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on August 25, 2006
After hearing about the show and seeing a handful of episodes, I was interested in this release to see if they would show any nudity. When I here a show is uncensored, I'm always skeptical because does anyone remember when MTV released a Real World video back in the late 90s that was marketed as uncensored - teasing that you could see all the nudity from the show, only to discover it was censored after all? Well, more on this later.
I was in the mood for more DVDs that might contain sexy nude women when I bought this one, so I also picked up Girls Gone Wild's "Spring Break 2005" DVD set and CandyGirl Video: Sweet Satisfaction Jasmine Grey Special Edition (Includes Mini Jasmine Grey Pin-Up). All 3 were different, but I really wanted to comment on this Season 1 set from E! and Playboy of "The Girls Next Door" to clarify some things for fans of the tv show.

First off, YES - this show is completely UNCENSORED. That means, all the nudity that was blurred on the tv program can be seen here. And let me tell you, if you dig Holly Madison, then you get to see a lot of great nude scenes of her. Lots of sexy "oops" moments involving Holly are shown in all their uncut glory. My favorite is from the Vegas trip show, where Holly pops right out of her top infront of everyone as she and the girls leave their hotel - priceless. Another great scene is of Holly as she walks down the stairs on her way to a photo shoot - fully nude! So, there's plenty of nudity and great eye candy like that. As for the show itself, it's just pure eye candy with no real reason or point to any of it, but that's it's charm. You'll see lots of the Playboy mansion and get a real look into Hef's day-to-day life, which is interesting.

As for the DVD overall, I wasn't thrilled with the extras. The commentary is nice and entertaining, and I love the option to listen to the show bleeped or unbleeped but the deleted scenes are nothing to write home about. They're very short and when you see them, you'll realize why they were indeed "deleted scenes". The only decent extras are on disc 3 and they're the "Hef's World" unaired pilot, the Girls Personality tests and a still photo gallery. My only real complaint is the packaging. They didn't use the nice foldout digipak design with clear trays - instead, they used the cheap slim cases, one for each disc, and placed them in a slipcase. It get's the job done, but for any box set or multi-disc set, I really prefer the digipaks. I can overlook all this because I did infact, buy it to see the uncensored version of the show, so I'm happy.
With 15 episodes and 3 discs, this is really a bargin at under $20! If season 2 is as good as season 1, then I'll be a loyal fan of "The Girls Next Door" for some time to come!
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VINE VOICEon January 22, 2007
The definition of Guilty is to be aware of having done wrong and being regretful. The definition of Pleasure is having a feeling of satisfaction or delight. This show is my guilty pleasure. I feel like I shouldn't be watching this man live with these 3 women, who trounce around half naked most of the time. I have to admit that I just adore Holly, Bridget and Kendra.

Holly because I actually believe she loves her "Puffin" and I think she is in it for the long haul with him. I don't think she is a gold digger, but I do think she lays the pressure on him for a child. The man is 80! Holly is smart, sexy, is a great artist and very creative, she has a business sense and I think she plays up the "dumb blonde" persona because its how people want her to be. Some of the things that come out of her mouth are priceless. I also have a feeling she is just tolerating the other two girls, on one episode she said that "If two people are in love they don't need anyone else" while the camera panned over to Hef kissing Bridget. We all know Hef isn't a one woman man, and never will be. To Hef Holly is his "touchstone"

Bridgett to me is the girl who I can identify with the most; she is older and is au natural. She isn't stick thin; she loves horror movies and her kitty. She is so very caring towards everyone, and seems like she would be your best friend. She also has an aura of vulnerability about her; she has confidence but under the surface is very breakable. For Hef I think she is his "everywoman"

Kendra is just fun. Young, harsh and energetic. She has a big mouth and a big heart. She is lazy, but means well. Kendra loves her body, and other women's bodies for that matter and she isn't shy about saying so. I don't think she has the Chutzpah she claims to have, because I catch shots of her trying not to be the center of attention. The girl can also make fun of herself, and I love that. For Hef she is his "forever young" woman.

