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on October 18, 2012
In my old age I've grown jaded. I don't award 5 stars lightly, but this set has earned it. This is the definition of a power trio, in the tradition of Cream, The Jimi Hendrix Experience and ZZ-Top. Three virtuosos executing songs bubbling over with solos from each member simultaneously, yet it sounds perfectly complimentary. What we have here is three shows recorded over three consecutive nights during the first couple of years of Gov't Mule's existence. The second studio album, Dose, was soon to be released, and the sets are built around selections from that album along with ones from their debut release. There's even a couple of early versions of No Need To Suffer, which wouldn't appear until their third album as well as Rocking Horse, which originally appeared on an Allman's release before Warren claimed it for the Mule. At only 4 and 1/2 minutes, it's much shorter than it would eventually become, but the playing is so tight, so inspired and so energetic, you won't mind a bit. And that goes for the rest of the collection. The playing on everyone's part is absolutely superb, occasionally flat-out stunning, as during the second night, 4/12/96, when they launch into Trane, from the first studio album, and over the next 20 minutes, pass through many different instrumental jams, some officially named and some not, with Warren quoting everything from Hendrix to Zappa, eventually peaking with the Dead's St. Stephen, so smoothly crafted that it'll leave a big ole grin on your face from ear to ear! Now, looking at the set lists on this box, you may be a bit concerned at first because of the repeats for all three nights, but on paper is where the similarities end. Each night has its' own unique vibe and all three members do their best to take the songs in a different direction every night. All three nights are amazing and essential. I think night number two is my favorite, with bassist Allen Woody particularly spry in his improvisational choices, resulting in pushing Warren to reach new heights consistently throughout the show starting with an instrumental reading of Frank Zappa's Pygmy Twylyte morphing into the intro of Blindman In The Dark (before the band's even introduced!), all the way through the show-ending Young Man Blues, sandwiching a fiery Good Morning Little Schoolgirl, featuring a young Derek Trucks dueling with Warren on the hottest slide guitar you'll ever hear from a teenager! Bottom Line: Over seven hours of jam bliss you don't want to be without. Get it.
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on October 16, 2012
As a long fan of the Mule, I tend to buy just about everything from these guys. This is a really great box featuring tons of unreleased live music. It's very cool to hear Warren say things like "Here's a New Song" when it's now a total mule classic. Derek Trucks is also on about 1/2 of this, so you get a nice Allman type vibe. HIGHly recommended.
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on January 12, 2013
I've been a life long Allman Brothers Band fan, who has only in recent years, warmed up completely to Warren Haynes. Only recently have I found myself in a state of not imagining The Brothers without him. I have always known he had this band. I travel to the Allman Brothers shows at The Beacon in NYC, I buy up their live shows on their website, and always hear people talking about this "other" band that Warren is in. I see their CDs for sale on The Brothers website. I had an Amazon gift card from Christmas and decided I'd buy a couple Gov't Mule CDs and give them a listen. This set was the latest and showed up 1st in the listings.

Wow!!! What an idiot I've been! I'm 47 years old, a huge music fan, but very resistant to change. How foolish I've been to not check these guys out 20 years earlier. This band is what, 3 guys on this set? 4 when Derek joins them late in the set? How could I have passed up seeing them live, they've performed so many times here in small clubs around Portland? This set is, like someone else said, "face melting". I bought 2 others, their debut and Deja Voodoo. I cannot stop listening to them, and especially this live bootleg set. This sounds like 5 players, the vibe is incredible. The music reminds me of......well, nothing to compare. Allman Brothers, Cream, Zep, all type of influences. Woody, RIP, and also an ex Brother, is insane, those bass lines are crazy. I recommend this set to any rock and roll music fan, at 6 discs its a bargain! The energy, guitars, vocals, drums are explosive, the live vibe is awesome! Govt Mule fans already know all this. I hope someone like me reads this somehow and pulls the trigger, what a set!
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on October 28, 2012
This is the hard core trio in true form, pure Mule. I knew I was loving this CD set into the first show. The music simply kick ass. The sound quality is really pristine. Warren, Woody and Matt simply jam their asses off. The music flows and really is great. I have Live In The Roseland Ballroom, this in on the same level. Really glad to add this to my collection. Derek Trucks joining in to jam is a real bonus. I played Spanish Moon 3 times in a row before moving on. Any fan will love this box. I hope there will be more. Sure bet if your looking for some fresh jams.
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on August 13, 2013
Very good material, typical from the earlier Mule concerts, bass line is incredible, and while Derek joins the set a real eargasm!!! Well actually as I write this review, all I could say is that I've really enjoyed "whatever I was able to save and could heard", as I have several issues with the pack glue and defects (as many others here).

