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on June 30, 2009
Season 5 of the Girls Next Door doesn't disappoint and of course the commentary of the girls for each episode is the icing on the cake (as Bridget likes to say). We have followed these 3 Girls during part of their exciting life at the Playboy Mansion and it helped to give some insight on what it's like to be one of Hef's girlfriends. With Kendra now being married, Bridget having her own Travel show and Holly just starting her stint on "Peepshow" in Vegas I can only hope that the next season with the new girlfriends will make us smile as these three did!
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on December 28, 2009
Despite being advertised as complete, season 5 is missing several episodes, especially the final episodes. About as disappointing as buying a book with the last chapter missing. I have purchased every season so far, I won't be buying any more after this.
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on July 12, 2009
I think all GND fans agree that the main reason we buy the DVDs is for the commentary from the three girls and the behind the scenes scoop (Kendra identifying Audra as the VS giftcard thief). Unfortunately, for those of us who watched Season 4 I believe Holly said at the end that they would be back the following week to do their Season 5 commentary. At that time it was early December (based on things they said i.e. getting dresses for NYE, etc) so Holly's relationship with Criss was still fresh, Bridget was starting to film Bridget's Beaches, and Kendra wasn't engaged yet. I kinda wish they waited to do the commentary until March or April after things settled/changed a bit (DWTS, Holly/Criss breakup, etc). But regardless, this was a good season with lots of fun episodes and the commentary is still fun.
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on September 13, 2009
I love this show & the Girls and I would usually give it 5 stars, but I can only give it 4 due to the missing episode! When I bought this dvd I was looking forward to seeing the last episode since I missed it on TV and never found it on Demand. I have a horrible feeling they are going to put those new God-awful girls on dvd with the missing episode. I absolutley refuse to watch the trampy twins & some other Holly wanna-be. I guess the final episode will always be a mystery for me!
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on January 11, 2016
Fun show, I was sad to watch it end. But, the spinoff shows will keep me entertained. I love how these girls each came into their own in this season, which lead to each of their departures. I love these girls! Every season is great! They each have their own personality, and it is fun to watch!
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on December 24, 2013
I believe this DVD set of Season Five is the last and final season of Girls Next Door with Holly Madison, Bridget Marquadt and Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett.

There were so many things I learned about the mansion. The notoriously famous and generous Hugh Hefner, Hef's huge staff, the big house, including a huge, professional kitchen, with a menu to boot! The best thing about the show, however were those 3 fun loving girls who brightened Hef's life on a daily basis. It's unfortunate, but the first season the girl's worked for nothing! When the second season was nearing, the girl's approached Hef (who is the boss - it's his house) and voiced their opinions regarding earning salary while putting in long hours on this ever-so-popular reality show. The girl's won - much due in part to Hef.

There were 4 seasons of Girl's Next Door and it ended around 2009. The girl's went their own ways, and a spin-off was created for the most popular player in the house, Kendra Wilkinson. The show, simply called "Kendra" went on to be a very popular and successful show. It showed her gorgeous wedding to Hank Baskett, and the birth of their son, Hank Baskett the IV. He's so beautiful! Kendra can be found on WE (Women's Entertainment) in a very similar type show, called "Kendra on Top," except, imo it is directed and written much better than the series on E!

Holly has done an array of different things. She was in a Las Vegas Show, which was right up Holly's alley, and even though it required a lot of nudity, if you remember all the GND's, I think you'd remember those girls just charged around the mansion in their birthday suit! lol

Holly also did another show, "Holly's World," which was a bit campy, somewhat interesting, but Holly Madison is just one bag of trouble and woe. What happened to Bridget. On the show it portrayed Bridget as the smart girl. And she really was, w/ 2 Master degree's under her belt in Communications. She was interested in a few specific things that I can remember: Halloween, Horror movies and her love for either directing, producing, writing and/or starring in her own films.

After Girl's Next Door wrapped it's final season, Bridget signed a contract with The Travel Channel to host a fun-filled weekly show about different parts of the world, I think it was all beaches if I can remember. lol. I remember Bridgett laughing about how light her wardrobe was going to be, b/c she was packing, I believe she confirmed she had about 150 bikinis! Wow. lol. I don't know what happened to that show, though.

