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32 of 37 people found the following review helpful
on June 17, 2011
This book gives a wonderful roller-coaster ride through the political changes over the last 2 years. DeMint, brutally honest as always, gives a great eyewitness account of the happenings.
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on June 26, 2011
From the ultimate Tea Party insider, here is the definitive recap of the first two years of the new movement. Senator DeMint's tour-of-events is all the more riviting as he is castigated from both sides of the political isle, while simultaneously revered as the in-the-middle-of-it-all hero by millions of people just people like me. The man has guts, operating on principles, not politics. He has assembled a squad of five like-minded Senators from Florida, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Utah, and it's my bet the cadre will be twice the size come January 2013, largely due to DeMint's ongoing Senate Conservatives Fund effort. It's a powerful grass roots movement that is already a big part of our last chance to salvage fiscal sanity: The 2012 elections. Mandatory reading and a blueprint for grass roots organizing everywhere (including my own oh-so-blue state of Oregon). Buy this book.
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on June 23, 2011
I love Jim Demint..He has so a no-nonsense, take no prisoners, it really isn't rocket science manner of speaking about issues in Washington and impact the country. This book is no different.
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on July 14, 2011
Don't have the book yet, already know Jim Demint as a true patriot fighting for our country and for what is right and for what actually helps our country. Conservatives and libertarians believe in results (proven by history, results, economics 101, logic, actual science not junk science like global warming, and common sense, and individual liberty, left-wingers believe in rhetoric.

For economics vs govt, check out Bastiat, Hazlitt, Hayek, Milton Friedman, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, and Thomas E. Woods' book Meltdown. Ayn Rand's Novel Atlas Shrugged, which is a page-turning read, shows how stupid politicians and meddling govt can destroy and impoverish a country.

Posting this because of the liberals who are acting up as usual with their attacks, they like using 1-star non-reviews.

I don't waste my time attacking their b.s. books, but left-wing nuts spend all their time attacking rather than thinking or questioning the results of all left-wing policies and why they never work or make things worse, they just believe all their propaganda talking points.
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on August 14, 2011
"The Great American Awakening" by South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint is a great analysis into what's wrong with our country and what we can do to fix it. He argues that Washington is spending our country to death and that we as a people need to realize this.

While my personal economic beliefs are more liberal, It's nice to see a Republican who walks his walk as well as talk his talk. Consider this: conservatives praise Ronald Reagan despite the fact that he ran (at the time) record deficits, and tripled our debt: he inherited a debt of 900 billion dollars and turned it into 2.6 trillion dollars from fiscal years 1980 to 1988. Conservatives also love to demonize Bill Clinton, even though Clinton lowered our deficits and balanced the budget. Seems contradictory to me. Jim DeMint, however, gives fair criticism to George W. Bush for the bailout and his incessant spending spree. He also gives well-deserved criticism to Barack Obama and his spending. While Bush was the first president to experience trillion dollar deficits, the fact that Obama increased this by 50% after only one year is cause for alarm.

While DeMint's partisanship in this book can get obnoxious (as conservatives and liberals do alike) he presents an honest account of what's wrong with Washington's checkbook. Here's hoping more people listen to what he has to say. From what I've researched he takes his issues seriously, working on many committees with an impact on our nation's financial priorities.

On one final note: The Tea Party. While they seem like a substantial peoples' movement, the question is how much pull do they really have on this country, and how long will they be around before folding back into the GOP? While I enjoy their talk of fiscal restraint, I'm disengaged by their simplistic, black-and-white view of national policy. And as noted above, will they still argue for fiscal sanity when a spend-happy Republican is back in the White House? Or maybe it's only when Democrats are in power that they care about these issues.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon October 21, 2011
When Jim DeMint of Greenville, South Carolina was elected to the United States Senate in 2004 he hardly expected to become a household name. After all, DeMint had represented South Carolina's 4th Congressional District for three terms and most Americans had never heard of him to that point. But Jim DeMint was a committed conservative who was extremely unhappy with the direction the country was heading in. To him it didn't seem to matter whether it was Democrats or Republicans in charge. The federal government continued to grow at an alarming rate. While in the House of Representatives DeMint had opposed two of President George W. Bush's major first-term initiatives which were the No Child Left Behind Act in 2001 and The Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act in 2003. Furthermore, he was unhappy with the way President Bush was handling the war in Iraq and was steadfastly opposed to the whole notion of earmarks. He decided he would run for the U.S. Senate in 2004 and was determined to fight for fiscal sanity in Washington if elected. When Senator Jim DeMint took his oath of office in January 2005 he had no idea that one day soon he would become the spokesman for a cause and one of the leaders of a movement. "The Great American Awakening: Two Years That Changed America, Washington, and Me" chronicles the raucous first two years of the Obama administration when it became crystal clear to Jim DeMint and millions of average Americans that radical changes were needed to alter the way Washington was doing business.

