That '70s Show 8 Seasons 1999

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Season 1
(156) IMDb 7.9/10
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25. The Good Son TV-PG CC

Sibling rivalry! Is Hyde Red and Kitty's new #1 son?

Topher Grace, Mila Kunis
23 minutes
Original air date:
July 26, 1999

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The Good Son

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Season 1
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    1. Pilot Eric gets a car, and the gang heads for the big concert.

    TV-PG 23min August 23, 1998
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    2. Eric's Birthday A surprise party for Eric. Donna has the 'perfect gift.'

    TV-PG 23min August 30, 1998
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    3. Streaking With the President in town, the gang plans a huge prank

    TV-PG 23min September 6, 1998
  • from $1.99

    4. Battle Of The Sexists Donna beats Eric at 1-on-1. Is their courtship over?

    TV-PG 23min September 20, 1998
  • from $1.99

    5. Eric's Burger Job Donna's parents are away. Will she and Eric play?

    TV-PG 23min September 27, 1998
  • from $1.99

    6. The Keg An empty house, a keg of beer and the party of the year!

    TV-PG 23min October 25, 1998
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    7. That Disco Episode Things heat up when the gang heads to the disco!

    TV-PG 23min November 8, 1998
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    8. Drive-In Four's a crowd when Eric & Donna go to the drive-in.

    TV-PG 23min November 15, 1998
  • from $1.99

    9. Thanksgiving Laurie's sexy friend comes on to Eric

    TV-PG 23min November 22, 1998
  • from $1.99

    10. Sunday Bloody Sunday Grandma Forman's visit has everyone freaking out

    TV-PG 23min November 29, 1998
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    11. Eric's Buddy Eric's new best friend has a shocking secret

    TV-PG 23min December 6, 1998
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    12. The Best Christmas Ever The gang throws an 'alternative' holiday party

    TV-PG 23min December 13, 1998
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    13. Ski Trip The gang goes skiing, but Kelso's left out in the cold.

    TV-PG 23min January 17, 1999
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    14. Stolen Car Busted! What are the guys doing behind bars?

    TV-PG 23min January 24, 1999
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    15. That Wrestling Show Get ready to rumble! The guys go to a wrestling match.

    TV-PG 23min February 7, 1999
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    16. First Date Eric and Donna, and Hyde go on their first date.

    TV-PG 23min February 14, 1999
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    17. The Pill Donna goes on the pill and her Dad goes ballistic

    TV-PG 23min February 21, 1999
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    18. Career Day The gang is in for a shock on Career Day!

    TV-PG 23min February 28, 1999
  • from $1.99

    19. Prom Night Unbelievable dates on an unforgettable Prom Night.

    TV-PG 23min March 7, 1999
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    20. A New Hope Eric uses the Force to win back Donna.

    TV-PG 23min March 14, 1999
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    21. Water Tower Bedroom shocker! Eric catches his parents 'doing it.'

    TV-PG 23min June 14, 1999
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    22. Punk Chick A punk chick roars into town and steals Hyde's heart.

    TV-PG 23min June 21, 1999
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    23. Grandma's Dead Guilt trip! Did Eric's rage kill his Grandma?

    TV-PG 23min July 12, 1999
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    24. Hyde Moves In Hyde moves in with Eric. Now Red's seeing red

    TV-PG 23min July 19, 1999
  • from $1.99

    25. The Good Son Sibling rivalry! Is Hyde Red and Kitty's new #1 son?

    TV-PG 23min July 26, 1999

Product Details

Genres Romance, Comedy
Director David Trainer
Starring Topher Grace, Mila Kunis
Supporting actors Ashton Kutcher, Danny Masterson, Laura Prepon, Wilmer Valderrama, Debra Jo Rupp, Kurtwood Smith, Tanya Roberts, Don Stark, Mitch Pileggi, Gary Owens, Carolyn Hennesy, Lisa Robin Kelly, Arlene Warren
Season year 1999
Network Carsey-Werner
Executive Producer Franco Bario
Purchase rights Stream instantly and download to 2 locations Details
Format Amazon Instant Video (streaming online video and digital download)

