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on November 22, 2009
These are my absolute favorite go-to GFCF muffins! At first I was put off by having to add the flavoring myself (having previously used Jiffy mixes), but now I like the ability to personalize the flavoring without having to stock dozens of different mixes. However, since my 9-y-o ASD son has texture issues, dried fruits are NOT an option for us (he just drops the fruit, or the rest of the muffin, when he comes to it), so I just measure 3/4 cup of all-fruit spread. Easy and versatile! I've also used fresh mashed banana and canned pumpkin. Even made it one time with just OJ instead of milk and no mix-ins (we were at my folks' and had already started mixing when we realized there was no GFCF milk); they were delicious that way, too!

One tip I would like to share with everyone: Instead of mixing the whole package of dry ingredients and the whole cup of milk at once, mix like an old-fashioned cake recipe and alternate the dry & the milk. It makes the batter lighter and you get more muffins. (I average 22!)
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on July 9, 2008
...these muffins are a big disappointment. See that lovely BROWNED muffin top on box picture? Welllll, I've tried several boxes of these, using different oven temperatures, making them plain, with fruit, with nuts, with everything I could think of except chocolate (hmmm, maybe I'll try that!) The tops stay a pale, pasty WHITE! Sooo unappetizing. And false advertising, IMHO.

Now for the taste. Another disappointment. They are bland bland bland, blah, blah, blah! You MUST add additional ingredients or they are just plain, uh, RICEY tasting - and if you're an older celiac, you know what I mean. Those first corporate attempts at making GF mixes were hideous! These are no better. Yuck!

Now for the size. I'm a pretty doggone accomplished baker if I do say so myself, both prior to my diagnosis in 1985 with non-GF ingredients, and since, using mixes and baking from scratch. These just don't RISE! See the photo with that lovely dome muffin shape? Nuh-uh. Perhaps they use old, REALLY old leavening? Dunno. But they puff up only about 1/16" of a centimeter. Maybe. But I doubt it.

Now for the boxed ingredients. Cheesh, you have to add all of the EXPENSIVE stuff to make these work. Butter, milk, eggs, and fruit/nuts/whatever. Fer cryin' out loud, it's truly no more trouble, and a WHOLE lot cheaper to make muffins from scratch.

I desperately wanted to love these and give a great review. But I just cannot. Make your own muffins and save your hard-earned money for some of the Gluten-free Pantry's other mixes - I rate the following 5 stars without hesitation:

Country French Bread mix - absolutely delicious!! We use our bread machine and they come out PERFECT every time! And when we've used regular oven, in our french bread loaf pans, we add some toasted sesame seeds, and they are incredible.

Chocolate Truffle Brownie Mix - OMG - completely addictive!! Gotta watch out for these if you're on a diet. You'll want to gobble up the whole batch!

Beth's All Purpose Flour - quick & easy to use for all your baking (including those homemade muffins).

Spice Cake and Gingerbread Mix - delicious - and sooooo easy - I can prepare it faster than it takes my oven to heat up. (Isn't that one of the BEST reason for buying a mix?) I add additional cinammon, nutmeg, ginger - we like it that way.

Coffee Cake Mix - fantastic - and EASY - the crumble topping is included. Wonderful for a breakfast treat and NOT just for Celiacs.

So that's about it. Try it - you may like it. Hey - that's what makes horse racing! But don't buy a whole case in the event that you don't.

Regards to all you brave Celiacs out there. Let's hope that someday science can find a solution for us to make our lives a little easier. In the meantime, heaven bless these fabulous companies for providing us with these products.
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on December 16, 2013
I was really leery of trying this mix because my first experience with a GF muffin mix was not good. So I was completely blown away by how great these were! The texture was not grainy in the slightest and it reminded me of a normal non-GF muffin (oh, how I've missed those!). My Dad, who samples all my GF stuff, even let out an amazed "WOW!" when he tried them because they tasted so great. They did start to dry out after a few days, as all GF stuff tends to do, so I keep mine in the freezer and defrost them as needed.

