Customer Reviews: The Golden Years: Way Out West
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on November 7, 2012
It's about time we got a legit FAOTD, and Way Out West is definitely legit. I was actually considering buying it after playing the trial version through the play store, and I NEVER buy apps.

This game is a real time, resource/time management puzzler along the lines of the "Farm Frenzy" series of games. The game requires players to be able to multitask effectively, and what's especially nice is that efficiency of action often trumps just trying to stockpile every available upgrade in a level, since part of your score on each level is based on time. Add to this package a story that lends the game a bit of theme without dragging down the gameplay, and you have a real treat on your hands if you're a puzzle/simulation game fan. Even if you aren't it's worth giving a try. This game is a bargain at $2, so it's a bonafide STEAL for free. (And you can tell from my lack of intentional spelling errors, the absence of worshipful praise to the dev, and the fact that I explained my review COHERENTLY that this review is 100% REAL. Enjoy!)
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on November 10, 2012
This was one of the most fun plays I've had in a long time. Great storyline, graphics and game design. The only really "bad" thing about it is I finished it.. :(

There's not a lot of explanation of how the various game elements work, which is probably why some of the people leaving negative reviews had trouble, but if you take the time to be observant, everything is sufficiently hinted.

Specifically- touch a building spot, then touch (and hold) a building that goes there (don't "tap" because that will build the building). Holding will show any effects that building will have on adjacent buildings by highlighting any affected spots. This is important for the "Municipal" buildings which have to be next to houses. Some buildings only affect other buildings on the same horizontal row, some vertical and some in other discoverable patterns. (This is why people couldn't get past Level 3... there's no "bug", they just weren't paying attention.) Once you figure out the relationships between buildings, it's fairly easy to set up a working town. (When you're done checking out the effect of a building, SLIDE your finger off the button if you don't want to build there, don't just release it because that will actually build the building.)

There IS a timer and it does run pretty fast, but the game is VERY lenient and will award an "Expert" status to a level even if you miss a stage or two, so it's not terribly critical to complete ALL stages in the allotted time (unless of course you're obsessive about it and then you can always just restart the level). On some of the more complex puzzling levels I had to just sit there and let the timer run out while I puzzled out how to arrange the buildings, then restarted the level to make it all work. There was only one level that really gave me any real headaches, but it all worked out after giving it some thought.

One other clue- remember you can always just destroy a building to put another in its place, and don't forget the trading post for cash or materials.

The text IS fairly small, and the graphics, even though pretty highly detailed are sometimes small too, making it tough to find a character or item you need for a task, while the clock is ticking down. I played on a Kindle Fire and the size really wasn't an issue, but I can't really imagine how it would be to play this on a phone sized screen.

Even the music was exceptional. I normally turn the music off after a few repetitions in games, but the music here not only fit the storyline perfectly, it was actually pretty enjoyable (guess I like banjos.. )

A suggestion for the developers: The levels end pretty abruptly when you complete the tasks. It would be a lot more fun if you could continue playing on the levels just to see how you could optimize the towns. "Virtual City" does this and it extends the play value a good deal.

If you like "Building sims", this one is a must play.
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on August 6, 2012
More games like this please. I hate those games that you have to buy extra energy, money, etc. to play them. I love these game that you can EARN all you need to play them right within the game itself. Loved the atmosphere of the old west also.
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on November 10, 2012
Really, this is a great game. It's one of those that once I start playing I have to keep going until I finish. And I did, all 48 levels. I admit I had to repeat some levels to get expert status. Yes, repeating them means you already know what to do, but doing it in the alotted time is where it get's tricky.

The instructions could have been better and it was only because of some reviewers giving tips that I didn't have some of the problems others seem to have had. Thanks for that. Also I had to tap several times on some items in order to get them to take.

Each level has 3 - 6 stages and you have to pass each stage before you get to the next one. Pass it within the alloted time and you get a star. If also seems it just stays on that stage until you get it no matter how long it takes. Each level requires a specified number of stars for expert. But you don't have to get all of them. 2/4 or 3/6 for example. You do have to build residential (wagons, houses, inns) and commercial buildings (stores, saloons and banks) adjacent to a municiple building (water tower, sheriffs office, church). Once you unlock estates, they can stand on their own.

A couple of tips, get as many workers as you can as early as you can so you can get things done faster. And if you are running out of time and need more gold or logs, buy them from the depot.

The graphics and story line are good and the different characters, well, they're characters. You can skip past the story if you like. The music is very fitting and not annoying, in fact you hardly notice it while in game play. Same with the sounds, but you can turn one of both off if you like.

All in all I think $1.99 is a great price for this game and will be looking at other games by this dev.
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I received a lot of comments and negative feedback because of my low rating of this game but I still believe it is a one star game. Yes I got stopped at level three but having a water tower location within reasonable distance I could not build a house across the street from a water tower. That is unreasonable game play.

The game takes 72.829 MB of space in the area reserved for books and other entertainment apps. That size takes the place of 84 books the size of Hunger Games and that is unreasonable. I would rather have 84 books than this game.

The permissions requested in the game are excessive and not required to play the game. They can be used for invasive purposes by collecting your device ID and phone numbers. This is a game and it should act like a game and the permissions are not required for game play.

The game starts with small text being read wonderfully to you by a woman in the story. By level 3 she stopped reading the text on my Kindle Fire and the text is so small that I almost could not read it. If you are playing on a phone it would be impossible to see.