Update: Well in the first order the third CD was damaged, and the fifth defective, and not from the glue, it made an scratchy noise, on the second, the CDs were better, but still a few scuffs in one of them, unacceptable for a brand new item, and the fifth still defective, now on the third order, the fifth CD was defective as well, you can listen to it, but it makes noises like static or scratchy noises (tested in two players, a 555ES Sony and an Oppo). Thanks God Amazon refunded and the third will be on the way back as well, I still have one clean, but still not fully functional set, the other two are on the way back...Yeah I know, perseverance is a virtue...But in this case it was simply not worthy...Well finally second time playing them now...Still same noise!!!

After some inspection, it seems that the glue problem was not that they applied too much, it was all the opposite, the glue was supposed to be applied at the end of the sleeve, as a full line, to seal the back and to avoid the CDs from slipping though the back, a pretty bad design if you asked, with a simple cardboard ear the problem would be solved completely...but they just applied a drop or two of the glue, and inserted the CDs right away, without letting the glue to dry properly, and seal the cardboard sleeve, so the disks slipped all the way, and the glue got on top and bottom the disks instead of the cardboard!!!



Update: after some digging I found out that all fith discs are deffective, they have an offset, in other words the hole is not centered, they create an big stress on the spindle, and vibrates, some players are inmune to those as they use tons of compression and buffering, and i could copy them in my PC, but the noise was incredible loud while rotating it...but...for the high end players, and transports, that does not work, and they are not read properly...a real shame they produced a so lame product...Sorry guys, but after all this waste of money in returns, I just copied all of the 6 CDs and returned the defective ones, and solved the problem, no artwork but at least 6CDs that work perfectly!!!

Now I will give you some tips after three sets, on how to remove the glue from the disks, and save the day, (for the ones that still have not damaged the discs with abrasives) Just take a microfiber towel, or a cotton ball, and apply a few drops of WD-40, or Goo Gone, or a shot of any oily cleaner spray, apply gently but softly in a circular motion on the affected areas where the glue is, leave it for a minute, do not rub too hard!!! And all glue will be gone in a few minutes, clean all the disk with alcohol (Isopropyl, the ones of the dollar store or pharmacy style) and clean with the same microfiber to remove the oil, and you will be all set...DO NOT USE ANY ABRASIVE, AS THEY WILL NOT REMOVE THE GLUE, AND WILL RUIN THE FINISH OF THE PLASTIC ON THE DISC ITSELF!!!
Later I got some paper sleeves (from the dollar store, 50 sleeves for a dollar) cut the top ears and insert the CDs in, and slide them into the sleeves, not too deep in, so if there is any residue of the glue on the cardboard, it will not get on the discs just the paper...
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on January 6, 2013
The Georgia Bootleg Box Set contains 6 live CD's and according to profile is over 7 hours of music but on my Media Player says 6.4 hours on a 3 night run that saw the trio Warren Haynes Guitars Vocals , Allan Woody Base Guitar and Matt Abts Drums stop at Athens Georgia Theater on 4/11/1996 & The Roxy in Atlanta 4/12/96 & The Elizabeth Reed Music Hall in Macon on the 4/13/96 and along the way were joined by Derek Tracks in Athens & Atlanta as well as another Great Blues Rock Guitarist Tinsley Ellis in Macon :

Disc 1 Georgia Theater Athens , G A 4/11/96
Intro & Blind Man in The Dark 9:30
Mother Earth 8:00
John The Revelator 1:40
Temporary Saint 6:11
Game Face 6:22
No Need To Suffer 8:09
Trane 7:14
Eternity's Breath Jam 2:00
Thelonious Beck 4:08
Trane 1:19
ST. Stephen Jam 4:30
Trane 2:48
Don't Step on The Grass , Sam 8:02
Disc 2
Presence of the Lord 6:41
Birth of the Mule 6:00
Left Coast Groovies 6:23
Drums 6:44
Mule 4:54
Who Do You Love 1:35
Mule 3:12
Going' Out West 7:11 encore with Derek Tracks
Spanish Moon 11:47 encore with Derek Tracks
Gonna Send you Back to Georgia 7:29 encore with Derek Tracks