Notes: I have never followed the extract recipe on the box. I subbed 3 TBSP of butter for 3 TBSP of 1/3 reduced fat cream cheese and added a sugar mixture (brown & white) on top. I have only made cranberry muffins (quarter and wash the seeds away). I bought my muffin mix from my local store, not Amazon. One box made 14 muffins.
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on March 20, 2014
Since being diagnosed with celiac disease myself, and then finding out that my young son has allergies to wheat, eggs, and dairy, baking both gluten free AND vegan goodies is very hard. I've tried all the commercial gluten free mixes, and have also tried baking from scratch... nothing tasted remotely as good as the muffins I've made using this mix! They taste like muffins made with wheat, and really the only way you would know they are gluten free, is by the weight of them versus a regular muffin. A tip for those who need to make these vegan - use almond milk instead of cows milk, and 1/3c of Vegenaise in place of eggs. I've made apple cinnamon, blueberry and non dairy chocolate chip muffins with this mix, and all were perfect and absolutely delicious!!!
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on January 26, 2013
This is an absolute amazing price for this muffin and scone mix! I purchased it as an "add-on" item, and was expecting boxes like the small Jiffy boxes of regular muffin mix you would find in the store, but these are big boxes of GF muffin mix, and they came shipped in their own box! I was completely surprised at how low the price was of these with free 2 business day shipping with my prime - I don't know how Amazon makes any money on them at all. I have used them once for some blueberry muffins, and never got a chance to eat one myself, because my husband ate them all before I could try one! I'm assuming by this that they were delicious, but I'll have to wait until I make another batch before *I* can try one! Will definitely buy again at this price though, even if my husband turns out to be the only one who likes them! I will update this review once I've eaten one of these muffins!
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In the past, this muffin mix was one of the best on the market for those who must eat gluten free. However, now that Glutino has changed the ingredients and have added a large amount of sorghum, I will no longer be purchasing this product. The sorghum has changed the texture and taste of the muffins. Very disappointed.
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We now have another gluten-free hit! We don't have to avoid gluten, but I'm trying to cut down on gluten for myself and my family. We're big fans of Gluten Free Pantry's cornbread mix (which I usually make as muffins, The Gluten-Free Pantry Yankee Cornbread Mix, 12-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6)), and I just tried this muffin & scone mix.

I have guests coming for the weekend, so the first time I used this mix, I made a double batch (2 boxes at once), for a total of 24 regular sized muffins. This mix is perfect for adding your own fruits or nuts. I added the recommended 3/4 cup per batch of fruit (dried cranberries) and a dash of lemon oil extract. Boy did these muffins turn out great!

The directions say to "bake 16 minutes or until cake tester comes out clean". After 16 minutes, the muffins looked done, but they weren't browned on the top at all. I put them in another 3 minutes, tested one (by eating it) at its new slightly-browned-top stage (yum); then put the rest in for another 2 minutes for a nicely mostly-browned top. After the extra 5 minutes of cooking, the muffins are not dried out or overdone. They are delicious. Everybody's oven is different, but if you try this mix and they aren't browned after the recommended baking time, you may be able, like me, to leave them in longer without any negative effect on taste or texture.

We have a diabetic in the house, so counting carbs is important. If you make 12 muffins from one box of mix, and use whole milk, one muffin has 30.9 carbs.

The box also has directions for making scones and pancakes from this mix.

So far I've tried two Gluten Free Pantry products, and I am very happy with both of them.

Happy Reader
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on April 14, 2014
When the Box changed and the price went up, the quality of the product went down. We had been
using the Muffin Mix for 3 years and loved the taste. Now, there is no taste and the muffins fall apart
after they're baked. They are not worth half the price.
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on March 18, 2010
This is the best gluten free muffin mix I have been able to find. My whole family is impressed, even the ones who aren't GF. The mix also makes the best pancakes, gluten free mix or not. We were all very suprised, and I've already bumped up our subscription to get more.

I read a review that said the muffins didn't rise and didn't look like what was on the box. I don't know if maybe they've changed the recipe since that was written, but our muffins have all turned out great, both the taste and the look.

You do need to let them cool completely. If you just can't wait, you'll be scraping the muffin off of the cupcake liner. I've made banana nut and blueberry. The mix does say to add dried fruit, and I have used fresh or frozen fruit instead. I don't know if that made a difference. I haven't tried the scone recipe yet, but am looking forward to it.

Of course, the cost is higher than mixes that are not gluten free, and you do have to add butter, eggs, vanilla, and milk, but I'm just thankful to have found something so good.
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on May 11, 2015
Love this mix. It makes baking muffins easy. I add sweet potato or pumpkin and/or spices such as cinnamon, etc. to change them up now and again. I would guess a ripe banana would work, too. I use coconut oil rather than butter or canola oil (which has a taste I don't like) and they come out perfectly.They are a bit sweet, so, if you are looking for a more savory muffin these may not fit the bill. On the other hand, a few savory additions might be in order to change them up again. The texture is such that no one would ever know they are gluten free and one can make them fairly quickly if a bread is needed for a side dish for a meal, or, as a nice fresh breakfast!
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