Customer Reviews: The Fury Of The Aquabats
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on August 24, 2000
I can't think of anything to say here that hasn't been said already. The A-Bats ROCK, they've got awesome, upbeat tunes, and they're not afraid to romp around onstage in spandex. Of all the CDs I own, this is the only one that is guaranteed to cheer me up. Who can't smile while listening to "Captain Hampton and the Midget Pirates"?
A little background on the Aquabats, they're from Southern California, a wasteland from which spurned the likes of No Doubt, Sublime, Sugar Ray, countless other punk and ska bands, and yours truly. They've got about 8 (or nine, as said before) guys recruited "on a full global assault to take over the world through music," one of them being none other than Travis Barker, of Blink-182. His drum work is excellent, very fast-paced and won't fail to get your foot tapping.
My favorite songs would have to be "Super Rad," [a good song to get pumped up to] "Red Sweater," [an ode to a girl who "wore a red sweater with an alligator,"] "Captain Hampton and the Midget Pirates," [a really funny tale about Captain Jim Hampton and his quest to "pillage the pillagers" and conquer "the fierce midget pirates of Willygoat." Great drumming, and humorous use of vocals] "Martian Girl," [an ode to another girl from the planet V, who likes to eat people meat; this song is also originally on the "Return" album, although it's a different version] and "My Skateboard." [this is, again, an ode to another girl.]

The A-bats' music will most likely have either one of two effectso n the listener; either a) you will find yourself singing along to the likes of "Lobster Bucket!" and becoming an Aquacadet [for a mere fee of $10, plus you get a spiffy ID card and other rad stuff], or b) You could listen to the first 2 songs, sneer, call it nonsense and turn away from the world of the ever-so-lovable Aquabats. You cynical jerk.
So why not give it a try?
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on April 29, 2004
The Aquabats are considered to many to be the Beatles of Ska. The band has toured for some big names in the punk rock industry including NOFX and MXPX. This is there second album The Fury of the Aquabats and it has become one of the greatest ska albums of all time. Some fans will even call it the best of all time.
The Aquabats make pretty immature music. There is no real point to there music other than to have a good time. That really is a lost trait in the music world today. However these guys are all excellent musicians. The horn work on this album is incredible. All the instruments sound good and the vocals are great. You won't get blown away by them, but they work for the kind of music that is being played.
All 16 songs on the album are enjoyable. All are different in a lot of ways, but are very similar in a lot of ways. My top five off the album would have to be My Skateboard, Red Sweater, Martian Girl, Lobster Bucket and Idiot Box.
I once heard somebody call My Skateboard the ultimate dork anthem. I couldn't agree anymore. This song is very catchy. They lyrics are fantastic and I think of lot of guys can relate to this song.
Red Sweater is an excellent song. The trumpets on this song are spectacular. This song has some great lyrics and is very funny. It's a cute little tail about love. The drum work is also very good on this track, but you have to hear this one for the Trumpets.
Martian Girl is a funny song. The song is about a guy being in love with a Martian girl from planet V. It's a song that is about nothing. Once again the horns are fantastic. The back up vocals are also really good on this one. This is a very catchy song that is very difficult to get out of your head.
Lobster Bucket is another very weird song. The song is about lobsters in a bucket that are trying to get out. The clarinet in this song is fantastic. The majority of the band all sing at the same time in this song.
Idiot Box is one of the weirdest songs on this album. It's about watching to much TV. The horns are really good in this song. I also like the sax parts in this one. The melody line that the horns and sax share in this is very cathcy and once again this is a very difficult song to get out of your head. This is a very upbeat and fast song.
The rest of the songs are all great. I like Captian Hampton and the Midget Pirates, Magic Chicken, Theme Song, Cat With Two Heads, and The Story of Nothing. I actually reall like all of the songs. There isn't one I dislike at all. All are awesome.
This is an awesome album. All of these guys are talented musicians that just want to have a good time. The music is good clean fun. This is the best Ska album of all time and nobody is a serious ska fan without this one. Don't miss out on a fun time. Go get this one now
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on December 19, 1999
Hey all you "kids" and Aquacadets, the Aquabats are one of the greatest true ska bands. They use awesome horns, CREATIVE lyrics, and cool riffs to make all of their songs sound original and "super rad." My favorite songs on this CD are "Martian Girl," "Magic Chicken," "Red Sweater," and the hidden song "Playdough" (which is on their 1st cd The Return of the Aquabats). The cover contains much information about them and their story. If you like this CD then get their 1st and 3rd CDs, respectively, The Return of the Aquabats and The Aquabats vs. the Floating Eye of Death. And finally, go to a concert because they will BLOW YOU AWAY.
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on September 13, 2004
There are just some CDs that, if you're a fan of a certain genre, you have to own. I would put Fury Of The Aquabats in that category. If you're a ska fan, you need this CD. You just cannot beat The Aquabats if you're looking for some fast, fun, silly ska, and they deliver on every track on this album. Fury Of The Aquabats reads like a greatest hits list for fans of the band - "The Cat With 2 Heads," "Super Rad," "The Story Of Nothing," "Idiot Box." Almost every classic Aquabats song is on here. If you're ever in a bad mood, you won't be after listening to this CD. There's just no way to be sad while the Aquabats are regaling you with the tale of Captain Hampton and the fierce midget pirates. You need this album. In fact, stop reading this and go buy it. NOW!
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on December 4, 2005
Someone may take one look at this album and say "Lame!" But ah, my friend, you are mistaken. That's exactly what they WANT you to think.