This show is just plain eye candy and hilarity. Its our peek into the playboy mansion and into the hearts of these women who love both the same man and the same lifestyle. Cars and jewelry, parties and panties they are surrounded by wealth and history. I have a feeling, and there are rumors right now that Hef is talking about having a baby with Holly, and I am not sure what that means for the other girls. We all know it cannot last forever. There seems to be an ever present invisible ticking clock both on Hollies Uterus and this series. Which by the way is E!'s highest rated show.
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on August 14, 2006
(Probably only deserves 4 1/2 stars,but I'll round it Up,instead of down,due to the DVD extras.)

I enjoyed watching this series very much!It plays like a cross between the World of Playboy and The Newlyweds with Nick and Jessica.After watching all 15 episodes(about 22 minutes each,and each in Full Screen format-hooray!) and the unaired pilot(Hef's World-19 minutes,also Full Screen),you'll truly believe blondes have more fun!The DVD extras(for more details,read on) are also very well done!

Kendra Wilkinson(aka, K-Dub),the youngest(19-20 years old),has a face,body and personality that reminds me of a combination of women which includes actresses Theresa Russell (face), Jenna Jameson (face) and Jaime Pressly (body and spunk).Kendra is also the most athletic of the three main girls and happens to have one of the funniest laughs you'll ever hear,as well as a potty-mouth.She plays the Jessica Simpson role and Hugh Hefner handles the Nick Lachey role as the straight man.The other two girls, Holly Madison(Hef's #1 girl-she shares his bedroom)and Bridget Marquardt(his #2 girl, with all NATURAL parts-which I learned from the commentary track of episode #5), seem more like filler at first,but slowly as the series moved on,I started to like them too.Though I still feel, without Kendra, this series just wouldn't be as funny or hot enough.

Initially,Hugh Hefner,seems old and decrepit and gives the series a creepy,Grandpa lives with three hookers feel,but eventually he gets both an energy and intelligence boost from more favorable editing,and then the episodes improve even more!

This series is edited in a very similar way to the Newlyweds,in that they make the girls seem dumber than they really are(which isn't too difficult I suppose),by often editing out and repeating parts of the girls' conversations(as you learn from their mostly ABOVE average commentary for EVERY episode).Funny sound effects,like cricket noises when Kendra thinks, are also frequently added,as well as focusing on moments that show the girls at their height of dumbness.

However, if you watch their personality tests(actually just short interviews on the Disc #3 extras) first;they come across as three somewhat different people than the "characters" they play in the show.Kendra is actually shy,without the camera following her around,apparently.Even her laugh is subdued here.

Since the first three episodes have virtually no nudity(none,from the three girls),I started writing down each appearance of extra flesh and then kept on going for the whole series.I think I got all the major, and most minor occurrences,as well.

It's great that the audio in the girls' commentary tracks AND in the actual series are Uncensored.Also,all the episodes' Commentary tracks feature ONLY the three main girls-NO Hefner.

The main series audio is in nice stereo surround (standard 2 channel-,with enough surrounding music used). As well,if you need them, there are even subtitles in English and Spanish for the episodes.

Audio GRADE: A (since this isn't a concert,who needs 5.1 surround?)

(#1)MEET THE GIRLS: Yes,we meet the girls,staff, Hef, and learn about the world of Playboy.

Episode GRADE: C

Commentary GRADE: B

Nudity: @ 56 second mark-brief Playboy magazine photo of 2005 PMOY Tiffany Fallon.

(#2)NEW GIRLS IN TOWN: Mostly much of the same as in the first episode.

Episode GRADE: C+

Commentary GRADE: B+

Nudity: @ 2:03-partial Playboy picture.

(#3)HAPPY BIRTHDAY KENDRA: Self-explanatory.This is the episode that hooked me!

Episode GRADE: B

Commentary GRADE:B+

Nudity: None.

(#4)WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS: The girls go guessed it...Las Vegas.

Episode GRADE: B+

Commentary Grade:B+

Nudity: @ 17:12, @ 17:59;@ 18:09-Kendra+Bridget; @ 19:18-Holly has a Tara Reid like moment.

(#5)FIGHT NIGHT: Fight Night at the Playboy Mansion.Peyton Manning(Colts QB) has a very minor speaking appearance @ 14:06; and Barbie Benton guest stars.

Episode GRADE: B+

Commentary GRADE: B+

Nudity: None.

