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on October 11, 2010
Now, I did not order the CD here due to its outrageous price. I have however given it a listen (who am I kidding... a few hundred listens!) and all I can say is wow! I am very impressed. I was prepared to be let down and felt sick to my stomach when I learned jenny and linn were not a part of this but after giving it a chance I can honestly say it is one of the best albums the band has offered. The sound is dated but isn't that what is great about listening to AoB today?
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on February 8, 2011
This record is certainly on par with the previous Ace of Base albums. Those who are calling it weak would be singing a different tune if Jenny and Linn were still in the band. Each song is exceptional and sounds unique in it's own way, however I will say that it maybe leads the album to feel a bit disjointed at times. It's an eclectic mix of sounds though. For the most part, it's very Ace of Base sounding, and it IS still Ace of Base- Ulf and Jonas were just as much part of Ace of Base as the girls. People who insult them by calling them pimps need to show them the respect they deserve as artists/musicians and professionals. They are hardly the first band members to carry on a name after some members departure. Clara and Julias voices are distinct and in my opinion that is a good thing. Jenny and Linns voices were of course beautiful, but were very similar sounding. Clara and Julia bring a new aura to Ace of Base and it should be welcomed. Linn is over Ace of Base and Jenny is making her own lovely music.

As for the individual songs on 'The Golden Ratio', the standout is 'black sea' which sounds like something that could have been off their debut album. It has that disco-tech, electronic dance pop thing going on ala 'dancer in a daydream', 'waiting for magic' etc.. A pulsating beat and clara's emotive vocals make it extremely successful and not only my favorite on the disc, but one of my favorite ace of base songs ever. Other songs that sound like their earlier dance pop songs are 'vision in blue' and 'all 4 u' which are both equally strong, epic songs. 'Vision in Blue' borders on trance and features Julia's voice beautifully around the 3/4 mark. 'Doreen' sounds like 'Tokyo Girl' but is more pop sounding, and yet, like 'tokyo girl' has poetic, meaningful lyrics.It is a very accomplished pop song. There are songs that sound like the reggae pop of Ace of Base past, like 'bla bla bla on the radio', 'one day' and 'mr.replay' and they are all very catchy songs. 'Southern California' sounds like nothing Ace of Base has ever done but it still works. 'The Golden Ratio' is mostly uninspiring but it's been remixed to perfection. The original is just too slow. 'Told my ma' sounds like something off 'flowers' or 'da capo' and is a cute song. I don't know why that song gets so much hate. 'Who Am I' is slower, but intriguing. It's the only song that sounds like it could fit on 'the bridge' album which is my favorite Ace of Base album. 'Juliet' is a ballad and very sweet and sappy sounding- not bad, but not my favorite.

All in all, this record is absolutely strong. Another set of beautifully crafted pop songs from the Swedes!
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on March 1, 2012
I usually can't listen to every single song on a single album and completely enjoy it. I can with this one. Before I bought it I had only heard the tremendous "All for You" single, and then discovered I really enjoyed every song! Great up to date electronic/dance sound from Ace. Many miss the original Berggren sisters doing most of the vocals (as do I), but the new lovely ladies are brilliant as well and I wouldn't change anything about this album. Awesome stuff and I CAN'T stop listening to it!
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on April 18, 2011
I've been an AoB fan since middle school in the 1990s with their first album release, The Sign (stateside). I've always looked forward to new material from the group, and I must say: although the new girls handling the vocals for the new album are different from those I'm used to from the past several releases (I'll always have a place in my heart for Linn's and Jenny's vocals), I've grown to really love the new stuff. I absolutely love the CD's title song, The Golden Ratio, with my second favorite being Mr. Replay. The vocals are different, but the style and flavor is true AoB. I like the fact that the guys got more active with their own vocals in this CD; it's part of the reason I love Mr. Replay as much as I do. The lyrics are simplistic, but they're catchy and refreshing, unlike all the lurid garbage that's floating out there these days. I'm almost ashamed to call most of what's out there in the mainstream these days 'music'.