Anyway, all good things come to an end. Hef ended up marrying a fickle bride named Crystal Harris. She's like 70 years younger than Hef and so in love with him. Yeah, I hope she keeps remembering that! Finally, on a sad note Mary O'Connor, Hef's long-time secretary/assistant passed away. :( I loved Mary O'Connor!
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on June 28, 2009
First of all, I'm a HUGE GND fan. I've been watching since the very beginning, and have gotten many friends hooked. It was also fun being a bit of a neighbor, as until recently I lived in Beverly Hills.

This season was a big disappointment for me though. Perhaps it's because I had my hopes up. I knew it was going to be the final season, and I was hoping things would play out more to "reality". The shows in this season seem more acted/scripted than any of the previous seasons. These girls are NOT actors by any stretch, so it seemed like they were struggling at some points with what to say. Funny how reality wouldn't do that to you, huh? Also, (maybe this is just because I lived in LA?) at the time this was being filmed, Holly was dating Criss Angel, and Kendra had already started seeing Hank. None of this was mentioned, they "acted" like the same old crew, yet you see Holly perpetually wearing "Mindfreak" paraphernalia.

I read through another reviewer that the final episode was not included. Maybe that's for the best. I found that to be the most mind numbing episode. The whole episode centered around Kendra, as a segue to her new show. I don't think this really did justice to the girls as a whole. There was a little bit toward Briget, also to push her new travel channel show. However, Holly was completely left out. They threw in a bit with Hef at the end saying he felt that "something was wrong" with Holly, that she might leave...ummm...she'd been dating Criss for some time at this point!!!

All in all this season proved that none of this is even close to reality t.v. The heavy scripting in this season really hurt it as a whole for me. I was really sad to see that the girls didn't go about this in their own spirit, and just let loose with what was really happening in their lives. I think it would have made a more solid farewell.
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on March 6, 2010
I am NOT a Playboy fan. Never have been, never will be.
Winter 2009 I watched a couple of episodes & became a fan of the ladies Bridget & Holly. I like Kendra more now then I did at the beginning.
So, I am a late bloomer to be a fan of the show.

Of course, my favorite part of the 5 seasons on DVD is the girls commentary. Love to listen to that.
Good episode, Bridget's sister Anastasia's birthday trip. Going to Knott's Berry Farm in Pleading the 55th part 2.

Bridget, Holly & Kendra ARE THE GIRLS NEXT DOOR. Not those short term replacements because TGND franchise is now dead because the girls moved on.

Like the twins lasted a long time. Dumb as stumps.

Ok, as for the DVD package. This season & season 4 were NOT put in the good card board holder with a separate case for each DVD. Nope, we have a thin, cheap plastic holder & the DVD's badly input inside.

Also, Bridget was on disc 2 of seasons 1 through 4 DVD sets, but here they put Kendra on this last season

AND, A MISSING EPISODE. Where, oh where, is the hour long episode when Bridget goes to do her Travel channel show & Kendra moves out? I so wanted to see this episode on here BECAUSE I SO WANTED TO HEAR THE GIRLS COMMENTARY ON THIS EPISODE.

The talk between Hugh (Hef) & Mary about the girls leaving & Holly not being happy. THIS EPISODE WAS SO NEEDED HERE. A loss that it is NOT.
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on October 20, 2009
I have an almost sad love affair with these three girls. One all of the cases through out the season theres pictures from scenes in the show, and as i watch all three discs i'm left wondering wheres halloween? wheres the house bunny? wheres everyone leaving. I turned to the internet to get a list of all the episodes and they left out 4 episodes!! I bought the disc from Amazon, and i don't know whose to blame but Disc two is ALWAYS bridgets and on the disc theres Kendra and on the home screen for the dvd theres a picture of Bridget and vice versa for disc three. I smell something fishy and i'm very upset about it and i kinda want my money back.
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on June 28, 2009
I did enjoyed the 5th season, however, on the commentary, it was a little disappointing that at some points none of the girls had seen the episodes, so they were watching with "virgin eyes." There were several times with no comments because the girls were watching the episode and quite a few times saying ,"oh they didn't show this or are they going to show that." And freqently asking each other, 'what was that? what did he/she just say?'

Also, the 2-part episode with Kendra and Bridget moving out is not included at all. Maybe they are considered part of season 6.
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