Customer Reviews: The Grass Roots - All Time Greatest Hits
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on March 24, 2012
What's with the Amazon inhouse reviewer here writing that that the Grass Roots "were always a shadowy bunch, a front for studio musicians and professional songwriters looking to get their songs on the radio". Wow!! That's not only very insulting to the basic six guys who on stage and in the studio were living as the Grass Roots through the hit years 1966-1975 but is completely wrong. Rob Grill, Warren Entner, Rick Coonce, Creed Bratton, Dennis Provisor and Terry Furlong were the Grass Roots and they recorded a combination of original songs and those by outside writers.

It's true that the bands name and original musicians were put together to record and promote a studio produced cover of Bob Dylan's "Ballad of a Thin Man" that was a minor hit on the west coast, but within months a real band called The 13th Floor (not the 13th Floor Elevator from Texas) were asked to change their name and become (from that point on) The Grass Roots. These guys recorded the hits "Live For Today", "Wait A Million Years", "Midnight Confessions", "Sooner or Later", "Two Divided By Love" etc. They were the "real" Grass Roots in the studio and on stage from 1966 to 1975. For most of that time they consisted of the members mentioned above. Like many bands of that period (and even on today's hits) groups did often make use of studio musicians to augment their own sound but it was basically the members of the Grass Roots that played and sang those hits. The Byrds first hit recordings like "Mr. Tambourine Man" "Turn, Turn, Turn" and the subsequent album had vocals by McGuinn, Clark and Crosby but it's no secret that Roger (Jim) was the only one who actually played an instrument (12 string) on the sessions. Are the Byrds referred to by Amazon inhouse reviewers as a "shadowy" bunch because studio musicians were heavily involved in the Byrds recordings and they didn't write their hits (Mr. Tambourine Man by Dylan and Turn,Turn,Turn written by Pete Seeger)?

When talking about the Grass Roots history I don't count the numerous musicians who worked with Rob Grill from the early 80's till Rob passed away in 2011. This CD does not contain any recordings by later formations. (Those band were called "Rob Grill and The Grass Roots" and were just bands Rob formed to perform live and continue the legacy of the original band by just playing the old hits.)

By contrast the current Deep Purple has only one original member (Ian Paice) and are often referred to by fans and critics as Deep Purple Mark VIII (eight different formations since 1969). Are they also reffered to by Amazon reviewers as a "shadowy" band? Deep purple lists 13 legitimate past band members that recorded on various Purple albums (Wiki).

This CD gives you all the hits by actual The Grass Roots. A really good band. It's a good overview of their career even if they were "shadowy". Give me a break.
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on September 24, 2013
this is not the Grass roots main cuts they are alternative cuts by the grass roots

not what i wanted!
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on August 22, 2000
The Grass Roots was one of the few bands of the 60s that was able to blend over into the early 70s with ease and success. Their name is a perfect discription of their music, Grass Roots. Their unique folk rock sound that added just a touch of blues. Their music appears to every genre. Their vocal harmonies were outstanding and some of their music even has a Dylanesque feel and sound to it. From "Let's Live for Today" to "Midnight Confessions" to the fabulous "Temptation Eyes", these guys could make music and it is some of the best music ever made. This is a hidden gold mine of good old Rock n' Roll. Get it now!
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on February 5, 1999
From the time I first discovered rock and roll, the Grassroots have been one of my favorite groups. Temptation Eyes, Midnight Confessions, Two Divided By Love...classics! Songs loaded with horns and harmonies, as good as anything Chicago or Blood, Sweat and Tears put out. But mostly you find the Grassroots in the bargain bins. I don't understand it. (BTW, is it Grass Roots or Grassroots? I've seen it both ways)
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on July 15, 2014
Okay Sports Fans! What we have here is a veritable musical protein pack. C'mon! This is muscle flexin solid Top 40 Rock & Roll! Wow! Howzabout that great Neil Diamond/Monkees mash up called "Things I Should Have Said" or those cool Motown styled horns on "Midnight Confessions"! Or that great piano part on Glory Bound"! I mean these guys could go Lady Jane/Eleanor Rigby on us with "Bella Linda" & still keep their integrity. There is one great song after another. And there is a subtle blue eyed soul vibe bubbling under the surface on some of the songs. I mean as late as the summer of 72 these boys were still sweatin out good rockers like "The Runway" (I'VE BEEN A BROTHER TO SORROW! eat your heart out Jackson Browne! I'm sure Rob Grill coulda beaten you up back in the day! LOL!)

The Grassroots always seemed like regular down to earth guys you could hang with. "Yo Rob, you & yer boyz wanna come over Friday night & watch da fights on TV at my house? I'll order us some extra large meat lovers pizzas!!!!!!!!!"