Back to the point-if you're a true AoB fan, and don't mind a different flavor with the vocals (all the backing is uniquely AoB), then The Golden Ratio is worth looking into.

added note: If AoB ever decided to play a venue in the states, I'd so be there. Keep up with the music, and peace!
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on August 28, 2013
This album was consistent with the style and quality of their previous albums. And, the new female singers were just fine.
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on February 7, 2011
After 20 years ace of base stills making great music, this is the return from the band and it is a good álbum keeping the style from the band, the voices of "linn" & "jenny" still missing but the new 2 members get a new sound in the band, the cd was not released in América as with "da capo" so we can only wait to have an american version
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on November 13, 2010
Well worth the price, The Golden Ratio is Ace of Base's fifth studio album. Founded in 1990 and active ever since then, the band has recently undergone a line-up change, with Stockholm singers Clara Hagman and Julia Williamson replacing long-time singer Jenny Berggren (sister Linn Berggren officially departed in 2007 after years of declining participation in the band).

With the line-up changed, the vocals on the album take some getting used to, but the music has, for the most part remained the same. Among the better tracks are "Juliet", "The Golden Ratio", "Vision in Blue", "Black Sea", "Precious", and "All For You", which served as the lead single for the album.
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on September 26, 2015
If you love AOB like I love AOB then you GOTTA get this CD!! I have followed AOB since their first album BUT this AOB Cd is SOOOOOOO sophisticated sounding! I thought I wouldn't like it with the two different female singer but they can hold their own...(and I admit I think their voices are BETTER!!) ALL these songs are FABULOUS!!! If I could five a 10 I I give it a ........"10"!
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on January 12, 2011
After more than three years they have returned (well the founders anyway* see more in review on this topic) with a whole new album which simply put is Great! They have definitely found their footing again and gained back that missing element of passion which drove their engines from the start. *This album is in no way a disappointment regardless of the introduction of new Lead vocalists: Julia Williamson & Clara Hagman. These two gems brought a bit of their own style which in no way tainted this album, and brought a newness which is essential in the music industry. I also feel in many ways having Julia and Clara inspired the original founders to get back into the groove and reignited their passion for making music again. Yes, fans I agree it is sad that Jen & Linn would not return for various reasons. Granted if they had not left we may not have such an inspired piece of work to listen to right now. So maybe it was fate? Who knows. As far as these new leads, I feel they complimented the sound and even gave a little freshness to their album which just works. After listening to the album (over and over) I really felt like this was a modernized rendition of who Ace of Base was, where they are and where they may go (which is up from here). They pay homage to their past music with pieces of beats here and there and some minor almost hidden vocals) but all the while giving us a modern edge. It was nice to hear the men actually sing more in the choruses of certain songs and the instrument selection has definitely matured with some variety. Overall I gave this album a 5 out of 5. In looking for true feedback for them to improve on I had to really take a moment to think about what I would want to see, hear, etc. So, I wish there were more tacks to listen to on this album so perhaps on the next one include a couple more. Also I would like to hear more of the men sing for Jonas & Ulf are the founders after all; and last but not least I definitely wanted to hear some more ethereal/orchestration backing medleys to compliment a couple of tracks giving them a full resonance and boldness -- I feel then it would be Gold! Overall, I am deeply satisfied with this Album and look forward to more of their work soon. Cheers!
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on January 18, 2011
What a great come back with this new album. Ace of Base never wanted to blend or imitate other artist; therefore, they perform a unique European music with pop, rock, retro, dance beats. The Golden Ratio just proves one more time their distinguished style. The new girls have amazing voices; you can tell how advanced and professional they are. It is true that Ace of Base song lyrics are not very meaningful in general, but are the big Lady Gaga hits like Alejandro meaningful?! This is music and like art, it doesn't always have to make sense, as long as it influences people's minds.

We should give lots of credit to this Swedish band for composing, writing lyrics and performing their own songs in English. There is no base for comparing Ace of Base with today's pop singers. Music nowadays is so artificial as most singers are simply products of their own companies, PR agencies and managers, not having the ability to be their own selves. And that is what Ace of Base actually has; they are just being their real selves.

Honestly, I don't think they will get popular in the US again since the competition is so big, and the music that people like today is very different than A.O.B.'s style. But I do hope they will get much recognition in Sweden and Europe for this excellent album.

Best of luck Ace of Base and go on with this new project to keep your true fans happy!

Great album, strong songs, and if you still are a fan of Ace of Base, you should listen to this new album!
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