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30 of 31 people found the following review helpful By Amazon Customer on December 8, 2005
Format: DVD Verified Purchase
That 70's Show came out screaming at a point in my life when I needed it most. Eric Foreman and Donna Pinciotti, were my boyfriend, Terry and myself hanging out in the basement of his mom & dad's house with a variety of friends with personalities much like Michael Kelso, Steven Hyde, Jackie Berkhart, and Eric's naughty sister Laurie...Fez, however, did not exist but the rest of the first season was dead bang and more like a memory than a sit-com. In 1976, as the stage is set in season 1, I was 14 years old and seeing all the life-learning wacky, goofy experiences the characters live out is extremely humerous and more like a trip down memory lane. Like Hyde, there was always somebody around with " a whole big bag of love ". Without much more than Packman, pinball or foosball for entertainment, we had to change the channel on the tv by hand, too. The soundtrack of songs are true to the era, as well. I remember the drive-in theater, and my daughter, who is 20, only knows what a drive-in is from watching tv. These are just a few examples but now that it's the end of 2005 and as the characters grow and change, NOW I find myself relating more to Red & Kitty ( Eric's parents ) and/or Bob & Midge ( Donna's parents )!!! All I know is it's awsome to go back in time and experience the nostalgia and adolescent situations that bring back a time for me when things were so much simpler, the grass was greener and the sky so much more blue. With no disrespect intended for the rest of the season, which is so unexpected and fresh, I never fail to laugh no matter how many times I watch Season 1, disc 1, episodes 1 & 2, which are in my oppinion the VERY BEST of That 70's Show and the heart of what it was really like to grow up in the '70's! :)
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16 of 16 people found the following review helpful By Sayres on March 22, 2012
Format: Blu-ray Verified Purchase
I watch That 70's Show almost constantly. I thought the HD versions were pretty good. But after watching it on blu ray I am blown away with how much time and effort was put into making a great show even better. You can read the games in the basement from a distance, you can read the warning labels off the water heater, I thought Hyde was wearing jeans in the pilot, it turns out they were stripped pants. Colors are brighter, the screen is clear and the detail is AMAZING! And that doesn't even cover the bonus disk with side by side comparison and other fun stuff. This is worth every penny, even if you aren't a hardcore fan, this is a must have for anyone. I cannot wait for season 2. I will be disapointed if they do not release a complete box set by Christmas.
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30 of 35 people found the following review helpful By Ned on January 23, 2005
Format: DVD
I really enjoy this series. The entire cast is excellent and complements each other. This is one of the few series I look forward to, both new and reruns.

This first release of That 70s show on DVD contains all of the episodes of its first season. All 25 episodes are contained on 4 disks. It is full frame and list at 575 minutes.



1) That `70s Pilot - Red gives Eric the keys to the Vista Cruiser and tells him he can go anywhere but out of town but of course they go out of town.

2) Eric's Birthday - The last think Eric wants on his birthday is a party but he gets one anyway.

3) Streaking - President Ford comes to town and the boys decide to streak. Red is selected to ask the President a question.

4) Battle of the Sexists - Eric feels less that a man when he loses a game of basketball to Donna.

5) Eric's Burger Job - Eric gets a job at Fatso burger.

6) The Keg - Eric and Donna skip a day of school and find Hyde and Fes in the back seat of the car. While driving down the road they find a keg of beer.

7) That Disco Episode - Kitty teaches Hyde how to dance.

8) Drive In - Eric and Donna go to the drive-in.

9) Thanksgiving - Laurie comes home for Thanksgiving.

10) Sunday, Bloody Sunday - Red's mother comes for a Sunday visit and drives everyone crazy, except for Fes.

11) Eric's Buddy - Eric has a new friend and Kelso and Hyde can't stand it.

12) The Best Christmas Ever - Red give Eric $40 to get a tree but he keeps the money and cuts down a tree from beside the road.

13) Ski Trip - The gang goes to Jackie's cabin for the weekend. Kelso is uninvited when Jackie finds out he was fooling around with Pam Macy.
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11 of 11 people found the following review helpful By Paul J. Mular TOP 500 REVIEWER on April 20, 2005
Format: DVD
The first season will remind you of why you liked the show (forget the current seasons now airing). Everything is clicking from the start.

The only problem here is that the original DVD is CENSORED! In the Wrestling episode, when Donna has Eric in a head lock she asks why he is not fighting back. Hyde's comment about "Why, look where his head is!", which is right next to Donna's breasts, has been cut. It was cut way back after the first airing. Too bad it was not restored.

***Update on new Blu-ray That '70s Show: Season 1 [Blu-ray], this has the UNCUT episodes.***
There are also reports of other DVDs with uncut episodes.
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25 of 30 people found the following review helpful By J. Jex on August 1, 2004
Format: DVD
Frist, I would like to say that it is about time for "that 70's show" to be released on dvd. With seven seasons of "friends" and shows like, "all in the family", and "MASH" in second or third seasons, it's great to see a more recent show being realesed on dvd. I guess the producers have finally learned that people will pay for season to season of their favorite show's.

The show is terrific, the first season has great episodes like 'eric's first job', and 'the pill', and who could forget the pilot, pass it this way, puff puff give. Nothing like network television finally acknowledging bud smoking in prime time.

Even though I think the second and third seasons are the best; season one is a great start. Buy this dvd you will not be disappointed.
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