(#6)OPERATION PLAYMATE: The Slip 'N' Slide ride.Two of my favorite Kendra moments occur in this episode: @ 20:29 and @ the 21 minute mark.

Episode GRADE: A minus

Commentary GRADE: A minus

Nudity: @ 3:27- eight seconds of Playmate video footage of different women;
@ 13:02 and @ 18:17- both brief Holly.
@18:24 -Kendra flashes.
@20:23 -brief Holly.

(#7)JUST SHOOT ME: It's time for the girls' Playboy shoot.Here comes the full nudity(though still much less than you would think and too many brief and far views).

Episode GRADE: B

Commentary GRADE: B

Nudity: @ 3:25;@ 3:40,@ 3:51,@ 4:27,@ 4:38,@ 4:46 -all feature brief Holly.
@5:15-5:20,@ 6:05,@ 6:17,@ 6:22 -all feature brief Kendra.
@ 6:56,@ 7:13, @ 7:22, @ 7:43-7:53 -all feature brief Bridget.
@ 11:10-11:20(Kendra),@ 13:29-13.55, @ 14:17,@ 14:52,@15:29-16:12,@ 18:49-19:31,
@ 20:26-20:43(Playboy mag. pictures).

(#8)Midsummer Nights Dream: It's party time at the Mansion (isn't it always?) and Kendra has some nice "moments of dumb."

Episode GRADE: B

Commentary GRADE: C

Nudity: @ 1:09-1:44,@ 4:12,@ 5:45, @ 11:42 (painted girls),@ 5:55,@ 6:13 (Kendra),@ 19:47-End

(#9)UNDER THE COVERS: Note:Boom microphone appears at top of the screen @16:44.

Episode GRADE: B+

Commentary GRADE: C+

Nudity:@ 1:03(from epis. # 7),@ 3:00 (cover photo shoot).

(#10)GHOSTBUSTED: It's Halloween at the Mansion.

Episode GRADE: B+

Commentary GRADE: C+

Nudity: @1:43

(#11)GRAPE EXPECTATIONS: It's a sweet,well paced episode,where nothing important happens but I liked this episode a lot anyway. Note:Boom can be seen in mirror @ 12:35

Episode GRADE: A

Commentary GRADE: B

Nudity: @ 38 seconds (Kendra's very brief Tara Reid like moment,while bowling).

(#12)I'LL TAKE MANHATTAN: Chocked full of Kendra "moments of dumb." For example: @ 35 second mark, @ 5:35 and @ 8:46.There are just too many Kendra gems to mention! She's just priceless!Move over Jessica Simpson! Hef, also does a brief radio interview over the phone with Howard Stern @ 7:23.

Episode GRADE: A (would have been A+,but ABC wouldn't let them show any footage from their Tv interview on 'The View')

Commentary GRADE: A

Nudity: None.

(#13)MY KIND OF TOWN: Another nicely done episode,with lots of variety.

Episode Grade: A
Commentary GRADE: A minus

Nudity: @ 7:33-8:14

(#14)CLUE-LESS: Excellent episode variety and pacing,as well as many more Kendra "moments of dumb."

Episode GRADE: A+

Commentary GRADE: A minus

Nudity: @ 4:23,@ 15:15, @15:53, @ 16:25 -Oh, Kendra,I think I love you!

(#15)IT'S VEGAS BABY: Hef and the girls go to...hmmm...let me think...oh yeah, Las Vegas.

Episode GRADE: A+

Commentary GRADE: A+ (Note: Usually,the more Kendra laughs or swears, the higher the commentary grade.I would also like her to do commentary for movies like: The Sound of Music or Mary Poppins.Can you spell super-califragilistic expealidocious,Kendra? See,neither can I.)

-Include about 191 photos,all with NO nudity.Virtually useless,but if there's room,why not include them.

UNAIRED PILOT-HEF'S WORLD: Uses some of the same scenes from the earlier episodes,mixed in with many NEW ones (a lot featuring the staff).It has enough new stuff and is well put together,so I enjoyed it more than the first two episodes,However,I'm still glad they all exist!

Episode GRADE: A

Commentary GRADE: A (Kendra talks the least,but laughs a lot and it's all still funny and informative.)

