Customer Reviews: The Ghost Meter EMF Sensor
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on October 18, 2013
I haven't detected any supernatural stuff with the meter yet. However, I have used it for other purposes that were more important. For example, for a long time, I was experiencing an uncomfortable pressure surrounding my head whenever I went to bed, causing me sleepless nights and forcing me to often sleep in the living room. When I received this item, I scanned the area of my bed's headboard and was getting a high electromagnetic reading spanning 2-feet wide, four feet high. I went outside the house to see what was on the other side. I'm in a condo unit; I found that the electric power meter was situated in exact alignment with my headboard one floor down from us. I can't move my bed elsewhere due to windows. I now sleep at the foot of my bed and the uncomfortable pressure I previously experienced is not in that are and I can sleep. I also traced other electro magnetic fields running through other areas my condo and work with it to avoid potential health problems for me and my family. If there are any ghosts in the house, maybe they learned something too.
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on March 28, 2011
I am not a supernatural i thought it was a hokey name for the product.
I was pleasantly surprised how easy it is to use : plug in a 9v battery (not included) and press the center button & it starts detecting.
I had my kids walk around the house pointing it at devices (off and on) - the meter was easy to read (green safe - yellow - then red zone)the volume wheel on the side could silence it (which was requested after a while)
i reccomend to folks who want to check out the amount of EMFs (electro magnetic fields) that surround us each day & teach your kids why it's not a good idea to be too close to computer/tv screens
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on June 11, 2009
works perfect for locating electrical wiring in walls and high readings from outlets. a great tool to have. thank you
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on October 2, 2009
I have this in my arsenal of tech toys as well as a K-II. I tend to use this EMF meter more. Reasons why are for the simple fact that any fluctuation detected on the high scale will light up the top of the device like a Christmas tree. This is handy for doing an investigation in the dark. Something else that I really love is the fact that it has a speaker output with a volume control. As far as it's sensitivity, it's just as sensitive as a K-II meter yet you can buy this for half the cost.
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on January 30, 2008
This is a grat EMF detector. It has everything that I was looking for and nothing fancy. It has the needle, lights up when it detects something and volume control that is easily workable in one hand.
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on October 29, 2010
First off to all the "Ghost Hobby Hunters" let me state my qualification for this review. I run a business which custom develops and manufactures various electronics for federal agencies that require tolerances so precise most large companies don't want to deal with it.

I have a family member who has also been swept up in the whole ghost hunting thing and purchased this meter. After showing me a few videos of "possible" activity based on strange readings from this meter I asked to borrow it for a few days. At first it seemed decent (for the price) as far as accuracy. When swapped out the battery for one aprox. 15% drained (which is about what you would have with a few hours of use) the accuracy range dropped to 8%-30%. WOW! I also found several spots on the board where the voltages became erratic with used batteries. At this point I decided to put it up against a few AlphaLab Gauss Meters (ranging in price from $400-over $1500) and in my opinion this meter only gets aprox. 40% to 70% accuracy.

Now before the fanatics start getting mad let me make a point. I don't consider myself a "Paranormal" type but it has caught my attention especially after my father died from ALS. I have been asked by a friend of mine to join their group on a few cases in which I was shocked to find some of the other members included a retired Bechtel physicist, DSS agent, and a few other scholars. For me it seems intriguing to think about and it does need more research from the scientific community. Having said that it also seems obvious you would want any evidence acquired accurate and UNDENIABLE. This meter in my opinion this meter is far from accurate and should not be used for scientific proof.

If this is just a hobby kind of thing and you are into paranormal stuff for excitement than it is probably good. If you are taking this kind of research seriously than you should consider a Gauss Meter similar to the one below.