Disc 3 The Roxy Atlanta GA 4/12/96
Blind Man in the Dark 11:00 but on my Media Player says 9:34
Mother Earth 8:31
Mule 5:54
Temporary Saint 6:15
Game Face 6:27
No Need To Suffer 8:19
Trane 6:51
Eternity's Breath Jam 2:02
Thelonius Beck 3:56
Trane 1:41
St. Stephen Jam 4:47
Trane 1:35
Painted Silver Light 7:19
Disc 4
Don't Step on the Grass 7:59
Birth of the Mule 5:31
Just Got Paid 7:32
Goin' Out West 6:16 encore with Derek Tracks
The Same Thing 10:17 encore with Derek Tracks
Gonna Send You Back To Georgia 8:33 encore with Derek Tracks
Young Man Blues 2:35 encore with Derek Tracks
Good Morning Little School Girl 7:23 encore with Derek Tracks
Young Man Blues 1:59 encore with Derek Tracks

Disc 5 Elizabeth Reed Music Hall Macon , GA 4/13/96
Blind Man in The Dark 9:53
Mother Earth 9:09
John The Revelator 1:42
Temporary Saint 5:49
Rocking Horse 4:36
Game Face 6:47
No Need To Suffer 8:41
Trane 8:55
Eternity's Breath Jam 1:58
Thelonius Beck 4:01
Trane 1:41
St Stephen Jam 5:46
Disc 6
Presence of the Lord 6:44
Birth of the Mule 6:41
Monkey Hill 4:36
( I Want You ) She's So Heavy Jam 1:28
Mule 7:07
Goin' Out West 7:55 encore with Tinsley Ellis
She's Nineteen Years Old 10:20 encore with Tinsley Ellis
Gonna Send You Back To Georgia 8:20 encore with Tisnley Ellis .

I wasn't sure if I should buy The Georgia Bootleg Box set at first because have just about every Album in my collection so was staring at the Amazon page for a few minutes and now glad , This is the kinda music that got me into Gov't Mule , a Great Band live performance and value for money .
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on January 19, 2013
This is my first mules music, they remind me a lot of Canned Heat and have the ability to pay and sound like most great rock bands. I really enjoy their take on the classics and their compostions. The only dislike was the repetion of so many songs although the versions were all different on each cut. I would love to hear their heavy metal CD and a gritty late 50's bebop CD by them.
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on December 5, 2012
This cd collection is a must have for fans of Alan Woody and Gov't Mule as a coherent band. My first song by the Mule was Soulshine. I started collecting albums by the band and before long, I had every album. My recommendation is to add this bootleg cd to your must have list of albums.
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on November 8, 2012
You love the Mule Roseland Ballroom CD? Good, because this CD set is like having six different Roseland CD's put together! In fact, the intensity and power that these 3 guys muster actually often surpasses that of the Roseland CD! It's like listening to a modern version of Cream, with 3 incredible musicians just going at it all at the same time, creating a perfect ensemble of blues rock that will knock your socks off! Matt Abts especially is a MONSTER on this box set, playing (as Allen Woody so eloquently puts it) the HELL out of the drums! Woody also gets some time to shine on his own, and Warren is his usual great self, churning out his muscular guitar licks and singing his ass off as usual! Derek Trucks makes a welcome appearance on a few tunes, and though he was just a kid back then, he still manages to go toe to toe with Warren, and the two blast out the most incredible slide guitar duel I have EVER heard on "Gonna Send You Back To Georgia"! Just freakin' amazing.

The sound quality is FANTASTIC on 98 percent of the music in this box set! The only portion where the sound quality is somewhat lacking is on the last CD when Tinsley Ellis makes his showing. The liner notes explain the technical difficulties that arose when the guest artists came onstage. There are some brief passages where Derek was somewhat buried, but overall he comes through just fine. Overall, the sound of this box set is much better than the Millenium CD set, which I thought was lacking in bass response. There's plenty of bass "oomph" in this set here!

This is a NO BRAINER for picking up if you're a fan of the Mule or of blues-rock in general! BUY NOW!!
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on January 19, 2013
This is wonderful live Mule for fanatics. New fans might be advised to start with other albums. This box has much repetition in the set lists, but, of course, Haynes and the boys never play the same tune close to the same way twice. They really are improvising musicians in the best sense. So if you, like me, have been a Mule fan from the start, you will love this. If not, pick up one or two of their earlier recordings and start there. Eventually, you'll wind up here.
Docked one star because the glue on the inside of the sleeves was on some of the discs, and I had a heck of a time cleaning them. But now, they all play fine.
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