To me, the great years for TOP 40 music were 1965-1972. That great music seemed to go AWOL around 73/74. I even looked up to see what songs were hits in 74 (according to Cashbox Magazine's weekly charts) & literally felt sick! "Sunshine on my shoulders"???? "Seasons in the sun"???? Gee whiz! I'm gettin sunburned! No wonder I retreated into oldies & my own record collection by 1974! And I was only 16! I'm now 56 & still proudly play this album!!!!!!! WITH A SONG IN MY HEART...! I've even worked out to some of this music! later gang!
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on December 28, 2009
No matter what you think of how "commercial" it is (which only means that a lot of people like it), you can't argue that these guys had a lot of hits that are still fun to listen to and sing along with today. Stories of teenage angst backed by the finest in L.A. - like writer P.F. Sloane and session cats like Hal Blaine on drums. I bought the CD for "Lovin Things", the only song, the original of which can't be downloaded. The only one missing from this collection is "Feelings" with that shimmering guitar solo.
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on April 3, 2009
A well-chosen collection of a decent if not spectacular rock group, lively and/or pleasant songs. I've always wondered, though, whether there was any legal trouble over the 1967 big hit "Live for Today," whose chorus sounds pretty much lifted from the Drifters' 1960 "I Count the Tears." Maybe music attorneys were less contentious back then? Or perhaps it was considered an "homage."
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on May 26, 2007
This will certainly take you back in time. The Grassroots had so many hits and they are all here and are the original versions that you heard on the radio! My personal favorite is "The River Is Wide", which gets very little airplay on oldies radio stations. If you are a Grassroots fan, you will not be disappointed.
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on April 13, 2014
There is something authentically magical about Late 1960's thru early 1970's Music - I don't know exactly why I've always enjoyed songs from this particularly Creative period so much - since high school for me took place thru the middle Eighties (but I never felt any affinity for Eighties acts like 'Duran Duran' 'Wham!' or 'A Flock of Seagulls' - didn't care much for 'New Wave' or 'Punk' with some exceptions of course!)

The 'Grass Roots' from over a decade earlier were not necessarily trying to be on the cutting edge in either Music or Lyrics (as say 'Dylan' 'The Doors' or 'The Who' definitely were) but the 'G-Roots' decided strengths were in the areas of melody & arrangements - purely focused on Listening enjoyment - and good vibes!

If anything, the 'Grass Roots' almost seemed to aim to be an American/California version 'Beatles' (or even another 'Beach Boys').
Proving to be highly adept at a mostly upbeat melodicism combined with intricate musical arrangements & expert performances!

Songs: 'Midnight Confessions' 'Lovin' Things' 'Wait a Million Years' 'Bella Linda' 'Baby Hold on' 'Sooner or Later' 'Things I Should have Said' = are all just about as good as it gets in the realm of lighter pop/Rock ==> these are all really good stress relievers, that you can really get 'Lost' in!

If you are looking for deeper more insightful fare from this abundantly Creative period, then by all means listen to Dylan, the Who, Joni Mitchell or Crosby Stills Nash & Young - but if you simply want to listen to some highly melodic, amazingly good sounding Tunes = the Grass Roots should do just fine!
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The Grass Roots had a sound all their own, thanks to their enormous creativity. They enjoyed great success in their heyday; and it's wonderful that to this day we can easily obtain a CD of their artistry like this one! The quality of the sound on this CD is excellent and I like the artwork a lot. My only disappointment is that the running time of this CD is a mere 46 minutes; they could have added another song or two to make this an even better compilation.

The album starts off with The Grass Roots doing their major hit entitled "Let's Live for Today." They perform this with panache and the tune just plain sounds good. The percussion enhances the music all the more--and that music fits in perfectly with their vocals! I love it. "Where Were You When I Needed You" is another of The Grass Roots' great songs; they handle complex tempo and key changes like the pros they always were and still remain. "Things I Should Have Said" is quite catchy even if the lyrics aren't all that happy; I really like "Things I Should Have Said." In addition, "My Midnight Confessions" stuns me--this music is all THAT good. The Grass Roots do "My Midnight Confession" faultlessly and that beat will make you tapping your foot to the tune before you even realize it!

"Bella Linda" gets the royal treatment from The Grass Roots; they do this without ever letting go of a superfluous note and that's grand. The musical arrangement is just right on this track, too. "Lovin' Things" has a beautiful melody that impresses me a lot; and listen for "I'd Wait a Million Years" with that awesome musical introduction--this is another one of their best and just one listen will tell you why! "Baby Hold On" also features this band doing nothing short of their very best.

"Heaven Knows" has a terrific beat and when they harmonize they do it to perfection--and beyond! "Temptation Eyes" always sounds great to me; I really like this one, too. "Temptation Eyes" had The Grass Roots making it all look so easy--but of course we know it really wasn't all that easy; their talent carried them through every time. Moreover, "Two Divided by Love" is very well done; and that percussion again works wonders for the music to this song.

"Runway" is an excellent tune that only The Grass Roots could do this well; and it's a highlight of this album. The electric guitars enhance the music on "Runway," too. The CD ends quite strong, too, with The Grass Roots performing "Sooner or Later." This is a masterpiece in every way and I could never tire of hearing this group do "Sooner or Later."

Fans of The Grass Roots may want to pick this up if they don't already have some of these songs. This CD is also a great starter CD for those of us just getting into the sound of The Grass Roots; and this is even good for casual fans of this group as well.
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