Overall Series COMMENTARY:As mentioned previously, it's uncensored(or you can choose the censored audio track if you like), and almost all are above average.They are for EVERY episode and feature only the three main girls.Too bad Mr. Hefner was too busy watching movies or whatever, rather than perhaps adding his voice to the few episodes that he has enough screen time in, to actually warrant it.All the girls add interesting and funny comments,but without Kendra, I would be hitting the fast forward button very often.

As a team though,they work very well together and even though I'm hoping for a books on tape series from Kendra(how about Kendra reads Moby Dick?);I think she's funnier here because the other girls are generally more restrained and thus the overall balance is usually great.Holly eventually learns the lyrics to the series' catchy theme song,'Come On-A My House',and then can't stop singing it every chance she gets.Many episodes later,Kendra asks about the lyrics and Holly is quite happy to sing it once again.What they have here,is the female version of the 'Three Stooges'.


DELETED SCENES: There are 29 of them;most are quite good and easily could have fit in nicely to the regular shows,if time permitted.They range from about 28 seconds to 6:07(Kendra prepares for the ESPY'S),but most are from 1 to 3 minutes in length,and together total about 60 minutes in length.

The deleted scenes that contain Nudity are as follows:

Disc #1-"I've never done any nude modelling before"-features Sarah's test shoot @ 1:11-1:35
"Actually,you can start on you knees..."-features Raquel's test shoot @52 seconds to end(1:40).
"I'll be Destiny"-features Kendra @ 1:13,@ 1:27, @ 1:40 and @ 1:44-1:59.
"Feathers in places..."-all the 3 main girls photo shoot(entire 36 seconds of scene).

Disc #2-"I like your boo****"-minor one @ 6 second mark.
Disc #3-"Look at the little tail"-brief Holly @ 44 second mark.

Overall GRADE for ALL Deleted Scenes: A (there's no 'Play All' option,but who wants perfection anyway?)

ALL ABOUT THE GIRLS: These are the personality tests,actually just mini-interviews with all 3 girls separately.They seem a bit smarter and less goofy here.Their informative and I'm very glad they're included.
Holly's interview is 3:02,Bridget's is 5:45 and Kendra's is only 2:23 in length.


DVD EXTRAS Overall GRADE: A (add Hef to the Commentary next time, and maybe get the A+)

Even without any DVD extras, I'd give this series an A (4 of 5 stars).Kendra is the star of this series,in my opinion,and except for the first two episodes,is well-balanced by the other two girls,Hef, and the wonderful world of Playboy.
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on December 2, 2006
I have to say, that I was curiously skeptical about this show from the beginning. I've always felt like the girlfriends of Hef were merely gold-diggers and less-than-intelligent ones at that! After watching the show a few times on television, I realized how wrong I was!!!

Holly, Bridget, and Kendra all genuinely care about Hef and it's obvious. They're entertaining to boot.

It makes me smile, it makes me laugh, it makes me happy to know that you can be beautiful, intelligent, have a wonderful personality, AND be a woman of Playboy.

I appreciate that they were able to change my attitude about Playboy entirely. I'm now one of Playboy's biggest cheerleaders!

I didn't buy the DVDs for prospect of nudity (like others). I bought them because the show is worth my time. If you're considering buying it, do so. It's completely worth your money. I can't wait for the second season to be released!