My rating considered all of these issues and this is why it is a one star. Size, not enough help in difficult areas, excessive permissions and random behavior detracts from the games value and rating.

Game play:
The game starts with a background story and the graphics are very good. You then get a map of the territory but only the upper LH corner is colored and open. This is a game in which you are building an old western town. The task list is located on the lower panel and well as a list of your assets, town population potential income and potential population and the game level. There is also a list of goals in the upper LH corner that you have to do like build a water tower.

You can pick up supplies that are positioned alongside of the road and begin building. As you complete a level you go back to the territorial map and a new task site opens up and it is your next step. You can upgrade your covered wagon, find and pick up gold to cover improvement costs. You have to hire workers to help build the town.

Main Screen:
* More games - link to Amazon app store and the Amazon Browser with many games to purchase.
* Newsletter - asks for your name and e-mail address to subscribe
* New game
* Options - Sound, music and tutorial.
* Credits

What I like:
The tutorial is very good and the graphics are outstanding on the Kindle Fire. The tutorial worked well until level three where I could not build houses but only buildings not required to complete the level. I was only able to build one house but the level required 4 to move onto the next level.

What I don't like:
I reached level 3 and then I was stuck. I was told to build 4 houses and a sawmill but unfortunately I could only build 1 house and 3 sawmills and a water tower. I could not get out of the level. I kept getting the message that I could only build industrial and municipal buildings. This is a complaint from another reviewer back on August 13 and it apparently has not been fixed.

This game is massive and uses over 72 MB of your memory reserved for books and entertainment items on the Kindle Fire. I know the graphics are good but what is the balance of this bloatware.

The permissions are excessive with full internet permissions and getting your device ID and phone call data. That makes me downgrade a game's rating right away and it is just another potential issue to consider if you want to have this game.

This game started out to be a real winner until I reached level 3 where I could not complete the goals as the game would not let me. The objectives were clearly stated but every time I tied to achieve the task the game would tell me that I could only do things that would not let me complete the level.

How could a game be released that will not let you get past level 3?

With the excessive permissions and massive size of the game I cannot recommend it to you. The developers have to fix their bug problem and ask themselves if they can't optimize the game to possibly reduce its size and not use the permissions. Even if the game would play I would recommend you turn off the WIFI and phone transmitter to avoid your children from using the links to the web to buy more games.

In its present state the game is a one star and that is sad as it could have been a 5 star based on the concept and beautiful graphics.

Size: Compressed the game is 65.4 MB and 452 KB are stored in the application memory and a massive 72.829 MB in the memory reserved for books and your other data.

* Storage - modify/delete internal storage contents
* Network communications - full internet access
* Kindle calls - read Kindle state and identity
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on April 18, 2016
I love this game and enjoy playing over and over to get better and better. Wish there were more games of this caliber without all the purchasing that most games have. Always interesting. Loves those little guys running all over the place. Would love to see a continuation of this game. What did the little family do next?
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on November 7, 2012
this game downloaded and looked and played fine on my kindle. to get past a level (3 bring a problem for some) remember the instructions - houses need water - ones that have it the building site turns blueish. I like the game because it is goal driven but I am finding it a little slow and tedious at times - also the instructions are not always clearly given. my only other issue is that the writing is quite small and very hard for me to read and because my sound is usually turned down it makes following instructions and the story difficult. overall not a bad game and good to check out as faotd.
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on November 7, 2012
I'm not sure if I would pay the full $2 for this game, but it is very enjoyable. It offers a tutorial that, if you pay attention to, will explain everything you need to know to master the game. Other raters have mentioned problems getting past level three - these people did not pay attention to the tutorial at all. Also, the game takes a little critical thinking to overcome the challenges - it is not as easy as the other raters hoped. All that being said, the game has taken a new spin on the time management genre, and once I figured out how to play it, had a lot of fun with it. The storyline is a little weak, but its only meant to provide you with a purpose for playing the game, which it does. The goals are challenging but not frustratingly so, and once you get the hang of it, will not be that challenging at all. That is the reason I cannot give it a full 5 stars - the game should continue to be challenging, and I have mastered the game 6 levels into it, which seems to be about 10% of the entire game. I cannot imagine any replay value since the levels are not random. No technical bugs or force closes, plays flawlessly on the kindle fire.
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on March 20, 2013
This game is "FANTASTIC".
I started playing it at first when it came out for Windows quite sometime ago, So when Amazon had it for it's app of the day I dwld it.
I didn't know they had it for droid or I would've bought it along time ago.
I just finished it fot the first time tonight and I Loved every second of the gameplay.

As one reviewer has said i also don't care for the games where you have to buy things from within the game itself to progress and win the game.

I much prefer to play a game where I earn the levels/upgrades while playing the game.
And not have to worry when I'll have to pay extra to progress or just stay where I'm at, and lot's of times just uninstall the game because I can get no further without spending anymore money.

While I understand that having to pay money to progress somewhat when playing a FREE Game.
I don't understand having to pay more in a game that I have already paid for.

With this game I didn't have to worry about that, I just got to sit back and enjoy the GREAT Gameplay.
I got expert on 46 of the 48 Levels and that's with alot of Hardwork it wasn't easy, But it was well worth it.

I'll deffently be Replaying it again.
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on May 25, 2015
Great game! Nice gameplay and fairly creative levels. I had a hard time putting it down, but it took several hours, so it took me a few days. It would be cool if there were some more free play. Everything is very structured.
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