If Jim DeMint was unhappy with the direction that George W. Bush had been taking this country he was positively outraged by the approach taken by President Barack Obama and the Democrats in early 2009. Mr. Obama was spending money like a drunken sailor, bypassing Congress with both a series of executive orders and the appointment of so-called "czars" who were not subject to Congressional oversight. This was not the "change" most Americans had been looking for. Jim DeMint assumed that the Republicans in the Senate would fight the President tooth and nail on many of these important issues. He would be sadly mistaken and discovered that far too many of his colleagues were much more inclined to "go along to get along" than to stand up for conservative principles. And so he decided to take matters into his own hands and formed the Senate Conservatives Fund (SCF), a political action committee that is "dedicated to electing strong conservatives to the United States Senate" in the spring of 2009. The first candidate endorsed by SCF was Pat Toomey who was challenging the incumbant Republican Senator Arlen Spector in Pennsylvania.

It was at about this time that a new grassroots conservative movement known as the Tea Party was beginning to emerge all across America. Members of the Tea Party were hardly the wild-eyed radicals they were being portrayed as in the mainstream media. Rather, they were the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker who owned and operated small businesses. They were also hard-working Americans who went to work each and every day, paid taxes and obeyed the law. These folks were genuinely frightened by the direction President Obama and the leaders in Congress were headed in. The Tea Party stood for fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government, and free markets. They also want existing immigration laws enforced and strongly opposed Obamacare. Despite the public outcry the Obama administration pressed ahead with its radical agenda. During the summer of 2009 Tea Party members would make their displeasure known at town hall meetings in cities and towns from Maine to California and from Florida to Oregon. The Tea Party was not going away and Senator Jim DeMint counted himself among its most ardent supporters. He was asked to speak at several of their rallies and was all too happy to accept.

The rise of the Tea Party dovetailed quite nicely with Jim Demint's Senate Conservative's Fund. Enthusiasm for the cause was building and several more articulate and highly-qualified conservative candidates would come forward to compete for seats in the United States Senate. Jim DeMint would put principle ahead of party and lend a hand to all of them. He was viewed by leadership as something of a pariah and his determination to support true conservatives would place a strain on his relationship with several of his Republican colleagues. No matter. Jim DeMint firmly believed he was doing the right thing and the election results in 2010 would seem to bear that out. "The Great American Awakening: Two Years That Changed America, Washington, and Me" is a great way to look back at these two turbulent years in American politics. Jim DeMint offers interesting perspectives on what has gone down so far and what is likely to take place in 2012. It sure isn't boring. Highly recommended!
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8 of 11 people found the following review helpful
on July 19, 2011
What a sad statement from someone who probably didn't read this book, the reviewer who calls Jim DeMint a "liar" etc.

I just looked at the 13 "reviews" you gave and they are obviously a hatchet job, you give 1 star to each of the 13 books you "reviewed", all conservative writers, you personally demonstrate what is wrong with progressive liberalism, if you can't argue with facts you try to denigrate the messenger. Really sad and totally transparent.
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4 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on August 1, 2011
This is a look at the two years between 2008's Presidential election and the 2010 mid-terms from someone who was in the middle of the action. So much happened in Washington during that time that it's impossible for the average person to remember it all. The details of the executive orders President Obama issued in the days after his inauguration left me breathless, even though I knew about the majority of them. And I'd forgotten that Rick Santelli's tea party rant took place less than one month after that inauguration. Anyone who thinks that the Tea Party is a GOP creation needs to remember that Rick Santelli was a CNBC reporter who had seen enough and had enough. His spontaneous rant on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange - cheered on by the traders behind him - was the 21st century's 'shot heard around the world.'