Digital Electric Field Meter
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on June 10, 2010
LITTLE EGYPT GHOST SOCIETY - Southern Illinois paranormal investigators have field tested several EMF meters including the K2 EMF meter, Mel-8704 meter, Ramesy Tri-field meter and the Ghost Meter. We have come to the conclusion that the best very best EMF meter for the price is the Ghost Meter. Unlike all the other EMF meters on the market, the Ghost Meter indicates EMF using 3 different modalities; analog meter, flashing LED light and sound. The sound can be turned off so that it will not interfere with EVP experiments. The meter gives very rapid readings and the flashing LED light can be seen from a distance. We at the LITTLE EGYPT GHOST SOCIETY - Southern Illinois recommend the Ghost Meter to ghost hunters and paranormal investigators from beginners to the most experienced.
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on August 25, 2009
The Ghost Meter is awesome. Its easy to use, comes with complete instructions and features the most bang for your buck. They may sell more expensive meters but more expensive doesn't always mean better. The Ghost Meter is compact, easy to carry and the power LED is bright enough that you can read the meter in the dark. I'll buy another one when this one finally wears out, and I'll recommend it to anyone joining my team of ghost hunters.
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on September 14, 2010
I just received The Ghost Meter last week and upon the 2nd day I re-visited a home that was having some very strange activity. Earlier this summer, I was a guest in this home and sometime around midnight one evening, my friend and I heard a rather loud noise coming from the kitchen of the early 1900's home. We rushed out to see what it was and we found the coffee maker running with nothing in it--no coffee grounds and no water. It was plugged in, however, and came on by itself--or did it??? My friend then showed me an app on his iphone called "Ghost Radar" and I was quite intrigued. One of the words that came up on this program was "Florida", I then jokingly said to my friend--"maybe he read my license plate on my vehicle as I am from Florida. The next word spoken was "perhaps". At this point I was taken by surprise and wondered if there were actually such things as ghosts. All of us at one time or another have experienced strange and unexplainable occurrences during our lifetime, and this was certainly one of them.
A couple of months later, I was watching one of the ghost hunter programs on tv, but being somewhat skeptical at the same time, I saw The Ghost Meter being used. I said to my wife, maybe there is more to this "ghost chasing" hobby that so many are obsessed with lately. I ordered The Ghost Meter immediately and re-visited this home the next day for 3 nights total. Each night after all were in bed, I pulled out this Ghost meter, turned down the volume totally so as not to disturb anyone and went on a "ghost hunt". Let me first point out that only strong EMF's will make this meter go off, or you must be very near an electronic or electrical source to activate it.
I then opened the kitchen/basement door and proceed down four steps of the 1st landing of the "wooden basement stairs". Suddenly, the Ghost Meter lit up wildly while being placed center point between 2 walls three feet apart! I then went down the second set of "wooden stairs" to the basement and waved this meter everywhere I could. There were no further readings since the 1st reading at the top of the stairs, until I approaced a doll house. There, the meter lit up from the basement floor to approximately 3 feet high and stopped. I then continued toward another area where there were childrens toys and got a similar reading in a corner wall area. On the second night, I repeated the entire scan with the meter and got no readings at all in any of those areas until I returned to the stairwell and got readings at a very low point to the steps themselves. As the stairs are exposed underneath, I scanned under them as well (putting the meter right up to the backside of the steps) and got nothing! WOW, this was so strange. As I returned to the stairwell and scanned the steps (topside of steps) I again was getting readings low to the steps themselves. Then, upon reaching the top of the steps by the kitchen door, I was getting a reading against one of the walls. This wall has a closet behind it so I scanned inside of this closet (up to that very wall) and nothing! On the 3rd night, I again repeated the same scan and got a hit near the dollhouse again, but also in another area of the toy room that did not set off the meter in my 2 previous scans. I then went back to the top of the stairs and was getting all sorts of readings, and, in particular, I scanned a reading that stood at least 6 feet tall on the top of the stairs. The day that we were leaving, I quietly scanned the stairs again, and as I was scanning, I kept saying under my breath--"What is it??? What's causing these readings? I then turned back around to an area that I had just scanned, scanned it again--it was gone! No reading. There are no electrical wires, panels or appliances in any of the areas that would affect the meter in any way. I tried my very best to prove that these readings were being caused by items or electrical currents in the household--I could not! When we left this house, we proceded to another home that has also had strange activity. I scanned the entire home several times (before nighttime, however) and turned up absolutely nothing. Only the refrigerator from the kitchen with it's back up against one wall of the bedroom (the wall separates the bedroom and the kitchen). You may draw your own conclusions about my article, or you may dismiss it as all hogwash. I only know what my conclusion is thanks to the Ghost Meter. And, even if you do not wish to hunt spirits, it's a great tool for checking EMF's around your home. I'am glad I bought it! Good luck and happy hunting!
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on February 20, 2015
Bought not for ghost hunting, but for EMF hunting. I took it in the room that has an open fuse box and wires exposed and it went nuts!!! The meter read as unsafe high levels of EMF, we called electrician who fixed the box and now the room is safe. I then had no real use for it and started testing various things around my house. When I touched it to the top and bottom of my cell phone it showed dangerous high levels of EMF, no EMF was detected in the middle of my cell phone. I am wondering how many mouth cancers and brain cancers are from the constant high levels of EMF transmitted from my cell phone. I was not on the phone at the time I tested it, so it is giving off toxic levels of EMF in the standby state.
I also ran this meter in our spare bedroom that keeps blowing a fuse when we turn on the lights (just purchased house that needs fixing up) and it went nuts in one small area of the wall, upon removing the wall we found an open electrical wire which could have started a fire!
So this little tool has come in pretty handy for me, no ghosts have been detected, but it sure did protect us from becoming ghosts!!!
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