The Aquabats are anything BUT lame. MC Bat Commander's snazzy vocals, the driven guitar, bass, and drums, and the incredible horns section are actually quite exciting. Ska was dead for awhile, but the Aquabats snuck into the Cemetary of Music Genres one night, dug a hole at its grave, opened the coffin and behold! Ska was reborn!

The Aquabats are a great band, and this is their best CD. "Super Rad" "Martian Girl" "Idiot Box" and "Phantuasia Del Mar" (yes, my friends, an instrumental) are the CD's standout tracks, but there are a lot more. Except for Lobster Bucket. Aquabats - ska = not so fun.

There are only 4 things you need to do to survive:

drink, sleep, breathe, Aquabats

(Oh, and eating is a good one there are 5 things you need to do to survive.)
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on October 7, 2000
Aquabats are one of the few bands that meld ska and punk (actual punk) together well. They make fun music that's cool, and are funny and great in concert. If you're looking for a super band you have to buy this CD, or else Floating Eye Of Death...they're just a cool band. The horns are insane and the lyrics aren't gonna rip you down or anything, so it'll be good music for all of you Christian kids to listen to. So yeah, God's not gonna kill you for listening to this. See them live, buy this, it's funny, cool, and just good ska period.
The best songs are Super Rad!, My Skateboard!, Martain Girl!, and Red Sweater! It's a cool CD. Also donate your hard earned cash to these organizations: Mustard Plug, Buck-O-Nine, Rx Bandits, and Suicide Machines.
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on August 3, 1999
Clean Lyrics, funny ideas, incredible tallent, tight sound, killer superhero clothing, EPIC live concerts, and much much more... These Southern California "Brothers" are as real as it gets when it comes to fun! After hearing them on a VERY POPULAR Southern California Alternative Radio Station (106.7 KROQ) for weeks in a row in the top 5 songs requested, I decided to actually buy the CD instead of just bumming one from friends. I'm happy to say after over a year of use, it's still in my top 10!!! Lobster Bucket, Super Rad, Play Dough, and many many more... And to think, they just wanted to play music to have fun. Keep Rockin' the free world Auquabats!!! -I'd recomend this CD to anyone. Even if their little kids are listening.
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on April 6, 2000
I personally think this is one of the best SKA cd's out right now. The cd is packed with humor and awesome music. Of course it's upbeat 'cuz duh! it's SKA!and The Aquqbats are sooo stellar! Anywayz..."Super Rad, Red Sweater, and Idiotbox" are some super songs on here. SOOOOO ENJOY!
oh yeah...just between you and I, Less Than Jake's cd "Losers, Kings and things We Don't Understand" is really kool too!
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on January 3, 2014
This was purchase for a gift for my son. We have enjoyed watching it over and over together. Totally silliness and so fun to watch. The delivery was quick, and I would order from this vender again.
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on January 9, 1999
One day while browsing through a music store, this CD caught my eye. I thought, hey it looks amusing, why not? So I bought it. When I got home, and popped it into my CD player, I was very impressed! This is by FAR my most favorite CD in my collection! The Aquabats take Ska music, as well as many other beautiful sounding instruments, and great lyrics to form a whole 16 track CD (2 bonus tracks, and 1 bonus at the end) of great music! The first time I listen to it, I laughed out loud to "The Story of Nothing", "The Cat with two heads", "Captain Hampton...", "Attacked by Snakes", and practically every other song on this CD. These guys are great musicians, and they have a great sense of humour! If you like Ska, funny lyrics, and GOOD, CLEAN music for a change, buy this CD. You will NOT be disappointed!
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