendship I recomend this book to people that like magic but mostly to girls, read this book and if you like it there's three more books to read.

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on March 7, 2007
The Frog Princess by E.D. Baker is about a princess named

Emma. Her whole life turns upside down when she kisses a frog. She goes through a variety of obstacles with a frog that claims he is a prince. Princess Emmeralda or Emma has to find her aunt, Grassina the witch to reverse the curse enchanted on Eadric the frog and now Emma. On their journey they will meet a couple of new friends and maybe a new enemy. Will Emma's aunt break the spell or is Eadric really a prince? Find out all the details by reading The Frog Princess by E.D. Baker.
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on April 22, 2008
The Frog Princess is no ordinary fairy tale. Princess Emma is always found by the swamp... a magical place where Emma (being rather clumsey) can be alone, not being told how clumsey she is by her mother, Queen Chartruse. But when she meets an obnoxious frog that claims he's a Prince things get, well... awkward, strange, whatever you want to call it.
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on November 28, 2006
The Frog Princess

By: E. D. Baker

Genre: fairytale

Princess Emeralda is not graceful like most princesses, oh no, she is clumsy, doesn't have a dainty laugh, and can't do a curtsy without falling over. She hates her life and the fact that her mother won't let her be who she wants or even marry who she wants. Luckily, she has an aunt that is a witch. Her aunt is a nice get away from her princess troubles. Emeralda tries to do magic but every time she tries, the spell goes wrong.

One day, Prince Jorge (a prince that is full of himself), came to Emeralda's castle. She did not want to spend the day listening to him talk about himself, so she went to the swamp where she loved to hang out. When she got there, there was a talking frog that said if she kissed him he would turn into a prince. Emeralda was tired and the frog wouldn't leave her alone so she kissed him. Instead of the frog turning into a prince, the princess turned into a frog!

They both did not know what happened but they both were worried. Emeralda stayed with the frog (Eadric) and tried to get the hang of being a frog. Emeralda did not know how hard it would be. She couldn't swim, she couldn't catch her food, and she couldn't even hop! Then she had to worry about predators that would try to eat her. Eadric said that the witch that turned him into a frog would come by a certain place in the forest on a full moon, and that she might be able to turn them both back into humans again.

So, the two frogs went to the special spot in the forest and waited. A witch finally came and Eadric shouted out to her. The witch heard him and Emeralda talking, so she picked them up and put them in her sack. Little did Eadric know that it wasn't the same witch that cast a spell on him.

The witch puts the two frogs into cages and tells them to eat these worms. Eadric does but Emeralda refuses. The worms were not poisoned, but did have a potion in them that made you fall to sleep and stay asleep.

When Eadric is sleeping Emeralda talks to some of the other encaged creatures and finds out many interesting things like the witch isn't really a witch, but an imposter and thinks she can become. Also Emeralda finds out that the witch is planning on cutting off her and Eadric's toes and tongue for a beauty potion. A bat named Li'l gets a book off a shelf and sets it by Emeralda's cage so she can read a spell. One of the spells is for opening things so she takes a crack at it and opens all the cages in the room. She finally wakes up Eadric and they start heading back to the castle to see Emeralda's aunt and hope she can turn Emeralda and Eadric back to their human state.

Will Emeralda get back to the castle alive? Read the book and find out!

The author wrote in first person which is so strange to me because most books I read are in third person, but a lot of fairytales are written in first person.

I enjoyed this book because it was exciting, it was funny, and it was different from most books I read which are historical fiction.
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