DeMint's book isn't just about the politics and policies. It is, at times, immensely personal. The Senator from South Carolina has written of the isolation he felt when he began the fight against the status quo, even among his fellow Republicans. He was ostracized when he opted to support political newcomers instead of party incumbents. It's telling that Chapter 1 is called Becoming an Outcast. For DeMint, the birth of the Tea Party movement was a sign that he wasn't alone. He also writes candidly of learning that his wife, Debbie, had breast cancer. "My world seemed to go dark, and the cold around me penetrated my soul. Debbie shouldn't have been alone at a time like this." He contemplated not running for re-election, but, "To my amazement, Debbie said we couldn't quit. She thought I should run again and stay in the fight." It is telling that many of DeMint's decisions - including this one - are made after prayer. DeMint's faith is a constant throughout the book.

At the time of writing this review, Jim DeMint has announced he will not run for a third term. I suspect, however, that he will remain a strong force behind the scenes with his Senate Conservatives Fund. I pray that the Great American Awakening he has described here will continue after his time in Congress has ended.

I won this book in a random contest on the B & H Publishing Group website. I was not required to write a review, positive or negative. I have chosen to write this review and all words - with the exception of the quotes in paragraph 2 - are my own.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on September 4, 2011
Jim DeMint is probably the most conservative member of congress and he tells it like it has been. It is an easy read and contains a tremendous amount of information about what is going on in our failing country.
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5 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on August 1, 2011
In "The Great American Awakening", Senator DeMint chronicles the two years between Barak Obama's election and the landslide Republican Congressional victory in 2010. Looking back now, it's easy to see the path from one Tuesday in November to the other. Those two years, however, were a long march for conservatives. People were enveloped in a self-congratulatory haze after electing America's first black president. Pundits were pronouncing an end to conservatism and the advent of permanent rule by the Democratic Party. The future looked bleak.

With the passage of the stimulus bill and proposed home mortgage bailouts, people had had enough and the Tea Party movement was born - a grassroots movement of average, ordinary Americans fed up with the profligate spending in Washington. Fed up with the none too subtle shift towards socialism the country had taken. Fed up with a two party system that paid lip service to their constituents' values, while worrying more about their ability to secure earmarks than their responsibilities to future generations. In short - a movement that saw the political class in Washington in much the same way Senator Jim DeMint did.

In the book, DeMint discusses the rise of the Tea Party movement and his decisions to take on the Washington establishment - in both parties. He lays out the tough choices he had to make, and the reasons he had to make them. He talks about his PAC, the Senate Conservatives Fund (SCF), and the fundamental reasons it chose to support truly conservative candidates - sometimes at the expense of incumbents or the chosen candidates of the party.

While following DeMint's strategy to find and elect principled conservatives to oppose Obama's leftist agenda, the book provides a keen insight into the back room dealings in Congress. It draws back the curtain to show why the Establishment has become the one true ruling party in Washington. It exposes the "moderates" in the Republican Party as true "purists" who would rather see a Democrat elected than support a conservative candidate after a hard fought primary. It shines a light on the career politicians who care more for their own re-election than the good of the country.

It also shows how one man can make a difference. DeMint honestly talked about the doubts he faced at times and the personal toll 2009 and 2010 took on him. Through it all, however, he relied on God for strength, his family for support, and his principles for guidance. He chose to stand with the American people, not with the political class in Washington. He listened to the wake-up call the Tea Party sent to Washington, and then chose to begin ringing the bell himself.

I used to scoff at those who contended there wasn't a dime's worth of difference between Democrats and Republicans, I've come to realize over the last few years that the real choice isn't between Democrats and Republicans. It's between liberals (and moderates) and conservatives. To put it more clearly - it's between the Establishment ruling class and conservatives.

Conservatives in this country have been looking for the next Ronald Reagan since January 20th 1989. Now, more than ever, we need a strong conservative leader to rein in Washington and put the People's needs ahead of the government's needs. We need to continue the Great Awakening that started two years ago. America doesn't need Barak Obama, or Joe Biden, or Mitt Romney, or Rick Perry. America needs Jim DeMint.
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