*Just a note - I'm a 24 (almost 25) year old woman with a bachelors degree and, soon, a masters degree. I'm NOT a horny guy just looking for T n A. I think this validates my review (not that horny guys shouldn't appreciate the show, too!)*
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on March 29, 2014
This show is definitely my guilty little pleasure. I am not a reality T.V. fan, however when this show ran I caught a few episodes of it and I was hooked! I just adore Holly, Bridget and Kendra. They each have their own charisma that makes them all lovable for different reasons. Lots of eye candy and well played dumb blonde hilarity. Its fascinating to watch as they jet all around the country and world, passing off lingere as clothes and having a blast being young, blonde, rich and HEF's girls. Its also very interesting to see all of the day to day things that let's you know these people are just 100% normal people, who just happened upon a very unique existence. The genuine affection between Hef and Holly is actually quite adorable. At first its like "oh my gosh these chicks cannot be seriously interested in this guy", but it becomes quickly clear that Holly and Bridget both care about him very much. I bought seasons 1-5 here on Amazon. All the discs were in good shape but 3 of the cases were broken, Which was not a big deal to me since I have extra cases laying around. I refuse to own Season 6 because Holly, Bridget and Kendra aren't really a part of it (except for their leaving episodes). On top of that I genuinely could not stand Crystal or the Twins, all three of them had just awful, catty, snotty personalities. This show was over for me at Season 5, the girls in Season 6 lacked all the charisma the other 3 had, after 5 seasons of Holly, Bridget and Kendra it was their show and the other 3 were pretty much doomed not to fit from the start.
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on January 18, 2008
To be honest, I bought this DVD set on a whim, expecting mindless schlock. One night when I was sick I popped a disc in and was surprised how much I enjoyed the show. Once I got past the "ewww" factor of the girls' relationship with Hef, I realized that they didn't all look alike and had separate personalities. The more I watched, the more I liked. By the time I had watched all the episodes, I wanted to hang out with the girls!

Now, this is definitely not the Discovery Channel or the History Channel but rather is pure entertainment with no redeeming value. Being a reality show, it is scripted or directed somewhat, but not enough that it takes away from the genuineness of the happenings or the girls' personalities. My favorite episodes are the ones in which they go "on the road", to places such as NYC, Vegas, and Lodi, CA. You get an up-close-and-personal look at what it's like to live inside the Playboy Mansion, which is highly entertaining. You also get a sense of how powerful the Playboy empire is and the enormous number of staff at the mansion. Especially cute are the animals running around, from the girls' pets to exotic zoo animals. And the parties! My favorite episode showed the famous Midsummer Night's Dream party, which looks totally awesome. As a bonus, the girls give commentary on ALL of the episodes, which makes it double the fun.

There is a lot of T and A (and other things), so this show is definitely not for the young or easily offended. But it is a great time, pure escapism.
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on December 4, 2006
I love this series! I really love the vivid and colorful video work. I love the fact that the young lady stars are so different and funny and unique. I love Hugh's interaction with them. I love the fact that we get to see the P Mansion, and feel like we're living with them inside.

The women are incredibly intelligent, well spoken, and just a little bit crazy. This makes for a very interesting and unique reality show. Watching this show reminds me of how when we men were young boys, and we used to try to sneak a watch on HBO, when our parents were asleep. But, with this DVD set, we can watch at our leisure, and rewind all the cute, funny and sexy parts, and re-watch over and over again. It's really quite exciting!

I love how its' uncensored, so we get to see sexy female bodies. I love how every episode has a commentary (censored or uncensored) thought I can't imagine watching this with my kids.) How many times have we men not fantasized about being on the set of a centerfold spread shoot? Well, you get to experience it here. It's really quite exciting watching a beautiful girl, show up for a shoot, all covered up. And then watching the clothes come off, as she shows off her body for the snapping pictures of the cameraman. Stop reading right here, and pick this one up. You'll love it!

I highly recommend this one!

MC White said: I LOVED IT!!! Two big hard engorged thumbs way up!!!
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on September 20, 2015
I miss this show so much! This show didn't have any fake or dumb drama for ratings, everything they showed was fun, a light hearted and the girls didn't take themself to seriously. I personally, think because of this show this is the reason why E! Was so popular. The girls have no idea how much their reality show paved the way for others like the Kardashians.
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on July 9, 2015
I purchased this because I am reading the new Holly Madison book (very good read by the way, as long as you don't want anything super serious). I loved this show when it came out and plan on buying the other seasons too.
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on April 3, 2011
This was one of my favorite television series of all time. (With the original girls, the twins and Crystal were horrible!) I like to pop in the DVDs when I feel like ignoring the demands of real life and escaping to a silly, frivolous lifestyle, at least on the surface. Rumor has it there's a much darker side to the story, but that is not what I'm watching it for.

I enjoy the personalities of the girls, but I wish they included a little more of the staff. My favorite is Bryant the butler! It's interesting to see what goes into maintaining the lifestyle, putting on the parties, etc.

All in all, these DVDs are a fun way to spend a rainy afternoon!
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